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Just a friendly reminder. Do not remove artist information on my work, or any art you come across on the internet. Always credit artists.

This has always been an issue, and every once in awhile I feel like addressing it. While I can’t possibly go through every post and see that everyone who reblogs my work is leaving artist information intact, if I see you remove it, I will send along a simple message. 

“Please don’t remove artist information when reblogging”

I’m sure a few of you have seen this message, and just want everyone to know it’s nothing personal, it’s not an attack, it’s just a simple request. Please don’t remove artist links, or save and repost artwork with no way to find the original artist. This is way more damaging then you probably realize to artists. I’ve had people find me on Instagram and Etsy, and say “I finally found you!” because people reposted my work without credit or permission. I’ve also had people have my work tattooed on their body and stumble across more of my work and realize the design was stolen.

This is such a huge issue on Tumblr, and almost makes me want to leave the platform altogether. Recently one of my older posts from October of 2015 got reblogged without my artist information, and went from a few hundred to 12,000+ notes in a few days. I can’t help but think how much more traffic my Etsy may have gotten, or how many people could have found me on other social media sites if the links were left on the post. 

Also the image on this post is one of the more “milder” responses I’ve seen over the years. If an original artist comes to you like this, don’t be rude. There’s no need for it, and you’re blogs “aesthetic” with cat gifs and random shit posts is not a valid reason to not credit artists.

Thanks for reading, thanks for following, and all the support over the years everyone! We’re hitting day 1000 on Monday which is amazing! 



wow okay yipers jeepers okay

so this is gonna be a bit of a doozy but i just feel very passionate about this thing, and that’s supporting beginning artists.

i recently saw a video circulating around tumblr (didn’t reblog because there was a lot of drama with it) that, i’ll admit, was trying to be helpful in teaching anatomy, but in an…awfully rude and degrading way? it wasn’t just in the language either, it was just…the person’s entire attitude was sour

that may work for some people, but trust me; when i was starting out, people acting like my art style made them want to vomit would not have made me want to continue, it probably would’ve made me want to flat-out quit.

experienced artists, i really really encourage you to support beginning artists. criticism is helpful and important, yes, and should be provided! but also remember that you were a beginner once too.

be honest, as well as constructive. even in a picture where the artist is new and struggling, there’s bound to be good elements. highlight those too, as well as the negatives.

everyone–and i repeat, everyone–has room to grow and room to learn. admitting that is the first step to doing well in art, no matter where you are with your skills. that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t also be proud of your work! it just means that every piece has its strengths and weaknesses; and whether mentor or student, you should embrace them all. it’s how you grow.

so whether you’re giving a written tutorial or making a help video or even instructing a beginning artist one-on-one, please remember that they are human too??? it’s not my job to tell anyone how to instruct, and i admit that. i just really really wish we could be more kind and considerate to people.

makailabrooke replied to your post “pst psssssssst go read a manhua called “out of control/never…”

You shouldn’t read it fom mangago a lot of the comics on there are on there illegally. It’s a Lezhin comic and they say not to put it up on any other sites. Most of the BL comics on there are more than good to spend a little money to read. I understand as someone who really doesn’t have that much money to play with that it’s hard not to BUT PLEASE SUPPORT THE ARTISTS PEOPLE.

^ Further to this, the first 36 chapters are on Lezhin for free, which is where I’ve been reading and will pay after if I like it enough to continue.

I do quite like it so far – when the main guy fell ill and collapsed I felt like that moment from Kaichou wa Maid-Sama when Misaki’s ill and Takumi catches her and my heart feels all flip-floppy. I’m hoping the art will get a little better though – at the moment it seems pretty rudimentary?

Support Your Black Artists! I cannot stress this enough like you don't have to buy every single work or production but a reblog, repost, even a like or a donation is important!