support our workers

  • Co-worker Lydia: Oh! I wanted to tell you I heard the new Niall song today and really liked it! What's it called....Hand Jive? Hand Jobs?
  • Me: omg it's Slow Hands but you're not NOT right

My fellow sex worker friend sent me this, IN TEARS.

If you all think racism is long gone then you’re living in your lala world of privilege.
The things we have to endure and push through simply due to the pigment in our skin!

Support sex workers of colour!
Embrace and elevate us, as we do with you all.


As far as I can tell backpage won’t go down and it will be fine; they’ve been charged with the exact same thing many times before and always the courts have found that site owners cannot be liable for things third parties say on their site.

Additionally, backpage really is cooperative about reporting ads that seem like they are of minors.

For backpage to go down for this would mean terrible things for facebook, tumblr, and other social media sites AS WELL AS other escort sites.

That doesn’t mean that the struggle isn’t real and the fear we’re having now isn’t justified.

If you have EVER said you support sex workers’, our rights, our safety; if you have ever taken a friggin pole class or done a “what’s your stripper name” or haha worn pleasers–it’s time to step up and stand by us.

You get to play with our status, laugh and pretend, get cred for being so down with such an edgy population, but if you can’t publicly come out and say how bullshit this is, how unfounded, how threatening to our safety as well as the safety of the first amendment, you’re nothing.

If you won’t speak out for sex workers now, all your posturing is less than worthless.

We need you NOW. You need to have our back NOW.

If you need the resources, they’re in my tags. Sexwork, trafficking, women of colour sex workers, police brutality, trans sex workers, backpage, Celeste guap; those are all tags that bring up research, recent incidences of police brutality against sex workers, &c. You have to do the work of digging, but it’s all there. Elizabeth Nolan Brown, Anne Elizabeth Moore, Alex Lutnick, Laura Augustín.

The research is available to you to support us and have our backs. You need to do it.