Our president-elect is everything you should abhor and fear in a male role model. He has spent his life telling you, and girls and women like you, that your lives are valueless except as sexual objects. He has demeaned you, and belittled you, and put you in a little box to be looked at and not heard. It is your job, and the job of girls and women like you, to bust out.

You are going to run this country, and this world, very soon. So you will not listen to this man, or the 75-year-old, doughy-faced, gray-haired nightmare men like him, when they try to tell you where to stand or how to behave or what you can and cannot do with your own bodies, or what you should or should not think with your own minds. You will not be cowed or discouraged by his stream of retrogressive babble. You won’t have time to be cowed, because you will be too busy working and learning and communing with other girls and women like you. And when the time comes, you will effortlessly flick away his miserable, petty, misogynistic worldview like a fly on your picnic potato salad.

He is the present, sadly, but he is not the future. You are the future. Your strength is a million times his. Your power is a billion times his. We will acknowledge this result, but we will not accept it. We will overcome it, and we will defeat it.

Now find your team, and get to work.

Need a girl gang.

Yano how more bro like lesbians have their bromances with their bro friends? I wanna start a girl gang for femme lesbians. These are the requirements:

1. Must self identify as femme
2. Must be lgbtq+
3. No drama with each other
4. Must be able to hold a convo

Message me if interested and I’ll start a group text. Probably will start with about 5 people. 💕

(if you’re not femme but have a lot of femme
followers please reblog cause I don’t think I follow/have any mutuals that are femme)

Support Your Local Girl Gang - an 8tracks playlist by whimsicalMedley

A mix to play while dismantling the patriarchy or kicking a boy’s ass.

Listen to it here


1. Raise Hell - DOROTHY
2. War Pigs - Nightwitches
3. Seven Nation Army - REX
4. Bring The Noize - M.I.A.
5. Wreak Havoc - Skylar Grey
6. Wicked Ones - DOROTHY
7. Kill Of The Night - Gin Wigmore
8. Good Girls - Elle King
9. Going To Hell - The Pretty Reckless
10. Bad Reputation - Joan Jett
11. Crown - Angel Haze
12. Bad Girls - M.I.A.
13. Heaven Knows - The Pretty Reckless
14. Black Sheep - Gin Wigmore
15. Now - Paramore
Support Your Local Girl Gang
This is print is part of a series that looks at vintage female characters in the Women in Crime Comics from the 1930s till 1960s. These prints aim to celebrate female strength and smashing the patriarchy. Print size: 5.5x5.5 Paper: Epson fine art paper Printed with archival inks Please note: The artwork colour may vary slightly different from actual artwork depending on your monitor. All prints are protected in a cello envelope