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Can we please talk about how pure and great a BMC and DEH crossover would be? Like

• Evan and Jeremy bonding over being losers and trying to make friends

• Connor and Michael getting high together and telling funny stories about their boys

•Evan being a good, nerdy influence on Jeremy

• Cute nature walks for the group because Evan asked nicely

•Video Game competitions where Boyf riends is against tree bros


• Jeremy and Evan being genuinely concerned when the apartment/home smells like weed.

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Upstate New York-based illustration artist Madeleine Buzbee will be creating original commissioned work for the entire month of February. 80% of the profits will go towards either Planned Parenthood, or The Council on American-Islamic Relations. Here is an example of their work! These would be good for a tattoo idea, Valentine’s Day gift, merch design, or a flyer for an event you are hosting. Feel free to contact them via email at or through direct message on Instagram.

posters: $25-50 sliding scale
shirt design/logo/card: $15-40 sliding scale
tattoo design: $10-20 sliding scale

Calling Entrepreneurs and all other types of creators.

I am trying to build a business based solely on the people. I have many ideas but am looking for some specific people who have interests in my potential ideas. Some of these ideas include:

Coffee Roasting 
Videography/Video Editing
Business and Marketing
Spreading art/supporting artists
Interior Design 
Vegan Foods/Nutrition 
Marijuana/Growing and Selling 

This is solely just for my startup. I am looking for people who have dreams and are willing to take those dreams and make them into a reality. With the blessings of technology and the ability to connect from all over the world, I believe it is possible to build a team with anyone who is willing to take a chance. Message me, or just spread this message, so that any potential people could help build my business, while I help you build your dream. Thank you.

Edit: Based in Northern California. :) But looking to share ideas with anyone, for ideally I would love to expand in the future.

I don’t want to be sober today.

Honestly it’s exhausting to face physical and mental pain without narcotics. I feel so defeated. I’m so fed up with my screwed up sleep patterns. I desperately wish I could sleep for more than 2 hours at a time. I need a holiday from my chronic illness. Screw that I want a break from sobriety; on days like today it’s really hard to be sober. Every fiber of my being is crying for an escape.

As desperately as my mind wants to escape I don’t want to lose control of my life. I am powerless over drugs and alcohol. So instead I will rest and eat and take care of myself; effectively giving my body the energy it needs to keep fighting.

438 days clean and sober

December 12, 2016

Svt/Seventeen reaction to you smoking weed: Hip Hop Unit Version

Request: how d o u think all of svt would react to u smoking pot tho like not cigarettes 🤔🤔

Vocal Unit Ver , Performance Unit Ver

Hi, I KNOW NOTHING ABOIT POT/WEED SO DONT JUDGE ME IF I GET SOMETHING WRONG LOL. Im also not supporting weed, there are many different views on it but I want to make you all happy! I heard Weed is illegal in South Korea so just assume it isn’t(?)  Idk lol

Would have a more chill reaction about it than cigarettes tbh. Weed is a controversial topic but if HE, an IDOL, gets caught near weed, his career is in jeopardy. So he wouldn’t do it with you, and just like cigarettes, would try to get you to quit even if the effects are good on you. But if it TRULY makes you feel less anxious and things, he wouldn’t be so pushy and naggy with it.

“Lets go for a walk instead baby~ Nature can calm you too.”

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Opposite of S.Coups, would worry more than he would with cigarettes. His reaction would still be monotone though, just slightly less chill. His main goal is for you to be happy and if weed makes you happy/eases your anxiety, so be it. another one not to do it with you. Wouldn’t press you to try to do it less often or stop unless someone says he’s starting to smell like smoke.

“Is that safe? I mean if it makes you calm, go ‘head”

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As said in the cigarette Reaction, he DOES NOT want to smell like it. He is up to no risk and WILL NOT get accused by Pledis Staff. If he was on break/ wouldn’t have to see Pledis staff for a long time, would try it out of plain curiosity. He probably wouldn’t like being high so he wouldn’t smoke much with you much, also, his biggest fear is being accused/getting caught. Only if you do it 24/7 would he pressure you to back off the weed.

“yea, nope. You do you but I can’t smell like your weed baby”

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He’s young and wants to have fun ;) So yea what I mean is that he’ll try it. Consequences/risks don’t click with him right away. You’ll probably laugh when he ends up coughing. Once he realizes he’s putting his career on line, he’ll stop or at least limit it. Would have no intention of stopping you though unless its a huge health risk. 

“I need to do it less often, sorry babe. My career could be over like that”

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Stereotypes: Swiss cantons & people living there
  • Argovia: They all wear white socks and can’t properly drive a car. They only eat carrots so the canton can also be called « Carrot Land ». People from Argovia either pretend to be from Zurich or they hate people from Zurich so much, there is no in between. They are surrounded by castles and nuclear power plants. Their canton is not well-known enough so when they talk to foreigners, they have to say that they live „between Zurich and Basel“.
  • Appenzell Outher Rhodes: testicles hahahahahah. They like to walk around naked in the mountains. Some people say that they like to eat cats and dogs. Who knows, who knows…
  • Appenzell Inner Rhodes: more testicles!!! Also they are freaking conservative peasants.
  • Basel Country: People living in Basel Country almost live in Germany. The dialect is horrible. There must be something wrong with their throats. But people from Basel Country know how to party because there is Fasnacht. They basically live for Fasnacht.
  • Basel City: They have an annoying dialect. It hurts other people’s ears when they talk. They also live for Fasnacht. And for Basel Läckerli. That’s actually all they eat. And they surely like medication stuff because the all live next to Roche and other pharmaceutical industry places.
  • Bern: PEOPLE. FROM. BERNE.WHY.DO.YOU.TALK.SO.SLOWLY ???? They talk so friggin slowly. And their favorite and also most used word is « äuä ». At least they are so chill. There is no stress in Bern. Everyone is chill but you don’t watch Netflix, you go and watch some bears. Bears are everywhere.
  • Fribourg: There are more cows than people. And half of the people are students. Also there are people who speak French and people who pretend to speak German but it’s so weird. That’s not German, dear ppl from Fribourg! The „R“ is missing when you speak! And take a shower, you smell weird!
  • Geneva: Geneva is the Zurich from the French part. It’s so international. There are lots of rich people. Everyone from other cantons goes there to watch the Jet d’Eau or to visit the Geneva International Motor Show. Or they come to visit the UNO.
  • Glarus: It’s such a small place. Does it even really exist? Are there people living there or is there just the Glarnerland rest stop? And why is there a human being on the flag???
  • Graubünden: They hate tourists but tourists love this canton. There is lots of good food like Nusstorte, Bündnerfleisch, Gerstensuppe and cheese. If they’re not busy eating, they smoke weed or support HCD. Their dialect is weird but some people get a boner from it because they think it’s so sexy.
  • Jura: This is the youngest canton. It’s a baby. A baby that pretends to be French and that drinks a hella big amount of alcohol.
  • Lucerne: For some people, this is the most beautiful canton of Switzerland. The people are real Bünzlis though. It’s the Asian part of Switzerland. You can’t spend 5 minutes without seeing a tourist from Asia. People from Luzern also love Fasnacht. If it’s not Fasnacht time, they spend their time swimming in the Vierwaldstättersee or they eat/drink Emmi products.
  • Neuchâtel: Very nice canton. Kinda French though. Everyone loves the lake. Everyone likes Neuchâtel.
  • Nidwalden: This is such a small and old place. People living in Nidwalden are so conservative it hurts.
  • Obwalden: It’s the brother of Nidwalden. It’s so traditional and old and conservative. Everyone lives in the mountains. This canton is actually in the middle of Switzerland, yet none really knows where it is when they have to show it on a map.
  • St.Gallen: They live by „Hopp St. Galle, ine mit em Balle!“ It’s their ‚rule to live by‘. When they talk, it hurts other people’s ears. The dialect is a nightmare. People eat Bratwurst all day long. They don’t like mustard on their Bratwurst. This makes them really really weird. At least they have a nice open air festival, so there is a reason to go there.
  • Schaffhausen: This is almost Germany. They have nice Rhine falls, the rest of the canton is a Reinfall tho.
  • Schwyz: No it's not 'Schweiz'! People living in Schwyz are rich catholic Bünzlis. They are at Alpamare 24/7. Alpamare is also the only reason to go there. People from other countries tend to forget how important this canton used to be when it comes to history.
  • Solothurn: People living there speak like people from Bern. The only reason to go there is the Film Festival. Oh, and there are lots of brothels. Most people just drive through this canton tho.
  • Thurgau: When they talk, it is painful for other Swiss people. That’s all you need to know.Also there is no water, just Most.
  • Ticino: It’s basically in Italy. Pizza Pizza, Pasta Pasta! It’s the perfect place to spend your holidays and chill. People living there chill too much tho, they don’t like working. They prefer spending the day staring at the sun. In their car. They’re always stuck in a traffic jam.
  • Uri: A place full of history. Therefore everything is very old and boring. Their daily topic to talk about is the Gotthard. It’s the only important thing from this canton nowadays. Wilhelm Tell’s hood is not what is used to be.
  • Vaud: Most beautiful canton, at least of the French part. People living there like to eat sausages & drink a lot of wine. Sadly, they hate the people from the German part not only when they’re drunk.
  • Valais: They either speak French or some dialect none understands. Sounds like German, French and Italian at the same time. A real struggle for tourists. They drink white wine 24/7 and they eat Raclette and Fondue every day. In summer, they also eat apricots. People from Valais don’t use cars, they go everywhere with their skis.
  • Zug: Zug is the Monaco of Switzerland. Few Swiss people are living there, the canton is like 90% non-Swiss people, so you can hear English everywhere. There are more letterboxes than companies. The only thing you can eat there is Kirschtorte. But it’s yummy, so it’s okay.
  • Zurich: Zurich tries to be the capital of Switzerland. People living in Zurich suffer from the „Züri-Schnurre-Syndrom“ and most of them are rich and/or arrogant. There are so many celebs but none cares because people care more about swimming in the Lake of Zurich or spending nights at Langstrasse.

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Who in the Batfamily do you think has smoked weed/how do you think they all feel about it?

  • Dick - is a supporter of making weed legal and smokes it after a long and/or hard day. probably like once or twice a week
  • Jason - only does it in social situations like if everyone else is doing it he is like “’kay guess i’ll get high too”
  • Babs - doesn’t smoke it and is against it because her dad is the commissioner and scared the hell out of her 
  • Tim - doesn’t like it because every time he smokes he gets really paranoid. that being said he doesn’t care if other people do it or if it is legal.
  • Duke - used to smoke a lot but ever since he actual got a stable home he doesn’t do it unless he wants to relax by himself
  • Damian - doesn’t smoke and isn’t for it because Alfred scared him as a kid saying that if he did pot even once his brain would melt and he would become a vegetable. he lies and says he doesn’t believe it but he also doesn’t want to take any chances
  • Luke - smoked in college but now that he is graduated and become more adult not as much
  • Tiffany - she doesn’t agree with smoking but thinks it should be legal so it can be regulated and won’t be laced with something 
  • Stephanie - is super against it is ever form. has even gone as far as flushing Dick’s stash down the toilet
  • Cassandra - smokes when her anxiety is really bad or she can’t turn her brain off. she sees it more as a medicine then a drug
  • Harper - smokes a few times a week and doesn’t understand why it is not legal
  • Carrie - smokes if someone offers them some but really doesn’t care if they smoke or not
  • Kate - gets high with her girlfriends if they all have a night off together
  • Bruce - claims he is anti-pot but when he was younger he smoked sometimes. he was never a big fan though because it always made him paranoid. believes it should be legal for its medicinal qualities but only for that not for recreational use
  • Alfred - never had any interest in it until he accidentally ate one of harper’s brownies. was convinced if he didn’t hold something he wold fly away. while he still doesn’t do anything with pot, he isn’t against it like he used to be