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Seeing Louis at H's Honda shooting it just made me happy. I knew he's always there but seeing it reminds me of the beginning where he was always around and that hurts, but in a very good way. ❤💙💚💛💜

They have been around this whole time, we were just not supposed to see it. Or we needed to zoom in, enlighten, change saturation and do whatever CSI work the footage needed.

Where’s a Harry Styles, there’s a Louis Tomlinson



And where is a Louis Tomlinson, there’s a Harry Styles.


If not physically then…


Ok, there are some people who have just rushed into my room asking me to stop with this nonsense…… 

Who Painted the Moon Black.

They don’t really talk much after that. Instead they lie back on the grass and doze in and out of consciousness for a while. Harry rests his head on Louis’ lap and lazily points out his favourite flowers while Louis fiddles with his curls. When they get hungry they delve into the sandwiches and lemonade that Louis had packed early that morning.


You see, the thing is that I don’t freaking care even if the whole world is against Louis Tomlinson. I love him to bits. He was my idol years ago, he is my idol now. I’m a Larrie, yes. But, first I was a Louie, so If I say that I’ll never stop shipping Larry, (don’t care who he dates or ”dates”, he’s a grown up man, can decide for himself) I’m sure as hell that I’ll never stop loving my baby Lou’. 

That’s the Louis I know, no matter what they do to make him look problematic and negative, It will never work with me :)


WOOOOOW .. This is AMAZING 😂…That ugly soul person tweeted bad things on Harry’s latest tweet 😡!!using his verified account to make his tweets show as 1st replied tweets so everyone could read them.. But the protective husband Louis blocked him 😈, and the guy doesnt know why cuz he didnt say anything on Louis'twitter, only on Harry ….

Pick someone supportive 💚💙


James Arthur commenter on him and Louis new friendship

“may we know what’s your business with louis?” THE FUCKING ENTITLEMENT.

Louis: [has grown up in the past four years]

James: [has grown up in the past four years]

Zayn: [has grown up in the past four years]

Larries: [still in 2012]