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Tae-Jun’s character arc comes super close to Yona’s as my favorite. He goes from an entitled brat to someone even Yona trusts to protect the impoverished people of the Fire Tribe. When he first appeared I thought he was just a throw-away character, meant to be an annoying jerk who we’d never hear from again after he’d served his purpose. And then BAM. He turns into this beautiful human being. 

Mizuho Kusanagi, bless you for creating this wonderful story.

Get Rykitsu A New Computer!
Hey guys! My name is Kimberley, but I'm mostly known as Rykitsu. I'm an artist who's making her way through college. As an artist that primarily uses digital media and as a student in college, having a decent computer to meet both my artistic and educational needs is imperative. As of recent, I h...

I updated my gofundme. I’m still in need of a better computer, and it would mean a lot if you could reblog this! Even if you can’t donate yourself, it helps to share nonetheless!

Also I will be opening up commissions soon. Keep an eye on my commissions page if you’re interested!

Susan Strong and Other Songs

I just finished uploading a compilation of demos, songs, and covers that I recorded before and during recording Dead Names. It includes a lot of covers, demos of Dead Names song, and a few songs that didn’t make it on the album!

Please reblog! And download if you can spare the 7 bucks!

Thanks So Much!!!


My Silent Spring painting & it`s beautiful owner Angie <3

I`m so happy when my paintings & illustrations are finding their lovely homes !

Quick Commissions for Trip?

I’m going to be heading out on a trip to Flagstaff, for almost a week, next Sunday and I can use a bit of extra money just for fun spending. I’ll be finishing all commissions this week before I head out. If anybody is interested, you can check out my commission information here:

If you’re interested, message me or email me at:

Another awesome picture of Jerry wearing ‘courage’. Thanks man.

Photographer: unknown.
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