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Tumblr badges for right wing users! (Set 1 of 3)

I’ve been seeing some liberal/SJW-oriented badges (such as pro-LGBT and pro-Feminist badges) floating around on this site before, so I thought that the right wingers of this site needed some of their own. Badges range from basic patriotic stances to endorsement of the Alt-Right/National Socialism and everything in between those 2 categories. Just message me if you think I need to make more right wing stance badges, and tell your fellow right wingers about these badges! Enjoy~

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Support for the 1st amendment 

Support for the 2nd amendment

Respect for the American flag

Respect for the Confederate flag

Support for the troops & the veterans



Anti-illegal immigration

Support for animal rights

Support for the preservation of nature

2nd Amendment

A well regulated militia being necessary for the security of a free state; the right of the people to keep and bear shall not be infringed.

It is our right as American citizens to own and carry firearms and that right is to be left untouched. This amendment was designed give the people the power to protect and defend themselves from others and a government tyranny. If the time comes, it is our duty to come together as a militia to fight against a tyranny, therefore if we get our guns taken away then we will be unable to maintain our freedom. Instead of taking away guns or implementing strict gun laws, there should be a more thorough background checking system that is equal across the entire united states and required firearm safety courses. It should be noted that there has not been a mass shooting by a NRA (National Rifle Association) member and that should reflect the mentality a vast majority of law abiding, gun owning citizens.

“Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” (The Declaration of Independence)

To protect your life and liberty, you have the right to own guns and if guns and sport shooting/hunting make you happy, then you should be left unbothered. It is your right to own guns and use them in a respectful and moral matter. Safe use and owning of guns is protected by the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, the two documents that make the United States of America that free country it is today.

I support the 2nd Amendment. I own guns. I also know that this country has a problem with gun violence. If I have to wait a few extra days to legally purchase a firearm (i.e., waiting period) or if I have to complete a background check that happens to be a little more thorough than what it is now, I am 100% okay with that. With rights comes responsibility, which means I have a responsibility to admit there is a problem. We have to find a balance between protecting the public and preserving constitutional rights.

As if Trump’s egregious attacks against the media weren’t bad enough, now he’s threatening to shut down NBC and other news networks (although, he’s basically powerless to do so).

I find it amusing that while this tyrant’s supporters are quick to defend the 2nd Amendment, which has become horrifically misinterpreted and perverted by proponents of the NRA, tens of thousands of our citizens are dying each year as a result of gun violence, yet they are quick to dismiss and rally behind Trump with his constant attacks on the 1st Amendment. You know Trump’s supporters cherry-pick everything from the Constitution to the Bible.

Brownells Customer Dan H. Talks about his recent rifle build on Sunday Gunday! “I served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan in 2003 and 2007, completed my enlistment contract and headed back home to Texas. I didn’t touch another rifle until 2016. While still a strong supporter of the 2nd Amendment, I thought I had done my part. This AR was my return to what I know and was the first rifle I got behind since my time overseas. While it is my first AR build, it is more than just a rifle to me. It represents where I came from, who I am today and the direction I actively support for this free nation. Brownells can expect more parts orders from me in the near future.” -Thank you for your service Dan!-


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What it's like to have a colonoscopy

For many, the concept of a colonoscopy is hilariously degrading. My husband’s best friend had one once before we knew each other, and they loved to joke about the personally violating anal probe. I don’t even know where to start with them on that, but I’d bet you could ask Joe now about colonoscopies and his opinion would be a little bit less humorous. You know, I’m inclined to laugh about it, but not in a South Park-aliens-anal-probe kind of way. I’ll put the rest of this blog, including the results and “what this means” under the link below. 

My intention is to make others feel comfortable with the concept of a colonoscopy. I’ve had four to date, and they want people with my age and condition to have one every year. If anyone comes across this on Tumblr, feel free to send me a message with questions.

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anonymous asked:

Are you proud of being such a scum-sucking moron all the time?

God.  So many things could have garnered this gem.

-My denial that white privilege exists

-My defense of the Jewish State

-My belief in the bible

-My support of the 2nd Amendment

-My dislike of Monarchy

-My denial that male privilege exists

-My opposition to Abortion

-My criticism of antifa

-My loathing of all things Karl Marx

-My questioning of Catholic doctrines

-My opposition to globalism (to include open borders)

-My dislike of Islam (in terms of the collection of “scripture”)

if you want to send me meaningful hate, you are going to have to explain a little more.

anonymous asked:


I’ve been saying that for a long time as well. Guns are not the problem, it’s truly a people problem. Our mental health system here is terrible, people still think it’s a bad thing. Having a mental illness is not a bad thing, people with mental illnesses are not bad people. But I do believe we need to stop the stigma of it being bad or everyone is Insane who can’t function.

I absolutely love the 2nd amendment. I support the NRA(which is not a terrorist organization) most of the shooters aren’t part of the NRA to begin with. The NRA does a lot of great things. There are a few issues with the NRA but the whole thing is not bad.

I want these shootings to stop as much as anyone else, but I know that even if we limit guns and make it harder to get, it won’t stop from other attacks happening. It’s just the sad truth. This world will never see peace. We simply can’t stop evil people from doing evil things. It sucks, it really does.

People always bring up countries like Australia or England and how it’s extremely hard to own a gun there and how gun violence is low. But if you look at England or anywhere in Europe and look at all the attacks and violence going on there just proves violent acts will never stop. We need harsher punishment for these people(the ones that don’t kill them selves after committing these crimes) and set an example that we will not tolerate this.

dioxymethamphetamine  asked:

Why do you support the 2nd amendment so strongly?

When I was in middle school Columbine happened… my Dad, who at the time was training with some really interesting and intens military/ex military, decided that if I was going to continue to go to public school I would know how to defend my self. Skip forward 3 or 4 years and I am one of the youngest NRA instructors in the nation. My Dad certified me and my best friend at the age of 15… why the hell would he do this? Because he had a huge influx of woman coming into his concealed carry certification class and the reasons they were there normally there mad it hard for them to take instructions from big guys with loud voices. Having only 1 or 2 female instructors at a time, having two 15 year old boy was the next best thing. I saw first hand how learning how to defend themselves with deadly force gave these women, who had been through so much, the peace of mid they so desperately needed/deserved. If you look into in we are a lot less violent then most countries that have firearms bans in effect. Somewhere in the thousands of people a day call 911 and say this person was attacking me, robbing me, threatening me, I showed them I was armed and they took off… it’s a deterrent to those who would do you or yours harm. Our forefathers were really thinking when they came up with the Second Amendment because it is the best way to protect your own life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

like yeah, in the US we’re never going to be able to get rid of all guns and okay i partially support the 2nd amendment like ok own a rifle and do your hunting and whatever, but there’s something seriously wrong with ordinary people owning fully/semi automatic assault rifles and keeping them in their homes in the suburbs of heavily populated areas. those aren’t meant for hunting animals, they’re meant for killing people.

To the People of Massachusetts

As of today, your Attorney General has decided to interpret the Assault Weapons ban in your state as she sees fit. She has now made it illegal to sell all AR and AK rifles as well as many other semi automatic rifles and any deviations from them. Very few semi automatics are exempt from her interpretation of the law. Because all private sales in Massachusetts are suposed to go through a FFL, you will not be able to buy them that way “leagally” either. While I obviously question the constitutionality of this law and her interpretation, stores are already pulling these firearms from their shelves.

You are etched into American history as a group of Patriots (which is while you have a NFL team with the name) rebelling against the British, throwing tea into the harbor, sparking the revolution. I say you need to feel the empowerment of your rights and fight back against the tyrannical oppression the leftist government in Massachusetts has decided to shackle you with. They want you to fall in line and not question their motives. Send letters, make phone calls, email your local and state legislative bodies. Solicite others to do the same. Seek the leagal support of pro 2nd amendment organizations and most importantly, fight and don’t take no for an answer. This is a step to taking more of your rights. Your AG is already known for trying to suppress 1st ammendment rights as well.

You can sit idol and hope someone does something to help you, or you can be a catalyst for protecting your constitutional rights. The patriots who came before you would be appalled at what has happened today. Let your voice be heard and demand the will of the people be implemented.