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I'm so happy all my fellow Hera supporters are real 😭 homegirl doesn't deserve all the villainy. She just needs a vacation with Hestia and Demeter sipping mimosas and talking shit on everyone else


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i think yoongi said he would support a relationship between his dog holly and namjoon's dog, but that time everyone thought that holly was female and he didn't bother to make this clear.

lmao yeah i remember that omg i mean i didnt include that because i was specifically trying to think of examples of bts members explicitly voicing support for lgbt people but im ecstatic min yoongi loves and supports gay dogs!!!!!!! real talk + jokes aside i do think yoongi supports lgbt ppl though

Can we take a moment to appreciate the fact she replied with simple sentences that I was able to google translate easily?? I’m so glad Koogi seems to take care of herself. Let’s all spread more positivity towards the author 💕

So here's the sitch.

Can straight people fucking realise for two whole seconds that shipping a gay ship does not mean that you are an ally.

You can fucking fuck right off if you sexualise all gay relationships because that is not all a gay relationship is.

You are not an ally if all you do is squeal at gay relationships, or drawings of gay relationships, or fanfictions of gay relationships.

You are not an ally if you don’t support LGBT+ people in real life.

You are not an ally if you ship a gay ship, but are uncomfortable being around or interacting with lesbian/gay/transgender/etc people.

Please never say that gay people are making fun of straight people because straight people have probably never had to deal with being shouted at for holding hands with their partner.

A Very Angry And Tired Bi-Romantic Asexual.


Yes dude, we ship them because Tom’s a guy and it’s gay, not because….

1. They have chemistry

2.  They have ROMANTIC chemistry

3. Marco is the only character who so far knows how to properly handle Tom’s emotions and issues. And his only real supporting friend.

4. They have shared interests and problems.

 5. They sang a dang romantic duet together.

6. One literally raised the dead for the other just to make them happy.

7. Their dynamic is highly interesting and their interactions are fun to watch.

8. The show actually makes these weird hints of a romance between them.



They have a building relationship that the show took time on, they didn’t just become friends right off the bat,  which means it’ll come into play in the future with more episodes.

and that’s without mentioning the fact that gay couples have kissed on this show and that the crew likes this ship as well.

Yes dude, you really nailed us tomco shippers down. -_-

If you wish to respect us for our ship, then calling our ship “Bad” and making assumptions as to why we ship it is not the right way of doing it. 

If you wanna know why someone ships something, you ask them, you don’t assume anything.

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Is it bad that I sorta want Hydra cap? Obviously not cap willingly being apart of it but maybe similar in a way that Clint was brainwashed?

If what marvel was doing was akin to Clint being brainwashed, with a scene where Steve was forcibly mentally overwhelmed via comic book science it would be a different matter, but that’s not what marvel’s doing. What they are doing is monstrous, they are blatantly using Nazi imagery, influences from Nazi propaganda and a complete disregard for everything Cap is meant to be to create a narrative where fascism is the new exciting thing and our hero is and has always been our oppressor. This isn’t darkfic published under heavy warnings on AO3 intended as an exploration of character and morality under stress, Hydra Cap is intended as a deeply shocking and deliberate corruption of a character with incredible meaning to the oppressed, to be sold as the official byline of an influential company. More than that, Marvel is saying one of their historically most moral and justice loving characters is and has always been a Nazi. They have removed a powerful symbol of allyship and told us he was never with us foolish oppressed people anyways. They have made a character steeped in Jewish culture into a Nazi. They have explicitly shown Hydra Cap as “righteous” holding Mjolnir, thats literally saying Nazism is just and explicitly glorifying it. Its telling any white supremacist and racist and Nazi that they are righteous. That is incredibly, monumentally disgusting and inexcusable.

The fact that they have also made Magneto, a holocaust survivor into a Hydra operative is evil. It’s part of an effort to move Hyrda away from it’s alignment to Nazism, which honestly just makes Nazi ideology even more appealing to white supremacists. While they try and distance Hydra from Nazis, they also have really doubled down on their use of Nazi imagery, ideology and rhetoric in Secret Empire. I mean they have Inhumans being put in camps and operatives hail-ing all over the place for fucks sake, marvel it’s not subtle. By attempting to remove the association with Nazis, Marvel is making the ideals of Nazism something exciting, entertaining and appealing to a larger audience. It’s much easier to be a Nazi when you don’t consider yourself one and Captain America is backing you up.

If marvel was presenting Steve as having been brainwashed and his unwilling support of Nazism as a horrifying thing, I still wouldn’t be thrilled, but i wouldn’t be angry and afraid the way Hydra Cap makes me. Marvel is empowering real life Nazis through this storyline, and I can’t think of anything more incredibly monstrous and sinister. 

Don’t support it. Ignoring Secret Emipre’s connection to the rise of fascism in the real world is reckless and ignorant at best.

@marvelentertainment and @nickspencerly have ignored the Jewish roots of the characters they are dealing with with cries of “it’s just fiction, don’t take it so seriously” and “good you’re angry, that means I am successful”. (i am paraphrasing here, their irl replies are much nastier) while either ignoring or revelling in the strong negative effect their explicit support of fascism has.

So Hyrda Cap in fic, before it was canon, with Steve as an unwilling participant is a whole different beast than the canon, loaded with Nazi rhetoric Hydra Cap. I’m not sure it can anymore be considered just to give any support to any form of Hydra Cap, even in fic, even in your scenario. 

Real life Nazis use Hydra symbols and Hydra cap as images to justify their cause! It’s terrifying and marvel doesn’t seem care at all about the effect they are having on real life facism! I’m an art historian i KNOW how powerful images are and this is fucking terrifying especially since the creators are denying the power of their images!