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Hello! Most of you don’t know me but tomorrow (Sept 10th) I will be selling my own original art @ Alley Art Festival in Downtown Vista CA for the FIRST TIME EVER! I’m SUPER excited but need help spreading the word. I’ve been working for months to be prepared for this so it would mean SO SO much if you could come (even if you don’t buy anything. Just coming and saying hi would really mean the world💚) but if you live too far away or just can’t come cuz life gets in the way, plz share this with others you think might be interested in seeing some cool art and supporting some AMAZING LOCAL ARTIST⭐️

Noel- Shin Wonho

Request:  Hi, again I’m sorry that I’m annoying bc you have NO IDEA WHATSOEVER who am, so I’ll just get to it. May I have a little, what’s it called, imagine thingy (riGHT?) with Wonho after that (VINE) thing. But like, do it when you have time bc you have like 3 billion other things to write. Not that I stalk you but… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

omg this is so weird i’ve never like ever heard from u before :/ 

Genre: Angst/Fluff

Group Member: Wonho (Shin Hoseok) of Monsta X, Guest Appearance by Lim Jaebum


“I know, Harley, I don’t want to go either.” 

You stared longingly down at your cat, a tiny sympathetic frown on your face. The small kitten looked up at you from her spot by the window, where she’d been watching the tinkling lights curiously all afternoon. Seated in the cushioned spot beside the window, you sipped at your coffee and waited for a text to say to begin your walk over to the festival.  

Nerves were bundled up in your stomach. So much so that you could barely eat- or drink coffee, nonetheless. The top of your skin tingled anxiously and you rubbed your hands together, sucking in a breath. You really didn’t want to go. If it were any other time, you’d jump at an opportunity to hang out with your best friend and her boyfriend, but this time… this time you wanted to do everything but go. 

As you went to stroke the back of your kitten’s white fur, the phone in your pocket began to buzz. With a bitter roll of your eyes, you reached for it, only glancing at the picture on the collar ID. A girl flashed on the screen, a girl with light brown hair and eyes to match, a red-lipped smile aimed at the camera. You answered it without hesitation. 

Hey!” Your friend’s gleeful voice came through the phone. You winced at her loudness. “Are you coming or not? We’re all waiting on you!” 

Another pang of nerves. You replayed her words, which implied that he’d already arrived. “Yah,” you dismissed her and rose to your feet. “I’m on my way.” 

You better hurry!” Mina insisted. “Be careful! Love you!” 

“Love you too,” you sighed into the phone, before it abruptly hung up. You glared down at the image of her smiling face for a moment before shoving the device into the pocket of your coat. “Bye, Harley. Don’t get into trouble while I’m gone.” As you made for the front door, you hesitated, glancing at yourself in the mirror. 

It’d been a while since you’d seen him- ever since the incident, you avoided any circumstance that had you near him. But Mina insisted (”it’s the Christmas spirit, Y/N!”) and you knew in the end she was right. You had to face him, and if you were going to see the man who’d rejected your feelings, you wanted at least to look nice. Your skin had cleared up a bit and you only needed to apply a cushion, not to mention your hair had grown some since the last time he’d seen you. It was now at your shoulders, and you nervously placed a beanie over your scalp that covered up part of your forehead. Your lips were tinted red a tiny amount due to the strawberries you’d devoured beforehand. Somehow, you’d managed to look the part of a nineteen year-old at a Christmas festival- a knit turtleneck sweater, a brown coat over that, thick leggings, and a pair of leather boots. 

You sucked in a breath and stared at yourself. You could do this. You could face him. After all, people get rejected all the time, right? You’d never been rejected before, mostly because you’d never confessed to anyone before him, but you were sure things like that happened all the time. 

At least, that’s what you told yourself. 


“Where is she?” 

Mina sighed, looking down at her phone as she texted her roommate. “I swear, I don’t doubt that she ditched us for her cat.” 

The trio sat outside of a small hot chocolate shop, all of them holding onto their cups for warmth. Amongst them, Myoui Mina sat, one leg crossed over the other as she furiously typed messages out. Deep down, she knew that her friend was prolonging the time to get there because she was nervous, but it was the adult thing to do. It was normal to not want to be around someone who emotionally traumatized her, but Mina wanted her friend to be able to move on- to not be hung up on a boy who, she knew, had been too nervous to accept the confession. 

It was that same man who sat at that table with herself and her boyfriend. Beside him, Mina’s partner of five months sipped at his hot chocolate, not noticing that he’d gotten some foam on his upper lip- that, or he did notice, and didn’t care. Lee Jooheon looked up at Mina and caught her eye, flashing a cheeky grin in her direction. She beamed back at him. 

Sat beside Jooheon was his friend and group member, the same man who had caused her friend to be so reluctant. He adorned a long, brown coat, a white scarf wrapped around his throat. Freshly-dyed brown hair sat styled on his head, slightly messy (although intentionally), some falling between his equally-dark eyes. He looked around quickly, eyes darting through the crowd, as if looking for someone. 

Mina’s phone began to buzz. She glanced down to see it was her roommate, whose contact photo was her holding their cat up in the air like a baby Simba. She quickly accepted the call. 

Mina? Where are you?” 


Where am I? Where are you?” Mina repeated your words in your ear, sounding a bit relieved that you’d arrived. 

“I just bought my ticket,” you explained as you shoved the said object in your pocket. Looking around, you decided that maybe coming to this Christmas festival wouldn’t be terrible, after all. Everything was decorated so that warm twinkling lights hung from the trees and were wrapped around every available surface. Jazzy Christmas music played from the speakers, echoing all around you, as did the laughter of families and couples who’d come to experience the winter romance. Shops lined the streets, as well as attractions- in the far distance, you saw a Ferris wheel and a collage of local stores supporting the festival. 

Do you see the coffee shop called ‘Sal’s’?” Mina asked. You couldn’t see her, but if you had you would have noticed the man beside her boyfriend tense up. 

Your eyes scanned the shops. You walked down the street, the infamous Water St. of Seoul, which was almost always shut down for festivals like these. Your boots padded softly against the asphalt until you saw it- a coffee shop not far from you, with the name “Sal’s” sprawled across it in cursive. At the front of it, you spotted a trio of familiar faces sitting around a wooden table, all of them looking for you. 

“I see you!” Excitement suddenly surged in your belly. You ended your call and hurried forwards to the table, though your footsteps faltered when you noticed him

“Y/N!” Mina shouted, leaping to her feet. Even though you saw her that morning, she was the type who was always excited to see you- which helped your ego quite a bit. Grinning, she threw her arms around your shoulders and hugged you tightly into her chest. 

“It’s been too long,” Jooheon, her boyfriend, hugged you from the side as well. He was something like an older brother for you, in the way he constantly watched out for you. You hoped that he’d somehow manage to keep his friend from being close to you. 

Clearing your throat awkwardly, you fought to keep your smile on as you looked over at the only person who was still sitting. He rose to his feet when he saw you, a handsome smile spreading across his pale face. 

Shin Hoseok looked the same from the last time you’d seen him- which had been two months prior to that day. He dressed nicely, like he always did, though you noticed that he’d dyed his blonde hair back to a warm brown that matched the atmosphere of the festival. His eyes, which lacked the colored contacts he was keen on wearing, looked outrageously nice underneath the lights. 

“It’s nice to see you again,” Hoseok greeted, stepping forward. He hesitated, waiting to see if you’d reject him, though you allowed him to hug you against his chest. Granted, it was an awkward hug, but his body radiated heat against yours and you felt your cheeks burning up with embarrassment. 

“You, too,” you pursed your lips and stepped backwards from him. Jooheon watched the exchange like someone watching a drama, while Mina gave you an encouraging smile. You returned it and fell into step alongside them. Unfortunately for you, you ended up fourth-wheeling the night, due to the fact that Mina and Jooheon walked hand-in-hand on your right, leaving Hoseok on your left. 

“Where too?” Hoseok asked, his eyes flickering to yours, then to Jooheon and Mina. 

“There’s supposed to be an ice skating rink somewhere,” Mina pulled a map of the street out of her coat pocket and unfolded it. She looked quickly. “There’s the ice skating rink, a hayride through the ‘Season’, a Christmas performance at nine…” 

She continued to list off things until the lot of you settled on the hayride, then the Christmas performance. You trailed alongside the couple and Hoseok, hands in your pockets. You’d forgotten gloves and you tried your hardest to pretend that your fingers weren’t freezing. 

Something tapped your shoulder as you walked and you paused for a moment, looking up. Hoseok stared down at you with a smile on his face, hand extended. He held a pair of gloves in his palm and you noticed quickly that his fingers were now bare. 

“No, it’s okay,” you objected, shaking your head. “I’m just warming them up.” 

“They’re a bit big,” Hoseok continued anyway, to which you inwardly smiled. “But I think they’ll fit.” 


“Just wear them,” Hoseok insisted with a light chuckle. “It’ll make me feel better knowing that you’re not freezing.” 

You went to object again, but Hoseok suddenly stopped, gripping your hands in his. You glared at him, although your cheeks were on fire, as he pulled the gloves over your fingers and down your wrists. He was right- they were too big, but they were outrageously warm. You sighed in relief and put them back in your pocket. 

“Thanks,” you said awkwardly, not noticing the way he stared at the gloves on your hands with a glint in his eye. 

Cute, he thought to himself, inwardly smiling. 


The four of you stood in line for the hayride, which happened to be understandably long. You’d been there for twenty minutes already, though you were close to the front of the ride now. Somehow, you and Hoseok were talking- it was small talk, mostly just him asking what you were up to and you replying with short responses, though he was making an attempt. He probably felt bad about rejecting you. You didn’t want his pity though- actually, you wanted the exact opposite. 

“Y/N,” Mina whispered in a sing-song voice. You looked away from the flickering lights and over to where she stood, her nose and cheeks pink. “There’s a boy staring at you.” 

“Shut up,” you rolled your eyes and looked back at the lights. 

“I’m serious!” Mina tugged on your sleeve, causing you to groan and look at her again. 

Beside her, Jooheon nodded, “I see him too.” 

Next to you, Hoseok stiffened, pretending that he wasn’t listening although he’d most definitely zoned everything else out. 

“You guys-” 

“Look!” Mina grabbed you by your shoulders and spun you around so that you could see. 

She was right. Through the crowd, right down the middle towards the front of the line, a boy had turned so that he was looking at you. He had dark hair and eyes to match, a tiny grin on his face formed when he caught you looking at him, too. He gave you a wink and bit his lip, motioning for you to move up there with him. 

This is some Fanfiction shit, you thought yourself as you avoided his gaze. 

“Well?” Jooheon cocked one hip to the side, dramatically putting his hand on his hip. “Are you gonna go get in line with him or what, Y/N?” 

“Or what,” you said decidedly. Beside you, Hoseok turned so that you wouldn’t see the smile on his face at your decisive objection. 

“Come on!” Mina shoved you forwards. You stumbled into someone and apologized, looking back at her to glare. “Go!” 

Hoseok looked at Mina and Jooheon dangerously, his eyes narrowed. You caught him glare and paused in confusion, your eyebrows screwing together. Why would he care if you talked to someone else, or not? It was none of his business. He was the one who rejected you, after all, not the other way around. If he’d accepted your confession, you were certain that he’d be holding you the way Jooheon held Mina- except, he didn’t, because he’d bluntly left you standing in the park, alone, as he walked back to his dorm. 

It was a clear rejection. 

And you were none of his business. 

“Fine,” you huffed, aiming a glare at Jooheon and Mina. Hoseok froze. His eyes darted back to yours and he looked as if he wanted to speak, but you cut him off by moving through the people towards the man who’d been staring at you. You had no idea who he was and the idea of talking to a complete stranger made you nervous, but upon arrival he flashed you a warm smile and tilted his head. 

He was handsome, you supposed. Not your type, but handsome. There was a piercing at the corner of his bottom lip, and his eyes were the same black as his hair. When he saw you stop before him, he tilted his head, smiling. 

“You caught me,” he teased, “I was staring at you.” 

You paused. You didn’t think he’d be this blunt, but then again, here you were, staring up at a complete stranger who was looking at you as if you were the lights Harley stared at out of the window- except.. less romantic, and more… something else. 

“Is that your boyfriend?” He tilted his chin in the direction of Hoseok, who was staring at the both of you emotionlessly. You shook your head. 

“He doesn’t like me that way,” you said. It came out sneeringly, though there was a tinge of sadness on your voice. 

The stranger looked at you quickly, “He rejected you?” His eyebrows shot up into his hairline. “Is he blind, or something?” 

“Maybe I just have a terrible personality,” you joked, though it sounded a bit bitter. 

The man chuckled, “I seriously doubt that.” 

There was a pause of silence- him smiling at you, eyes twinkling, and you blushing furiously at his endless tirade of compliments. “I’m Jaebum,” he suddenly introduced. You went to bow but he stopped you with a hand on your shoulder and another musical laugh. “No need to be formal with me…” 

“Y/N,” you greeted, smiling. For once, it was nice to have the attention of someone on you- you’d pined after Hoseok for so long that you didn’t even notice when other men made advances on you. 

“Say, Y/N,” Jaebum’s fingers moved to your hair, which he brushed back into your beanie with a smirk, “you want to get revenge on that asshole for rejecting you?” 

“He’s not an ass-” 

“Don’t defend him,” Jaebum shook his head. “Number one mistake. Trust me, if he rejected you and he still hasn’t made up for his mistake…” 

You pursed your lips and glanced back. Hoseok’s fists were balled up inside his coat and he was still watching the two of you, eyes darker than you remembered them being when you’d first arrived. 

“Fine,” you decided, looking back at Jaebum. “But he won’t get jealous, or anything. He doesn’t like me like that.” 

“By the way he’s looking at me,” Jaebum teased, reaching around your shoulder to drop his arm onto you. He pulled you into his side, your gaze averted from where Mina stood giving you a thumbs up, and Jooheon watching Hoseok worriedly. The man had gone rigid where he stood. “I’m gonna say he does.” 

“He doesn’t-” 

“Jagiya,” Jaebum clicked his tongue, “men don’t stare at other men like that unless I one- just punched his mom in the face, or two- just stole his girl.”

You bit the inside of your cheek, “How can you be sure? I mean- when I told him, he just… walked away.” 

Jaebum chuckled and leaned his chin on the top of your head, like Hoseok used to do when the two of you were close- that was months ago, though. “Trust me, baby,” he pulled you closer. “You’ll have him wrapped around your finger by the end of the night.” 


You and Jaebum reached the front for the hayride, though he insisted that you tell your friends to move up the line with you. You only needed to tell Mina once and she was tugging Jooheon and Hoseok towards you and your new companion. Hoseok’s eyes were glued to yours, blacker than they’d ever been, and void of any emotion. 

“This is Jaebum,” you introduced the man, who flashed a charming smile. Everyone greeted back, except Hoseok, who just glared. 

Jaebum smile down and tilted his head to whisper something in your ear, “I think it’s working.” 

You looked at him out of the corner of your eye. 

“Pretend like I said something cute,” Jaebum whispered again, before leaning back with a triumphant grin on his face. You’d acted in high school before you got too busy with your majors, so the action was fairly easy for you. Your face was already burning so it was a piece of cake to smile shyly up at Jaebum and look away. 

A vein in the side of Hoseok’s neck throbbed. He looked like he was holding his breath in, in the way his eyebrows were furrowed, and his eyes were narrowed dangerously. Jooheon patted his back and tried to say something, but Hoseok wasn’t listening. 

“Ooh!” Mina suddenly clapped her hands together. “We’re next!” 

The conductor ended up separating the five of you. You, Jaebum, and Hoseok on one (what luck), and Mina and Jooheon on the other. Jaebum sat on your left with Hoseok on your right, although you leaned into Jaebum’s side with his arm around your shoulder. 

The hayride moved through a forest decorated to look like a winter wonderland- which wasn’t hard, because it had snowed earlier that morning. The trees were coating in melting white and twinkling lights, American jazz played out of speakers hidden in the darkness. Different fixtures made of lights stood out in the open spaces- reindeer and Santa Claus and things that made one think of Christmas. 

“You look beautiful,” Jaebum whispered against your forehead, pulling back to look down at you. Although he was handsome, you didn’t feel any attraction towards him, though his eyes searched your face. You imagined that he was Hoseok, that his eyes were that shade of coffee you dreamt of, or that he wore the same, pink-lipped smile Hoseok did. 

“Don’t touch her,” Hoseok suddenly ground out. His fingers closed in around your wrist and he pulled you into him. You hadn’t noticed that Jaebum was leaning closer in to kiss you, but Hoseok had. “You touch her and I swear to God-” 

“Why don’t you let her decide for herself?” Jaebum snapped back quickly. “You rejected her- you can’t keep her all for yourself, man.” 

Hoseok’ slips parted, then closed. His eyes grew soft as he looked down at you, and for a moment it was the thing you always dreamt of- his face underneath twinkling lights, looking at you the way you always wanted him to, but never noticed when he did. “I’m sorry,” he whispered. His hold grew lighter, not gripping, but holding you softly, as if you might break at any moment. “I’m sorry- I was so, so nervous that night and then you looked so- ugh, I hate myself every day for it, Y/N, please believe that-” 

“Still here,” Jaebum interjected. 

Hoseok glanced up at him, burning holes into his skull, “Get the fuck off this thing.” 

“Can’t,” Jaebum shrugged, glancing away. “It’s a moving vehicle, Hoseok, and that’s illegal.” 

Hoseok lurched forwards, “You little pr-” 

“Told you,” Jaebum looked down at you, grinning. “Call me if he ends up floundering again.” With that, he shoved something into your pocket and hopped off the ride when the driver wasn’t looking. You watched in disbelief as Jaebum jogged down the designated pathway, until he disappeared at the front of the ride, where he’d left his group of friends behind. 

Hoseok reached into your pocket and took the slip of paper. He scoffed and ripped it to shreds, allowing the tiny yellow post-it bits to float down onto the road.

“I’m sorry,” Hoseok said again, looking over at you. “I’m so sorry. I know it was an asshole move-” 

“You left me standing in the park,” you told Hoseok quietly. “I opened my heart up to you and you left me. You were the first person I ever told that I had feelings for, Shin Hoseok.” Your eyes burned and you willed yourself not to cry- told yourself that your tears weren’t worth it. 

Hoseok frowned, overwhelmed with guilt, “Y/N-” 

“I really thought you liked me too,” you sniffled, moving so that you were sitting away. “All those messages and snapchats and- they meant nothing to you, right? So it was easy for you to just.. just walk away from me? Because I meant nothing to you, too, right?” 

“That’s not true,” Hoseok quickly objected. His eyes were glued to yours, holding every ounce of guilt that you could see. The sight made you falter. 

You were always puddy in Shin Hoseok’s hands. 

“It’s not true at all,” Hoseok reached forwards, pushing your hair back from your face. “It’s not. You mean everything to me, jagiya. Your smile and your eyes and god- that laugh, every time I hear it I fall a little more for you. And then you confessed to me and you looked so outrageously gorgeous that I choked.” 

You frowned, biting down on your bottom lip as you thought. 

“You’re all I see,” Hoseok insisted, moving closer to you. “Please believe that.” 

You wanted to object, but he sounded honest- you knew Hoseok wasn’t a liar. He was much more than that, which is why you were so drawn to him in the first place. He acted tough but all he really wanted was to be accepted as the person he was- you’d seen enough to know that. He acted “sexy” for his fans but he was a nervous wreck before your eyes, and the sight was such a switch that it shocked you. All of this, you thought as you stared at his face, not noticing that his eyes were centimeters away from yours- then suddenly, his lips were on yours, his hand cupping your face and the other holding your hair back. 

His lips were everything you always thought they’d be, and more. Outrageously soft and cushion-like. The kiss was soft and slow, expressing everything that Hoseok couldn’t put in words. He tilted his head as you kissed back, leaning forward into his touch. 

“I really, really like you,” Hoseok whispered against your mouth breathlessly. 

“I still like you,” you returned. “As much as that night.” 

“I won’t be that stupid again,” Hoseok smiled. He pressed your foreheads together and held you there, just staring down at you. Any other time, the action would’ve been uncomfortable, but somehow he made it work- he made you melt in the palm of his hands. 


“We’re gonna be late!” 

You stared at Harley with a tiny smile, stroking her back. Your seat had changed- the cushion was no longer the same and the view was a bit different, but those lights were so, so familiar that it made your heart feel heavy. You brushed your freshly-cut hair behind your ear and looked to the living room you and your fiancé had decorated. A tall Christmas tree sat by your TV, endlessly twinkling lights shining out from it. Underneath them, presents with your names sat, and ones with his did, too. Pictures of the two of you sat on the coffee table and stands, with your hands interlinked and matching smiles on your faces.

“Are you ready?” He called out again. This time, he appeared from the hallway, looking as handsome as he did the first time. His hair was a bit longer and he’d dyed it white, but he made it work. He’d left his eyes bare of contacts, like he knew you preferred but never spoke aloud. 

“Do you remember that day?” You asked curiously as you rose from your spot on the chair. Harley hopped off your lap and circled his feet. Emerging from the hallway, another cat with brown fur emerged, meowing affectionately as Harley. 

“Of course I do,” Hoseok chuckled. He hurried into the kitchen to collect the rest of his things, before looking back at you. “It feels like it was yesterday.”

“It does, huh?” You agreed. You glanced back at the lights through the window- you could see the festival from your apartment, and you knew that somewhere down there Mina and her own fiancé sat outside a coffee shop, furiously texting you and Hoseok to hurry up or you’d miss the Christmas show. 

Hoseok pulled you towards him, smiling. “Hey,” he said, hugging you against his chest. He pressed his lips to your forehead, then to your cheek. “I love you.” 

You tilted your head, something in your chest expanding as he settled his hand on your stomach, rubbing it affectionately. 

You looked up at him, smiling as he kissed your lips. 

“I love you, too.”