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Veganism is an Ethical Philosophy, Not a Diet

I can’t handle people who whine about “stop telling vegans they aren’t vegan enough! You’re scaring people away! We need to support people, even if they’re not your definition of vegan!”

It’s totally possible to positively and kindly inform someone that “dietary veganism” doesn’t exist because veganism is an ethical philosophy. The rudeness is not from vegans who want to be clear on this matter, it’s non-vegans who want to ignore what millions of vegans are saying just for their own preference.

Please, “dietary vegans”, it would mean a lot to the vegan community if you just used “plant based dieter” instead. It is not hard to change your wording - it is hard on us when people see veganism merely as a dietary choice. We totally support your decision to switch to a plant based diet and hope to further support your decision to go vegan in the future.