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Is it annoying when something that took you like maybe 10-20 minutes to sketch out gets more attention than something you put 10x more effort into? Like a few days ago I posted this digital piece that took a bit of time, but practically went unnoticed, but yesterday I posted these random little sketches I did and it got loads more attention. I mean any attention to my art is good I suppose, but it'd be nice if people noticed the work that took a lot more time and effort haha

Yeah, sometimes. Consistently all of my realistic portraits get FAR fewer notes than a silly comic - whenever I answer this kind of thing I always say that humurous content seems to trump anything else, because people like to laugh. Give the people memes and they’ll respond haha. 

This is the thing with notes and feedback on the internet - most feedback is not the constructive kind, do you know what I mean? I’m sure if you got constructive feedback on the art you’ve put more time in, it would mean more. Try not to pay attention to the notes/statistics on your art - yes, appreciate the attention and that people are taking the time to like your art, but also weight the notes accordingly. Pay more attention to your improvement than the feedback you get on the internet, and try to stay positive! I hope that makes sense! 

Dark/Anti inspired music playlist

Ok, so I looked around tumblr a bit to see what i could find, and with the musics i know myself (so the styles of music i like are heavily represented here), i decided to make a big playlist, along with some piece of lyrics from them, that suit Dark and Anti pretty well in my opinion. Some of them are not there for the lyrics, but of the ambiance of the song, that are Anti/Dark-ish to me. 

In bold are the songs that i think are AMAZINGLY ANTI/DARK-ISH like… It’s almost that they were made for them. So here we go! 

And do not hesitate to suggest other songs I missed, i may update this post from time to time when i find more songs! :3

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Today I felt proud because I made an LGBTQ+ support group for my school! Already a lot of people have told me how helpful it is and how much more comfortable they feel with themselves C:


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I haven't gotten Orgo yet to complete Episode 3, so could you post a screenshot of the final challenge for the 50 shards when you can, if it's not too much trouble? Thank you so much!

I can do you one even better. The final challenge is beat Fing Fang Foom streak 5. So you definitely should be able to do it if you plan properly!


@reelaroundthedavekan I’m still not ready to talk about it. We could start a support group where we don’t talk about it.

@womaninterrupted maybe I shouldn’t watch shows. I get attached. They hurt me. God I’m a clenched fist when I watch it and I’m in a headspace where I cannot think of one reason why I would want to share a life with someone and the show is really playing into that. And I’m going to say stuff in the tags that might be spoilery about big little lies. The characters are just BIG LIARS there is nothing little about any of these lies. Also, I know it’s hard to tell because I’m writhing in pain and crying but I guess I like it???


my mc who is dating chris decided to try to take the high road but boy KEEPS. MAKING. EXCUSES. did we NOT just have a conversation about all of this a few eps ago?? why is he sTILL being like this? it’s honestly truly bumming me out that chris doesn’t seem to want to put any effort into the relationship with the MC anymore, let alone be out there supporting the group. mc tried to tell zig he had a pattern- but cHRIS does. he always gets super into one thing and can only put his time and energy into it and doesn’t know how to balance it with the rest of his life in a healthy way. if this were rl, my mc would be telling him to go TO A THERAPIST AND GET HIS LIFE IN CHECK. i’m not so sure i want my mc to have to continue to be in a relationship with him at this point. srsly. everyones mcs who have been dating chris from the get go are s a i n t s for putting up with his constantly flakiness and unapologetic behavior. 

“Blood On Your Hands”.

I can’t get Jack’s title for the final episode of Detention out of my mind.

I have no doubt that it’s Anti talking to us. So why is there blood on our hands? 

Then I remembered the last time blood was spilled on the channel.

Hard to forget. What’s more is that Anti blamed us for what happened.

You could have stopped me… But you just watched.”

… Is this just a reminder from Anti, that all we can do is watch? I’m not sure.

I’m more curious if the blood will ever wash off.


Marksandrec’s Super Dooper Popcorn Party #229

(Most dialogue from Happy New Year, Charlie Brown. Dan’s is from Rent, though, haha.) (Best wishes for 2017, guys!)

I’m telling u KARD is gonna be the one co-ed group that’s gonna get huge n starts a wave of mixed groups but they’ll be the kings & queens and I’m just so ready to witness that happening tbh 

me when dan uploads a skit: 💖💖💖😎💝👌🏻💘💕💘💘
me when dan uploads a talking video: 👏🏻💕💕💕💕💖💕💘💘
me when dan uploads an “important” video: 💝💝💓💓💕💕💘😩
me when dan uploads an isg: 💖💖💖💝😎😎👏🏻👏🏻💓💘💞💘💘
me when dan makes any new content because he is overall a unique and creative intellectual whose channel is unlike any other: 💓💓💓💕💕💘💕✨💝😌💓💕💕🥖💘💖💓😩😫💝💖💘💞💞💝