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Upstate New York-based illustration artist Madeleine Buzbee will be creating original commissioned work for the entire month of February. 80% of the profits will go towards either Planned Parenthood, or The Council on American-Islamic Relations. Here is an example of their work! These would be good for a tattoo idea, Valentine’s Day gift, merch design, or a flyer for an event you are hosting. Feel free to contact them via email at or through direct message on Instagram.

posters: $25-50 sliding scale
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I don’t want to be sober today.

Honestly it’s exhausting to face physical and mental pain without narcotics. I feel so defeated. I’m so fed up with my screwed up sleep patterns. I desperately wish I could sleep for more than 2 hours at a time. I need a holiday from my chronic illness. Screw that I want a break from sobriety; on days like today it’s really hard to be sober. Every fiber of my being is crying for an escape.

As desperately as my mind wants to escape I don’t want to lose control of my life. I am powerless over drugs and alcohol. So instead I will rest and eat and take care of myself; effectively giving my body the energy it needs to keep fighting.

438 days clean and sober

December 12, 2016

anonymous asked:

isn't it convenient that hillary switched to supporting gay marriage in 2013; just when it was becoming "mainstream" to do so?? unlike stein or johnson (who are long time supporters); she just follows public opinion; rather than holding and staying true to her own beliefs.

My grandma switched to supporting gay marriage in 2015. I switched to supporting the legalization of weed in 2012. My mom switched to support abortion in 2013. Are you saying that a politician, unlike a regular human, is obliged to hold the same stance on all issues their entire lives or else they’re “following public opinion”? Isn’t it a good thing that she’s able to learn from her mistakes, realize she might be wrong, and change her mind?

Was Obama also following public opinion when he changed his mind on gay marriage in 2012 and said he fully supports its legalization ? Did leading Republicans follow public opinion when they unendorsed Trump after the scandal? Am I following public opinion if I decide I want a new haircut because a friend mentioned it would look good short and I think she’s right? Why are we dead set as a society in condemning politicians for bad stances, then condemning them anyway if they change their minds because “they’re just following public opinion”? It leaves no room for growth, no room for change, and discourages politicians and people in positions of power from changing their minds and doing what’s right and being better.

And on the subject of Johnson and Stein, Johnson is a libertarian. Libertarians support the legalization of nearly everything because they don’t think the government should be very involved, so that means less funds for things like education and welfare, no public healthcare, no minimum wage, less discrimination laws, less environmental laws, and yes, gay marriage (and weed). Honestly, I’d rather have a civil union if it meant keeping a high level of government involvement. And as for Stein, if you’re going to condemn Hillary for following public opinion, literally educate yourself on Jill Stein. Her opinion on vaccines has shifted all over the map, she’s not only changed her mind but gone back and forth several times, from “they’re good” to “they’re bad” to “ehhhh” to “well there’s no evidence they’re bad” and back to “ehhhh” again. Most telling of all, she originally called the Brexit vote results a victory and said we should build on that momentum, then, after realizing the “liberal” point of view was that they should have remained, immediately changed her website to fit that, now calling Brexit the result of xenophobia and neoliberalism. So if you’re going to regurgitate what Bernie-or-bust voters like to spread about Hillary Clinton, at least educate yourself on what the third parties are actually up to.

There’s a reason Bernie endorsed Hillary and not Stein or Johnson, and in an election with such a dangerous Republican candidate, voting for them is downright stupid, because it could potentially cause a repeat of the 2000 presidential election. Ask anyone who voted for Nader, the Green Party candidate, instead of Gore, the Democratic candidate, splitting the liberal vote and allowing for Bush win by 600 votes. They’ll tell you that you don’t want to vote third party, and that you don’t want to be the reason Trump gets elected on a fluke, because your vote does matter and voting third party can and did mean the difference between a Democratic and Republican president.

tl;dr: Changing your mind doesn’t mean you’re following public opinion. If you’re looking to vote for a liberal candidate with firm and unwavering stances on issues, Johnson and Stein are actually far worse, and voting for them could fuck over the entire country for at least 4 years.

could you imagine melanie being the face for a campaign that supports weed
  • Melanie in commercial: I used to be against pot. *makes gross face* EW WEED GROSS! DRUGS ARE BAD
  • Melanie: *starts smiling while holding a joint* But now I LOVE weed! I smoke it every day!!!! Buy this weed today and save 10% off your entire order! (~: