a huge annoyance .

when people use their religion as a way to justify their hate . for example , catholics well hell alot of religions look down on homosexuals .we went over a family friends house today , and we were all sitting down watching tv , and there was this show ( greys anatomy to specify ) and there is this lesbian couple talking about marriage or something like that . and every started yelling “ abomination ” “thats gross ” “ew” . really ? is this really what were going to raise our children to be ? to be hateful towards another human being ? really? no , your “ God” says to love everyone , who cares who they love ? thats none of your damn business . im a huge supporter of the gay lifestyle , i think no other human being should judge someone else on their sexual orientation . BACK THE FUCK OFF . its the 21st century . let people be in love . hell , the world needs more of that .