One Direction Ice Cream OTRA: Detroit

So my friend and hardcore one direction stan’s dad owns an Ice Cream Parlor in Metro Detroit called Treat Dreams. He is one of the vendors at Ford Field, and will be having a stand there, where, for the night, he will be selling flavors inspired by the boys.

While he hasn’t finalized the flavors he’ll be selling yet, here are the possibilities:

Stained Coffee Cup (Coffee Oreo)

I Used to be a Baker (cake batter with cookie dough and a cinnamon sugar swirl)

Through the Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip

Like the Showers that are British (Tea flavored ice cream with crumpet pieces)

Oh No Niall! (blue ice cream with Oreos and cookie dough)

Fools Gold (salted caramel)

Mint-night Memories (mint chip)

Little White Lies (Vanilla)

If you are going to be at the Detroit Show (which also happens to be Liam’s Birthday!), stop by section 109 to say hi, have some ice cream, and support local business!

Tbh I’m kinda pissed bc I set up a school supply drive for Detroit and the lack of support it’s getting is v frustrating… Like I keep trying to get my peers involved and they’re just like… not getting it? Detroit Public School System is in a pretty bad situation and I’m trying to help but it’s hard when people aren’t interested in it at all.

Starting a Detroit fundraising campaign. The details are all still in the works- but essentially I want to start selling shirts that simply say “i support Detroit” and donating the proceeds to charities in Detroit that are actually helping the city. Eventually I would want to expand, but before I can do that I need your help. Anyone who has knowledge of Detroit charities, fundraising, screen printers in Detroit, graphic designers, charities, fundraising, etc. now is the time to SUPPORT DETROIT. Oh yeah, that’s the name of this movement- Support Detroit.