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The year is 1995, congress member Bernie Sanders stands in opposition of a homophobic statement said by Duke Cunningham. Cunningham derisively refers to “homos in the military” to support his argument while (strangely) discussing the Clean Water Act. Sanders, having none of it, quickly rises to the defense of thousands of men and women everywhere. Sanders ire is such that he repeatedly disrespects the Chairman by speaking over him in order to say his piece. [Video Source]

What does this say for Sanders? Well, that’s for you to decide. But to me, it says that for 20+ years strong he has shown his public support for LGBT+ persons everywhere, even in the face of ridicule and disrespect. Unlike some, Sanders has always been vocal about his beliefs concerning the LGBT+ community, and he has always held them. Key word always, and not just when doing so might garner him support for his campaigns. 


here’s the second of the two commissions i asked the amazing awesome talented superstar inspiration man @earthprincewu to do for me!!! it’s my very first D&D oc, Gaktial!!! 

she’s a half-orc barbarian with a love for gold and for doing things her way, blunt but loyal to a fault. she looks so adorable and amazing and beautiful and everything i wanted in his style!!! i love her expressions too because she’d def do those!!!! and i love how everything is honestly!!!!! thank you thank you thank you toby so so much for the two lovely pieces!!!!!!!!!

While we’re on the subject of boycotting movies for shitty people starring/being involved…

- The Lego Movie and Fury Road were produced by Steve Mnuchin, huge Trump supporter during the campaign and now his Treasury Secretary.

- ScarJo is an even bigger and more vocal Zionist than Gal.

- Most of these movies have at least SOME funding from the US military, which is every bit as fascist and imperialistic as the IDF, and many have to have pro-military themes.

- RDJ blamed his liberalism on being a Drug Addict

- Chris Pratt thinks White Men are now underreprsented and basically oppressed and should “take back” their dominance

- Ben Affleck routinely defends his brother, Casey, who is a sexual abuser

- Adam Driver is a huge fundraiser for the Marines, which has done way more damage than the IDF could dream of

I could go on.

Unless y'all are going to boycott these movies, too, I’m going to wonder, out loud, what what makes this one so different.


The Dates 2 Kickstarter is live!

Dates is an anthology of queer historical fiction. Last year, we Kickstarted Volume 1, bringing to life a 176 page love letter to queer history. This year we’re back again with even more amazing stories from even more spectacular creators!

Dates 2 is 260+ pages of comics, illustrations, and prose, all full of queer characters from throughout time and across the world. All the comics are finished, and all that’s left to do is raise the money to finish paying our artists and print Dates 2 as a beautiful perfect-bound paperback book, complete with color comic covers and illustrations. You can go back and get raucous in a bar during Hammurabi’s reign, or join a women’s boxing group in the early 1900s as they go ten rounds with the patriarchy. And best of all? There are no tragic endings.

Check out the Kickstarter page for more information, previews, and the great rewards you can get for supporting the campaign. You can also find process work and previews right here at our blog, or at our twitter or facebook page. Even if aren’t able to back the project, a reblog or share can make a real difference.

Thank you SO MUCH!


Why did I became a super popular meme in US presidential campaign?
1) I live and work in Belgium.
2) I work in my own tattoo shop.
3) I don’t give a flying fuck about US politics.
4) In the case I’d had to express an opinion, I’d say that Donald Trump is a nazi

… so, I have a job, Trump is indeed a racist, and the media that support his campaign all lie.

AND if you’re a US citizen, are poor or middleclass, you need to be a fucking idiot to believe that a billionaire will solve your problems. Billionaires will never solve your problems, they ARE the problem.

Please share to reinform.

– Rouslan Toumaniantz

There is a Transgender woman running in the 2017 provincial election in BC, Canada.

I just thought I should bring this to tumblr’s attention. Transgender activists rarely have the opportunity to run for political office, but Morgane Oger just became the official party nominee in a riding in Vancouver, for one of the two large political parties in the province of British Columbia.

To my knowledge a transgender person has never successfully been elected as a MLA (member of legislative assembly) in Canada.

Morgane Oger is running for the BC New Democratic Party (NDP) in the Vancouver riding of Vancouver-False Creek. She’s running against Sam Sullivan (one of Vancouver’s former mayors), who belongs to the BC Liberal Party.

The BC NDP = Centre-Left Party.

The BC Liberals = Centre-Right Party.

If you want to know more about the political views of the BC NDP (because most people vote on policy not the person as much), you can read more here. They’re a social democratic party (similar in views to people like Bernie Sanders with support for expansion of public services and social justice).

If you want to support her campaign, you can sign up here, and there is an option to say that you’re interested in volunteering or donating to her campaign.

The election isn’t until next May, but I thought I’d spread the word about it now.

What can I do to save Wynonna Earp???

So according to my friend Cate ( @secretdelusionwizard ), we found out about season 2 last year on July 23rd. This means that Syfy has less than 2 weeks to make a decision and that is really scary! We are not in a good place and we have to do everything we can to renew the show! There isn’t another show out there that showcases this kind of storytelling while maintaining such strong women empowerment and representation for the LGBTQ+ community! If everyone in the fandom works together, I know we can do it! Here is what you can do:

  • Watch the show live at 10 EST/9 CE on Syfy or Space on Fridays
  • Putting the show on every TV in your house! Every view count!
  • Even if you are watching live, record the show and watch it again!
  • Watch on demand by the end of Saturday!
  • Purchase an iTunes Pass for the show and watch it by the end of Saturday!
  • Text your friends to turn the show on even if they don’t watch it!
  • Live tweeting  @ Syfy, Wynonna Earp, and with the cast! Tweet as much as you can and hopefully we can get it trending every Friday night!
  • Write a letter and email to Syfy to 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10112 and
  • Call 1 (800) 219-1187, let’s overflow their calls and voice our love for the show!
  • Supporting the Wynonna Earp Indiegogo campaign that is raising money for the show!
  • Go to as many Wynonna Earp events as possible! This includes events like Comic Con, EarperCon, and ClexaCon!
  • And most importantly….. DO NOT WATCH ILLEGALLY! DO NOT watch with an illegal live link and DO NOT watch any leaks! Please just watch the show legally because ONLY THOSE views count!

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What she says: I’m fine

What she means: Even though Deadpool has been confirmed as pansexual, there hasn’t been a lot of canon same-sex relationships in his history. We get subtle hints and see Wade be openly attracted to people of all genders but so far he’s only been in explicit relationship with women. Yes, there was his relationship with Cable but even then it might have been one-sided and it was never outright confirmed in the comics. Deadpool’s “true love” death is even represented as a women most of the time. Deadpool has had numerous relationships and there are plenty of occurrences in the comics where he flirts with women but his attraction to men and non-gender conforming people isn’t really shown in the same light. I want Deadpool to confirm his pansexuality in the comics and movies. Instead of creators confirming Wade’s sexuality and only giving subtle hints in comics, the creators should actually make Wade openly pansexual and have him in same-sex relationships.