Look at her with him.

Now look at her alone.

Damn, she looks wayyy better alone.

My initial thought when I heard Kim was getting a divorce was to laugh. I just wasn't surprised and I am never a fan of marriage. I totally support woman’s excitement and the important of it to other people. The event and the ring are both something I’d be interested in. A legal bonding though? No. No thank you.

I was getting my nails done today and I couldn’t help but look up and watch a talk show for about 25 minutes go on and on about Kim’s situation. Poor girl is probably so tortured right now I can only imagine how bad she just wants to scream. 24/7. So she’s getting a divorce after being married for like, a month… It's happened before people.

She was living in the moment. We didn’t see what happened behind the scenes and it really isn’t even our business. There are certain aspects of people’s lives that should be private, but unfortunately the price of being famous = your personal space. I honestly feel bad that she can’t make a move without being gawked at, but she is very beautiful. That’s what happens. 

In Kim’s defense, it probably did feel real at the time. No one gets married thinking they are going to be devastated in a few months, especially not the female. But it happens all the time. I never had a good feeling about Kris anyways. He just looks dumb. Not to judge a book by its cover…. but Kim was far too good for him anyways. He didn’t know how to handle her, or her spot light. 

What real man would mess up the chance to love that woman for the rest of their lives? Granted I’m sure the real Kim is not perfect…. but she’s really damn close. I can’t say I have never looked at Kim in a negative light but now is not the time for all us woman to turn our backs. Now is when Kim needs someone to speak up for her and say… SHE’S KIM KARDASHIAN. Leave her alone, she can do what she wants. And atleast she isn’t one of the millions of dumb broads that stays with the man. 

On that note… Please Kim, don’t go back. You deserve someone so much better. 

~ Dreena Nicole