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There is something dangerous about them. It isn’t the spiked heels or leather jackets, although that would do it on their own. The truth is, it’s something about their faces. Something dark. Something missing. They have sharp smiles plastered on red lips, and legs that go on for miles. When they come for you, pointy nails and dangerous blades, you will let them. There is something beautiful about becoming the bloodstains on their mouths, and you always wanted to be beautiful. (written by Lulu)

Friday Playlist: Girl Gang Vol.2 : The 90s Edition

1. P.U.N.K. Girl - Heavenly 2. Cannonball - The Breeders 3. Criminal - Fiona Apple 4. Hole in the Ground - Helium 5. From Your Girl - The Muffs 6. Seether - Veruca Salt 7. Awful - Hole 8. Crazy Town - Velocity Girl 8. Puzzle Pieces - Tiger Trap 9. The Game’s Over - Plumtree 10. Cherrybomb - Bratmobile 11. Call the Doctor - Sleater-Kinney 12. It’s a New Find - Shonen Knife 13. Don’t Want to Hold Your Hand - Thee Headcoatees 14. Chick Habit - April March 15. Sleep Away Your Troubles - The Softies 16. Into Dust - Mazzy Star

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