It really irks me when people dehumanize pregnant people and/or the embryo/fetus

I see the former mostly from pro-lifers, who compare pregnant people to houses, cars, life support machines, incubators, or other inanimate objects or locations

And the latter from my fellow pro-choicers, who say an embryo/fetus is “not actually human” or “isn’t human yet” or some variant

Pregnant people and the embryo/fetus are human. To say otherwise is disingenuous.


What do you do when your son comes out to you and you want to be supportive? Why, cover your car in pro-equality decals, of course! 

That’s what Geoff Thomas of Sydney, Australia did, anyway:

Thomas told BuzzFeed News he “grew up homophobic” and spent a lot of time in settings that were hostile to gay people.

“I spent nine years in the army, I’m a Vietnam veteran, I was a plumbing contractor,” he said. “I was conditioned to be homophobic, and then one day my son comes out to me.

"I had to ask myself the question – what is it about gays that I didn’t like? After that, I decided it was unfounded fear, ignorance and prejudice. Then I came to the view that my son wasn’t equal in law and that really got up my nose, so I became a very strong advocate for marriage equality.”

"I’d had this talk with some people and I said, ‘Every man and his dog supports marriage equality’. And I thought, I’ll put that on my ute!”

I love this so much. (via BuzzFeed)

“Late Night Conversations” R.MANTLE /Part Two\

Okay, hello my little friends! This is part two of “Late night conversations” 

You can find part one



Idk if you interested but I was thinking of making LNC a series like ff. Tell me what you think.. 



Reggie and reader kinda had ‘a thing’ with eachother but when Jason Blossom death comes out. Reggie immediately leaves the city leaving her with nothing but her feelings.

ALSO A WARNING! IT’S A SMUT! (not for virgin eyes!) lmao just kidding

After questioning myself for a good ten minutes, I finally decided to put my shoes on and drive off to where Reggie wanted to meet up. I’m currently in my car, trying to ignore the goosebumps on my body from the lack of clothing I have on. I don’t even bother getting dressed, I don’t want to give him the satisfaction. 

I must admit, I took a few wrong turns on the way because my memory absulutely sucks. The darkness of the sky and the silence of the roads makes my brain explode in thoughts shooting from left to right, expecially withouth anyone keeping me company. 

Despite the fact that tonight will be propably the most yelling-filled night I’ve ever had due to Reggie being an asshole, the only thing in my mind is the fact that I have a final exam in a few hours and I’m shitting myself. 

I finally start to see the old abadoned parking lot beside the theme park. I don’t remember the lights from the building on the inside of the beat down building on the side, but I ignore it. I drive closer to see Reggie’s car parked in the middle of the driveway, facing the park. All I see of him is the desperately pacing posture. 

I turn my music volume down and park a few spaces behind Reggie’s car. 
Anger starts filling my body, making me inhale and exhale strongly. I kill the engines of my car and tuck my phone into my back pocket, unclocking the door and sliding off the seat. 

Just as I shut the door. I see Reggie’s face light up, his hands running through his hair. I start to walk to him, seeing his fatigued body. His eyes seem to be puffy and red, his hair messier than usual, and his presence basically yelling out in exhaustion. His perfectly lined lips pout out, bringing my eyes to stare at them longer that I should. His black shorts and tank top hang off him, adding to his background. 

I walk until I’m inches far away from his body, staring up at his face. I feel like all the anger drained out of me. 

He doesnt say a word, but his hands slide around my waist and his face sinks into my neck, lifting me up as he turns us around. HIs arms hold me stronger and I feel a breath of relief escape his lips. 

If I say something, I might just confess how much I want to kiss his glossy pink lips, so I won’t. I keep my hands wrapped around his neck, allowing his heated body to comfort mine. 

We stand in each other’s embrance for a few minutes before our arms untangle from each other’s bodies. I fold my arms and start to look around, avoiding his eye contact. I lean against the hood of his car for support, feeling my chest clog down at the realization of this moment. 

I feel Reggie’s stare on my head and i turn around to see a sad smile on his face, his eyes blinking with tiredness. His hands go through his hair as a laugh escapes his lips “Shit,” he laughs again. 

It isn’t a funny laugh, nor a sarcastic laugh, it’s just a sad laugh, like the one you make when something tragic happens. It’s scaring me. 

“You see,” he smiles, shaking his head. “h-he fucking told me,” he stutters, another laugh escaping his mouth. 
“He told me not to fall in too deep with you yet look where the hell I am!” he paces shortly in front of me, turning around with every emphasis. “And fuck, I can’t even bring myself to regret it one bit.” he snickers. 

I maintain my silence, not knowing what to form as a response. What does he mean anyway? 

“I mean, it’s me!” he laughs louder bringing both his hands to my side, leaning them against the hood. “And you’re still here?” he mutters sadly, his words speaking into my lips. I see his eyes move to stare into mine, defeatedly searchig for an answer. 

“Reggie, you’re scaring me,” I finally find the courage to speak. I feel the tears forming in my eyes. 

“Hey, hey,” Reggie’s body shifts up detaching his hands from the car and bringing both to the side of my face. “princess, please don’t cry,” he shakes his head, worriedly looking at my face, “I don’t like seeing you cry.” 

I take a deep breath and bring my hands to hold his wrists, supporting them to my sides. “Say something, anything,” he begs.

“Tell my why you left.” I question. HIs face falls at my words, and so do his arms. His hands go down, laying them both on my shoulders before they fall to his side. 

“I can’t tell you that,I really fucking want to: but I can’t, you need to understand that.” he states, bringing his hands up for emphasis. 

“Then why are you ma–”

“Listen to me.” he interrups, stepping closer to the car to stand in between my legs. “Can we just forget about everything? Just for tonight.” he whispers, slowly inching his lips closer to mine. 

I instantly turn my face, regretting it the moment his lips hit my cheek. His mouth stays there for a few seconds, a tired sigh leaving his mouth. HIs head backs away and I turn mine back to him, looking down in shame. I can’t just let him kiss me without an explanation. I can’t let him kiss me and drown every single problem going on. 

“Don’t deny me your lips.” his forehead leans on mine. “Anything,but not your lips.” a small smile forms on his lips, leaning his head towards me a second time. 

I can’t say I don’t wan to just as much as he does. 

I bring my lips to his, answering his question filled expressions. A feeling of relief and warmth take over me and before I know it, my hands are tangled in his hair and my legs are around his waist. 

“Fuck, I’ve missed you.” he breathes in between kisses, tugging at my lower lip. His hands travel down to my waist, rubbing the exposed skin. I tug at his hair harder, bringing his lips closer to mine as I leant backwards in my seating on the car. 

His hands tug at my shorts, leaving them just below my hips. I feel a squeeze around my waist, making me gaps. His tongue licks my bottom lip for etrance in which I grant, thinking it was impossible not to. 

A smile takes over his face, and so does mine. I can’t get over how incredible this feels. Just him. His presence alone is incredible, and to add on his lips kissing mine like this makes me unable to describe him with words. 

I keep kissing his softness, fastening the action. His lips don’t leave mine as a small chuckle leaves his lips before he bites my lower lip. 

My hands go down to his toned front, sliding my finger down to his waist, making his hold on me tighten even more. His lips leave mine as the attach on my neck, forging my lips to let out a barely audible moan. “Fuck,” I hear him whisper as his tongue rolls around my neck, kissing the skin harder. I tilt my neck to give him more access. 

I tug at his shirt, pulling it upwards from his back. His hands detach from my waist and for a swift second, he pulls his shirt off, exposing his toned torso and throwing the shirt to the side. I only have a second to reminisce the beautfilul moonlight shining off his naked upper body before he walks adjacently to me and reattaches his lips to my neck. I let my legs wrap around his waist once again, pushing him closer. 

“Off,” he rasped heatedly, tugging at my shorts. I do as he says without question, liftin my bottom off the car for him to tug it off aggresively, pulling it down to my legs and letting it fall to the floor. 

I feel a sudden shiver taking over my body due to the exposition of my legs. 
His fingers stroke down my thigs, slowing down my breathing. His kisses soften, leaving his lips on my neck long enough to drive me crazy. Small hot breaths come out of his mouth as whispered growls fall off his lips. 

Reggie’s heavy breathing becomes more evident as his face turns to me, a hungry look in his eyes. I blink at him innocently, knowing his lips won’t stay unaccompanied for long. Just in time, they come in the contact with mine as he shoves his hips to mine. 

His lips press lightly, ghosting over mine before gradually pressing his panting chest over mine. One arm arond escapes to my back, the other in my hair, Reggie keeps my head in place as his lips do their magic. 

It doesn’t take long for Reggie to fumble with my shirt, and I allow him to tug it off the way over my head, detaching our lips for a moment. I crave his touch every second he pulls away and I honestly don’t know whether it’s a good think or not. 

“You have no idea how fucking gorgeous you look right now.” he breathes out, pressing his forehead to mine with a smile on his lips. 

I let out a chuckle, feeling at ease with his body this close to mine. His close proximity and build up height makes me feel safe. I pull his back with the waist of his shorts. A smirk form on his lips as he makes his way to mine, his tongue immediately asking for etrance. I grant his wishes, letting both massage over each other. 

I feel frustration ruch down my body and heat forming by the second in my lower region as his hans roam over my body, squeezing the side of my torso and shoulders. 

I wrap my legs tighter around him as his lips fall to my ear, placing a gentle kiss behind it. His lips go lower, kissing down my chest multiple times before they go even further. I throw my head back and let my hands support me as I lean them against the car behind me. 

Reggie’s large hands over my stomach,rubbing all over my skin until his thumbs reach my midriff, making my stomach sink for a moment. I love his touch, and I especially love when it’s on me. Oh how things would have turned out if I had left the moment he didn’t admittet to not wanting to talk. 

“You know I’m mad at you, right?” I breathe out 

“Mhmm,” he moans, ignoring my statement. 

I don’t hesitate before I bring my head back up and let my hands go straight to the hem of his shorts, fumbling with his waistband, mildly tugging it lower. 

His body stands in between my leg as his mouth ghost over in short breaths over my chest and back up to my neck. 

My lips brush against his, taking his lower lip in mine bitting down the skin.
Both his hands rush through my hair, tuggin near the roots. I put my hand on his crotch and squeeze gently. I feel his erection increasing underneath my palm. “Oh no, princess,” he smirks. “no toughing.” 

My head gets fuzzy at his words, feeling my wetness increase. “But–” I argue, a heavy breath leaving my lips. 

What did I say?” he growls, pulling my hair down with one hand, not using much force. His other hand falls to my waist, playing with the thin waistband of my underwear. 

I feel my breathing hitch at his touch as his fingers stroke my waist, gradually bringing his long fingers to run over my entrance, painfully slow. “Already wet for me, princess? i thought you were mad,” he smirks, tugging his hands in my hair harder. 

I moan loudly at his action, only to have his hand untangle from my hair and cover my mouth tightly. “There’s a security guard sitting inside that building right there,” he hisses. “so I’m gonna need you to be very quiet, alright baby girl?” 

I nod my head at his demand, not knowing that the hell’s taken over me to act like this. 

His hand strokes over my cloth covered etrance forcing me to roll my hips on his. His hand mover from my jawto my head, pushing it on his neck. I take his meaning, starting to guide my lips on his neck, kissing over the heated skin. I feel his member grow as he stands in between my leg. 

My brain doesn’t register any thoughts or screaming voices, not anything but feeling of pleasure as his hand slides my panties to the side, diving two of his fingers inside me. 

I let out an unconscious moan, throwing my head back as his fingers pump harder into my tightness. “Fuck,” I breathe out, hearing his soft grunts fall out of his lips. 

“Does it feel good, princess?” Reggie groans, continuing his movement. 

His tumbs reaches over the top of my etrance, rubbing gently as my hips grind into him. “Reg,” I breathe out unkowingly. 

My moans come out struggled and guttural the closer I came to my climax. His fingers move futher and faster into me as he feels my tightness. 

“Bite down my shoulder,” he demands. “you make one sound, I’ll take you right on this car, you understand?” 

I smirk at his words, knowing this is definitely a new side of Reggie I didn’t know. I gasp as I feel my climax getting closer. I bring my head to his exposed shoulder, letting my lips brush on the skin as he rubs faster. 

Silent moans leave my mouth before I feel my high coming through. I let out a breath before I command his demands, bitting down his shoulder as hard as I can as I finally come. 

“Good girl,” I feel his hot breath over my ear as he whispers, his voice shaky and a sense of frustration leaving his tone. 

His fingers pump into me a few more times before he pulls them out, sliding my panties back on their original place. He brings his hand to his mouth, cleaning up the juices off his fingers. It’s official, he’s a different person. 

I lean my head on his shoulder, breathing out heavily in pleasure. Both our bodies straighten up, loud gasps for air falling from our lips. His hand comes in contact with my head, bringing my face to his as he strokes my cheeks. His eyes meet mine, a certain light glowing in them. 

“Princess,” he sings “I don’t think you understand how much I want you.” he whispers, his face edging closer to mine. “I want you in every way a person can want another. I want all of you, every piece.” he grits. 

“Reggie,” I bring my fingers to touch his chin, inching it forward to look at me. 
you already have me. I’m yours just as much as you are mine. “ 


please tell me if you like it. xx 


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Tulips | Alfie Solomons [part 2]

Summary: [part 2] You’re a Shelby, born between Ada and Finn. You’re not into the family business and spend most of your time as a nurse at a local hospital. Your brothers respect your distance as you try not to get caught in Peaky Blinders business. The Peaky Blinders and Alfie Solomons have been in an alliance for years. Thomas and the rest do something that might make them lose the alliance. To reassure Alfie that they’re honorable, Alfie suggests an alliance by marriage.

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The Daughter of Hades - rewrite // p1

summary: you thought your close friend and long time crush James Buchanan Barnes was going off to war, but it seems you would be the one to battle all types of war from being a weapon for a dangerous organization known as Hyrda, to fighting a war with your own mind.

pairings: Bucky x female reader

warnings: angst, violence, car crash, injections, swearing,

thoughts are in italics

A/N: i really appreciate all of the great feedback i got from the original Daughter of Hades, but personally i wasn’t happy with some of the content and decided to rewrite the (unfinished) series with a new plot :) i hope everyone enjoys this adaptation as much as the first <3

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1945, Brooklyn

Naturally, you weren’t much of a drinker, you’d have a couple of beers and stop there. People would call you the sober one, even though you drank more than any normal girl. They’d say you weren’t fun; but you felt responsible for your friends and wanted to make sure they got home safe. But with Bucky leaving for war soon, why not have more than usual? You’d been out with a few friends tonight, two of your closest friends Bucky and Steve who you’ve known since high school, and Clara who had just dealt with a break up. She was completely heart broken and ended up having two beers, a whisky and three glasses of wine. You had just been to the bathroom and returned to see Steve and Bucky at the bar, with Clara in a corner booth with her head on the table next to an uncomfortably close man.

“Steve! Bucky!” You shouted over the chatter so you could scowl at them for not looking after your friend. “Why is Clara half asleep on the table?” You said in your mun voice with your hands on your hips.

“She went to sit with some girls that new her.” Bucky said without turning to look at her, but he was never good at looking confident when you were in your mum stance.

Annoyed at their ignorance and carelessness, you grabbed both of them by the ear and turned them to Clara’s table. “I’m pretty sure he is not a girl and that Clara does not know him.” You pushed through the middle of them to make your way to Clara, but not without smacking both of them on the back of the head.

“Clara, honey I think it’s time we get you home.” You shook her gently to stir her awake, to which she sat up a little to quickly.

She moaned and held her head, “Okay, but I’m driving,”

You chuckled lightly and helped her out of the booth; you started walking to Bucky and Steve, when someone grabbed your arm. “Hey, you can’t take her away she’s with me.” The man that was next to Clara slurred his words together, his breath reeked of alcohol.

“I don’t think so.” You tried pulling your arm free but he tightened his grip.

“C’mon she’s safe with me.” He leant in further to you.

“Look sweetie, nobody would be safe with you. We’re leaving.”

“Alright you can stay if you want,” He started raising his voice which caught the attention of Steve and Bucky. You finally got your arm free and turned away again, “but you’re not going anywhere, sweetcheeks.” He landed a hard smack on your ass and grinned proudly. You froze in your tracks and slowly turned to face him.

Bucky wanted to punch that guy in the face so hard for what he just did to you; his crush on you meant he was always overprotective but this time it was necessary. But before he was within three feet of the man, you punched him square in the nose. There was a loud crack as his head flew back and he lost his balance, you kicked him in the groin for good measure making him curl up on the floor. 

When you turned around, Steve was holding up Clara, Bucky was gawking at you and the whole bar was quiet. Even the music had stopped. You smoothed out the creases in your dress and smiled like you just walked into the room. Your heels echoed throughout the room as you moved to Clara.

The music quickly returned and so did the chatter, probably about the kind faced woman giving a drunken giant a broken nose. You thanked Steve for helping Clara and turned to Bucky who still stared at you in awe.

“You catching flies there Buck?” When you didn’t get a reply you pushed up his jaw and gave him a lingered kiss on the cheek. “I’m taking Clara home, I’ll see you tomorrow. Dancing right?” He nodded slowly. You gave Steve a peck on the cheek as well. “Bye Steve.”

“Wait Y/N, are you going to get home okay?” It was cute how concerned he looked while still having the shock in his eyes from the current events. It did annoy you slightly though.

“Sweetie, I’m not that far away from here I’ll be fine.” You winked and then left.

Bucky, still quite shocked at the fight you put up, sat down in his stool bar and sighed. “What am I going to do punk?”

Steve retook his seat next to Bucky and ordered drinks for the two. “What do you mean?” Bucky was never unsure of anything, especially when it came to girls.

“I think I’m in love.” He replied with a smile.

“You’ve got to tell her Buck. What happened to the confident, ladies man I grew up with? Y’know, say something before its too late.” Steve rested a hand on Bucky’s back.

The bartender returned with their drinks and Bucky took a sip; he’d be shipping to England soon and he may never see you again. But for once in his life he didn’t know what to say to a girl. You weren’t like the other girls he’s dated; you were cocky, you preferred hanging out with the boys, you weren’t afraid to stand up for yourself; you just beat up a guy in front of a bar full of people and when the two of you first met you were the first to resist his charm. 

He raised his glass to Steve in cheers. “Tomorrow. When we go dancing.” He said smiling.

“I’ll make sure of that.”

“I know you would. If I don’t you’ll be on my ass ‘till I leave.” They both laughed loudly, and did for the rest of the night.

The drive home was thankfully peaceful, Clara had fallen asleep, rain was tapping on the roof and windshield of the car, and there was no traffic. Unusual. The street lamps created a warm, orange hue that reflected off the wet roads and created the illusion of driving on a river that was ablaze with an auburn fire. Either that or you had started hallucinating due to the amount of alcohol you drank. But you were a good driver none the less, and a safe one at that.

 But it surprised you when your headache got painfully stronger and the pounding in your head got louder Your vision had also started to blur, which is probably why you didn’t notice the tow large military Jeeps in front and behind you, suddenly appear. The problem was the one in front of you was facing you, you just didn’t know.

The Jeep behind you suddenly sped up and pulled up beside the driver’s door, it then rammed into the car forcefully and bent your car door inwards, trapping your arm. You managed to keep control of the car but didn’t hit the brakes, adrenaline had clouded your thinking skills. The Jeep next to you slowed and your gaze followed it as it dropped behind you.

When you returned your gaze to the road ahead, you were met with full beam headlights directly in your path by around 20 meters. You tried to swerve out f the way but the passenger side grazed the Jeep and the back flew out. The car spun twice before clipping the kerb and rolling down the main street in a battered wreck.

The car was now on it’s side in the middle of the road. You looked to your right to see Clara’s body lazily slumped against the car door as your seatbelt held you above her. Drops of blood were dripping from your head and landing on her beautiful face, then slowly running across the valley of her features. There was a large pool of blood next to her, when you followed the drips of blood you traced it to your left arm which hung loosely across your chest. It was broken. You groggily muttered Clara’s name to ask her for her injuries, but soon realized that her chest lay still and that another pool of blood bordered her head.

A light shines across your face for a brief second; you look up to see two dark figures walking towards you, flashlight in hand. They were talking amongst themselves in a foreign language with thick accents as they approached. If you weren’t hanging limply in your car with a broken arm you would’ve tried to get out and see who they were, but you were slowly losing consciousness.

For a moment you thought you were hallucinating, but in fact the car was being turned to sit haphazardly on all four wheels. The quick and unsettling movement caused pain to grow all over your body, especially due to your head and arm injuries.

Your car door was ripped from its secure spot, exposing the two mangled bodies inside. One of the figures shone the light directly into your eyes, to which you squinted and slowly turned away. The other figure was looking through the passenger window at Clara. They began conversing in the same language as before; the figure next to Clara walked off while the one next to you rested a hand on your shoulder.

"You need to come with us it’s not safe here, we can help you.” The figure, now speaking in English, still had their thick accent. You turned to look at them and saw a small man in a great suit with round glasses. “I’m going to get more help, wait here.”

When he walked out of sight, you noticed he had left a briefcase on the ground. You one-handedly unclipped the seatbelt and stumbled quietly out of the vehicle. The briefcase was surprisingly unlocked, so you rummaged through the contents for something; anything that could give you answers to who these people are.

Underneath multiple forms and confidential files, a handgun lay at the bottom of the case. After making sure it had a few rounds in it, you walked round the passenger side of the car wreckage. The crash hadn’t damaged your legs too much but they did hurt with all of your weight on them. You aimed the gun at the small man, who was talking to a significantly larger one, and lent on the car for support; also for a steady aim.

When the gun clicked after you had armed it, the two men turned to face you; both shocked at how you got the gun, and how you had such strength and determination after such a big accident. “Who are you?” You choked out.

“Darling, I’m a doctor.” He started as he walked to you slowly, as if not to spook an animal. “You shouldn’t be walking, you’ve suffered a lot of injuries. Let me take you to the hospital.”

You weren’t sure if the alcohol still had an affect on you or if you actually believed this man, but you lowered the gun and rested yourself on the floor against the car. Just then he lent down and whispered in your ear. “Everything that follows is all for a great cause.”

Before you and ask him what he meant, the larger man pinned you down and stabbed a needle into your neck. Very quickly, you stated loosing all feeling in your body and was going limp, every object in front of you seemed to merge into one, and then everything went black.

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A/N: I really hope you enjoyed this re-write, I just felt like we needed some original Bucky love in there to get the plot going. 😊

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One more chance

So here’s a bit drama one. I changed the plot a bit. Hope you guys like it! I thought I’d do it by tomorrow but was free so yeah completed todayu only. Send me asks babes. Ask me stuff. Harry talks are open. 

Feedbacks are appreciated :)

 You were hurt.

You were hurt when you saw Harry’s body rocking someone else’s.

You were hurt when you saw Harry’s lips moving around someone else’s.

You were hurt when the love which you both shared was shared between Harry and someone else.

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avidreaderffn  asked:

Hi! Are you taking prompts? I had this idea about Alex and Lucy having a normal day at the DEO when a police car chase comes up on the news and they can tell that Maggie's patrol car is on the lead.

the above prompt, feat. kara. enjoy! 

when you’d asked for 

“any kind of trouble at all please,” 

what you had not been asking for, was a car chase. sure, you were bored, and sure, a car chase means criminal activity to be halted. it’s just also that car chases have a lot of clear and present danger to the population as a whole and even for you, there are too many variables to consider. 

at the present, you’ve got the suspects white panel van in the lead. one queen vic with one of those flashing blue lights on the dash and four squad cars in support. not to mention a helicopter or two filming the whole thing. 

like you mentioned, a lot of variables. 

plus it’s rush hour so traffic is all but crashing into each other in order to not get clipped in the pursuit. 

you have a headache. 

but also, 

you have larger problems because all of a sudden you’re picking up a familiar heartbeat. the beat is heightened, you can all but hear the adrenaline racing through maggie sawyers system and 


oh no,  

it takes one blink with your x-ray vision to figure out that in the lead car, the one pushing it to ninety as the panel van slips onto the freeway and perhaps the safest diver in this rodeo, 

is maggie. 

you speak into the comms “uh, alex, lucy,” you start “just a heads up,” 

that’s maggie’s car.” comes alex in kara’s ear “we know.” 

there’s an unspoken,

keep her safe, please.  

that follows as all you can hear are the sounds of their breathing. you can imagine then both standing in the command center, the chase pulled up on the tv. you can picture them both standing shoulder to shoulder, all but holding hands, neither of them breathing after a while, both of their hearts threatening to pound through their ribs. 

“i’ve got her.” you say firmly, steadily, you’ve got this situation under control. 

so you watch, with keen eyes and alert ears, and keep scanning the road ahead, checking for upcoming dangers. even though you know, 

you know, 

this car chase will not end well. they rarely ever do, in your opinion. and this one, it has to potential to end terribly. you’re putting the pieces together as the van crashes through a construction sign, shuddering and vibrating as it speeds across gravel. ahead, you see what they can not, 

the end of the road. 

a section where bridge repairs are happening and for the moment there is no road, just metal and structure and oh no, no,

gorges with sharp rocks at the bottom and steep cliff walls. 

so you’re acting quick and you’re acting fast, and what you’re doing is landing, standing ten feet or so from the cliff edge. you’re bracing your body for impact, you’re holding your arms out, 

and the panel van?

they swerve. 

you feel a mirror shatter against your shoulder and then they’re past you and barreling towards the edge. 

time seems to slow in the seconds that follow. 

where all of a sudden you see maggie’s eyes go wide, wider as she registers that you’re standing in front of her, feet in front of her. maggie’s eyes following you as she slams on her breaks and you’re turning. you see the car, see the edge and you know, 

god you know,

this can’t end well.

but you are supergirl.

you are a genius and you are calculating distance and time and force and then you’re pushing off your back foot. you’re diving, you’re flying, you’re lunging for the car, grabbing at it, anyway you can. 

hand wrapping around a tire, the rear bumper. 

there is nothing in your ears but thousands of racing pulses. maggie’s clearest of all, you can hear her getting out of the car, hear her footsteps running across the gravel. you hear the clip coming off her holster and the way her hand curls around her gun. 

you’re digging your heels in, 

and it’s not hard, 

to haul the car, currently perilously perched half off the cliff. 

you pull it back so all four tires are on the ground. so maggie and her partner can take a side and suddenly there are commands of 

“put your hands in the air” 


“climb out of the car slowly,” 

and then there’s alex in your ear, and lucy too. both breathing hard, alex’s voice strained and “good job supergirl.” she’s saying 

because if you hadn’t been there? 

one car at the very least was going over the edge, and maybe a second, depending on physics, on friction, on just how good are maggie’s cars breaks?

it’s only when both the driver and the passenger are in the back of squad cars that maggie finds her way over to you. puts a hand on your shoulder, says “thank you, supergirl.” 

and you’re nodding, you’re saying something like “of course, detective, anytime.” 

but later, when you’re swinging by alex’s place with food, it’s maggie laid out on the couch with her head in lucy’s lap. she’s got an ice pack over one shoulder - her left shoulder - and a book in her hand, one that she’s reading outloud as lucy cards a hand through maggie’s hair. 

you smile at the normalcy. 

at the comfort they give each other. 

you do not smile at the bruising across her shoulder from slamming into the seatbelt. maggie catches you staring and says “it’s better than what would have happened if i’d gone onto that bridge, little danvers.” 

which, she’s right, but still. 

so you’re sighing and you’re nodding and alex is stepping out of the bathroom, freshly showered and in one of maggie’s ncpd t-shirts. she sees you and she sees her girls and everyone is home and everyone is safe. 

it’s alex who asks “you up for a movie night?” 

and it’s maggie who adds “we might even let you pick one.” 

“as long as it’s animated.” lucy supplies. 

and all you can do is say yes, of course, you’d love to. 

Something About A Promise - Snippet

Hello, and welcome to the project I’ve been working on for nearly a month and a half now. Will I complete it? Who knows. In the meantime, here’s a short bit of it. Featuring impatient/annoyed/at wits end Harry, and Drunk Niall.

“B-babe, want to hear a j-joke?” You’ve managed to flip over and crawl onto your knees, the world still spinning far too fast to get back up on your feet.

“Not particularly.”

Harry was many things, and calm, cool and collected were a few, but it was today, at two in the morning, standing half-naked in his kitchen with two drunk guests, he was losing patience quick.

“W-what’s the difference between a—” You snicker, holding a finger up to your lips as you try to collect yourself. “Okay. A-a G spot, and a golf ball.”

Harry side-eyes Niall who has his hand covering his mouth, waiting in anticipation of the punchline he more than likely had told you earlier that evening.

“A guy will actually s-search for a golf ba—” You don’t have the chance to finish before you’re succumbed to such laughter that not much noise has the chance to escape your mouth.

He had to admit, it did send the corners of his lips to lift for a moment.

“Niall, how did you get here?” Harry glances at Niall who has joined you in a mess of giggles, his entire body using the counter as support. “Niall.”

“A car.” He snickers. “How else?”

A smartass and a comedian are what he’s dealing with tonight apparently.

“Tell me you didn’t fucking drive.” He looks back down at you for an answer, but he’s only met with your arm stuck awkwardly inside your dress. Before he has a chance to question your antics, you swiftly remove your bra from your attire with an achieved grin. “Babe, no—”

“I’m freee,” you sing, throwing the bra in the direction of your shoes as Niall can only stare in awe.

“’Right, ‘m taking her to bed—” It’s the feel of delicate fingers lingering against the waistband of his boxers that causes him to strop abruptly, only to find the woman, who he is trying not to get horribly mad at, seconds away from tugging his shorts down. “Christ—Jesus—”

“I want a taste—” Instantly your wrists are bound in his hands as he takes a step back.

“Niall, did someone drive you?”

He’s reached the end of his patience, and the mere thought of his best mate behind the wheel of the car, as intoxicated as the both of you are, with you sitting passenger, only adds fuel to the fire.

“M’man Rupert. He—uh, he’s somewhere.” Niall finally responds, tugging a hang through his hair.

“Love, love! W-what’s the difference between anal sex and oral sex?” A small voice chirps up below him. Harry closes his eyes and prays to find the will to get through the next few minutes of this ordeal.

“Y-yeah, he’s outside.”

“Oral sex makes your day. A-and anal sex makes your hole weak.” You’ve lost yourself in another fit of mute giggles, Harry’s grip on your wrists loosening enough for you to scurry away.

“Thank you. Now, go home, mate. Y’drunk.”

“Funny.” Niall responds, folding his arms across his chest. “If y’can’t tell, she had more than me, and I’m not the one undressing on yer kitchen floor.”

Harry attention is brought back down below him as he catches you struggling to remove the second strap of your dress, one already managed to break free. He’s instantly hunching over, pulling a strap back up and standing you back on your feet, not removing his hand placed firmly along your backside.

“I don’t feel good.” You mutter quietly, your body breaking out into a cold sweat.

“Niall—” It’s a single warning, and quickly understood.

“Okay, okay.” He goes to grab his jacket off one of the barstools, and pauses to glance over at your slumping body. “Mate, she doesn’t look good.”

Before anyone has the chance to get another word in, your drinks of the night make a return onto the ceramic tiles, and harry can only stare up at Niall with enough irritation that left him leaving without another word.


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Fandom: Xmen

Request: Imagine Erik training and the reader wants Erik’s attention so she starts kissing his neck and doing //other// things ;;;))) *wink wink* *nudge nudge*

A/N: I tried. 

Erik’s eyes were narrowed, focused on the wind turbines in front of him. You leaned back onto the hood of his car, supporting yourself on your forearms. Underneath your sunglasses, your eyelids slid clothed, as the sun warmed your face.

He took you out here so the two of you could train. But you had finished what seemed like hours ago, and were left with nothing to do but watch as your boyfriend crumpled and uncrumpled the turbines. You understood his need to gain more control of his power. You really did. But enough was enough.

Pushing yourself off the car, you walked towards him. You pressed yourself against his back. As your arms slowly made their way around him, you began kissing the exposed skin above his collar. His hands faltered slightly from their extended position, causing you to smile slightly against his neck.

“Darling,” he asked, his eyes drifted down to you.

“Yes, dear,” you muttered innocently.

“Would you like to tell me exactly what you’re doing there?”

You pushed your sunglasses up on top of your head and made eye contact with him. Moving one arm under his to wrap around his shoulder, you smiled at him.

“Getting your attention.” The moment the words were out of your mouth, you bit playfully at his earlobe and resumed kissing down his neck.

His head tilted to the side, granting you more access.

“(Y/N), I’m trying to focus.”

“Well, maybe,” You pulled your arms tighter around him, bringing the two of you closer. “You should focus on something else.” In between each word, you placed a kiss to his warm skin.

“Is that right?” Erik twisted in your arms, moving down slightly to catch you lips in a kiss. His hands landed on either side of your face, pulling it closer towards his.

Your hand found it’s way up to the nape of his neck. Your fingers weaved their way through his hair. One of his strong arms slipped from your face to wrap solidly around your waist.You smiled triumphantly against his mouth, having succeed in getting his attention.   


*Requested* Could you do a oneshot where Y/N’s a vampire who was killed and when the veil dropped she went to see her ex-boyfriend Damon?

(Our poor Damon. This one is really sad, guys. Really really sad. Please do let me know how you like this one. Should I´ve added more emotion into this? Or was it too much? Feedback would be very much appreciated.)

Characters: Damon x Reader

Story Title: “Ghost-a-palooza”

Warnings: Angsty as all hell, Damon crying (this deserves a warning)

Word count: 1171

Your name: submit What is this?

The leave rustle under Damon´s feet, the tree sway from side to side as the wind howls through the illuminated forest. 

Damon squats down, tracing his fingers over your tombstone.

Damon: ”I don´t  know if you´re still here, Y/N, or if you moved on already, but I was hoping to see you. You know, Mystic Falls is like Ghost-a-palooza right now, after Bonnie dropped the veil and I figured you might, uh, be here. Even Alaric visited me.”

He looks around, searching for you like he has for the past hour. He drove around the city, searching everywhere for you, to no avail. What he doesn´t know is that you are already on your way.

Damon: “But maybe I´m wrong and you really have moved on.”

You reach your own grave spotting Damon standing there, next to his car placing your favorite flowers down on your grave and then attempts to leave.

Y/N: “Damon! Wait!”

He turns around and hesitates at first as if he cannot believe you are standing before him as a real person. Well, sort of anyway.

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anonymous asked:

Headcanon: RFA reacts to MC breaking down after an awful day?


  • College kid here had midterms, but when he got a call saying you were dealing with the stress badly, he ran straight out of the class and went to you
  • The teachers were thinking of chasing him down
  • He knew a lot about how demanding your work/school was, so he was well prepared for this
  • Tries to help you relax with tips from the internet
  • He supports you to the car, and helps you get to a bed
  • Sits by you, waiting for any request like a doggo


  • Mr. Fairytale prince was about to come on his white horse whisk you away from work for a date, but he got a call from your workplace or school idk
  • He rushed over to where you were, and burst into the room
  • As he saw you trembling on the floor in a fetal position, he felt his heart leap up to his throat
  • Zen went over to you, pulling your head onto his lap and gently stroking your hair
  • He brought you home, trying to quickly buy things to make you feel better on the way
  • When you two arrived at the house, he gently laid you in bed and massaged your tense muscles


  • You didn’t want to bother Jaehee because you knew she had a stressful job as well, but when you had a panic attack, she was instantly called
  • Jumin had to let her go after seeing the usually prepared Jaehee in such a hurry
  • She didn’t trust herself to pick you up, so she supported you to her car and drove you two back home
  • In the car, she gave you relaxation tips and tried to help your tense muscles relax through massages at every red light
  • The two of you cuddled under a blanket, enjoying some much needed rest from work and stress


  • Mr. Han didn’t really understand the concept of a panic attack, just that you were in pain
  • And that was enough to get him to run out of a meeting poor Jaehee had to deal with the situation
  • When he got to you, he tried to hug you close to him and protect you from what was hurting you
  • He ordered a doctor to come, and listened to every wish you had
  • The doctor said it was a breakdown, and Jumin’s brilliant solution was taking you out of work for a week with no warning
  • Luckily, he talked it out with your boss, and you didn’t get fired


  • wEll we all know this guy doesn’t move much
  • But when he heard heavy breathing that he didn’t cause and you quietly call out his name, this man ran
  • Picking your trembling body up bridal style, he laid you down on a nearby couch after dusting hbc off of it
  • He brought you some water and helped you take deep breaths
  • Kept telling you jokes to get your mind of things, he even pranked the RFA while you watched over his shoulder
  • He kind of ditched work for that day so…. He gon get tased
Doctor, Doctor Can’t You See I’m Burning? (Part 2)

Summary: You are the only doctor in a rural town and an Omega. You thought you had pretty much seen it all in your medical practice, and then one night, two Alphas show up at your door in need of medical attention.

This one is going to be a slow burn, guys.

Characters: Alpha!Sam, Alpha!Dean, Beta!Cas, Omega!reader

The bitter cold hit you like a punch in the gut, your short-sleeved Nirvana shirt doing nothing against the temperature. Your hand held Sam’s tightly as you pulled him along with you. Your flashlight cast an anemic beam against the trees as the three of you ran.

“Turn that thing OFF!”  Dean hissed sharply at you. “You want to lead them right to us?”

“Sssorry!”  You said, trying to control your chattering teeth. 

Dean took one look at you and cursed under his breath.  He whipped off his blood covered flannel and handed it to you.  “Put this on.  It will help block your scent.  They’re gonna smell you a mile away.”

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The Easy Way (Part 20) - Carl Grimes & Negan Imagine


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

Part 9

Part 10

Part 11

Part 12

Part 13

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summary: wrapping things up + being emo 

a/n: this is the final part of this series! i will definitely make an epilogue and a prologue, just to kinda wrap things up. thank you to everyone who read all 20 parts (holy shit that’s a lot) and gave their input on the series. ik this chapter was cheesy as hell but u know it’s ok i’m tired lmao

let me know what you think! my messages and inbox are always open, and i respond to everything :-)

word count: 1254

tagged users: @deeindarkwonderland @namelesslosers 

You had no time to feel sorrow as you murdered the men who held Maggie captive. Blood was smeared on your face and clothes, and your wounded leg sent searing pains up and down your body. Every now and then, you had to take a break and tuck behind the car. You inhaled and exhaled slowly, closing your eyes in five second intervals. You knew if you allowed yourself to rest any longer, that you would pass out from fatigue. 

While your eyes were shut tightly, your brain pounded and the ground shook as two massive explosions rocked Alexandria. All gunfire ceased, and your eyes slowly opened. You turned back  on your knees, gun aimed in the direction of the Saviors. There were none left that you could see, for nothing was visible beyond the thick, cloudy air. 

Flames erupted from a large truck, sending a wave of smoke in all directions. You tucked your mouth and nose under your bloody shirt in an attempt to filter out the muggy air. You silently stood up, leaning on the car for support. Carol reached out and grabbed your hand, stabling your shaking body. 

“Stay down,” she demanded, staring at you seriously. Your facial expression remained the same as you gently removed your hand from her grasp and continued walking in the direction of the flames. Carl ran to your side, holding your shoulders to help you stay upright. 

“Carl,” Rick started, warning him to stay back. 

“Dad, I’ll be fine,” Carl muttered, nodding assuringly at his father. 

You jaggedly limped to the trucks, swinging the doors open as quickly as you could. Carl followed your lead, starting at the other end of the line of cars. Bodies of fallen Saviors scattered the gravel beneath your feet, but none of them seemed to survive the grenades. 

The doors of the third car were already open. You found crates filled with bottles of liquor and Maggie laying unconscious, leaning her head against a wooden plank. Your eyes widened, and you suddenly felt much more awake. 

“Carl!” you yelled, your voice cracking. He ran as quickly as he could, jumping into the truck and placing his head behind Maggie’s neck. 

He sighed in relief, whispering, “She’s breathing steadily–Probably just got knocked out.” You jumped into the truck, assisting him in picking her up. She weighed close to nothing, but her limp body was hard to control. “Here,” Carl suggested, “Let’s do this.” 

He crawled out of the truck, placing one knee on the bumper and reaching his arms for Maggie. You were strong enough to pick her up and place her in Carl’s arms, where he carried her bridal style back into the remaining walls of Alexandria. 

Once the three of you became within sight of the other group, Jesus ran swiftly to you, taking Maggie out of Carl’s arms. Carl fell to his knees, sobs shaking his body through his shoulders. You leaned on his shoulders for support, crouching down to his level. Your dirty fingertips traced his cheekbone, and your forehead fell into the crook of his neck. 

You were both so physically and emotionally drained, you couldn’t even think of the words to say to each other. You barely had enough energy to keep yourself upright on your knees. As your eyelids began to grow heavier, Daryl’s strong arms picked you up from the gravel. You wrapped your arms around his shoulders, leaning your head into his chest. Just before you went unconscious, you saw Rick carefully help Carl up, the two of them following in Daryl’s footsteps. 

You woke up in the evening with a throbbing pain in your temples. Your eyes opened slowly, blinking to adjust to the dim light coming in from the windows. You tried to sit up, but groaned as the pain intensified and lay back down on the bed. The pillows tickled your ears, and you smiled a little at the familiar feeling.

Your smile disappeared, for your skin was covered in small bandages. You brought your hand up, scratching your ears and gently touching each of the bandages on your face, counting each one. 

The first was wrapped all the way around your head, covering a large gauze pad on your forehead. The second one was a smaller pad, taped to your cheek. Your nose had some sort of makeshift cast. A large bundle of some soft material was taped over your entire nose, attached to your cheeks. Your fingers trailed down your face, and you felt a fourth pad just below your chin, taped down just like the other two. 

You breathed in deeply, using the little strength you had in your arms to push your body upright into a sitting position. You noticed that you were still covered in dirt, and that the soft blankets that once covered your bed were layers beneath towels which had been placed atop your sheets. 

While your arms ached, they felt nothing like your legs did. Your leg that was shot was strangely numb, but painful at the same time. It reminded you of when Hershel’s leg was amputated. He told you that he could still feel his toes wiggling, but when he looked down, there were no toes to wiggle. 

A bottle of water was left on the small table beside your bed. You made a mental note to find out who had left it there and thank them later. You drank half the bottle, then braced yourself to stand up. Your legs swung over the side of the bed with the help of your arms. You placed your good foot firmly on the ground, your bad foot following. You pushed off your bed, leaning mostly on your good side, then gradually evening your weight. 

The crutches Tara first gave you when you were recovering from your gunshot wound were perched against you wall. You were able to limp over to them, and you were much more stable once they were tucked under your arms. 

On the couch in the living room, you saw Carl, asleep with a book laying on his chest. He seemed so tranquil as his chest slowly rose and fell, so you decided to leave him alone. Rest was needed by everyone those days. You grabbed an apple from the kitchen and left the house, closing the door quietly behind you to avoid disturbing Carl’s rest. 

You remembered Maggie, and how horrible she was looking the other day. Using your crutches to the best of your ability, you went to the infirmary, where Jesus sat across the bed where Maggie lay. 

“Hey, kid,” Jesus said, standing up and hugging you. “Don’t worry about whispering. She’s been out cold since I brought her here.” You noticed the bags forming under his eyes and realized that his lack of sleep was catching up to him. 

“You should go sleep. I’ll be here if anything happens,” you said, smiling at Jesus encouragingly. He didn’t argue with you. He thanked you then left, leaving you with Maggie. 

No matter how difficult winning the war against Negan was, you did it. Alexandria did it. It wasn’t easy at all, but you had something–someone– to fight for. Finding a place like Alexandria didn’t just come to you; You had to work for it. If you learned one thing from Maggie and her will to fight, it was that good things never come easy, but they’re always worth fighting for. 

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requested by anon

The robot had thrown you backwards, tossing you into the hood of a car. You groaned in pain and found that you were too weak to get up and fight back. You managed to roll off of the car but the robot was advancing and you just couldn’t. By using the car as support, you were able to stand - though barely.

Before the robot could walk closer to you, a flash of silver whizzed through the robot, smashing it into one thousand parts and you were suddenly being picked up. Pietro grinned down at you before running you to safety.

Jamilton Series: Part One

Howdy, kiddos! Welcome to the first installment of my Jamilton series! Special thanks to @ciceroniantrash for getting me hooked on this ship. If we’re gonna drown in Jamilton Sea, at least we’re going down with this ship together. ANYWAY! General warnings for this series: suicide is a kinda major theme. It doesn’t appear in Part One, but I’d rather get that out there now so anyone who wants to avoid the series can. 

Enjoy, bbys! ^.^

Why wasn’t Alexander answering his damn phone. How difficult was it to swipe and put the phone to his ear, to say hey, I’m not dead. I’m fine. Oh, and, um, by the way, I love you.

Okay, so maybe Jefferson was getting a little carried away there. But it wasn’t like Alexander to not answer. Their relationship may only have been a few months old, but Alex’s love of blabbing most definitely started in the womb.

Thomas decided to leave another (the fifth in forty-five minutes) message on Alex’s phone.

“Hey, jerk. Why the hell aren’t you picking up?” he snarked. “Seriously, though, Alexander. You’re worrying me. Call me back in five minutes or I’m busting the door to your dorm down.”

Five minutes ticked by. His phone stayed silent.

So who can blame him for stomping two houses down to the one Alex lived in, waiting for another student to exit so he could slip in, and storming up the stairs to Alex’s single suite?

Once he got there, he pounded on Alexander’s door with both his fists, screaming at the top of his lungs “ALEXANDER HAMILTON OPEN THIS DOOR UP RIGHT NOW OR SO HELP ME GOD I WILL BREAK IT DOWN!”

He fell silent, pressing his ear to the thick white door, listening for any signs of life. There was a groan and some shuffling. Thank fucking god, Jefferson thought.

Alex opened the door, his eyes red and puffy, dark hair sticking up, and his normally tan cheeks a few shades too rosy. “Wha-did-I-miss,” he murmured. He looked at his boyfriend as if he were surprised to see him there.

“Why the hell aren’t you answering your phone?” Jefferson asked, his voice losing its harsh edge after taking in his boyfriend’s appearance.

“It fell,” Alex said simply, as if it couldn’t ever be picked back up.

“Are you okay?” Jefferson wasn’t sure why he even bothered to ask. The answer was so obvious. But he liked to hear what Alex had to say, and usually Alex had a lot to say, so his sudden silence was concerning.

“Yeah, why?” he asked with a cough.

Jefferson narrowed his eyes. Without any warning, he shoved past Alexander, grabbing the smaller boy by the arm and pulling him toward his bed. He scooped him up and sat him on top of it. All Alex did was blink at him a few times.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Jefferson muttered.

“Um?” Alex cocked his head and took in his boyfriend, then began to giggle.

“Sweet Jesus,” Jefferson sighed. He felt Alex’s head. Yup. How did he not guess sooner?

“Ha,” Alex said without smiling.

“Nothing is funny, Alex,” Jefferson admonished. “I seriously thought you were dead.”

“My phone fell,” Alex whined.

“Where?” Jefferson sighed, putting a hand to his own temple and massaging it. It was going to be a long day.

“I don’t know,” Alex shrugged.

“Ugh,” Jefferson groaned. “Where’s your thermometer?” Then he laughed. “Why the hell am I asking you? You don’t even know where your phone is.”

Alex had flopped over on his side and was staring into space, Jefferson’s words having absolutely no effect on him.

Jefferson sifted through Alex’s things, finally landing on a first aid kit that one of the Washingtons must have packed him because it was also full of things that didn’t come in a traditional first aid kit, one of those things thankfully being a thermometer.

He walked back to Alex, opened the smaller boy’s mouth, and put it in under his tongue. He waited a few minutes before pulling it out.

“Shit,” he said.

106. This was too high for him to safely cure with soup, sleep, and a watchful eye.

He looked down at his boyfriend and sighed. No wonder Alexander was so out of it. He was delirious from the fever. He sat down next to Alex and gently placed a hand on the small of his back.

“Hey, babe,” he said as calmly as he could. “We’re gonna take a little field trip.”

“Why’re we going to a field?” Alex muttered. “It’s the middle of the winter.”

“Actually, it’s, like, November?” Jefferson tried his best not to be condescending. It wasn’t an easy feat. “But anyway, we’re going on a field trip, not to a field.”

“Oh,” Alex said in a way that told Jefferson the smaller boy had comprehended zero percent of that.

“So, um, yeah.” Jefferson stuttered. “One sec,” he said.

He flitted around Alex’s room, gathering up any supplies that seemed necessary in the moment, which is how he ended up with a blanket, a few granola bars, Alex’s phone (it had been on his bed the entire time), and a poli-sci book. Why that was necessary, he wasn’t sure, but it just felt right.

He wrapped his feverish boyfriend up in the blanket and carried him bridal-style out of his dorm room and into the crisp November air. Luckily, Jefferson had parked his car in the parking lot in the middle of campus, so it wasn’t a far walk.

He gently set Alex, who was now shivering, on the hood of the car, supporting him with one arm as he unlocked the car, then loaded his boyfriend into the backseat, settling him in so he was lying down.

“Floof,” Alex said, reaching up to pat Jefferson’s bouncy curls with a giggle.

Jefferson frowned at him, not because he didn’t find him endearing, but because this was so unlike him.

He climbed into the front seat and started the car. “Okay, babe, we’re gonna get you feeling better,” he said with his Jefferson-esque confidence.

But, for once in his life, he wasn’t so sure that he meant what he said.