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Friendly reminder that if you’re stuck on what to buy as gifts for the holidays and you want to support a local queer artist, I have a huge range of sapphic prints available on all kinds of merchandise on redbubble, including these pretties :D

Bonus points; many of them can be printed on a cushion, which means you can totally hug my art ! 💖🌈😘



#SupportYoungArtists hi! I just started this art photography project about Lima’s (Perú’s capital) youth culture. If you have the chance please check it out, it would mean a lot ♡


Hey guys! So I’ve gotten a few asks about commissions , and i never updated my old pricing sheet which was a bit confusing
here’s the new and improved price sheet
So I’m taking commissions again because I need to pay the bills :0 (color sketches are done in marker or colored pencil) The top two images (Bust upself portrait , the one with the sad ginger (me) with the squiggly green outline and the adjacent one of Maya (full body colored pencil , girl with red hair) are both color and cost 10 regardless of whether or not its bust up, headshot, waist up or full body :) bottom line is all colored pencil pieces are $10 :D
☆All line work in pen is $5 regardless of whether or not its full body, headshot, or waist up (I have many colored pens so if you want a certain color scheme of lines thats not just black lmk) :3
☆Full body color is $20 ($10 extra for each additional character)
☆Waist up color is $15
☆Bust up/ headshot in color is $10
☆Backgrounds are an additional $20 depending on what is specified
☆paintings are done in oil and it honestly depends on the subject so that’s something we would communicate about bc I charge by piece , it’s hard to generalize when it comes to paintings. Paintings start at $50 and depending on the size and complexity can go up to $400