Dear friends, I would like to update the situation.

During the week, our prime minister Erdogan continued his aggressive comments full of lies about the protests and he protesters. He almost reached to a point of inviting people to a civil war. On the other hand, the protests were going on peacefully as always. Gezi Park became a commune in which everyone could find free food and healthcare. A library was founded with the books that protesters brought, old people were helping by bringing food. After the “battle” the barricades remained like an open air museum.

Two huge meetings occured in Taksim on Saturday and Sunday. While our lovely prime minister was still throwing his ragefilledwordbombs around, the governmental institutions stated that there will not be any any interventions before monday. So, an intervention was actually expected on monday.

However, the attack came this morning, instead of monday. The scene was this: few people were throwing molotov cocktails and rocks to a TOMA (that big water vehicles) and the TOMA was spraying water, while the police was “begging” the protesters not to throw rocks or molotovs. They were saying that the aim was not to attack. It was a weird scene:

1-Since we knew that TOMA’s were quite powerful, we also knew that it could end it in minutes, but it took 3 hours. The molotovs did not reach the TOMAs, and the water from TOMAs were always aimed NOT TO hit the protesters(!).
2-All the media was there, early in the morning, showing the protesters(!). So it was clear that everything was known.
3-Ah, the protesters(!) had professional radios, gas masks and guns.

Yep, it was a weak performance put on the stage by the police itself. The protesters were provoking agents who could not succeed in provoking the protesters.

In following hours:
1- Although the governor PROMISED via twitter that there will be no attacks, the police disrupted every crowd they see, by using tear bombs and water cannons.
2- Of course our adorable prime minister Erdogan talked talked talked and talked.
3- Although the governor PROMISED via twitter that the police will not enter Gezi Park, they did. They got out, but there are seriously injured people because of the tear gas and gas capsules.
4- While all of these were happening, police attacked lawyers who were protesting inside the courthouse and tried to take them out of the place. Almost 50 lawyers are taken into custody.

We are getting angry. At least, I am, I am drowning in rage

”PLEASE READ: Dear non-Turkish speaking friends: I apologize for my excessive posting in the last few days. I hope you have not already hided my posts from your newsfeed and I hope you are reading this. WE NEED YOUR HELP. In Turkey people are protesting for their fundamental rights. There are thousands on streets in different cities of Turkey. These people are subject to continuous and brutal force by the Turkish police. The Turkish media is ridiculously silent. The police are trying to kill us and there are soap operas or documentary on penguins on Turkish TV channels. The Prime Minister spoke today and said that we are (the protesters) are just a bunch of plunderers and he should hang us on trees. PLEASE SHARE THE VIDEOS, SHARE THE PHOTOS, SHARE THESE POSTS. HELP US DISSEMINATE THE INFORMATION, HELP US RAISE AN INTERNATIONAL AWARENESS. Sorry for occupying your newsfeed and thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation.”