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yousef is gonna be so god damn happy when he meets isak and sees how much he loves even and how he’s always there for him because yousef loves even and he definitely feels like he failed him and knowing even has someone is definitely gonna be a huge relief for him

So, the autism cure thing boils down to a very simple equation.

Let’s remove how improbable it is. Let’s remove the fact that many people say “cure” but mean “prenatal screen”.

It’s important to acknowledge that there are autistic people out there who want a cure, and I think it’s also important not to dismiss their wants as just internalised ableism because that’s just going alienate those people even further.

Like, let’s try not to invalidate the feelings of other disabled people using academic jargon?

So, the problem.

You’ve got two camps of autistic people.

The neurodiversity crowd who want accommodations and acceptance.

And the cure crowd who either think that accommodations and acceptance to the level that would be needed is unrealistic, or who think that it wouldn’t matter and their autism would still cause them hurt and they would rather just be cured.

So, two goals. Accommodations and cure.

With infinite money and resources going into autism research, we would ideally work on both. The neurodiversity crowd would have the accommodations and acceptance that means that no one has to be cured if they don’t want it, and those who do want the cure would have access to it.

But we don’t have infinite money or resources, so one has to get priority over the other.

And the one that should get priority is pretty clearly accommodations.

Here’s the thing. If we get accommodations, life improves for every autistic person. It doesn’t matter how much you feel there is no other option than a cure, there will be some way that accommodations can make your life easier.

And once accommodations and acceptance are in place, the remaining resources can go towards a cure, but the cure people will get help and support in the meantime and the neurodiversity people won’t be in a position where they’re forced to accept the cure against their will.

If the priority goes to the cure, then the neurodiversity people are left in the lurch.

They don’t want a cure. Full stop.

But without support and accommodations, they’ll be forced to take it. No one will continue to look into support and accommodations, because why would they when they could just force people to take the cure?

It’s basic logistics.

Accommodations and support benefit everyone. A cure only benefits those who want a cure, and while they are perhaps a larger, silent group than the neurodiversity crowd gives them credit for, they do not represent every autistic person, and their goal would only hurt the autistic people who do not want the cure.

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Hello~ is there a reason for going "no blue" this month? I'm wondering what this means !

yes, it’s actually a very important issue! april is the month of autism $peaks, which is a very… not-good organization. they’ve made april into “autism awareness month,” but many prefer to call it “autism acceptance month”!! here are just a few articles on why A$ is so bad: (x)  (x)  (x)  if you want to support autistic people, i suggest instead checking out ASAN (the autistic self-advocacy network)! anyways, A$ has this thing called “light it up blue,” where blue supports autism $peaks and the “curing” of autism. the alternative is #redinstead, where autistic people speak up for themselves. as our own little rebellion against A$, many stim blogs (including me), aren’t posting/reblogging anything blue this month. I believe it was started by @stimmy-stim-stim !


Look at that smile. That 10000 yard look in the eyes. 

This is the face of a person who is dead inside. 

Millions are suffering from this condition. The cause, you ask? No one really knows. Some scientists speculate it’s from working as a fast food employee. Others say it’s from the realization that nothing is permanent and we might all just be brains inside a test tube somewhere on the desk of the alien overlords. 

Nevertheless, be on the lookout for anyone showing these symptoms. Reach out to them. Support them. Together we can cure this, one step at a time.

Tom’s a real mystery of a character, there’s so much to talk about with him because there’s jut so much you have to leave up to interpretation because the show has yet to explore him yet.

But like any other theorist, i have some of my own ideas and predictions based on his character presented so far.

One of my current big ones is that I have a theory that Tom has abusive/neglectful parents.

Now this is a theory, not a fact, so it could be proven wrong depending on what happens in future episodes. It’s just me giving my own thoughts onto why Tom might be the way he is, and why he does the things he does.

Tom’s dad sounds like way too important of a character to ignore for long, he’s going to be in an episode someday, and when he does i’ll see how accurate this theory is.

So I don’t think it’s any surprise Tom has issues, he has emotional issues and social issues. He deals with anger that ties into his powers and therefore can make him dangerous and rather a bit scary…even if he is a pretty adorable character.

It’s not something he can help, it’s just something he needs to control and it’s why him taking control of his emotions is so important, cause without it he could hurt many people without meaning to.

Here’s the thing about Tom’s anger tho.

It’s hereditary.  

Tom inherited it, from his father.

This isn’t an observation either, it’s confirmed and on his personal wiki.

So these issues Tom is trying to rid himself of, he was born with them. He’s stuck dealing with something he hates and it’s not something that can be easily helped.

We know Tom hates getting angry and hurting people, and we know he’s doing his best to cure himself of these problems. But these problems he hates came from his father, his father is why he deals with this side of himself.

If you think Star’s bitterness towards her mom stinks, can you imagine how angry Tom is that he’s stuck with an illness that his father gave him? One that ruined his life and his relationship with Star?

But here’s another thing confirmed by Nefcy, “Tom doesn’t want to be like his father, he doesn’t want his anger to be his identity..”

Tom doesn’t want to be known for being this harsh, ruthless demon, he doesn’t want to be seen as some angry kid who cares for no one but himself. And he’s shown that on multiple occasions now,

So if Tom refuses to be identified by his illness and doesn’t want to be his father…wouldn’t this mean that it’s likely his father is identified by his own anger?

When they refer to Tom’s anger they don’t mean run of the mill average anger, they mean THIS:

So imagine something like this..or worse, coming out of a larger version of Tom.

Now imagine him acting like this front of his young son, or towards his son.

It’s no wonder why Tom’s a bit messed up isn’t it?

If he was ever treated this way by his father, then it’s no surprise as to why he refuses to turn out the same way.  He wouldn’t want to be the big, scary, horrible, demon his father was in his eyes.

and this would explain a lot about why Tom always takes his punishments.

Tom never fights back, he never excuses his actions, it’s easy for him to take the blame and accept the fact he screwed up.

Which might not seem like much, but if his father/parents blamed him and punished him for things, even things he can’t be at fault for…Then Tom easily taking punishment and accepting blame makes a lot of sense.

He’s used to it.

Heck, when Marco lashed out at him, he backed Tom into a corner. Yes, the all powerful angry demon prince was terrified of being yelled at by Marco that he backed into a corner of the room out of fear.

Not confirmed yet but- 

He might’ve been expecting to be hurt.

He lies to also avoid punishment, which is surprisingly very common from kids that come from abusive households. Tom lying might make a lot more sense if you consider how he’s usually punished back home and that he does it on instinct to protect himself.

Here’s another thing that’s interesting….Tom was the one who got himself help. He saw his anger as a problem and in response he went to find a solution. I bring this up because this means his parents didn’t play any part in finding Tom help for his anger.

So either:

A. They didn’t care about his issues and therefore didn’t try to find a solution to something they should’ve known was a problem. 

B. They’re so unaware and neglectful of their child’s problem (Which is harder to believe, because it’s inherited and they should know that) that they didn’t do anything.

Or C. They want Tom to continue this behavior and don’t find any problem with it whatsoever.

If Tom didn’t get any support from his parents to cure his illness and had to handle it all on his own then his parents aren’t doing a good job no matter which one of these they stand in.

But this idea also applies to Tom and his isolation.

Tom has no friends, he’s alone, and the closest relationships he’s presented currently are Marco and two people he hired.

He doesn’t talk about his parents, heck his parents didn’t even show up to THE BLOODMOON BALL for him. (( The Fuc-))

Tom being unsocial might make much more sense if you consider his parents might be the reason he’s uncomfortable trying to talk to people.

Heck, maybe his dad’s bad influence is what caused Tom be be considered unlikable and why people choose to stay away from him.

They assume Tom is just like his father, and they fear who he is and refuse to spend time with someone like that.

Or maybe they enjoy the dad’s tyrannical rule and power, and think Tom is weak and soft in comparison to him, so they avoid him for that reason.

(( Considering how angry the demons at the ball were with Tom’s softer changes…it makes me wonder how his kingdom really views him as their future leader.))

Tom doesn’t seem to have anyone, if he had help from his parents sooner these issues could’ve been solved way before he was 14-15.

Tom could’ve had proper guidance, friends, he wouldn’t be dealing with these issues nearly as much.

There’s so much his parents could’ve done and can still do for him and yet everything Tom has done that has helped him he’s done on his own accord.

I don’t know about Tom’s mother, but if she’s still around she’s not exactly doing much for her son’s cause.

And Tom’s dad…well, i think it’s fair to assume Tom’s dad won’t be winning any awards for parenting based on what we know about him.

If Tom hates him as a role model and is probably utterly terrified of him, I think making any assumptions about Tom being abused by his father/parents isn’t too much of a stretch.

If you support a cure for autism, using “low functioning people who struggle” as a reason, but you think it’s “entitlement” when autistic people want society to accommodate them or want people to believe them when they say that they struggle, you might be an asshole.

Bonus points if you defend people who use “I didn’t know they were autistic” as an excuse for ableism, but you oppose self diagnosis.

Post-Episode Thoughts

Okay, so I made a post just a few days ago about the fact that I didn’t know what to make of Laura just yet. I had never read the books, so I didn’t know what to think about her because we hadn’t seen that much of her yet. Going into this episode, there was a lot of hype surrounding this character. A lot of people were hyping her up. So going into this, I had some high expectations based on those responses alone. 

Laura Moon is an interestingly complex character. I will give her that, but do I love her? No. To be perfectly honest, I don’t even really like her. She’s sad and unfulfilled and unhappy and all those things, but I still don’t like her. That could definitely change since she’s planning on turning over a new leaf by being a better person in death. But as of right now, I don’t love or like her as much as everyone else does. I did cheer for her when she saved Shadow; but again, why did it take her dying to become a better person? 

I understand that she may have been suffering from some sort of mental illness, but that never justifies people being shitty individuals because of that. It wasn’t Shadow’s job to help her through that either like I’ve seen some people say in passing, because Shadow’s not a licensed professional. Contrary to popular belief, love and emotional support doesn’t cure everything. And Laura needed a licensed professional to help her through those issues, but it still doesn’t excuse anything she did. After watching the episode, I want Shadow to find someone who will appreciate and love him as much as he needs to be appreciated and loved. And Laura is not that person. So while I’m open to Laura redeeming herself, I don’t want her anywhere near Shadow. At least not in the romantic sense. (And the ‘puppy’ thing still bothers the hell out of me.) 

I will say this - I do think the episode did fairly well with incorporating this complexity into Laura’s character. They did a good job with making her complex, layered, and three-dimensional. So, I can definitely give credit in that respect. 

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This is a serious genuine question: why are autistic people against finding a cure for it? I understand if they personally don't want it to be cured, but why do they feel they don't want a cure at all for anyone? Thanks!

When people talk about curing autism they seem to have the idea that autistic people are basically ‘neurotypical’ people who HAVE autism (they view it as something separate that they’d like to remove to make us ‘normal’). But autism isn’t a separate thing that’s been ‘added on’, or an illness. It’s just the way we are. 

People also often seem to assume that anything negative we experience is because of autism, and anything positive we experience is despite autism. If you’re autistic, everything you experience is basically filtered through your ‘autisticness’, if that makes sense. So if you were to magic away that autisticness, it wouldn’t just remove negative things, and because autism is complex there can be traits that have both positives and negatives (for example, sensory issues: some sensory input might bring massive amounts of joy and feel really amazing, but then some sensory input might cause lots of pain and make you feel ill - sometimes I’ve thought I’d be happier with more normal sensory reactions to things, but ultimately I like the good feelings and I’d rather put up with the bad (and be able to try to find coping mechanisms to deal with the bad) rather than miss out on all the good).

Autism is inherent. You can’t remove it/cure it. So it also seems a waste for people to focus so much on that instead of focusing on our current wellbeing. Also, the knowledge that people do so desperately want to basically get rid of us (as we are) is obviously very unpleasant!

The idea that there should be a cure suggests that there is something wrong with us, and makes it very clear just how strongly a lot of non-autistic people feel about that. So even if there was a cure and we would (genuinely) have a choice as to whether we received it or not, it’s still not really pleasant to be told that you are something that needs curing, that there’s something so wrong with you that there should be a cure for it whether you want one or not. A lot of our difficulties would be somewhat diminished if we received adequate support (which most of us don’t - probably because all the resources that would go towards providing support are being spent on trying to find cures).

Realistically, if there was a cure, it’s likely that autistic people often wouldn’t get a choice. Parents would choose to cure their children (and that would include dependent adult children). Adults who were able to reject a cure would probably still get a lot of pressure to accept a cure (by family, doctors, possibly even other people like employers or colleagues who all just think that, “Life would be so much easier, why wouldn’t you want to be cured of something as terrible as autism?”) which would either result in people unwillingly ‘consenting’ to a cure, or would just cause lots of autistic people to live pretty miserable lives constantly being told how much better they’d be if they were just… not the way they are… and how much more wanted they’d be if they weren’t autistic… and likely that they’re not deserving of support because they could have ‘fixed themselves’. Thing is, we’re not broken. Having difficulties, even significant ones, doesn’t make us broken versions of real people. We’re real, we’re here already, and we could have really great lives and opportunities if people actually took the time to learn more about us and to embrace our differences.

As touched on above, if there was a cure, those of us who didn’t want to be cured would probably lose access any support we do already have. Why put money/resources into supporting autistic people if there’s a cure that makes that support redundant? Why would anyone (particularly those who thinks autism should be cured) support people who haven’t chosen to cure themselves?

The people who want to cure autism also want to find ways to prevent it, and lots of autistic people fear that if it was possible to screen for autism in the same way that people can screen for other conditions before birth, people would decide to terminate a pregnancy if they’d been told that their child was likely to be autistic. Basically, if you’re autistic, you’re constantly being warned that you don’t really deserve to exist. We are constantly trying to fight against that, trying to explain our experiences to people and trying to convince people that we are worthwhile human beings as we are, but the damage that’s already been done (by companies like Autism Speaks, and people like Andrew Wakefield) is really hard to undo. So I think most of us would expect that, if cures or preventative measures were possible, there would eventually no longer be any autistic people. And the ones who slipped through that ‘net’ would still suffer because the world would be even less inclined to want to support autistic people/there’d be less autistic people around to make them feel less alone.

Even the idea that autistic people can be cured is dangerous. That rhetoric is linked to fear-mongering, and the idea that autism should be hated and eradicated. Lots of children have dangerous ‘treatments’ forced on them, and  are basically abused under the guise of being ‘cured’ or ‘improved’. Lots of autistic people are murdered by their caregivers (and the reports are usually more sympathetic to the caregiver than the murdered autistic person). Lots of people refuse to have their children vaccinated, which also puts those children at risk of serious illness and possible death, and also risks the lives of other children who aren’t yet vaccinated, or can’t be vaccinated for some reason. There are parents giving their children potentially lethal bleach enemas, because risking their life and their health is somehow acceptable just because they’re autistic? 

It’s a massive waste of resources! We’d rather people spent time and money on trying to improve services for autistic people! So much money gets wasted on research into the causes, all with a view to eradicate us. It would make a much bigger difference to autistic people if the money went towards services to support us.

Often, people claim that those who don’t want cures are trying to speak for/over those who have more obvious difficulties, or have specific presentations (for example, being completely non-verbal). They’re making assumptions, though, because there are lots of non-verbal people who communicate in other ways and have made it clear that they wouldn’t ever want to be ‘cured’. I know that some autistic people dislike being autistic and would want to be cured, but no one really asks why. Is that purely because they’re autistic and that makes their life hard/miserable, or is it because of lack of acceptance, lack of support, etc. Considering all the history and negative experiences autistic people have (often not actually because they’re autistic but because of how other people perceive us, or how things are structured to cater to allistic people), that does make me wonder whether with more genuine acceptance and with more effort going into support rather than ‘cures’ the people who do dislike being autistic might actually be much happier. It is hard to see so much negativity surrounding who you are and to not start to feel like you are somehow wrong or a burden. It’s also hard to have difficulties and see information that focuses purely on positive aspects of being autistic (which are often there to fight against the negativity, but can alienate people who are having a hard time). Basically, we either get told how awful our lives are and what a burden we are (which can hurt all of us), or we get told how gifted we are and what amazing contributions we make (which hurts the people who aren’t gifted, and who don’t feel that they contribute towards anything in any way). More recently I think there’s much more balance, and if that can continue we’d all be better off. 

My personal view is that if I have to change myself that drastically to be able to live a happy life then it’s not really me living it, anyway. So I’d prefer if if resources went towards letting me be me (and enabling me to have a good life), and if people wanted me to be able to be me, if that makes sense? 

We want to be accepted. People can’t accept us and want to cure us at the same time. It just doesn’t work because autism is inherent/intrinsic. You either accept us as we are, or you clearly don’t accept us.

When people are focused on trying to ‘fix’ us, we’re basically in danger, because the ultimate goal outweighs our wellbeing. When we’re viewed as ‘broken’ we’re viewed as less than human, and that means people think they can treat us however they want (because we’re not really real people until we’re ‘cured’).

We need the focus to switch in order to be able to live full and happy autistic lives, and to protect our community (including the next generations) from all those potential harms.

squad analysis

 megan @calmorrison: the meme friend. always in service to provide a handmade meme according to ur needs. seems high 90% of the time. nerd

charlie @carlyraesjepsen: the hoe friend. literally a slut. loyal af. says the kinkiest shit and i love it tbh

mari @wynnonaearp: random ass always showing up to say either mood, big mood, succ, or other questionable phrases. a necessary force

dani @karadabvers: tries to be mysterious, is actually the cutest lil bean, supportive as fuck, cured my depression with a smile and a dab. also a nerd

abi @karadancers: the shrek friend. has a weird shrek obsession. shrena is her tru form. often brings disgusting memes but it ok

bruna @suprcorp: like satan, only appears when summoned. invented grammar. possibly a chihuahua in disguise

me, bia @luthorbitch: zero filter. brings inappropriate sexual subjects into group conversations. 1000x worse with booze. no shame

Okay, so imagine an organisation existed called ‘womanhood speaks’ which presented itself as an advocate for woman’s rights. Now imagine that the governing body consisted only of people who identified as male. Imagine if the organisation’s hidden aim was really to create a register all women, and force ideas of masculinity on them, even when the majority were perfectly happy with their womanhood, even proud of it. Imagine these men were spreading ideas worldwide about the 'epidemic’ of femininity and how it needed to be eradicated. Imagine people believing in it. Imagine people funding it. Now you know why autistics are disgusted and scared by autism speaks.
—  me (an autistic person) explaining the problem of autism speaks. please share for autism awareness day today.
Small Mercies (Mass Effect, Shakarian)

How about an itty bitty Shakarian ficlet to celebrate Shepard’s birthday? 

The Shepard in question is my beloved Eliza Shepard, who most definitely deserves good things on her birthday. Especially when they come from her favorite person in the galaxy. 

Ghost Masterpost


Shepard’s stomach rumbled plaintively as she stepped into the elevator, though the noise was nicely covered by the ongoing debate between the assembled dignitaries. Small mercy — the only kind she could count on these days, it seemed. Sometimes, she couldn’t even count on that.

The door slid shut on the blurred voices in the conference room. She propped her shoulders against the wall, groaning as Wrex shouted. She couldn’t make out his exact words, but judging by the way the dalatrass’s voice rose, sharp and imperative, it could only have been about one thing: the genophage, and its cure.

Well, she can argue all she wants, Shepard thought, tugging the pins out of her hair one by one and stuffing them in the pocket of her dress trousers. The genophage is non-negotiable. At least Victus is on board.

The voices faded as the elevator rose, still slow as hell — and she let her eyes slide shut and her hair fall in a heavy curtain around her face. A few moments of quiet, to herself, and maybe a shower, and then she’d be ready to read through her overflowing inbox.

As ready as she could be, with millions crying out for help, and millions more who would never get the chance.

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Can we stop with the whole thing where people state their main reason autism speak is bad as “autism speaks supports a cure”. 

Most of us don’t want one, but that’s not a universal view among autistic people, and it's far from the worst thing autism speaks have done.

The support the torture, abuse and eugenic elimination of of autistic people. and they have no autistic representation on their board.

Can we focus on that more than a cure? The cure thing is divisive within the community, and it’s just not the worst thing they do at all.


ASAN Vancouver’s protest at the 2016 Autism Speaks walk in Burnaby, BC.* Part one! Photos by Marvin Schaber :)

[Photoset description: A series of six photographs taken of the attendees, the colourful signage, the flyers we distributed, and the location of ASAN Vancouver’s protest against Autism Speaks. We set up alongside a paved path that the Autism Speaks event used as the walk route.

There is a table set up with signage that says “Free Earplugs” and “People Not Puzzles” that is holding flyers and earplugs. Signage with the ASAN Vancouver name, logo, and a QR code stands next to the group.

Some of the signs say, “Listen to Autistic adults”, “Support Not Cure”, “Autistic rights are human rights”, and “Protest against Autism Speaks”.

Two visible flyer titles say “What’s the Problem With Whole Body Listening?” and “Neurodiversity”. End of image description.]

*Correction: No brain, it was not. It was in Richmond this year.

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A concept: whenever Blake gets nervous or feels like she wants to run Sun loosely wraps his tail around Blake's waist as a silent sign she's not alone and she huddles into his side as thank you for his support.

This just cured my depression

Would You?

The sequel to this . A rather cute fic I’ve been trying to get out for… a couple months. Finally done! Shrios fluff, with Shep wanting to ask for a rather… permanent arrangement. 


Thane wasn’t exactly a sound sleeper these days. The slightest noises could rouse him back to reality, where his lungs burned with every breath, his chest felt like a vice, his throat like it was swollen with infection. It seemed like years since his last settled sleep.

Although it had only been hours. Shepard’s visit earlier had manage to settle him both in body and mind, calming him enough that he had fallen asleep so easily, without even noticing, until his communicator had gone off.

He shouldn’t have thought of her. He turned his head wearily to the window, gazing out dully on the city below. He missed her already. She would be back tomorrow, he knew that, and he was grateful for it. Grateful when she had to spend so long away. But it was never enough time. And he… he was always so tired.

He could scarcely be of much interest anymore. Yet she always wanted to be with him. Thane smiled slightly, then let out a ragged sigh, curling up tightly on his side and forcing his eyes shut. He could at least attempt to sleep. Shepard tried to hide it, but he remembered every flicker of her eyes when she visited, scanning his face, noting every deepened line and crease. Before she smiled, caressed his cheeks lovingly.

“I’ll be back tomorrow, ‘kay?” Her soft lips against his forehead. He lets out a tired breath, tightens his hold on her.

“Tomorrow? You’ll be back?” He tries to hide the yearning in his voice. Certain he fails. She’s stroking his neck, over his frill. Her touch is light and careful.

“We’re stuck here a few days getting the Normandy fixed. Whatever free time I have is yours, Thane.”

“… time left, and if he asks me to leave, I will.” The voice cut through his memories like a shard of glass. Thane lifted his head curiously. Was it really?… “Please? I really don’t wanna just wave my spectre status in your face, I just want my… my partner.”

It was her. He sat up, slinging his legs over the side of the bed. He heard the nurse sigh, and her voice was soft when she spoke. “All right. I can’t really stop you… as long as he wants you there.”

“If he complains, I’ll be outta here faster than you can say ‘that’s bullshit, Shepard’.”

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Glitter Force - A FAQ

Q: Is Glitter Force entirely made in the US?

No. Despite the label “Netflix Original”, the footage of this show and the basic gist of its writing were entirely made in Japan. Glitter Force is a localization of the 2012 Japanese series Smile Precure, the seventh entry in the Pretty Cure franchise.

Some of the footage was edited, the script was heavily localized, but otherwise it’s still definitely the same show.

Q: If it is a dub of Pretty Cure, why is it not called Pretty Cure?

The rights to the name Pretty Cure are already being held in most english speaking-countries by the canadian company that dubbed Futari wa Precure, the franchise’s first series.

This company still holds the rights for the “Washio era” seasons of the show (The first three series, from Max Heart to Yes!). Saban has the rights to do what they want with the rest of the franchise. They probably chose Smile because it was the most recently completed season when they got the rights in 2013.

Saban originally planned to name the show “Gangam Girls” (which is incredibly racist and refers to an outdated meme) so if you ask me “Glitter Force” helped us dodge a bullet.

Think of it as an adaptation the way Super Sentai is carried over to the west as Power Rangers.

Q: So Netflix is stealing it by claiming it as an original then!!!

Nope. That dub was commissioned by Netflix to Saban. Toei Animation is properly credited. Smile Precure’s name is mentioned in many official Glitter Force pages. Toei Animation’s twitter account encourages people to watch GF.

So, nope, they didn’t steal anything.

Q: Why do we get 4Kids-like dubbing in this day and age?

Despite the heavy localization aspect, the dub is quite respectful of the original. While erasing the fact the story takes place in japan has its own problematic aspects, the dub does a good job explaining the aspects of japanese culture they couldn’t localize.

Chloé / Reika’s family is shown to be of Japanese descent. As such, she is explained to be able to read kanjis, and explain the little aspects of the culture western viewers might get confused by, such as Tanabata.

And while the scenes at Akane’s restaurant are never shown, Kelsey still manages to explain in a respectful manner what Okonomiyaki is.

The field trip arc is full of references like these, even if trying to pass off them visiting the real city as “an expo” is… a weird choice. GF still does its best not literally spitting on the source material the way 4Kids did.

They aren’t trying to pass off rice balls as donuts.

Q: They ruined Smile!

Smile still exists. Nobody forces you to watch the dub. You’re not the target audience anyway. Why do you hate it when people are laughing and having fun.

Q: Why was episode 19 removed?

Some people say it is because a dead parent episode is “too heavy for kids to handle”, but I highly doubt it. There’s a lot of other things that are impossible to just localize in this episode. It’s about the origin of the girls’ names. And Ulric is the only one with a meaningful name in the entire episode.

Still a damn shame they didn’t at least try… Apparently they had to meet an episode count of 20 no matter what so I don’t blame them for taking the hard ones out of the way I guess.

Q: Is this dub a good thing?

To most Precure fans? Of course it is!

While, yeah, the script is kinda dumbed down and the angsty moments are often played off as comedic, (looking at you, relay race episode) the dub is mostly faithful to the spirit of the original. Definitely a good way to have kids, or people who aren’t used to anime, into Precure!

And don’t forget that supporting this release amounts to supporting Pretty Cure in the west. If GF is a success, guess what we’ll be getting? An official subbed release. And more Precure stuff in the west. Just the way MMPR’s popularity brought us Super Sentai.