supporting homosexuality

having a gay otp doesn’t make you a lgbtq+ supporter

reading a lot of gay fan fiction doesn’t make you a lgbtq+ supporter

i once knew a girl who spent most of her free time reading gay smut, but she was extremely uncomfortable any time she had to interact with a lesbian because she was afraid they’d hit on her.

that’s not being a supporter. that’s fetishizing homosexuality. 

nobody cares if you ship destiel or johnlock or whatever, if you’re not okay with real life gay people, you’re still homophobic. it’s the same with guys who watch lesbian porn but don’t think that gay marriage should be legal. you can’t fetishize someone’s sexuality like that. that’s not okay and you are the worst kind of homophobe if you do. 

  • Victor: Yuuri and I are the main characters, so that means we're the love interests!
  • Yurio: Oh yeah? What does that make us?
  • Victor: You boys are the homosexual supporting cast.
  • hamilton: since eliza and I are the main characters we're obviously gonna fall in love!
  • lafayette, mulligan, and laurens: if you're the main character then who are we?
  • hamilton: the homosexual supporting cast!


Ouran High School Host Club…

The Musical

  • Entering theater to Sakura Kiss
  • Open stage with Tamaki’s Ouran Academy narration
  • Song: “How Is It in Heaven?”
  • A jingle playing each time a host realizes Haruhi is a girl
  • Song: “These Damn Rich People”
  • Following the manga
  • All the necessary scenes that show the bonds between the hosts and Haruhi
  • Scenes showing Tamaki and Haruhi falling in love in their dorky way
  • Classical music playing whenever there isn’t a song sung
  • Backstory monologs
  • (The word “homo” all over a back screen)
  • (Rose petals blowing on that back screen too)
  • (Omg and the lightbulbs)
  • We need an Ouran High School Host Club Musical
  • Lance: Keith and I are the main characters, so that means we're the love interests!
  • Pidge: Oh yeah? What does that make us?
  • Lance: You boys are the homosexual supporting cast!

Don’t you dare say that my sexuality doesn’t exist. It took me a long ass time to find it and to finally understand it. So don’t you dare come here and try to make me smaller by telling me that my sexuality is bullshit

The same with my gender.

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The whole plot actually
  • Sebastian: this is just a romantic film about my love story with Ciel and it's all about how much I care about him and how I protect him
  • Claude: then...
  • Claude: why are we in the anime?
  • Alois: yeah why are we here then?
  • Ciel: you are the homosexual supporting cast ofc
  • Alois: *inhales* boi, you're the gayest in here
  • Ciel: that isn't true
  • Victor: This is obviously a romantic sports anime. Yuri and I are the main characters so that means we're love interests.
  • The other ice skaters: Yeah then what are we?
  • Victor: *points at everyone* You guys are the homosexual supporting cast.
Dear Misandrists

Hi, fellow feminist here :) you’re against sexism, right? Well believe it or not, men are affected by sexism, white people can be affected by racism, etc. so here’s a rule of thumb.

Take what you’re about to say and replace man with woman, straight/hetero with gay/lesbian/homo or white with black.

For example, “all men must die”. Replace “men” with “women” and you get “all women must die”, right? That’s sexist, correct? For example, “all cishets must die”. replace it with “all nonbinary and trans people must die”. That’s transphobic, right?

Well if it sounds hateful when you replace your word with a minority, then it is a hateful sentence.

The purpose of feminism is to support EVERYONE, not just people like you. So stop being whiny hypocrites, put on your big girl panties, and don’t just be a feminist, be a feminist who promotes equality for ALL.

Love, Lucy (a fellow feminist)

UPDATE: in feminism, women should be first. The woman is top priority. What I’m trying to say is i don’t believe in fighting sexism with sexism.