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People keep spamming that billboard fanwars poll link on my dash and pretend that its super important… like it doesnt fking matter? Theres literally no award, no one wins ANYTHING from it and i highly doubt any of the artists in it give a shit about this anyway. Billboard is once again trying to create fanwars and make ppl visit their site (which means $$).
I mean look at all the artists they picked and HOW they placed them; we have exo vs bts now and they’re obviously setting up more fanwars with harry styles vs zayn, fifth harmony vs that camelia girl that dropped them, beyonce vs riri etc
Stop wasting your time on pointless polls like this… no one wins anything from this apart from billboard who uses you for views on their page… If you want to support exo or whoever your fav is, go stream their mv or smth… voting on this is useless and you wont win anyway cause T-ara fans have like 2 million votes and they always win this

gentle reminder, a poem

a message to you
you aren’t a burden,
a cast-away scrap
of garbage
you’re not as heavy
a spiritual load
as they make of you
you’re someone to someone,
their pride and joy,
their lighthouse from the sea
you’re the star
somebody wishes on,
the song of a bird in a tree
you can’t possibly tell me
you don’t belong
why else would i
have written you
a poem that doesn’t begin
to encompass your impact
on the world around you?

written and submitted by @nightmarefuiran

“it’s not that serious it’s just a game!” lol it’s all super serious and important until you get called out for it. suddenly it’s not that serious!!!111 y'all brought it there. these are just the facts.

I started this blog early 2013, and today reached 1,000 followers! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Everyone, thank you for sticking with me! 💗
Southsun Stalwart has been really fun for me throughout the years.
I really liked sharing my Guild Wars 2 journey with you!

Please look forward to a giveaway in the near future! ⭐️
I want to celebrate 1000 followers with every one of you! (❁´◡`❁)

Ru Yi

it scares me that
I can sculpt
love poems
from the same letters
you use to
spread hate.
—  good vs evil by shelby leigh

happiness lives
in a little room in my heart
and some days it
prefers the curtains drawn shut

(and i’ve learned that’s okay).

—  by shelby leigh