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These boys are just so much more to me in retrospect.

The pure acceptance in this friendship is just fucking awesome okay?!

-They didn’t care when Isak was acting weird, saying it was his family, they wanted to know what they could do.

-They didn’t get mad when Isak was lying to them, they were concerned.

-They didn’t care when Isak lashed out, they forgave.

-They didn’t care when he told them he was gay, “biiiiitch what? Let’s drink and talk about it. Text his ass and tell him you deserve his all. Oh shit , he’s here?! Can we meet?! No? Okay we see you tomorrow lover boy! ❤️”

-They didn’t think twice in just accepting Even into their group. “You the boyfriend? The one that kicked us out, you hottie!!” *hugs*

-They didn’t let Isak get away with leaving Even because he was Manic. “Wtf shorty?! So what, he ain’t brain dead! We didn’t raise you this way. Stop being dumb and just talk, we like him!”

-They have been there to give Isak advice, never

-They show clear support and investment in their friends relationship. “Evak is awesome! We can sale this shit!”

-“Ya’ll moving in together?! Hell yeah! New place to chill, we help you move Kay? 👌”

- Imagine how Even must feel about not just the love of his life Isak, but the chillest group of second years who just excepted him and his ‘faults’ like “okay fam, but can we go eat & talk about getting laid now?”

This is one of the many examples of amazing friendships in this show and it’s worth talking about okay?!?!?!!

Finn Bálor: The Best Best Friend™


Things I want from season 2 of One Day At a Time

Penelope dealing with being a student, a working nurse, and a mom. Also show her progression of her PTSD and how she’s handling it with support from her friends Jill and Ramona.

Lydia allowing herself to maybe finally be serious with Dr Leslie and ask permission from her late husband or something.

Elena dealing with her father’s rejection and a potential new girlfriend.

Alex dealing with his little shit friend Finn.

And Schneider being the awesome support he is while continuing to learn to be a better person.

I love this show!

Today I have a suuuuper special drawing. I decided to make fan art from my favorite artist Cloud! DreamerOfExistence
(Be sure to give him a WATCH & support him he makes awesome art!) He’s also a friend of mine I met from another artist here, Lola.
We’ve decided that we are going to be teammates & that we’ll be supporting each other from now on.

Btw: This is Clouds’ lovely Kimura


Your continued support through fanart or comments motivates and inspires me to keep drawing; that, along side how healing and meditative it is to draw, are the sole and best reasons I have to keep drawing every day!! 😙💨💖

This post goes out to those who’ve shown support through sacrificing their hard earned pennies on my behalf, so I’m financially able to continue doing what I love!



BRUH @hathawkesquawk Thanks for the coffee my dude!! I SAW YOU REBLOG A COUPLE OF MY THINGS, AND CAN I SAY?? YOUR COMMENTS ARE SO CHARMING HAHAHHA! They made me so damn happy broh!! X’D I love how ecstatic you are with the way you type, it’s so fueling!!! XDDD <3


I don’t know what more can be said, @glitterypeachlover! You’ve been unfathomably supportive of me and others, churning out gift art and support in countless forms!! I honest to goodness don’t know how you manage it, but you do, and you’re a clear beacon of radiant cheer and motivation for all to soak up and plug through hard times. Thank you for your strong helping hand in this amazing community, Peachy pie!

oh, shucks. STOP IT, YOU! 💕



It’s rare when I get support on Patreon, and it’s my biggest source of income, so your pledge there means a helluva ton to me! Thank you from the deepest pits of my heart’s chasms!!! 

HAHAHA I was hoping to have replied to you before we spoiled it for each other, but I recognized your typing right away.

And, @kaweii, OMB I love you. We spend every day, morning till night, on the same canvas just drawing, watching movies, working on commissions, talking– It ain’t a long list of activities, and it looks mundane to read it, but each one of those things are so important and every day feels like an adventure with you.

I’ve told you once before and I’ll tell you again, that I haven’t woken up every day, EXCITED to get out of my bed, until you came around.

We’re an ocean apart but I’ve got ya in my heart, in my soul, and hopefully hand in hand someday soon! See ya back on the canvas, sorry I’ve been quiet so long but this post took some time to put together!

And Finally,

Thank you again to everyone who’s following; all 1,641 of you! Your comments, be it on asks, reblogs, replies, or hashtags, I always look forward to them every time I post. You’re a basket of precious cinnabuns fresh from heaven’s oven and I look forward to our future, celebrating the unity & friendship Undertale’s brought us! Thanks, Toby! Thank you everybody!

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Maggie takes Alex to her first Pride parade. Let the good times roll

Maggie pulled Alex through the crowd of people. “C’mon we’re going to miss it.”

“Miss what?” Alex asked. She was happy to just mill around National City’s Pride parade. Everything was so happy and vibrant. It warmed her heart to see so many people like her in the streets. So many that just wanted to love who they loved. She smiled when she saw an elderly couple holding hands. She could imagine that being her and Maggie in fifty years.

Maggie looked back at Alex and saw her taking everything in. She slowed a bit, not wanting Alex to miss anything during her first Pride. “I have a surprise for you.”

“Another surprise?” Alex asked. Her first surprised had been the shirt she was wearing. Spray painted rainbow letters spelled out My girlfriend thinks I’m sexy.

“Yeah,” Maggie grinned.

Someone handed Alex a small rainbow flag that she took with a smile and a quick “Thank you.” She stuck it in Maggie’s ponytail. Maggie turned around and touched the back of her head to see what it was. Alex grinned, “I colonized your hair.”

Maggie laughed and pulled Alex closer to her. They stopped in the middle of the sidewalk and Maggie pushed up on her toes to kiss Alex. Alex hummed contently into the kiss. She loved being able to kiss Maggie in public whenever she wanted and no one batted an eye.

“C’mon,” Maggie dropped to her heels and started pulling Alex again.

Finally Maggie pulled Alex in front of her and put her hands on Alex’s waist. “Surprise.”

On the street corner, Alex’s mom and all their friends were standing in a group. Eliza was wearing a shirt that proudly said ‘I love my lesbian daughter’. She moved to Alex and hugged her, a bright smile on her face, “Happy Pride, honey.”

Alex beamed seeing her mom at the festival with the shirt she was wearing. It brought tears to her eyes. “I’m so glad you came.”

“I wouldn’t miss it,” Eliza smiled. She pointed to her shirt. “Did you see this? Maggie had it made for me.”

Alex turned to her girlfriend and pulled her into a hug. “You’re the best.”

“Yeah I know,” Maggie tried her best not to get sappy, but when it came to Alex, all bets were off.

Winn was wearing a rainbow tank top with a small rainbow painted on his cheek just under the rim of his rainbow sunglasses. He jumped up and down to the music. “This is the best.”

James patted him on the shoulder and laughed. He pulled Alex into a one-armed hug, “Thanks for inviting us. This is a lot of fun.”

“Isn’t it?” Alex asked, eyes wide with wonder and joy.

James was wearing a shirt simply stating ‘Love is Love,” each letter a different flag for a different group.

Maggie looked at her watch and watched the second hand tick down. “Alright, everyone look up.”

Alex turned her eyes to the sky and immediately saw that Maggie had drug her through the crowds to see. Supergirl was flying over the parade route to the cheers of the crowd below. She smiled and waved to everyone, her usual red cape replaced with a fluttering rainbow.

As she flew overhead, Alex saw her sister look directly at her and wave. Alex waved back, her eyes again filled with tears. She had the most supportive family and the best friends and a spectacularly awesome girlfriend.

Alex pulled Maggie into her arms and Maggie held onto her, knowing that Alex was having a moment. She kissed Alex’s cheek and smiled at her. “You okay?”

“This is amazing,” Alex smiled.

“You deserve it,” Maggie grinned. She took the flag out of her hair and handed it to Alex. “Now, c’mon. We have to get to the beginning of the parade route to meet Kara. We’re all riding on the Catco float.”

Alex laughed again and let Maggie drag her through the crowd. On that warm spring day, surrounded by everyone she loved, she’d never been happier.


I can’t thank you all so much for making my experience on Tumblr a great one. As a thank you, (and because I’m at 516 followers) here’s a massive appreciation post for all the people on here who have made this place extra-special for me.

Each of the people on this list has somehow made my day (and my dash) super awesome and made my experience on tumblr extra-special. Even if you don’t really know me all that well, or at all, know you’re here for a reason! THANK YOU ALL! (I even tried to do proper grammar for @dagurdewhite)

Remember that this list is not in order and I may have forgotten some people (I hope not haha) so bear with me here. 

Also, not everyone got a big long-ass description because I didn’t have time to write for everyone. 

Oh boy this is long so, list under the cut!

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When I Came Out

When I came out, it was seven years ago, and it was to the one person I loved most of all. She was very much like a mother to me, and I didn’t know what she would think when I told her I was bisexual. But she was cool about it, and I couldn’t have been more happier to know that I was accepted by at least one person. Since then more people know about me, and I’m fine with that so long as they don’t give me any hassle. After all, I didn’t choose to be who I am.

When I came out as pansexual, my parents rejected me, ignored my words and told my younger siblings to stay away from me. I had an awesome, supportive friend group though, and I got through it. Four and a half years later, two of my siblings are happily supporting me, and my youngest sister felt confident enough to come out as gay to the whole family. My parents are reconsidering their perspective on it, and I have a loving partner of two years. It gets better!

When I came out to my mom, she said she thought it was a phase, but she would support me. When I came out to my dad, he just accepted what I said without question. My friends (who were already out) support me. I feel really lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful confident people

When I came out, I was at an ice skating rink with my best friend. I told her I was bi and she was super supportive but she also guessed it because of the way I talk about certain girls (oops).

When I came out, it was to my Girl Scout Troop. They were really supportive and encouraged me to tell my mom. A few months ago I came out to my dad, who, though Christian, was extremely supportive as well. Now I have an awesome girlfriend and I’ve learned to dismiss those who hate on me.

When I came out to my best friend I was shaking like crazy. After about 20 minutes of staring at the words “I’m gay” that I typed on my phone, I pressed send. She was very accepting like I knew she would be; that’s why I came out to her. But still I haven’t come out to anyone else because I’m afraid of how they’ll react.

                              100 +   FOLLOW  FOREVER !!!!!!

        Only a couple of months has completed since this blog was made && the first 100 Followers count already reached! I am surprised really, with all the semi-hiatus going along I thought I’d be losing some wonderful people. Well no, you people are so lovely and very special to me not only for rping with me but for supporting me!! I don’t know how more can I thank you awesome &&  talented FRIENDS.  
      Okay, so this is the first 100 followers bias list that I am making for this blog && I hope I won’t miss anybody (If I do I am extremely sorry and apologize. All of you are wonderful to me!).

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I’m always so surprised at how unlikely it is for other shows to actually have the main characters be queer because my first big wlw otp is Korrasami and it became canon.

I mean the creators admitted that they didn’t go as far as they wanted but the two are very clearly getting together in the end and there are even comics coming out that are going to explore their relationship as a subplot.

It’s just crazy that other shows and movies have so much queer-baiting with the cast and crew laughing off the same-sex couples while the creators, crew, and cast of The Legend of Korra all really like Korrasami and defend it being canon.

I just can’t believe a show with a TV-Y7-FV rating can have a canon same-sex main couple with comics that are confirmed to show them kissing while shows that have TV-PG or TV-14 ratings can only get secondary or guest characters to be in a same-sex relationship (because a gay or bi lead is very rare).

Come on, if a kid’s show on Nickelodeon can do it then so can “family” shows on other networks.

Post-con let-down

I am exhausted. Holy shit. I didn’t think people-ing would be so difficult still. My brain hurts, and everything is heavy.


  • met Karl
    • First meeting: taking the girl for her photo. He looked me over and said ‘nice costumer - Doctor Who?’ and I raised an eyebrow and shook my head RIGHT as he took in all the details. ‘Nah, man, I’m you.’ and he says ‘Yeah. Yeah you are. It looks great.’
  • Got my medical manual autographed
  • Karl loved the t-shirt. Posted it on instagram. Where his girlfriend also loved it. I am fucking dying. Sold 7 shirts overnight.
  • Got to see Alicia Witt’s concert (just… trust me and google her. She is AMAZING)
  • Got to spent time with my two best friends ( @rampant-salamander and Su-of-no-tumblr)
  • Norse Trek was HUGE successful
  • got some fun things, including fun art.
  • spending time with one of my friends whose husband was the photo-op photographer. She was running the till. We spent a little time together and it was really refreshing and enjoyable.
  • Karl recognized me today in street clothes
    • Today, went for my own photo op without the Norse Trek gang. He looks up, smiles, gives me the eyebrow. I give him a sheepish grin. ‘No costume today?’ ‘No, I think my legacy on this planet needs to include some photos of me not wearing viking clothing. Wait. You recognized me?’ ‘Don’t see redheads like you often.’ 
  • And listen… I have some of the most awesome friends ever. My team for my exhibitor’s table for our medieval group was awesome. I got lots of support and love from my friends. We had a great demo, and it was so good to just… be me. Even though this week and weekend were a difficult time to be that person.

Hopefully I’ll be back to writing tomorrow.

I am in desperate need of long Combeferre angst.

Enjolras&Combeferre friendship is my favorite, and I’m especially fond of long and angsty fics (as long as things get better by the end), but while I’ve read great fics in which Enjolras suffers all kinds of terrible things and Combeferre being the awesome and supportive friend, I just really really want to see their roles reversed: Combeferre suffering and Enjolras being the supportive friend. I would love to see how Combeferre’s more gentle personality takes on the suffering, and how Enjolras, who is not the best at expressing emotions, play the role of the supportive friend. Bonus if it’s canon era.

(Not sure if this is a fic prompt or a request for fic recommendations, but anyway.)

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Any advice for someone whose parents just rejected them for being gay?

You kick ass in life.  You show them how amazing you can be without their support and show them all the lovely people you have on your side.  Live your life to the fullest and eventually they’ll come around.   If not, you’ll be left with being awesome with a whole new set of supportive friends.

good stone ocean end: everyone survives, everyone except anasui gets bailed out of prison by the speedwagon foundation, jolyne & ermes start dating and get an apartment they share with ff, emporio goes to school and has an awesome support system of all his friends/ legal guardians, jolyne goes back to college like she wanted, jotaro actually attempts reconciliation w her