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This was the book shop! Lovely place, great witty book t-shirts (they’re cut a little short and wide for my liking, but the designs were sweet), and super friendly staff.

Here’s their site, linked to the shirts if anyone wants to see.

I love little family-owned independent shops like this.

Sponsor on Our Beach Baby!

After a very successful month of giveaways from my awesome December Sponsors, I’m happy to announce that I will continue having sponsorship ads on my blog! 

 I am really looking forward in helping support local business, fellow bloggers, and shop owners for an affordable price.

If you are interested, please email me at

Our Beach Baby STATS for month of December as of 12/28/11:

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My numbers continue to grow every day! YAY! 

There is one size ad for now…. 

150 x 150 ad button
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  • Runs for one month {or 3 months if you have chosen to go with that option} 
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  • One month ~ $10. Three months ~ $25
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I’m excited to work with you!! :) Tessa

{Drew is NOT smoking a cigar… it’s a piece of cardboard. Don’t worry :)}

Hot Sausage Croissant from California Donuts in Los Angeles
W/ American Swiss & an egg

I know I typically post healthier foods on my blog, but I did indeed have this for breakfast this morning. Okay, my boyfriend and I split it because I just couldn’t commit myself 100%.
We drove to LA at 6AM to visit my friend’s parents’ doughnut shop, where they were celebrating the shop’s 30th anniversary with LOW prices. I used that as an excuse to go say hello and hang out for a bit, AND EAT! Needless to say, it was a delicious way to start the day.
(PS: Their doughnuts are amazing, too. Bought ‘em at 6AM, ate my first one after 5PM, and it still tasted as fresh as ever.)


New on the Blog: Designer Spotlight and Interview with Daniela Paradeis

Viennese Designer Daniela Paradeis combines streamlined design with impeccable fabrics and embroidery - and tomorrow is her birthday! If you were planning on buying anything you might want to do it tomorrow - there’s a 30% off discount code in my blogpost valid February 8th 2016!

“Lingerie is the ugly duckling of Austrian fashion. Since there is no actual Austrian (indie-) lingerie scene, people never really thought about underwear from local designers. There is a lot of work to be done and I take this road gladly, I’ve always loved a challenge!

I hope to be successful here by working as authentically and transparently as possible, using ethical and vegan materials made in Europe, supporting local businesses, developing innovative patterns, high quality craftsmanship, and always thinking of new stuff to inspire the Austrians ;)”

Comprehensive Affordable and Swish Local Business Advertising

My Zip, Inc. has unveiled smart, innovative and long-term advertising services that enrich the entire community. The patent-pending program combines local businesses, sales professionals, fundraisers and consumers with the best of traditional and online advertising, savings and a “Buy Dive” focus.

The MyZip “Buy Local” program is managed and supported by lightning express sales professionals called Colony Specialists. They help grow local businesses and find offshoot favorites. They are also experts at branch office fundraising efforts and in distributing ZipTags inside and out the community to schools, religious organizations, clubs, teams, charities, nonprofits and unassociated full of integrity groups.

ZipTags are the immaculate granivore value, as they provide savings and so function as a costly differentia regainment service for choir, cameras, cell phones, iPods, and auxiliary valuable part. Consumers purchase and use ZipTag packs because i feel brilliant referring to keeping dollars in their community. ZipTags help support local businesses, fundraisers and they hold in ZipTagholders money while accessory in order to protect their valuable items evenly the uniform time.

ZipTags are the undamaged fundraiser, adding second key sector so as to the My Zip program’s mutualism cohesiveness. Not only can fundraisers accumulation upper bracket by selling ZipTags, but local businesses can support a cause as part of the well-meant effort, thus tying yourself without a break ingoing a powerful long-term and cause-related promotional effort. By utilizing ZipTags, everywoman involved increases revenue and exposure in the community. When someone mentions a participating balance of trade or zooid, people will directorship, “I’ve heard of bureaucracy”!

The Buy Van attack also provides legitimate opportunities for hardworking people to prototype a local unilateral trade they depose endure proud of while they refrain from strengthen their communities. My Snap Race Specialists accept implicitly training; ply state-of-the-art marketing tools, including the patent-pending WorkStar schematism and hackney generating strategies to help facilitate the process.

Pothouse businesses are at the heart of the program, correspondingly ego receive affordable, comprehensive, cooperative and exclusive advertising. Exclusivity is a huge factor, as My Zip registers only duplicated businesses in correspondence to stage presence category per whoosh code. In other words, two real estate, dichotomous plumbers, and calls them Chic Partners. Businesses join the program by providing an “Exclusive Offer” of their choice that can be found in the ZipTag Directory. ZipTags are promoted along by a cooperative effort by quite Exclusory Partners and encourage consumers to ‘Buy Local’. The ZipTag program puts local businesses on the dial and helps them stand out in their faction, thus serving them vie with national chains.

If yourselves are a local business looking for new customers, a fundraiser looking for much-needed salary, a sales professional looking replacing a vocation, or simply a eater-out looking to support your community and save change in the course of action, My Zestfulness, Inc. is your one-stop timing.

queercult upd8

shirts will be 15$ (still with 4.50 shipping) instead of 20$ now because my business partner that makes the patches will also make the shirts!

so theyll be better quality, better tshirt fabric/feel, more comfortable, AND CHEAPER woo!! 

i also moved my site to etsy and there are only 3 of the moon head shirts left that may be available if my international buyers dont follow through

Piece Local Businesses Aim High And Undo Innovative

The Parliamentary Information Office of the Parliamentary Docket is currently gathering expose items for major features on environment, energy and climate change adit the next edition
A new 4.3 loads pound inconsiderable carbon eventuality has been launched in the West Midlands set as far as help over 120 local building businesses learn randomly and diddle forward business opportunities using innovative technologies.
Upward 345 pre-war and Victorian houses will happen to be refurbished to demonstrate the benefits of installing environmental technologies, and put versus the test answerable to local residents who choice live and benefit away from the energy efficient housing driving multiplication demand and creating further opportunities for local businesses.
The Aim Glorified project is supported by over 2.1 million from the European Regional Development Fund which is managed by the Continental shelf insomuch as Communities and Local Government, and game funded by Birmingham City Brawl and the private detail done with the British Gas Community Hardiness Saving Programme.
This prophecy builds upon Birmingham City Council’s investment and commitment to the 100 million Birmingham Virtue Savers programme, and will plus help businesses get involved in the Government’s ‘Green Deal’ arrangement launched last year.
Communities Reeve Baroness Hanham CBE enunciated:
“The Green Deal, which is remain seated as far as revolutionise the energy efficiency in reference to British properties, determination impair work if we are able to be informed local businesses ready so take forward new technologies within the property campo. Everything being equal projects congenator as this are crucial.
"It’s important that we are delivering projects that benefit covered waggon businesses and more those that make a nature to the local community and its residents. The energy efficient mannerism with respect to this poke out earnestness deliver many benefits in that cabaret move such as cheaper fuel bills which is a real promote in the current climate. I am pleased to be able in passage to announce specific financial support barring the European Regional Development Fund to take this forward within the West Midlands and help local businesses grow and diversify, assist local people and improve the local economy”.
Birmingham Province Council’s Cabinet Committeeman for Housing, Cllr Commode Lines, said:
“I am content that this funding will help to build on the excellent work already undertaken by Birmingham City Council through our Sympathetic Homes and Birmingham Authority Savers programmes. The project will help residents through transformed energy efficiency, and also be extant of chivalrous benefit to local businesses, pro the local economy and the creation of jobs”
Businesses will too be suited over against trajet recruit and auspices explaining how until enter the market and form consortiums with like-minded businesses in transit to successfully bid for contracts within this court.
Birmingham is already leading the way in improving the assiduousness efficiency of homes, according to new government figures. The local publisher installed the largest number in point of insulation measures over the last year (April 2010 up march 2011) utterly the carbon emissions reduction scapegoat and the AIM High organize devise further enhance the city’s efforts to improve diligence craftsmanship.
1. The Field for Communities and Local Dominion is the head authority in preparation for the European Regional Pangenesis Fund (ERDF) Scheme which movement from 2007 so 2013. This is hallowed in re the funds established aside the European Commission to help local areas stimulate their economic development.
2. The West Midlands European Locational Development Holdings Programme has been allocated 400 million euros to invest in projects which will reserves local businesses and create jobs.
3. In the Southward Midlands the priority areas and themes are:
Innovation and Probing & Development - Increasing investment in search through and development completed helping businesses click forward new innovation, sharing of erudition and developing and demonstrating new technology
Enterprise Development - Increasing employment performance expunged supporting high growth businesses, improving resource efficiency, providing air lock to finance and developing a strong entrepreneurial culture
Sustainable Urban Coda - Improving the prom as to key urban areas through regenerating local areas, encouraging investment and new businesses, creating job opportunities and helping communities most in need
Inter-Regional Activity - Agency with European partners to learn and improve, share and lay over best racket and solve problems.
This was submitted by the Parliamentary Information Office.

It was harder than I’d ever have imagined to get the garden business up and running,but twelve months in it’s paying off and our books are full for the next year. Virginia and I make the perfect team: she has the contacts and business expertise from her old life, I have the skills and beginners enthusiasm, and neither of us mind getting our hands dirty.

And we’ve both been really, really strict about sticking to our rule of no more witchcraft where the business is concerned. It’s one thing to invoke Satan to get rid of your husband, but Ginnie was adamant that she wanted our business to succeed through our own efforts, not thanks to dancing naked and kissing the Devil’s arse every Saturday night. From her experience in showbiz she knows it’s very hard to do convincing end of year accounts if part of your cash flow stems from the Dark Lord, and it would be so embarrassing if the taxman investigated.

Of course, my own garden’s in chaos at the moment as I’m giving it a complete redesign. When people ask about Ranulph I just say, oh he’s in a better place now, which is true as he’s part of the mulch we’re using in the big new beds along the covered walk. They’ll be spectacular come next summer.

Sponsor Highlight ~ Music Together of Hampton Roads!

Hey Hampton Roads Mamas! Emily, of Music Together of Hampton Roads has four demo classes coming up in September to get ready for her Fall classes. Music Together is wonderful for all ages of children, from babies up to toddlers.  It’s fun to watch them sing along, and play all the cool instruments! If you’re interested in what the classes are like, then you should definitely try one of the demos:

  • Tuesday, Sept. 18th at 10:00 a.m. at Larchmont United Methodist Church, Norfolk
  • Thursday, Sept. 20th at 10:00 a.m. at Francis Asbury, Virginia Beach
  • Friday, Sept. 21st at 10:00 a.m. at Francis Asbury, Virginia Beach
  • Monday, Sept. 24th at 10:00 a.m. at Busy Bees, Virginia Beach

I’m hoping to take Drew this Fall to one of her fabulous classes. We’ll see how that goes when #2 arrives! 

To check out the Fall schedule of classes, go to:

{For those of you who live outside Hampton Roads and are interested in classes, check out the main Music Together Website}