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i’m gonna make this clear. nu'est has been giving us so much. from the cfs to vlives, the boys have been doing so much n i’ve never seen them so happy. they’re dropping 2017 versions of songs now (lil promo: they dropped ‘hello 2017 ver.); pls check it out!! it’s amazing n will make u cry. also they’re gonna drop a 2017 ver. of ‘look (a starlight night)’ at 11pm kst so make sure to check that out also. as always also check out their old music 👼). it truly makes me believe that going onto produce 101, despite all the tears n struggles, was a opportunity that turned into an amazing reality for them. when they make their comeback, i want the world to be in awe. i want them to be getting more opportunities. i don’t want them to be stressed out anymore n worrying, about what’s going to happen tomorrow n the next day n so on. i want them to finally be recognized for their hard work that they’ve been putting out for the past 5/6 years. i remember mingi said in his vlive that him n the members are always thinking about us n they truly are. also the fact that they changed their name just to wait for minhyun n finally be all together, makes me tear up. they’ve been through so much n they really do deserve the world..they really do.

Welp, they did manage to throw up a sales page.

It’s completely insecure though. (No https)

Check out is done through PayPal. (So at least it’s not typing your card in their site raw.)

But… They can’t even bother to spell their own company name right??

And, apparently, no translated graphics/menus?

You have to look at their (really crappy) pdf guide??

SUMMARY: This is still shady as fuck and their quality is lower than fan done translation projects. I ain’t wasting my money on the hope that I get a download link that isn’t a virus.

This needs to stop.

So. Earlier I made a post about how nice RDM was for its utility. And how I was watching my sister learn to heal, and was proud of her progress as I helped her along with some ver-supportive-DPS and share some healer positivity. I didn’t think I’d be eating those words quite so soon when a tank decided to big dick pull wall to wall. Now, I am a veteran healer myself, I pride myself as one of those hard core raid healers who will solo heal current content and proudly tell their tanks to DPS stance reveling in the glory of being heal-god. That said, not everyone is at that level, nor expected to be. I taught my sister everything I could think of when she said she wanted to learn heals, and she picked up well on most of it fairly fast. But unfortunately part of leveling is dungeon gear, and the RNG gods did not see fit to give her much of anything. So when the leveling roulette gave us bardams, and the tank saw everyone was synced, he wall to wall pulled without checking gear, or asking if it was okay. Queue vercure+vercure=vertetragramme until the tanks cool downs gave out, and the mobs simply did more damage than AST+RDM can handle. And the tanks response to this? “DPS was really low, you need to kill it faster or of course we wipe.” … like cmon, not everyone is a perfect healer, and even if they are, not everyone is perfectly geared, and even if they are, that’s not an excuse to treat this as a undersize without at least asking. When two fully committed healers cannot keep you up (and don’t try to tell me RDM can’t be a single target healer given the potency they have) nothing will. Please tanks, this needs to stop. This is not okay.



N.Flying (엔플라잉) 유회승 – 나야 나 (PICK ME) (프로듀스 101 시즌2 메인 테마곡) Acoustic Ver.


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๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’› maybe idek if you remember me ๐Ÿ˜…

UHG. I wonder why did I even bothered trying to help you to get out of you abusive relationship? Like, you were so sad, and so depressed and he was being such a little shit and playing with you, AND I CANT BELIEVE U WERE SO STUPID TO GO BACK WITH HIM. LIKE 6437654 TIMES. And then stop talking to me ‘because he doesnt like u :/ but i love u okay!!!’

Yes yes I remember you, you always send me nice asks, and you asked about art a lot. Well, I dont really know you? We dont talk a lot? But i definitely see you on my notes, like, I notice! So, thank you for being there, supporting my art, and supporting me! You seem ver nice and lovely. <3


Good Smile Company released the Cheerful Japan! Nendoroid No.180 Puchitto Rock Shooter (ぷちっと★ロックシューター) Support Ver. (応援ver.) action figure from online game “Puchitto Rock Shooter” (ぷちっと★ロックシューター), a spin-off of “Black Rock Shooter” (ブラック★ロックシューター). Was released in October 2011 for Japan and November 2011 for foreign countries. Around 100mm tall, 3,000 yen ($25.46) (taxed in).

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[Stalker anon] I could bake you cookies and give a massage to relieve stress >3<

I will pass… but here you go.

Theme Line Mystic Messenger Halloween for Android only by RNG

Link :
DROPBOX :…/MM%20Halloween.themefile.rng…


Support ver 6.8.1

To Set the themen don’t forget to download the theme changer.

How to use the custom theme ~

1. Install Theme Changer
2. Run app theme changer
3. Click the “+” button
4. Select Themefile
5. Turn off internet connection / turn on airplane mode
6. Choose a theme which will be used (please make sure the theme is not being used. To be safe, use the original theme while making a substitution. )
7. Select apply
8. Select a theme that will be replaced
9. Turn off internet connection / turn on airplane mode
10. Apply theme that has been replaced
11. Finished

This isn’t me so don’t look for the name lol.