support woc

If you don’t support WOC, muslim women, women with disabilities, LGBT+ women, jewish women, immigrant women, sex workers & poor women, you’re not a feminist and you’re doing nothing for the feminist movement. Go home.

I’m here for women of color wearing their natural hair

I’m here for women of color wearing vibrant clothing

I’m here for women of color embracing their bodies 

I’m here for women of color feeling confident and beautiful

I’m here for women of color 


The next great lesbian migration will be to “The Good Fight”

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Moana did not make $100 million this past weekend.

Moana did not make $100 million in the U.S. or with worldwide profits as the articles expected. Make this movie a grand success. Let it beat frozen or at least come close.People probably don’t know this but after the surprise success of Frozen, they hurried the production of Moana to this year instead of it original expected release of 2017/2018. The budget on this movie $150 million. That means for it to make a profit, it needs to make 500 million. The movie has rave reviews and $99.3 million worldwide is no joke(it’s amazing!) but, let’s make this one of the best things that happened in this abysmal year of 2016. Get your family and friends who are on the fence about seeing it in the theaters this coming weekend. Hell, go see it twice. If it hasn’t been released in your country yet and you watch it ahead of the release, still go see it when it’s released in theaters. IF you can afford to see don't doddle about seeing. The POC Disney movies don’t fare well most of the time(Princess and the Frog, Pocahontas, Mulan, Atlantis, Brother Bear, etc.) in comparison to their white counter parts. 

I’m not trying to scare people, I just really want this movie to make billion. Do you realize how big it would be for a POC Disney princess to make a billion? Hell, even $600 million? None of the POC princess movies have even made that much yet. 

basically whenever i see a white actress who has in the past done shitty racist things or accepted shitty whitewashed roles go on interviews and talk about how feminist they are and how they struggle as women my eyes roll very far back into my head 

i don’t want to hear what any of them have to say about womanhood or whatever until they start including woc in their feminism… like wow u talk about how you got asked a sexist question once and it’s so hard for u as a white women while taking roles meant for woc and failing to support woc like i don’t care abt your brand of feminism or your white woman struggles ™


aesthetic: dark skin + shades of blue

based on this post [x

where are the Indian girls sitting on a bench looking at their white-sneaker clad feet where are the brown hands holding up signs with inspirational quotes where are the pictures of Latina girls laughing with their friends on a beach where are the brown legs coming out from the bottom of a white pleated skirt where are the aesthetic pictures of people with darker skin