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Raw, unedited, Olympic Mountains at dusk. - December 5th, Olympic Peninsula, WA.

Photography by haleywillner

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thanks for helping me decide on a shirt design! i printed it yesterday and it turned out AWESOME. the shirts i picked are really nice, i’m really sick of plain crew neck tshirts so i picked this boxy, flowy semi-crop top that i know will look good on every body! i also finally got these vinyl bat stickers!! so i’m having another weekend sale, 10% off until monday with coupon code “HANDS”. enjoy!!

Here is one of the sketches I made last month as part of my patreon rewards. If you are interested on supporting me on patreon I have various tiers you can choose and pay once a month. I have psds, step by steps, monthly postcards and prints. Your support means a lot to me and would help me greatly to buy more art supplies and bring you more content.♡
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Prints are finally here!!! But they are LIMITED, so if you really want one I suggest grabbing them now! Thank you guys for all the support and I will possibly do more prints in the future and any suggestions for future reference will be super helpful! 

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Mega Jolteon

This one was so much fun to do! I colored him during a a livrstream over on Instagram . I stream there every Friday around 10-11 pm Eastern Time if you guys want to join. :D

Credit for the sprite art goes to the talented @pkmnfusionprof! Always really inspired by his stuff. Go show him some love!

As always hope you guys are having a lovely weekend!

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Just got my new prints order in! Printed some that have been waiting in queue for a while and refilled two that I used for promotion at Emerald City con!

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~ I’m so excited to meet all of you in @comfestcon / KUWAIT CITY 🇰🇼 this weekend ❤💪🏼

It will be my first time in Kuwait so let’s make this epic experience be unforgettable ❤

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Imagine John and Sherlock at a crime scene, and it’s late. 

They’ve been here for quite some time, and John is tired. In fact, everyone is. Even Sherlock, who would like to pretend otherwise. 

And then, three times in a row, Sally Donovan interrupts what Sherlock is saying – and each time, John is getting more and more annoyed.

On the fourth time, John stands upright from where he was leaning and he points his finger at her. “If you call him a freak one more bloody time, we will leave.” He glares at her, then at Anderson and everyone else who is looking. 

“John-” Sherlock starts, but John’s gaze falls on him next and it quiets him up.

“Honestly,” John continues, his eyes still on Sherlock. “He comes here because he enjoys this. Sherlock will never admit it, but he actually likes to help people. Not just the victims in these crimes, but he likes helping you lot as well. He doesn’t have to be here.” He pauses. “You’re not even paying him.”

Sally opens her mouth to say something, but no words come out. 

“If you all cannot let this man work and show him some respect…we will leave.” John repeats. “Sherlock Holmes does not deserve ill treatment. And, I won’t allow it any further.” He nods in conclusion at Sherlock, prompting him to begin speaking again, this time, without interruption. 

Sherlock just looks awestruck for a few silent moments, eyelashes fluttering with his quick blinks. Then, he starts to speak.

Though Sherlock is talking to the NSY team again, he keeps his eyes on John. And, when it’s finally time to go home, they walk together shrouded in the barely risen sunlight. 

John clears his throat. “I’m sorry…about earlier.” He says. “I know Sally is probably going to continue calling you a freak – and Anderson is going to continue to be an awful mess but-”

“What would I do without you, John?” Is all Sherlock says, but it seems more like he’s just saying it to himself and not to John at all.

John doesn’t know what to say back, because he doesn’t know what he’d do without Sherlock either. And, he doesn’t want to ever find out.

Buy this Momo print, and support a good cause. All the print sale profits this week (from all the prints in my shop: ) will go towards an organization that supports youth in need. I’m still doing my research on which charity/org but I’ll definitely take suggestions.
I believe that when things happen to us, it’s an opportunity for personal growth, and in some cases an opportunity for outreach. With having my van broken into again, I feel a responsibility to act on the cause of the problem. And it’s something I’ve been thinking of a lot lately. My own privilege. I couldn’t imagine being a youth that didn’t have access to all of the support and love that I had growing up. I couldn’t imagine a child living with neglect or abuse or in poverty.
My support is not much, but it’s something I could do right now, so hopefully you’ll purchase a print this week.
Also, thanks so much for all the kind words and support. I didn’t have time to respond to everyone but I do appreciate every message!


Happy Blackout Day everyone! My name is Sophia and I’m a writer. I’ve written a scifi mystery novel about a space detective named Cosmo! Check out the official book trailer here!  I decided to write my scifi novel because I felt so frustrated over not being able to find scifi books with characters that look like me. You can find it on amazon in print and in digital format!  I also have a store on zazzle where you can buy official merchandise for my book.