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wait wait wait wait. now dan and phil moving is great and all, but i have just now realized that for pinof9,,,,, there will be a different background than before. dan’s internet support group with be different. the gaming room will be different. evERYTHING WILL BE DIFFERENT.

brb c r y i n g 


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Lock screen, bonus phone background, last liked songs on Pandora instead of last music, selfie!

I think all the regulars from the cult have been tagged at least once… so I’ll poke some rl friends for the hell of it @lockhearted @aikoangel24 @tardisdelorean @doriandandy do if you wanna, don’t if you don’t wanna

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You know what time it is. Sorry about not doing one at the end of the Monsters Unleashed Event, but if I’m 100% honest… I forgot. Anyways for anyone who is new we want you to give the event a score between 1 and 10. 10 being the best event ever and 1 being the worst event ever and makes you want to stop playing forever. Also since we missed your scores from Monsters Unleashed let’s get those too

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They just released the title of Young Justice Season 3+Brief plot summary. The hype for YJ S3 is real. Opinions?

1. thank you for telling me I honestly don’t follow any YJ stuff and would’ve not known


3. okay for real the meta-human trafficking sounds p cool and I’m so ready for dark and angst-ridden season 3. jaime better be there or I’m calling the cops. 

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Do you mind if I use this art as a banner for my side blog voltronspacelions? I will be 1000% sure to include credit and a link back to your blog in the blog's description: /post/158240903709/tiny-tiny-team

sure thing my dude! thank you for asking, I appreciate it a lot C: 

“transgender people who were really into therian internet groups as kids because they desperately wanted some way to escape their bodies” support group

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Sydney killed me with this "That this beautiful man, inside and out, will no longer be" I'm starting to think it just isn't normal the way I feel, the sadness comes in waves, mixed with disappointment, anger, it's like he was real and I knew him ☹️☹️☹️

Anonymous #2: I just rewatched and now I’m sad again. Sigh. So glad to have you as a support group. And a huge kudos to Sydney for the Quinn hair gifs. The are giving me life rn.

Sydney has been absolutely killing it - no question. And that’s no small thing for a couple reasons. First, seven weeks ago she didn’t even know how to gif. Second, no member of the blog has taken Quinn’s death harder, yet she’s been channeling her grief into a celebration of his fictional life.

I read her answer about ‘why does Quinn’s death hurt so much?’ while sitting in a cafe in Tribeca and proceeded to burst into tears. She speaks for a lot of us:

“There are so many reasons; it’s impossible to name just one. The wasted potential of an amazing character and love story that will only live in our imaginations and in fanfic. The undeserved and relentless horror show that was his life, without even a sliver of hope or happiness. That he constantly sacrificed himself for a woman that turned out to be unworthy of his love and devotion. That this beautiful man, inside and out, will no longer be.”

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I just I unlocked fury after finally updating Professor Pym to rank five (omg yay!) I saw Furys rank up requirements and they weren't as bad as I thought they'd be. Since I'm assuming he's going to be a coin upgrade post event (since most others are) do you think it's possible to update him all the way to rank 5 in the remaining days or should I try to get others past rank 1 (I've been focusing on updating Pym because I hate updating premiums post event)

It’s possible to, but you would have to have the fighting mats to fight the air ships. It would also help to have health packs. I personally have posted his rank 3 through rank 5 requirements so you can plan on how many fights you need

refinding replied to your postSupport group last night was quite small, as was…

What do you do at the meal process group?

The meal process group is a group of peers (all in recovery and at various places) who meet bi-weekly for a lunch-time meal. There are 3 of us who facilitate the group (at least 1 facilitator will always be present.) 

Basically it is the same kind of supportive eating you would experience in-patient, but offered to outpatients which is not something at all available in our community.

It is in a room we have booked at the hospital here, and the meals are provided by the hospital, but very private, large, and comfortable. People order off the menu and submit those orders to us. Obviously, there is a minimum basic amount and a maximum basic amount that can be ordered (with each food group attended to.) You also must finish your meal for obvious reasons.

During the meal we do not discuss any potentially triggering topics and use red-flags to keep the conversation safe. The point is to engage in more normal eating, WITH others and to share how the experience was afterwards.

Rather than focus on distraction after the meal, we discuss how it was for people. Here is where we can leave some of the boundaries of safety to discuss the urges to use behaviours, how we feel in our bodies, our thoughts, etc. We work through it together: trying to keep it safe, but also letting people share how very difficult it is.

We are hoping to incorporate professionals at some point (maybe?) It’s still being discussed.

Our founder developed the project (which thus far has just been a pilot project, but has now been approved for longer!) on a study in the States. I will see if I can find the article, she referenced.

What I love about it is emphasizing the role peers can have, emphasizing the importance of upstream and community-based supports, an open, accepting, and non-judgmental view of people’s recoveries.

things currently arent bad they arent good either idk
i dont feel like i really fit in anywhere here
have to eventually figure out logistics of moving into my apartment
terrified of finals tbh
dont feel like i particularly connect with like the newspaper ppl tbh idk idkK
Or tbh connect with many people here
Communities and support groups and resources and friendly faces, but its kinda lonely…but i have friends that i havent gotten to see this often this semester bc of schedules…have to be more proactive about making plans
I feel v lonely actually part of it is having to dash between the engineering building and newspaper room and
I need to give myself the time to meet and befriend ppl but i am so exhausted and afraid of rejection i just wanna start fresh when i come back next semester
I worked really hard and set myself up for good opportunities…..but thats the tradeoff

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Hey guys, could you let me know at which streak does Scientist Supreme's health timer reduce from 24 hours to 16? I'm currently on Streak 7 and it's still on 24 hours so I'm guessing, and kinda dreading, that the timer for streak 8 is 16? Please help!

Streak 8 is when it is reduced