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So, our last voice project got a crazy good response and @lightsintheskye seemed really happy with our work, SO! WE DECIDED TO DO ANOTHER FOR FUN. This one was a little more difficult to complete, but it was worth the work! Hope you enjoy!

Warning: Gets a little loud at times and contains swearing, however, its best heard with headphones!

Voices: @taidatenshi as all Toon Links, @goat-boi-dubs as Ocarina of Time!Link and Breath of the Wild!Link, @vowgan as Twilight Princess!Link, and now introducing @actornoj as Skyward Sword!Link and A Link To The Past!Link!

Comic by: Lightsintheskye

Music Used: Aboda Village music from the Spirit Tracks Soundtrack

you can get commissions for fanart but getting commissions for fanfictions is illegal because it’s considered plagiarism so please remember that reviews/kudos/fanfic art is literally the only profit fanfiction writers will ever make for their work

ATLANTALE will be on February 10, 2018 at the Loudermilk Conference Center in Downtown Atlanta, GA.

Event will take place between 11AM and 7PM. Set up and breakdown hours for artists have yet to be permanently determined.

Thank you very much for your patience and support during our venue search. Artist applications are being reviewed and invoices will be sent out soon.

Payment will be due within two weeks (14 days) of receiving your invoice.

Promoting Reylo artists

Have you ever noticed the disparity between notes on Reylo arts and arts of other ships? It’s quite high. I have been noticing that since the beginning. We have been shunned, humiliated, cursed by the Fandom in general and other ships. Reylo artists and other content makers are asked/told/confronted/bullied/threatened not to tag their contents in the main tag (star wars). But hey we are creating SW contents so why wouldn’t we tag them as such??

It might be the whole Fandom in general or just a loud minority(ant reylos) not letting our content reach a wider audience or general fans, hence we don’t get exposure. General audience don’t go into specific tags they search SW. But other ships do, they are allowed to tag theirs as sw, because they are not “problematic”. Anyhow that’s not the point of this post today.

I have been asked to remove my tag or delete my reblog by artists of another ship, as have few of my friends. To a point now I check if this Kylo/Rey art is by a reylo artist or not before reblogging. They don’t want to see their art on a dirty reylo blog, I guess.

So, what I’m trying I say here is, as we literally have no one on our side, as no other ship likes to reblog our arts or contents, (whereas we always reblog theirs, and try to support their work), let’s help our own.

There are so many new reylo artist and content makers coming out these days, I see new people joining our little ship everyday and contributing their beautiful contents. Trust me, it’s not it’s not easy to share your contents, these artist are making themselves vulnerable, I’m speaking from my own experience and I know you guys would agree with me on this much.

So let’s reblog them, if they show up on your dash again rereblog them, leave the artist a note of encouragement, share them with your friends, more importantly tag them as SW. Because we are a part of SW. Let’s not let these bullies tell us otherwise.

Let us all support our artists. Because we literally have no one else to support them.




as a korean who’s from south korea, i would like to say thank you to international BTS fans. we love you! we love that you support our talented artists, and help spread our culture throughout the world. thank you so so much! thanks for standing with us, and letting us connect across the world using the language of music. 감사합니다 ARMY!


Editing is underway! Thank you so much to everyone who has participated so far, either by contributing art or supporting our artists by liking and reblogging their art.

We are in need a few more pinch hitters to create some title cards to fill the gaps between claims. The title card would be for a main section of the show and would need to reflect that section. Example: Weird Kid or Crafty Corner.

We would need this by the end of next Saturday, May 6.

If you are interested and know you have enough time to finish by that date, please DM @gilove2dance to get your title card assignment.


i’m pretty sure that neither jb or bts would be proud of their fans sending disgusting hate messages to each other about their faves
this behaviour just pulls the fandom down
stop this childish game and focus on voting
we can support our artist without shading the others
jealousy and agression won’t solve anything
music is supposed to make us happy, not to cause wars
if you judge, you’ll also be judged
both fandoms, please behave yourselves

It’s Titania’s Birthday!!!!!

Let us all jump in joy and merriment for one of the biggest contributors of The Hunger Games Fandom and a dear friend to us all @titaniasfics. Let’s all send a warm greeting and love her way!


To my amazingly supportive friend who sometimes betas for me. I hope you have an incredible Birthday and know that someone with your namesake loves you very much. You have been a constant source of inspiration.One of my biggest friend and I hope you like the banner I made. (I’m no expert, but I tried!) 


To my beloved friend. Whom encourages me to be a better writer, who makes me weep with a stroke of your pen. Thank you for considering me to be your friend. I hope you have the most joyous day, and blessed life. -Rachel


“Titania, aka the queen of everlark fanfiction, you’re absolutely amazing and I hope you have an amazing birthday! Thank you for all you’ve done for this family, and thank you for all you’ve also done for me. ❤️”


Yea!  Tell her Happy Birthday and thank you for all you do for all of us.


A warm Birthday Hug from me to you, not only because it’s your birthday, but in appreciation for the support, help, and encouragement you’ve given me. Your generous beta-ing and friendship mean so much! I’m honoured that you allow me to beta for you in return. Thank you for sharing your stories and talent! Enjoy your special day.😘
Happy Birthday, Cynthia! 💗
Love and Hugs, Carolyn


Happy Birthday Cynthia! Have an amazing day filled with presents, cake and Peeta Mellark xo


“Titania, Thank you for being a source of encouragement for new and veteran fic writers alike. You inspired me and I’m sure so many others. It’s been a pleasure reading your work as you branch out into short fiction. Your writing is always so vivid and sensual.  Good luck on your continuing journey into writing. Here’s wishing you a lovely birthday!”


Wishing you a birthday as beautiful as you! Thanks for all your hard work, your gifts to us all. Bless you today and always!


Hey there lovely! Just wanted to say a huge, huge Happy Birthday to one of my all time faves on this website! I know I’m not as active as I was in the fandom, but I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me and everyone else. You’re talented, kind hearted, generous, and all-round awesome.

Hope you have a fabulous day, with everything you deserve. Love and hugs!

Jess xxxx


Happy Birthday T. You are an amazing blend of talent and kindness, and our support of authors, artists, and the entire fandom is appreciated every day! Best wishes!


Happy Birthday, Titania! I hope you have a wonderful day. Thanks for all of your great stories over the past year and your support and work for the fandom.


Hello, this is my message for Titania: Dear Cynthia, I noticed that American birthday wishes are a bit different from the ones we say in my country, but I hope you won’t mind me saying something unusual. So: I wish you all the best - health, luck and love. Also, may the next year grant you everything you’ll need for your writing career: inspiration, patience, support, determination - and a bottom made of iron and lots of coffee :-) Everything else you can buy. I also hope your boys - all three of them - will be there for you and no matter how hard and trying times are ahead of you, you ´ll emerge victorious. Now, may we open the champagne? ;-) lots of love from you friend Kristína.


Hope you’re having an amazing birthday! You have always given so much joy to the fandom. All the best for you today. :-)


Cynthia, a very happy birthday to you! Thank you so much for all you have given - and continue to give - to the Hunger Games fandom.  May the odds be ever in your favour. 🏹


Dearest Cynthia, you’re amazing. You’re beautiful. I hope you have the most amazing birthday. Thank you for always being a wonderful support and friend. Happy birthday!!!! Love, Ara


“Joyeux anniversaire du fond du coeur! Happiest of birthdays, dear Cynthia .. thank you for everything you’ve done and still do for the fandom ! I can’t even start to thank you for what you did for me !!! you’re the best!”


Happy birthday to one of the most wonderful person ever! I will never get tired of telling you how much you mean to me and your beautiful mind always amazes me, you gave so much to this fandom and asked very little in return. You are strong, beautiful, smart, generous, so so talented and passionate and I love you for that! I hope you will spend a lovely day with your family. Thank you for being you and for being my friend! Buon compleanno carissima!”


Feliz cumpleaños, beautiful!
Thank you for sharing one more year of stories with us.
Your love for this fandom is the glue that keeps us together. Thanks for all the encouragement and hard work.
Hope you have a wonderful day and an amazing year.


happy birthday!!!! I wish you the best on this day, hope you have a great time with your family and loved ones, that you eat an awesome cake (or whatever you like ;) ) and thank you for everything you’ve for the fandom and for sharing about your new projects, I’m so excited for you *hugs


To my dear friend Cynthia,

I hope you have a wonderful birthday, and that you spend your special day surrounded by those who love and appreciate you.  Thank you so much, for always being so supportive, not

just of me, but to so many in this fandom in general.  You are inspirational.  I don’t think you realise, the effect you have.  


“Tit, (I will always call you that) you know me. I was going to proclaim my epic love for you and all that you do from the rooftops in song and dance, and possibly rhymes, but like always, time got away from me, (the slippery bastard) and I’m left floundering for all the words to describe how wonderful you are, how much you mean to me, and all the things in between. You will always be a bright star in my life, and know you helped me in so many ways, both with encouragement in writing and in life. I will always smile when I think of you. Hope I did this justice. Always, (Kristen) P.S. Oh, yeah! And happy birthday, you fantastic human, you!”


Happy birthday to one of the best authors and betas in this fandom. Your talent is only surpassed by your support for others. I wish you all the happiness on your special day. Your friend, norbertsmom.


“Happy birthday! I hope you have a great day, and a great year ahead of you!”


wishing a very happy birthday to a gifted writer who has given so much to the fandom. 😊


“happy birthday!!”

hey onceler fandom

we should all try and reblog more ! i see soooo much art and ask blog posts that have tons of likes but usually only a few reblogs.

its kinda of become a habit in the onceler fandom and i feel like most ppl are used to it but, why? why not support our artists and encourage them to make more art??

i think we should start reblogging posts more. this fandom is small and things already are likely to not get a lot of notes. so!!! reblog shit yall!!! it aint hard!!

Books With Wrong Covers

Everyone was on edge. The latest scandal just brought the whole nation’s attention back to the people in the industry that projected a certain image of negativity. You’ve heard them all before: thug, gangster, addict, user, scum, trash.

The news blew up out of nowhere. You’ve just ended the day at 10 in the evening. You weren’t even asleep for an hour yet when your phone’s buzzing woke you.  Multiple messages have already stacked in your inbox and a couple of missed calls. Then you read one text that made you dizzy.

Get to the precinct. Now.

Keep reading


Support the First Ever QTPOC Talent Agency

Short Summary:
awQward is a brand new organization that is the first ever trans & queer people of color specific talent agency. What many trans & queer artists of color know is that often it is hard to get your work out there when we are reliant upon agencies that may not understand the cultural and personal value of what we bring to the table. At awQward, we are striving to make space for trans & queer artists and leaders of color that have been putting their energy into creating amazing movements. We want you to help us support and sustain the work these individuals are doing so we can uplift not just them, but other potential change makers that may not be able to see themselves reflected in the narratives that are portrayed in mainstream art spaces.

What We Need & What You Get
We are asking folks to help us get to $20,000. What would that do? That provides money so that we can pay our administrative team for their time and effort, promotional materials, and production support so that our artists can continue to create new work.

What do you get from this? You’ll get some of the fiercest TQPOC talent from across the country to start a movement in which the lives of TQPOC people are fully valued and realized.

We live in a society in which many TQPOC folks, are told that because we are black and brown, because we are trans and queer that our lives are not important. We want you all to helps us create a brand new world lens that demands mainstream spaces support and value the calling of TQPOC people. We exist as a counter narrative to spaces that say we should not exist, that we do not need to be heard outside of Black History Month or Trans Day of Remembrance…To that we say our brilliance must shine all year round.

The Impact
Your contributions will help us to plan a future awQward that is able to provide small monthly grants to trans artists of color, provide workshops for aspiring TQPOC artists and hopefully change the landscape about what it means to be a TQPOC artist. We do not believe in the trope of starving artists. We believe the work of artists and leaders is very much healing work and that we as marginalized communities are not usually compensated fairly for our effort and expertise. We are disrupting that notion.

Other Ways You Can Help
You don’t have money to give right now?!?

1. You can share this campaign

2. You can like us on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr

3. Get your school or venue to hire one of our artists/speakers for a performance, workshop or keynote.

4. Donate your airline miles

5. Have your organization hire our administrative team to provide a workshop or consultation

Unified Field of Consciousness

Einstein believed that there was an equation for a Unified Field that could explain the reason for everything in existence.  With this knowledge, time, space and even humanity’s origin could be deeply understood.

Today, in the world of quantum physics, there are so many mysteries that our current understanding of reality seems unequipped to grasp phenomena such as the double slit experiment, the observer effect, phantom DNA and quantum entanglement.  At the same time, there are many scholars beginning to think outside the box.

Quantum Physicist Ph.D. John Hagelin explains the foundation of the Universe is a single Universal field of intelligence.  Particles of nature are understood to be One, a Universal ocean of pure, vibrant consciousness in motion. We are just different ripples on a single ocean of existence at the basis of everything.

Just as the waves are continuous with the ocean. Your body is continuous with the total energy system of the cosmos, and it’s all you.
— Alan Watts

New evidence is beginning to show us that everything is Energy and the result of an indiscernible sound wave or frequency. Vibrational frequency creates the energy that becomes solid matter. Galaxies, planets, plants, animals and humans are all just waves of vibration of this Unified Field. In essence, we are literally united and One at the core!

Connected Universe

The Universe is connected and alive and we are a part of the metric of space.        
— Nassim Haramein

Nassim Haramein, the Director of Research at the Resonance Foundation, was deeply inspired by Einstein and continued to pursue Einstein’s idea that geometry held the key to creating a unified equation for the Universe. He proposes that space is not empty, but rather full of untapped energy.  This action, reaction, and connection between the energy present in space is creating a dynamic flow in the Universe.  Simply put, it could be thought of as “the Universe is dancing with energy”.

In the Resonance Foundations various media productions, Nassim explains the idea of a ​​Holofractographic Universe. His findings explore the fractal (infinitely repeating pattern), holographic (illusion) and geometric nature of space from the macrocosm to the microcosm, and thus how the potential of the Whole is within each piece of the Universe on every scale.

Geometry will draw the soul toward truth and create the spirit of philosophy.
— Plato

Sacred Geometry

Learn how to see. Realize that everything is connected to everything else.
— Leonardo da Vinci

Everything in the universe is geometrically connected.  Sacred Geometry is the source code of the Unified Field. It’s the language of nature, a fundamental blueprint of the universal creation process.

It’s not a coincidence that human hands & tree branches have the same fractal growth patterns or that our hearts & the Earth have the same toroidal-shaped electromagnetic field.  Even our embryos contain the fundamental geometries of star clusters and galaxies. Patterns are always present when our eyes are open. Every single system in nature uses fundamental mathematical languages as a template for growth. We can find all kinds of mathematical formulas and sequences in nature, such as the Golden spiral/ratio or Fibonacci sequence/numbers in pineapples, sunflowers, tornado formations and even galaxy arms.

When we start to see universal patterns everywhere we look, a realization of interconnection occurs deep within us. We start to see that all is intimately unified. When this occurs, we begin to simply choose Love in every aspect of our lives.

True love is born from understanding.
— Buddha

Ascension & Healing HeArt

As our understanding of Sacred Geometry develops, we begin to see deeper connections between Science & Spirituality.  As a reminder of our interconnected & united nature with all life, interacting with Sacred Geometry on a daily basis invites harmony & balance into our experience. This idea inspired and changed my life profoundly and I found myself at the center of my passions by exploring Sacred Geometry as a communication tool with consciousness in everyday life.  I found my purpose by participating in nature’s harmony.

Beauty is a manifestation of secret natural laws, which otherwise would have been hidden from us forever.  
— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I’ve learned that visualization & attention are key in spiritual growth.  They are fundamental in many energy practices such as Qigong, Tai-chi and Reiki. Creating designs based on Sacred Geometry help us to visualize, touch and play with Universal Energy formations, giving us direct communication with the divine. This is a meditative art that can help us find resonance with our inner and outer lives. Eventually this intention brought me to develop my dream project, Healing HeArt, where I am able to develop and share this deep and meaningful experience with everyone by creating personal communication tools and crafts for seekers.

For the first time in human history we have technology to create precise patterns without any error or mistake. Thankfully there are laser machines available for everyone to produce any possible design from a collective digital platform to the physical world.  The possibilities are infinite when it comes to creating art pieces, tools, crafts, toys or even small size constructions wherein we can meditate or experience the harmonious presence around us.

These limitless possibilities inspired me to take action, and as a result, I began an Indiegogo campaign to gain enough support in order to access a laser device with the intention to share this inspirational art with everyone.  I need your help to manifest this collective dream! As Sacred Geometry reflects the potential of the collective, we can also create amazing innovations together and support various artists with our collaboration.

You are not here reading this by accident, you are here for a greater purpose than you could ever imagine. We are here to restore the balance and uplift humanity into the next stage of evolution; from separated duality consciousness to interconnected unity consciousness, in which all life is in equilibrium and harmony.

Let’s manifest this co-creative dream together!

Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared.
– Buddha
Voltron Fandom Events Masterlist
• Jul 20 - Aug 03: S3 Countdown • Jul 25 - Aug 03: Trans Girl Week* • Jul 24 - Jul 30: Sheith...

This week’s update!

Check out the list for ongoing and upcoming events in the fandom. We also have several zines currently on sale so be sure to browse through those and support our artists/writers if possible!

If I’ve missed anything let me know!

anonymous asked:

Bless you. I'm a very proud ARMY and EXO-L so it really warms my heart when I see people explain how the whole "one person can affect the image of thousands" thing. It's been better these days for sure! I've never met a fellow ARMY or EXO-L who wasn't polite and courteous. Our images are always messed up by bad people and outsiders but all we all really want to do is support our artists and enjoy amazing music. It's not hard to love one another.❤❤❤

Exactly ❤❤
I’m sure as the fans get older and more mature, it will get better too!

Seriously I often think how big kpop could be, if all fandoms supported each other, bc in the end we are all one big family