support the game

A note to one-tricks and dps mains

You’re not the only person on the team and you’re not the only one who needs healing.

Group up and try to work with your team, not next to them.

Don’t blame supports when you go in too deep because you underestimated your own abilities.

If you’re out of range, you’re out of range not much even the bests supports can do.

Please be nice those are real people behind the screen.


Every Support (healer) main

Happy Gaming!

Everyone seems to be playing Ikemen Sengoku, and I’m here silently weeping because my oldschool android jellybean can’t support the game D:

Ah well, SLBP battle event is here anyway. Can’t decide on East or West aaaa.

Have a very happy Pride 2017, everybody!!! Here’s a little drawing I did of Jett and Toa for the occasion <3

I’ve received some truly wonderful message from fellow LGBT+ gamers since releasing the Four Eyes demo. To all of you who played and supported my game, thank you so much. I hope to keep celebrating our diverse and beautiful identities through the stories I tell.


Listen I’m done with this community I’m crying