support lgbt russians

please, support russian lgbt teens, cause our parents dont do this

we feel lost, we feel broken 

our country blame us

our teachers and doctors say that we are sick 

our government turns a blind eye to lgbt teen suicide 

they don’t pay attention to us

some of us have been forced treatment

they forbid us to live and love

so please, next time, before saying: “all russian are homophobic bastards, why the fuck are they banned BATB and Power Rangers??”, think about the LGBT teens in Russia

because we don’t live, we exist here. and you’re not

so please support us, because our country have turned away from us

anonymous asked:

Hi! I just wanted to thank you for your post examining homophobia in Russia (and lesbophobia- that quote about "knowing lesbians exist," god.) Wanted you to know that while I don't have a tumblr and I'm getting rid of facebook, I'm going to make a post on my instagram with abbreviated information about how people can help the Chechnens and offer to do some commissions in support of the Russian LGBT+Network.

i’m really pleased to hear that! i’m doing all i can to spread awareness myself by talking to classmates and participating in a research conference, as well as spreading what i’ve learned through tumblr, but there’s still so much more to be done to bring awareness to the issue and help lgbt+ russians. even little efforts that help the public understand what is truly happening make a big difference–after all, the russian government wants more than anything to silence discussion and sweep the issue under the rug like it has been doing for decades. 

stay strong, and best of luck!! my inbox is always open if you need to talk. 

anonymous asked:

hi, may i ask what it's like to be a lesbian in russia?

Hello! Well, I don’t know from what should I start…

Lesbians have always been seen as a «crazy and aggressive alcoholics with drug addiction» in Russia, but I think after «gay propaganda laws» things started to get EXTREMELY worse. After those laws our government started to push idea that gay people are «the worst evil on the earth» and most of Russians, unfortunately, believe in that kind of bullshit.

Russia is not only homophobic, but really misogynistic county. Lesbians  are totally invisible for liberal\left-wing public and opposition in general. When some magazines or maybe opposition sites trying to support Russian LGBT community they are always talking about gay\bi guys but not about females in LGBT community. Guy guys in Russia are mostly anti-feminist and really misogynistic (especially they dislike butch girls I dunno why). I don’t what to say that gay guys don’t face aggression or that they are less oppressed but I think that fact that lesbians are not only gay but also women plays really big role in that situation (women are paid less; women without husbands\boyfriends are seen as broken in Russia and etc). The most creepy and awful stories in Russian LGBT community I’ve heard from lesbians. When parents «order» corrective rape to their daughter; when father beats his daughter by a belt, when he realizes that she is gay; when males are trying to steal kids from ex-wives and etc.

Of course Russia is not an Iran, and I think you can be lesbian here and have normal life. That really depends on some factors like: do you parents support you, where do you live and etc. Actually, I think that I am really lucky,  because I have the most supportive mom in the world and she has no problem with me being gay. Also Russia is a really big country and lesbian life in Moscow or Saint Petersburg is a really different from lesbian life in Chechnya. I am really fucking scared for lesbians who live in regions like Chechnya or Dagestan.

Thank you for your question and sorry for my bad English but I hope you will understand what I said. 

And I actually would like to hear and talk with some other Russian and Eastern European lesbians about their life experience and about lesbian culture in our countries.