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to the trans and gender non-conforming people of color who can’t or choose not to bind/pack/tuck:

you’re still 100% you, even if you don’t/aren’t able to outwardly present the way you feel. i know how hard it is to not be able to express your true self for your own safety, or to not have access to the things that would make you more comfortable. someday we’ll all be able to express who we are if we choose to do so.

just because you defy expectations of what a person of your gender “should” look like, doesn’t make your identity any less real. by no means do we have to look “as cis as possible” or follow white beauty standards. we are wonderful just the way we are, and no one can take that away from us.

In the first 2 weeks of our #SupportSpencer campaign, y'all have helped us raise $364! That means that we are on pace to raise at least $2,000 for Spencer’s top surgery in May. We know that everyone is filing their taxes and hopefully getting some generous tax returns in a month or so, so think about using some of that to pump up your wardrobe while also giving back to the community! 

Also don’t forget we are currently taking preorders on the baseball tees you see @justjewit32 sporting (no pun intended) in this graphic, in various colors so go ahead and grab yourself one. It’s the perfect addition to your usual Spring outfits.
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Hey y’all. I’ve officially published my second issue of Celestial Bodies, which highlights the ongoing dialogue between our experiences as queer people of color.

This includes some of my own poetry as well as
many other folks collaborating together in efforts of making something beautiful. 

I’ve also added curated playlists dedicated to your birth chart if anyone is interested in that. Please support a fellow QPOC in any way you can and I look forward to possibly collaborating with any artists in any issues in the near future! 

My beloved friends and family in the United States are everything Trump and the Republican party are against. This is not merely a matter of disagreement–but disagreement that will oppress and crush minorities and already vulnerable communities.

I am here to stand for who I am and what my fellow comrades stand for. I am a QWOC international non-resident individual myself, and will fight for basic human rights. To people of color, women, mothers, daughters, sisters, non-heterosexual individuals out there, we will act.

I have always been here to support QPOC, and this will never change. I am here for you all.