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I dont understand why some larries are so mean and hostile to Harry. I thought being a larrie meant supporting them both equally.

I actually disagree. For me, being a larrie means that you believe Harry and Louis are together. I don’t think all larries must love Harry as much as they love Louis. That would be hypocritical of me, because I love Harry more than I love Louis and the other boys.

But I do think being a larrie means that you always remember that H and L are a team, that they trust each other and make their decisions together, as all normal couples do. Larries should always keep in mind that Harry/Louis is their fave’s love and should be kind to them. That’s my main issue with larries who are nasty toward Harry and his solo career: they treat Harry like a fic character whose life must revolve around Louis and who shouldn’t have any ambitions as an artist. I’m sorry, but that’s not how healthy relationships work.

People in a relationship aren’t in a competition. Like, my husband has been without a job for half a year. He’s kind of depressed because of that, but he never resented me for my job or wanted me to quit my job so we could be depressed together. It’s not how it works. His problems are my problems, and my happiness is his happiness, because we’re a team. Like, if you can’t be happy for Harry himself, think how happy and proud of him Louis is and how much Louis would hate his “fans” for all the ugly things they say about Harry.
Respect Larry

I never understood. Why so much of the hate towards Larry Shippers? Why do you need to stop us from believing in Larry?

It hurts… To be called “Fake fan” when, all you really want is just to see your idols being happy. That’s exactly why we ship Larry, ‘cause we see how happy they are together. You’re saying that if there was a gay relationship, then why would it be hidden? Well… I will tell you why. In this cruel world that we live in… It’s just not acceptable to be gay yet. People see being gay as a bad thing.  They see it as an insult. So now do you really thing to boys in the biggest boyband in the world could just come out and be themselves? They can’t. If the came out, their career would literally end. They would lose a lot of fans and that is not what they want cause fans are the reason why they are in the place that they are right now and if they lose us, they’ll actually lose everything.

You’re saying that we’re hurting them and ruining their friendship. Well… If gay rumors are ruining your friendship… Then it means you never had a strong friendship in first place. They are a lot gay rumors among celebrities. A lot of friendships that people are taking too far. But those celebrities never stopped being friends for that. Cause they know what people say is yet another rumor. The fact that Louis and Harry do really care about what people say about them, actually proves that they’re hiding something. I mean if you have nothing to hide, why bother? And when millions of people are questioning their sexualities. Don’t you think… It means they’re doing something wrong here?

Have you ever asked yourself, Why is Larry the only ship of the whole entire history of celebrities that is covered up? Why is Larry the only ship that a whole company is trying to stop people from believing in it? Think about it. Think about what you’re saying. It’s sad that people would rather believe, that Louis is a bad guy and that Harry is a womanizer, rather than believing that they’re just two boys in love with each other.

This hate towards us needs to stop. People need to stop believing that just because we ship larry, then it means we’re hating on Eleanor or on anybody else. I can promise you that… Most of us don’t do anything else except staying on our own thing. We have reasons to believe in what we believe in. All of the things that happen so far… It all can’t be a coincidence anymore. And remember what Elton John said “The bromance line is crossed when you look into their eyes with so much love, your soul feels it.”


“There comes a time when a blind man takes your hand and says “Can’t you see?”-Harry Styles.

You can tell me whatever you want,
you can show me millions of babies,
you can hire how many beards you like, but I won’t care.
I’ll always show you Harry and Louis holding hands and anything else will matter.