An Update. 

So I’m hoping you all remember my post from a couple months back, about Moriah and her asshole parents. Just so you all know, all the kind words and 18,000+ notes and all the outstanding support from you guys; it really helped her get through it. So thank you, she says thank you. Go tumblr go.. 

Well, giving you guys an bit of an update. And she could use a lot more support again. 

She basically came out to her parents on Friday… and her mother really didn’t take it well. So we had her at my house for a few hours until she decided to go talk to her parents some more, where it was all fine. They didn’t freak out and were actually quite reasonable. Of course, they decided they wanted to push the issue under the rug and take away the internet on her phone and her Skype privileges. 

Yesterday was actually really good too, nothing bad happened. Unfortunately, her girlfriend (who lives in Ontario) decided since she hadn’t heard from Moriah, that she was in a dangerous situation and called children’s aid on her. 

Now the reason that Moriah didn’t get help before is that she does not want to go into the foster care system. She’d be ripped away from her barn life, her friends, and her adult support system that she finally has (that being my parents, and our riding trainer.) So this was a huge blow, because suddenly she figured that someone would be coming to get her and she didn’t in any way want that. 

Her girlfriend though, went another step and decided it would be a good idea to send Moriah’s mother a very detailed Facebook message about their relationship. Oh, then she left her.. 

We are NOT CONTACTING THE POLICE. Because there would be charges pressed against her parents and Moriah doesn’t want that at all. She just wants her parents to respect her opinion and personality more.

So what she’s decided, is to get a third person into the whole situation, like someone from social services to be a representative for Moriah. The plan is to get this going very quickly, within the next couple of days. My parents are working on it as we speak. 

So keep her in your thoughts, it might be a tough week for her. My family is prepared to have her stay with us for a while. But things gotta get worse before they get better right now, but there’s definitely a light at the end of the tunnel. That being said, she could use all the kind words and support again. 

But anyway, that’s what’d going on, for those who wanted an update.