support is everything remember that

I just want to remember everything. I don’t care if remembering more stuff hurts. It bugs me so much knowing more might have happened to me than I am remembering
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Never lose sight of who you are and who you’ve become. Learn how to move on from a past full of people and places and events that have hurt you but never forget that they made you into who you are now. Keep your friends as close as possible as long as possible. Tell people you love them whenever you can. Be thankful of the fact that we are alive and breathing and healthy. Be thankful we live in a world that is so breathtakingly beautiful and diverse. Love everyone. Love continuously.
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haikyuu character writing tips

Hinata is sunshine baby full of Hope and Love, but also an unyielding monster who never takes his eyes off the horizon. 

Kageyama is a genius with a scary face, but also hilariously awkward tragic dweeb who doesn’t know how to make friends

Tsukishima is a mean, calculating bastard, but also quite shy and has a hard time dealing with his own feelings. Despite appearances, probably one of the most emotionally vulnerable characters in the series. Also a nerd with a wicked sweet tooth

Yamaguchi is Tsukishima’s best friend and a good server, but also one of the most self-aware characters in the series. He has a backbone of steel, and is 100% willing to call people out on their shit

Oikawa is frivolous, childish, and petty, but also intensely focused, dedicated, and passionate. He refuses to let anything hold him back for long

Bokuto is a beefy goofball with turbulent emotions, but also one of the most encouraging and positive forces on any court he’s standing on. He brings up the spirits of both teams, and what he lacks in academic smarts, he makes up for in how good he is with people

Kuroo is a provocation master of a sneaky cat of a captain, but also a genuinely nice guy who fusses over things that aren’t his responsibility: other teams’ first years, his elderly coach’s old dream, and making sure his unsocial best friend is eating properly. He also loves science and doesn’t like to swear.

Ushijima is the most powerful, terrifying Ace in the prefecture, but also a precious awkward meatball with bad people skills. nevertheless, he is firmly, steadfastly reliable and does his best to be kind.

Tendou is a sneaky player who takes pleasure in crushing his opponents, but also loves and supports his teammates with everything he’s got because he remembers what volleyball was like without them

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Michalis/Narcian C-S Support

Written by  airlock


Michalis: … Hm? Is there someone flying towards me?

Narcian: Ho, you there, with the awful lank hair!

Michalis: That’s King Michalis of Macedon to you. Who are you, anyway?

Narcian: Why, that’s a great question! I am the most sophisticated of the Wyvern Generals, the bravest champion of Bern, the truest hero since Hartmut, a warrior, statesman, and orator extraordinaire, Saint Elimine’s only work to surpass her own-

Michalis: Get to the point.

Narcian: My glorious name is Narcian, and I happen to have a bone to pick with you.

Michalis: Hmph. You’re not the first and you won’t be the last… Save your grievances for someone who cares to hear them. Because I do not. Least of all in a battlefield.

Narcian: What an uppity flea! Are you saying that there’s something more important to do than attending to my needs? Because nothing is more important than I!

Michalis: Do you know who I am, fool? If you knew, you wouldn’t speak to me so freely. You would kneel and tremble before me!

Narcian: Normally, I wouldn’t know one worm from the other. But your actions have been unacceptable enough to capture even the great Narcian’s attention. You should be truly ashamed!

Michalis: Shame? That’s a worthless feeling. Only those who rise above these petty trappings can accomplish their ambitions… But if you would learn a thing or two of shame, all you have to do is watch me in combat and be humbled. Here, I will grant you just such an opportunity!

Narcian: Stop at this instant! That abhorrent behavior of yours is precisely what I must correct! If you simply keep running through each insignificant bug in our path, there won’t be any left for me to crush! How am I to show off to our superiors my stunning abilities and worthiness of high status if I’m not given hordes of miserable clods to shine against?

Narcian: … Why, you! How dare you ride away while the great Narcian speaks to you! Fly that ugly wyvern back here this instant! Obey me, you filthy, mutt-biting flea!

[Michalis and Narcian have reached support rank C.]


Narcian: Aha! Finally, I have clawed through the dirt enough to dig up this flailing worm again! … I speak to you, witless simpleton!

Michalis: Oh, it’s you. I thought you might have been talking to your own reflection. You were calling for a witless simpleton, after all.

Narcian: What nonsense! Everyone knows that I don’t take to battlefields with mirrors on them, lest I, not my enemies, become distracted by my radiant glory!

Michalis: Enough of this inane tangent. Whatever it is you have to say – just be done with it at once, and pray for dear life that I’ll find it worthy of my attention.

Narcian: Hmhmhmhm!! You will rue the day when you’ve disobeyed the great Narcian, for I have seen through your charade! You may act superior and bark threats all you like, you may even continue to shamelessly steal my rightful glory, but I know who you really are now!

Michalis: What in the world are you talking about?

Narcian: In your own world, you were a figure worthy of the historical records. Not for greatness – but for notoriety! You, who thought to teach me something of grace or combat… Was utterly defeated on every contest of such things!

Narcian: Well, what do you have to say to this? Are you in awe of my library-trawling prowess? No secret is kept well enough to evade my cunning!

Michalis: … Hmph. If you would hear what I have to say about this… it would be that wasting so much effort to dredge up a man’s history over some fool trifle is truly graceless.

Michalis: And if you absolutely had to do such a thing, you’d have wasted much less time asking around, for I’m exactly as notorious as you say and I do not hide from my past.

Michalis: And since you must have neglected to train while you were wasting your time in this diatribe, your combat abilities-

Narcian: Oh, that’s it! I’ve heard enough from your fraudulent, mud-crusted mouth! The time has come for me to show you my superiority through my raging axe, rather than my melodious words! Come at me, cur! Be honored that you get to witness my peerless skills firsthand, but be utterly terrified as-

Michalis: No. I will waste no blade of mine on such low scum while I can whet my appetite for battle on these perfectly able Emblian soldiers instead. Farewell, and don’t ever bother me again.

Narcian: Aaaargh!! How dare you demote me like this, Zephiel!!!

Michalis: …

Narcian: …

Michalis: … Hah. And now, you know of a MUCH simpler way to dredge up a man’s shameful past!

Narcian: Noooooo!!!

[Michalis and Narcian have reached support rank B.]


Michalis: How many today? Just three? Pitiful. I’m more than warrior enough for all of-

Emblian soldier: Now!

Michalis: Huh? Oh! You cravens!

Emblian soldier: You’re surrounded! Drop your weapons and surrender!

Michalis: Tch! As if! Bring your whole army before me, I dare you! You won’t see me surrendering even then!

Michalis: … Gnrk! I hate to admit, these cravens fight well…

Michalis: … Haaah…

Narcian: Ha! Scatter before me, you Emblian roaches!

Emblian soldier: Urk!

Emblian soldier: Gah!

Narcian: Who else dares stand in the great and mighty Narcian’s way? That’s right! You’d all better retreat! Run, and tell your masters that you were defeated by none other than me!

Michalis: If this is your idea of saving my life… You’re wasting your energy once again… I’ve been much closer to death… than… this…

Narcian: You dare misconstrue my intentions! You, who have wounded my pride, and then done it twice: listen well! If your miserable life is taken by some lowly Emblian clods, then my revenge will be lost! That would simply not stand!

Narcian: I will now ferry you back to quarters, and you will rest. Rest and heal, fool, so that when you’ve recovered, I will appear and cut you down once again! And each time you are healed, I will claw into you once more, until I have exacted my glorious, bloody vengeance! Only then will you have my permission to die! Have I made myself clear?!

Michalis: … Heh. Heheheh. Ahahahahah!!

Narcian: Stop wasting your breath at once! If you twist yourself to death on my wyvern’s back, I will personally have you killed! And then, I will round up your whole family and do unspeakable deeds to each one of them!

Michalis: Ahahahahahahahaaaaaah!!!

Michalis: Hah… hah… To most of my family, you may do as you will. But if you so much as point that forked tongue of yours towards my sister Maria, you will taste my wrath and your own blood, regardless of whether I’m dead.

Narcian: Hmhmhmhmhm… So if it comes to that… I know who to start with…

Narcian: … Stop struggling at once, you damned fool! At this rate, you will tear open every single one of your wounds at once and then fall off the wyvern!

[Michalis and Narcian have reached support rank A.]


Narcian: A fine evening to you, burrowing rat! I have come to see how your injuries fare. Depending on how well they are, today may be the first of many days when you know the chilly bite of my emerald!

Narcian: But first, you may thank the great Narcian, for he is as strong as he is magnanimous. Indeed, he has decided not to harm your precious “Muriah”, for he has-

Michalis: Hm?

Narcian: What in Saint Elimine’s vast Elibe is this?!

Michalis: Heh. It’s not every day that you see a king do a squire’s work, I’ll grant, but is it truly so unusual?

Michalis: I should explain. Polishing my wyvern’s silver barding is work that I can trust no one else with. Your average serving clod would just soak it in common polish… That sort of foul goop will irritate a wyvern’s scales severely. So, you see, if I’d have my royal mount receive the treatment it deserves, with the right materials and the right techniques, I must see to it on my own-

Narcian: Oh, this glorious sight!! I can’t peel my eyes away from it!! What a spectacle!! What shining beauty!!

Michalis: Excuse me?!

Narcian: It’s almost impossible to believe that such perfection can be made in flesh!! It must be the work of the gods themselves!! They made this, and they broke the mold, because such majesty must be kept safe from itself!!

Michalis: Heh. I should have known that this was your true angle, from how intensely you pursued me. I’ll admit that this flattery is… interesting, at least.

Narcian: Oh, what would I even do after being struck by such an image of divinity…

Michalis: Hm? A sudden question… But I can think of something. After all, even if your motives must be so byzantine, you’ve proven yourself as a warrior. And if I have able warriors at my side, then I will be another step closer to accomplishing my grand ambitions…!

Narcian: Anything! I would do anything to preserve this wondrous sight!!

Michalis: Excellent. We have an agreement, then. Once our battles for Askr are done, seek me out. By then, I will know which battles fate shall take us to next. But listen! Your life is now mine to command, so, don’t you dare go wasting it on some Emblian worms.

Michalis: Now, if you’ll excuse me. My work with this croupiere is done, so I will put the barding away and get started on the saddle. So, until the next battle, I suppose.

Narcian: … Oh, Narcian, when will you ever learn? You should’ve averted your eyes from that highly reflective surface before it was too late… Ah, but how could I resist my incredible charm for even a passing moment? The blame is on whoever left all that polished silver just lying around. When I find out who did this, I will threaten their entire family! But maybe… a little less of it than usual, since gazing into that wondrous image is always a sublime experience…

[Michalis and Narcian have reached support rank S.]

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Simmons gives birth to Fitz's child and he goes absolutely nuts? For the headcanon thing

Hey there! Thank you for the ask! I saved the best for last, and unfortunately, that meant you had to wait a long time. Also, I am still the worst. Here we go!

  • The thing about Fitz is that he always wanted to be a dad, but he never really had one around to show him how to be one
  • I mean he definitely knows what NOT to do
  • But he’s out of that loop, you know? He’s grown up and he’s a good person and Jemma wouldn’t have married him if she didn’t believe in him
  • And they’ve spent a whole nine month reading parenting books and going to classes
  • Really, he’s ready
  • But let me tell you, when he’s actually holding that baby in his arms?
  • A baby that looks up at him with eyes he’s only seen in a mirror
  • He loses it
  • He has never fallen in love so fast and he’s not sure what to do with himself
  • He’s supposed to support the head, right? Is there such a thing as too much support?
  • He doesn’t remember. Everything he’s learned goes right out the window
  • He’s happier than he’s every been except for the sheer panic
  • And Jemma’s no help, over there at the hospital bed, looking over at them with doting eyes
  • Doesn’t she realize that he is IN CRISIS??
  • But a nurse appears
  • And this guy has been in the same boat before
  • He calms Fitz down
  • Reminds him of everything Fitz is supposed to do
  • And keeps guiding him until the baby is fast asleep and they can return her to her mother
  • Jemma has never looked more beautiful than she does with their baby in her arms
  • And Fitz has never felt more lucky in his life
  • (Though he doesn’t calm down for a good 18-25 years)

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Gogo was also honored with a compilation video of her closest friends and family speaking highly of her and once again Zayn, her “favorite human” and supposed boyfriend of two years was nowhere to be seen lol but they’re soooo “supportive” of each other, yeah right

That can’t be, nonnie! She’s his “everything”, remember? LMAO

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Henry goes to his moms for advice on how to best support a classmate who was outed as being gay to ask if he can come over to hang out at the mansion so he can have a safe place to get away from the bullying and Regina and Emma tell him they are proud of him for being so accepting

Thanks for the prompt :) 

“Moms, can I ask you something?” 

“Sure kid, what’s up?” Emma asks slightly worried by their son’s serious demeanour. 

Regina lifts her head up from her paperwork to face Henry, instinctively linking her hand with Emma’s as a sign of mutual support, “Is everything okay Henry?” 

“I’m fine…but my friend, you remember Ben?” 

“The toymaker’s son?”

Henry nods, “Yeah, he just came out as gay…and most of us are okay with it but there’s a group of guys in the year above us who are being jerks about it. No matter where we go in town they’re always there hanging around and I know that it bothers him…”

“Do you want me to caution them?” Emma asks, “As Sheriff I can go to the school and speak about tolerance.” 

“No,” Henry replies, “We can handle it. They’re just bullies being idiots.”

“Henry, if they start threatening physical violence you need to let us do something. You know we’ll do anything we can to help,” Regina assures him. 

“I know,” Henry says with a smile, “I know you guys get it and I was going to ask if we could come hang out here more, just so we have a safe space. I was thinking about converting the basement into a rec room or something.” 

“That sounds like a wonderful idea Henry,” Regina tells him with a proud smile, “We’ll take you to that store Emma likes and get the room sorted for you.” 

“Ikea?” Emma replies before nodding at their son, “Sounds like a plan to me Hen, do your Moms still get an invite to play games still?” 

“Sure Moms, you’re really okay with me doing this?” 

Regina nods, “We’re proud of you Henry for wanting to give your friend a safe space, and for being so supportive.” 

Henry smiles back at his Moms, “How could I not be supportive when I can see how happy you guys are?” 

Inked - Chapter 1

New series~~~ Ik having many at once may not be the best idea but inspiration hit me like a truck :“) Some notes; Tildes (~) represent scene changes like in a TV show, for example, and if you have anxiety and reading about panic attacks may trigger you, stay away from the part I’ve marked with 2 asterisks (**) - the story should still make sense without that part and I don’t wanna cause anyone panic or stress because ik how horrifying that can be! That’s all from me, hope you all like! FEEDBACK IS GREATLY APPRECIATED ♥

Tattoo Artist!Yoongi is crushed on by both his best friend, cheery barista!Hoseok and shy florist!Jimin, although he’s painfully oblivious to both. Namjoon is a struggling poet / writer with depression and anxiety who is desperately trying to get published whilst his fiancé, music label CEO Seokjin is doing everything in his power to aid and support him. Taehyung is a busker trying to sign a contract with Jin’s company and Jungkook is a fitness trainer at the gym next to Hoseok’s work who has a (not so) little crush on Jimin himself ;3 Slice of life / drama kinda thing hehe, mainly focused on Yoongi

“Yah, hold still!”
“But I don’t like needles! What if it hurts?!”
“It will fucking hurt if you don’t stop squirming…”
“This was a bad idea!”
“Don’t worry~ I’ll try be gentle, let me take your tattoo virginity~~”
“Wow. Way to make it weird Yoongs.”

Rambunctious laughter filled the small, dimly lit room in which two best friends sat. One bore midnight black hair and matching eyes, tattoos covering the exposed skin of his arms and parts of his neck whilst the other was clear of ink, chocolate brown hair beading with sweat as he glanced at the tattoo gun grasped in the gloved hand of his companion. Min Yoongi and Jung Hoseok had been practically inseparable since elementary school, growing together all the way up to college, and had then even gotten jobs in neighboring buildings on a busy street in centre Seoul. Yoongi ran a small tattoo parlor, living in the little apartment above the shop and oftentimes finding himself staying with Hoseok due to money problems whilst his best friend was the most popular barista at the coffee shop next door, his cheerful and exuberant personality completely rivalling Yoongi’s closed off, cold attitude towards life. Introvert versus extrovert, constant smiles versus resting bitch face, and so on. But as they say, opposites attract…

And Hoseok was inexplicably attracted to Yoongi.

He’d kept his feelings hidden for far too long, and it had gotten to the point where every time they hung out he felt like his chest was going to burst with the way it fluttered. Yoongi was absolutely oblivious to Hoseok’s adoration, although the latter was sure his feelings wouldn’t be reciprocated, so as it usually went Hoseok stayed safe and preserved their current friendship by instead keeping quiet and relishing in the time they spent together.

“Why did you pick this design?” Yoongi asked in a mutter, bringing Hoseok from his loving daydream and bringing his focus to the scratchy, burning feeling he felt on his shoulder as the needle permanently marked his supple skin. It was simple line art, as daring as Hoseok was willing to get, portraying Saturn surrounded by stars.

“Well,” Hoseok coughed, chewing on the inside of his cheek as to distract himself from the mild pain. “The planet represents me.” he started thoughtfully with a soft smile. “And the stars represent-” You. He wanted to say, he wanted to tell him exactly what the tattoo meant to him, what he meant to him. “The stars represent my friends. And how supportive you all are. Remember back in college with the depression and everything? I don’t think I’d be doing so well now if it weren’t for everyone in the dorm.”

“I may throw up,” Yoongi deadpanned, face slowly morphing into a smirk. “But that’s adorable.” he wiped at the design, slowly drawing to a close on the last star. “Does that mean one of the stars is me?” All the cheesy lines Hoseok wanted to utter right then fell bitter on his tongue and he sighed, his gaze that moved to Yoongi so fond he may as well have hung the stars himself.

“Of course.” he settled for instead, quiet voice dissipating into a silence that was anything but comfortable as the machine Yoongi held also fell mute.

“It’s done. It’s nice, if I do say so myself.” The elder grinned as he covered it over, taking a quick photo on his phone to show Hoseok who beamed in delight.

“It’s beautiful! I knew I was right to trust you!” In his ecstasy he pulled Yoongi to him in a tight hug before he could think twice, Yoongi’s eyes widening in surprise but his arms winding around the other’s form nonetheless. Hoseok prayed his crush couldn’t feel the way his heart hammered so ruthlessly against his ribcage. He didn’t realise Yoongi’s sudden silence was due to how flustered he was with Hoseok so close to him.

As Hoseok drew back, hoping the blush dusting his tanned cheeks wouldn’t be showing, the sound of the door clicking open coursed through the room and in entered the candyfloss-pink haired florist from the shop across the street.

“Hey, Jimin,” Yoongi hummed, packing away his kit and cleaning the small table on which it rested in his preparation to close up. Jimin smiled at them both, eyes lingering on Yoongi perhaps a little longer than they should before travelling down to Hoseok’s still exposed back.

“Wow, Hoseok finally let you tattoo him?” He asked in astonishment, drawing a smug smile from the artist responsible.

“Nice, huh? It’s pretty meaningful, too. I’m pretty proud, which is unusual.” Yoongi laughed, Jimin joining in shyly.

“It’s amazing~” Jimin drawled, advancing and looking over it closer up. “You really are talented, hyung.” Yoongi may have missed his enamored tone and sickly sweet look but Hoseok didn’t, a small ripple of terror running through him. He’d had suspicions; Jimin wasn’t as great in concealing his blind affection as he was, but even so he hadn’t considered him that much of a rival. Besides, he’d known Yoongi way longer and as far as he was aware they were way closer. But then again, that may have been his downfall. His mind was conflicted, partly optimistic because he and Yoongi were as close as brothers, but also pessimistic as that could mean he was stuck in the so called ‘friendzone’. Jimin looked over at him and smiled, though there was a tinge of malice behind it as he realised he had competition.



“Jin, baby, you’re gonna miss your train.” Fixing the lapels of his suit Kim Seokjin looked down at his fiancé, who perched on the end of their shared bad trying to calm his breathing.

“I have plenty of time,” he sighed in response, smiling softly and joining Namjoon on the neatly made sheets. “Besides. If I’m having breakfast and my soon-to-be husband is having a panic attack and I just leave him to handle it alone so I can go to work then what kind of husband am I?” Namjoon didn’t even try to properly process what Seokjin told him, world still spinning and vision still blurry as his boyfriend guided his head to rest on his broad shoulder. Seokjin slung his arm around Namjoon and held him close, fingers slowly running up and down his arm to soothe him; a practise he’d gotten used to after their being together so long. “Did you forget to take your medication again?”

“No…” Namjoon panted, his shaking hands soon held in Seokjin’s steady ones. “I don’t know what’s happening, I don’t know why I feel so anxious, I just-”

“Joon.” Seokjin cut him off, raising an eyebrow and turning Namjoon’s chin so he was looking him in the eye. “You don’t need to explain yourself to me.” Namjoon smiled and wiped his eyes, worn out despite just having woken up but already a lot calmer as he focused on Seokjin’s calm heartbeat. “It doesn’t matter what the reason is, what matters is that you’re okay before I leave.”

“Thank you,” Namjoon whispered, huddling closer to Seokjin’s warm body as the man planted a gentle kiss atop his blonde hair. “I’m sorry, I’m okay.”


“I’ve told you countless times to stop apologizing! You can’t help it sweetie.” Seokjin reassured him, standing up and guiding Namjoon to follow as he headed for the lounge. “Now I really have to go, you gonna be okay on your own?” Namjoon chuckled, wrapping his arms around his fiancés neck and pulling him into a hug.

“I’ll be fine Seokjin, I’m not a child.”

“I didn’t mean it like that.” Seokjin sighed, ruffling Namjoon’s hair and giving him a tentative kiss as he turned to leave. “Call me if you need me, okay? Eunhae knows to put you through to me whenever you call so. Don’t worry about me being too busy or anything though, I know how you get.” Namjoon nodded with a grateful smile, thanking him and hurrying to give him another short, sweet kiss before his CEO lover was out of the door and he was left to his own devices for the day.

Namjoon glanced at the fridge and frowned; he didn’t feel like eating but he knew Seokjin would go on at him if he didn’t get some form of breakfast, no matter how small. He opened the refrigerator and examined each of the many tupperware tubs in there, eventually settling for yesterday’s kimchi and rice as they were easy enough to heat and serve. As he did he went over drafts for a novel he was preparing to write, concentration furrowing his eyebrows as he ate slowly and scanned over the character profiles.

“Is this actually gonna be enough to get me published?” he mused between mouthfuls, specks of doubt forming in his mind as he pulled his favourite pen from his jean pocket and began to alter his plot.


“Hey, Hoseok, do you still go to that gym on the corner?” Yoongi asked as they walked down the street, nearing the building he spoke of.

“Sometimes,” the other responded distractedly, mind still adrift with the thoughts of Jimin. “My trainer is really good.”

“I’ve been meaning to join a gym for forever but I’m too lazy,” Yoongi chuckled, wriggling his eyebrows at Hoseok who merely hummed in response. “You okay?”

“Yeah, I’m good,” Hoseok smiled, hoping it didn’t seem as fake and forced as it was. “I actually think I’m going to drop in and see how it’s going with him.” Yoongi shrugged as his concern was brushed aside and followed Hoseok into the large blue gym building. He checked in at the counter and they headed through to the main training rooms, Hoseok peering through the window of one to see his usual trainer sat in the corner scrolling through his phone. His head, neck, arms and legs glistened with sweat and his chest heaved with the intensity of his breathing. Hoseok rapped timidly on the door, the muscular man inside looking up and grinning upon seeing his client. He wasted no time in hurrying to the door, throwing it open and stepping out to face Hoseok and Yoongi. “Hey Jungkook,” the former lilted, genuinely cheery smile taking to his lips this time. He and Jungkook had become pretty good friends through Hoseok’s newfound love for the gym, and Hoseok liked to talk to Jungkook about his hopeless and unfulfilling crush.

“Hey, what’s up?” Jungkook noted Hoseok’s less enthusiastic than usual demeanor and frowned slightly, looking over his shoulder to see Yoongi shifting his weight from foot to foot in awkward anticipation of their departure.

“I just wanted to. Check in, see how you’re doing!” Hoseok tried, face contorting into one of upset and happiness combined. All his energy by this point went into hiding his dismay. Yoongi coughed, making Hoseok jump in susprise. “Ah,yes. Jungkook, this is my good friend Yoongi.”

“So you’re Yoongi, huh?” Jungkook shook his hand with a smile, however he knew his worry for Hoseok was showing at the same time. “Nice to meet you,” Yoongi merely nodded, exhaling slowly and telling Hoseok he’d wait back at the entrance for him. Social interaction was not his thing. “Hobi, what’s wrong, are you sick?”

“Sick to death.” Hoseok muttered, reeling at Jungkook’s sudden alarm and elaborating; “of this crush.”

“Oh.” Jungkook laughed lightly at himself before his expression became one of pity, Hoseok looking down at his shoes.

“I apparently have competition now. Have you seen the florist down the street? With the pink hair?”

“Park Jimin?? He’s dreamy~” Jungkook chimed, dazed smile tugging up the corners of his downturned mouth. “Why, does he like Yoongi too?”

“Seems so,”

“That’s not… I mean. Why is this Min Yoongi attracting all the men in this city??” Jungkook huffed in disdain and Hoseok scoffed, his amusement making Jungkook frown.

“Two men, Jungkook. Two.”

“As far as you know, anyway.”

“Jungkook, I need help with my problem. I want to win Yoongi over, not lose him to some pretty pink flower boy!”

“Okay you say ‘pretty pink flower boy’ like that’s a bad thing. He’s beautiful. No homo, of course…”

“Jungkook you called him dreamy like. A second ago. You have a crush~~” Hoseok cooed mockingly, though when Jungkook put his hands on his hips and tensed his bicep as to accentuate the muscle his face fell and his eyes narrowed.

“Well I don’t want you to lose out on Yoongi. You’ve liked him for ages.”

“Aka I want to marry Park Jimin and Yoongi is in my way.” Hoseok murmured bemusedly, Jungkook rolling his eyes.

“So we both have problematic crushes! Anywayyyy I have this friend who’s a busker who’s currently trying to sign with Kim Seokjin’s record label. You know, KSJ Records? Either way he’s playing at bars and pubs and shit these days and he’s playing at Greenhill tomorrow, you know the one,”

“I know the one,” Hoseok affirmed, the image of his most frequented pub springing to mind. “But what on God’s earth does this have to do with me and Yoongi??”

“Take him there! He likes music right? Take him to watch Taehyung play and make your move or something.” Jungkook shook his head as if his implications had been obvious.

“I dunno if I can do that, Kookie,” Hoseok mumbled, pouting slightly. “If it were that simple we’d be together by now~”

“I-” Jungkook was interrupted by Yoongi’s reappearance, Hoseok spinning to see him smiling.

“Are we going? It’s getting cold and dark outside, perfect night to do some sketches,” Hoseok blinked slowly at him before looking down at the floor, smiling a little and heading to join his friend. As he went Jungkook slipped two small pieces of paper into his large hand; tickets to the show, Hoseok correctly presumed, and with a small wave he went back to his training. Hoseok scanned the tickets before pocketing them, jogging to catch up to Yoongi who had ambled ahead. Maybe a date wasn’t such a bad idea?

Feel free to tell me what you think! Or even,, what you think will happen ;3 Hope you liked ♥

-Admin Belle

Spoonie Sigils: Sigil #15:
‘Joint Stability’

Hey everyone! Here is another spoonie sigil, titled ‘joint stability’. It is perfect for those with EDS or HMS. It would be also great for those with muscle weakness or low muscle tone. It would be awesome to draw into pressure bandages, or other support strapping etc. Hope it’s helpful!  

Remember, as with everything on this blog, this is not intended to replace your normal medical or self care routine, just to be used as well as. Always consult your doctor if you have any concerns with your heath!

Sizzy: YouTube AU

Anon prompted: Sizzy prompt: Simon and Isabelle are youtubers and they are making a video about their relationship on youtube.

This was so fun to write!

‘Is this thing even on?’

‘You forgot to press the button again, Simon.’


‘Honestly I still can’t believe you have so many subscribers and you can’t even tell when the camera is on.’

Simon glared at his best friend Clary. She was small with green eyes and fiery red hair that matched her personality. She was always supportive of everything Simon did, he didn’t remember a time when Clary wasn’t by his side so when he had told her about his idea of making videos on Youtube, she had fully supported him and he was grateful for that.

‘Hey everyone! I’m Simon Lewis and look who’s with me today…’ Simon tried for the Clary-popping-up-from-below-on-to-the-camera thing and it worked out well.

‘Hey guys, it’s Clary. Not the little girl.’

‘Believe her when she says that I mean you have not been on the end of her punch let me tell you…ow! Jesus, woman!’

‘You’re Jewish.’

‘No, I’m Simon.’

‘Dad jokes, classic Lewis.’

‘Shut up, Fray.’

Ola! It’s Izzy here and I have decided to give you guys some tips on makeup, it’s been too long since I last made a video like that and guess who’s with me today.’

Isabelle turned around and his brother’s boyfriend Magnus appeared behind her, wiggling his fingers at the camera in a gesture of hello. He was wearing a white shirt with a shimmering purple vest over it and a pair of golden trousers that matched the color crusted around his eyes. His hair was spiked up. Isabelle was wearing a blue dress that went past her thighs, her ebony hair pulled into a ponytail and her red lips curled into a smile.

‘I think we all would be offended if I hadn’t invited Magnus for this video.’ Isabelle grinned, her white teeth flashing, her smile dazzling as always.

‘Fear not biscuits for I come bearing fashion tips!’

Isabelle scrunched her eyebrows at Magnus. ‘I never got that term, why do you call everyone biscuit?’

Magnus pointed a finger at her smiling in a mischievous way, his eyes glinting. ‘That is a long story and I admit an interesting one but it’s not for today. Shall we get started?’

Isabelle nodded and looked at the camera. ‘So I thought we’d make it a little bit interesting and look who agreed to let us use the products on him!’

‘It was a bet! I lost.’

Alec was huffing at Isabelle from behind the camera, his brother was dressed somberly. He was wearing a baggy sweater with a few holes at the hem and plain jeans. Magnus grinned and extended his hand out, Alec sighed and took it to let himself be pulled forwards, he really hated that YouTube channel sometimes.

‘Hey everyone! I’m Simon Lewis and something very strange happened to me today! Okay so you guys know how I’m lame at picking up girls at how I’ve dated exactly 2 girls in the past years of my life, Clary can vouch for that. Anyway I didn’t get a date, atleast I think I didn’t get a date, but I met a girl and she’s breathtaking and I know saying all this on a video is probably a stupid thing but it’s not like she watched my videos but here goes, okay.

So I was at Java Jones minding my own business when this girl appears out of nowhere, she had the longest black hair ever and she was beautiful. That’s the word for it, anyway I, being my clumsy self, tripped over my two feet, yes over my feet,  and almost knocked her to the ground. Long story short we exchanged a very awkward conversation and sorry’s and I came home and found her number on my coffee cup.’

Simon raised the Styrofoam cup with a expression of exaggerated surprise on his face.

‘I don’t even know when she did it, what was she like a ninja or something?’

‘Hey guys! I’m Isabelle and I did a very stupid thing today, stupid by my standards. I’m hoping the guy doesn’t watch my videos, I don’t care if he does, but anyway I gave the said guy my phone number. He isn’t even my type. I was at Java Jones, the cafe up in Brooklyn and I’m standing there minding my own business when this boy trips and almost knocks me down. Then we started talking and I was thinking about how cute he was, even though every part of him screamed geek. He wore glasses and those clever geeky T-shirts that I don’t get and when he wasn’t looking I kind of wrote my number on his coffee cup. Yeah, I bet you’re enjoying this, Magnus though I have a feeling Ragnor and Raphael are enjoying it a tad bit more than you are…’

Simon grimaced at the taste of whatever Clary had made him eat and swallowed, trying not to gag; the things he did for his subscribers.

‘Oh!’ Clary made a disgusted noise at the back of her throat. 

‘You will pay for this,’ Simon told her firmly and Clary smirked at him. 

‘Alright so before I end this video I’d just like to say that I asked the girl out-’

‘-yeah after five days of should I call her, what if she doesn't pick up, what if she left her number accidentally-’

Simon shut her up by throwing a pillow at her which made her laugh harder than ever. Normally her laugh would make his heart stutter considering he had been nursing a crush on her since forever, but for the first time he didn’t. Instead he thought about how pretty Isabelle looked when she laughed. It did, infact, take five days for Simon to muster up the courage to call her. He started with a lame joke which made her laugh and call him an idiot and he asked her out to movies, she said yes. Simon smiled, remembering the way her face when she laughed, her eyes bright. They had gone for coffee afterwards and they had sealed their date with a kiss and a promise for a next one.

Simon still couldn’t believe his luck.

‘You shouldn’t be the one to talk Miss I have a boyfriend with an ego bigger than Antarctica and dyed blond hair-’

‘-his hair is not dyed, Simon-’

‘-And with that happy note I’ll see you guys next week with hopefully me making Clary eat this stuff.’ He scrunched his nose at the bowl in his hand. 

‘And this is how this hairstyle is made, I hope you guys enjoyed the video. I did go out with that guy I was talking about, we went to the movies and it was really nice…’

Isabelle grinned. She really did enjoy her date. Simon was cute in a geeky kind of a way, he was shy and he made her smile with his sarcasm and his lame attempt at making jokes. It surprised her still, how she agreed to go put with him, he wasn’t the kind of guy his parents would disapprove of, he wasn’t troublesome at all, infact he was the exact opposite of what kind of guys Isabelle usually went with. He was different but Isabelle saw the honesty in him, the way his cheeks flushed when he was pleased or when he was embarrassed, she saw his none too elegant gait, she listened to him blabbing about his one too many obsessions and she loved it.

‘If you like my video give it a thumbs up and subscribe if you want to see more of my freakishly awesome tips, I will see you guys next week!’

Isabelle got up from the bed and turned off the camera. She saw Jace standing in the doorway. He had a dopey smile on is face which was freaking her out.

‘What?’ she demanded.

‘Ah, look at you all in love,’ he sighed theatrically tossing his head back in an attempt to push his hair back from his face.

Izzy scoffed, ‘You’re the one to talk.’

‘Fair enough,’ Jace shrugged. ‘Have you, oh dear sister of mine, heard of a particular YouTube Channel called ‘The Mortal Simon’?’

‘Um, no.’ Isabelle scrunched her eyebrows at the weird name.

‘Well today is your lucky day then,’ Jace strode into her room, snatched her laptop from her dressing table and sat on her bed.

‘I found your boyfriend online,’ he told her. ‘And apparently he’s just as love sick as you are.’

‘So, uh, you guys remember that girl I was dating, turns out she has her own YouTube Channel. It also turns out she happens to be with me this very instant!’

Isabelle popped up from below, her hair flying everywhere. On her it actually looked like a very impressive hair flip.

‘Hi guys! It’s Isabelle here-’

‘-And Clary-’

‘-And her breathtakingly beautiful boyfriend Jace-’

‘-And forcibly dragged along Alec-’

‘-And Alec’s dashing boyfriend, Magnus.’

Simon and Isabelle blinked and turned around. Sure enough everyone was there, all of them leaning forwards to look into the camera.

‘We couldn’t miss a historical moment like this,’ Clary said seriously.

‘You guys even have a name now, Sizzy!’ Magnus grinned proudly.

‘That’s a terrible name,’ Simon countered.

‘It is not since I came up with it and everything that I come up with is naturally fabulous,’ Magnus countered and Alec rolled his eyes affectionately. 

‘Okay,’ Isabelle said loudly over the bantering, shutting them up. ‘Recording a video here.’

They settled themselves in Simon’s bed, which was small so they were all crammed into it.

‘Yeah let’s redo this,’ Simon turned off the video camera. He had a feeling they would be redoing the video for a long time and he found himself not minding it.


Aww, and just seeing such support makes Hayato remember everything that happened over the past year. He probably never thought he would make such good friends after he failed his first year at school or be able to experience so much, but watching his friends duel has probably taught him about the game as much as his classes did.

All I want for my birthday is to see you smile again..


Genre: Angst

Words: 388

A/N: A lot has been on my mind recently and I was listening to Epik High a lot, too, so this short thing came out. Sorry if it doesn’t make much sense, it’s just my thoughts being all over the place.

Everything was breaking around you.

The world was breaking around you.

And there was no-one to help you.

But you never asked for help.

So why are you so angry at the people who ignore you?

It was your own fault! Yes, yes it was your fault, but people should understand your pain.

The suffering of someone who tried to achieve the very best.

“(Y/N), what are you doing here?” his voice broke the pregnant silence of the room with its fading cheerfulness.

His happiness was breaking now, too.

Breaking from seeing you, the one he claimed to love, breaking down in tears, sitting on the cold tile floor.

“What’s wrong, MinSeok?” you asked, your voice cracking with sustained tears, the ones that managed to escape now drying on your red cheeks.

His feet moved fast and only seconds later was he already crouching beside you, cradling your trembling form in his warm embrace. “Don’t cry. It’s okay.” he reassured, stroking your hair in order to calm your weeping that was getting louder by each passing moment.

“I can’t do it anymore, MinSeok!” you yelled, hitting at his chest, his arms, his back, occasionally his thighs; everything that you could- you hit.

Not a word did he mutter to restrain you, rather choosing to continue mumbling the reassurances, that the two of you knew would never work, like a mantra of protection.

“(Y/N), listen to me.” he had started to whisper when you calmed down, his lips kissing the crown of your head. “You have to debut. It doesn’t matter that right now the times are tough, but the light you’ll see after debuting… The smiles, the cheers, the support… Everything!” his voice boomed with feelings as he remembered his own trainee days compared to now.

“They cut off my ties with mother… I can’t reach (Y/F/N), either.” you mumbled, clutching onto his shirt and wallowing in his warmth.

“Stand strong, (Y/N). You have to achieve the stars up there, near me.” he spoke, and quietly, gently lifted your chin up, capturing your lips in a kiss that spoke of so much.


Kim MinSeok had seen many sides of you.

All of them he knew better than you did.

You will stand strong.

For Him.

For You.

To prove.

You’re an over-achiever.


Hey dear people who’ve played DA2 and liked Anders, I’ve got a question. Please note, this is not an attack on anyone, this is not meant to insult anyone and it is not in any way meant to hurt anyones feelings. I’m just genuinely curious.

Why do you like him? Is there more to him than I remember? Like, I support his idea to free the mages and all, but everything else I remember is him being sexist, racist and just generally abusive to pretty much everyone in your company. Now, I haven’t romanced him since my first playthrough which was a couple years ago, and he’s been my rival in pretty much every other playthrough, so I’m just wondering, is there something I’m missing? Is he a better person if you’re his friend? Does he stop being such a jerk to everyone else or is that just part of who he is? Does he have some kind of a secret nice side to him?

Day 1: Breaking Up with You

I know this is a selfish thing to do, but I have to do something for myself, once and for all.

I know you did everything for me. And I just want you to know that I appreciate everything:

For the petals of the flowers you send me every Valentine’s day; from the letters you so effortlessly write me just to remind me you love me on special occassions.

For all the bracelets you gave me, and I know that you so expectantly wanted me to wear them but I kept on losing them because they slip away from my skinniest of arms (please forgive me for that. I was so careless for losing all of them.)

For those super amazing surprises you kept on setting up, and I just wanted to thank you for putting and exerting all that effort for me. And I wanted to apologize to your friends as well, for they helped you make your surprises a success. They were really amazing.

For your sweet, affectionate actions. Oh, how I get all so giddy and excited and a whirl of emotions stir inside of me because of the way you make me feel. I was safe in your arms, and you made me feel all sorts of butterflies fluttering inside me. Everytime you held my hand was such an amazing feeling, I never wanted to let go of it.

For the efforts and sacrifices you made for me. I know I made you do and stop things you really loved to do, and even made you stop talking to certain people (how childish of me), I’m really sorry for that.

For your encouragement. You always believed in me and you kept on telling me that I would someday write a book, and you even imagined this room in our dream house that you would set just to give me a place to write everything I wanted to. Thank you for being so supportive of my dreams.

For doing everything just to see me. I remember that you so willingly dropped everything just to see me, even if it was just for an hour or less. That was sacrifice. And I never did something as big as that for you.

For never giving up on me. I know I’m a terrible person/girlfriend and that I often break your heart by breaking your trust, and I just wanted to thank you for always forgiving me. I have no idea how you dealt with 2 years and 5 months of coping with an emotional wreck.

For all the time you gave to me. I have no idea how many weeks, days, hours or minutes that we’ve spent together, and I just wanted to thank you for every single second you spent with me. Thank you for never making our dates boring, every moment with you was enchanting. If only I could stop time when I was with you, I would.

And lastly, for the love you gave me. It was amazing, how you made me feel. It was the first time I felt something as special as this. It was the first time anyone has ever done anything this real for me. It was the first time I felt that I was really loved. Truly loved. And I’m sorry, because I couldn’t give back every ounce of love that you gave me. But trust me, I did my best to love you with all of my heart. Please, believe me.

You were an amazing boyfriend. And all I am was numb to let you go as easily as that. I know I’m going to regret this, and I don’t know if this is for better or for worse. I hope you fix yourself, and cover up all the scars I gave you and left you in your heart. I hurt you so much. It was time I stopped.

I lost myself. Now, I just need to find me again.


In response to this prompt.: “ Kanan waking up after a surgery and being dopey and forgetful from anesthetics and being amazed and thrilled that he’s MARRIED to this beautiful twi'lek woman”

Yeah, so Kanan and Hera are like officially married here. AU-ish?

Kanan wakes up in a bed, his body seems glued to the bed, his eyelids too heavy to open, his mouth dry. He must’ve drunken a lot last night; this is one of the worst hangovers he has ever had. Swimming in his own pain he can’t get himself to move,not even if he tried, not that he wants to. He hears a door being whooshed opened and the sound reverberates inside his head. The only thing he can do is grunt and squeeze his eyes shut more than they already were. 

“Kanan?” He hears a voice say, it’s female and melodic,sweet with a light rasp to it(not too much, but enough for the voice to sound sensual and smooth with every word she utters). The best voice he has ever heard.

“Kanan, can you hear me?” Oh, there it is again.

That voice serves as enough motivation for Kanan to use all of his strength to open his eyes. He needs to see who can be behind such an angelical voice.

He opens his eyes and doesn’t find himself disappointed by what he sees. She is a green twi’lek, with big eyes, defined cheekbones, thick lips and a slender jaw that comes to end in a satisfying tip at her chin. Her lekku, tattooed, fall gracefully over her shoulders and graze him slightly from where she’s looking at him. Kanan is certain she’s the most beautiful woman he has ever seen.


He is at a loss of words, he is shocked by her beauty and his head still hurts. Although, seeing her has certainly helped. He stares and feels and dopey grin take over his face. What else do you do when you are in the presence of someone so pretty?

She smiles and chuckles and Kanan is in love.

“Are you okay, love?”

He is slightly confused by the terminology she’s using, but he doesn’t mind. He could get used to her calling him that, whoever she is. He still can’t answer though so he just keeps staring. 

She frowns slightly and leans over to the other side of the bed, putting her clothed breasts very close to his face. Yes, this is definitely the best sight his ever woken up to.

She retrieves data pad and starts analyzing it. That’s when Kanan realizes he is in a hospital bed, huh? Did he get in a bar fight last night and if so, did he lose?

“Hmmmm… the doctor did say you’d experience dehydration.”

 Doctor?Is she a nurse? She is not dressed like one. She is dressed like a pilot: wearing a flight suit and armor and gloves clearly made for mechanic work. She pinches his hand and frowns when it comes up as a tip then places her gloved hand gently on his forehead.

“Does your head hurt?”

He nods.

She removes her hand and says “I’ll be right back”, then turns around and leaves.

He is left alone with his thoughts, who is this mysterious woman? and why does she care so much about him? Why is he in a hospital? Should he be worr…

Before he can complete the thought she is back with a several water bottles in her hands. She seats on the bed and, realizing he is in no condition to move, puts a water bottle in his mouth and tilts it, oh so gently, so he can start drinking.

“Drink up”

 Eager to be receiving anything from her, he obeys. But still stares at her the entire time. That’s when she gets this apologetic look on her face.

“I’m sorry. If it were up to me you would be with an IV right now, but we’re a little short on resources.”

This most be some hospital. He thinks.

As soon as he finishes the first bottle, she picks up the second and repeats the process.

When he is midway through the second one, the door whooshes open to let a kid in. He is maybe… what? 14 or 15. Unruly, dark blue hair, blue eyes, twin scars along his cheek, wearing a mismatched, orange jumpsuit.

When the kid’s eyes fall on him they go wide “Kanan! You’re awake! How are you feeling?”

Ok… who is this kid and why does he care if he is ok? He is beginning to feel overwhelmed by this whole situation. Where is he? Who are these people? What the heck is going on? Why is he in a hospital?

“I don’t think he is in any position to answer any questions right now, Ezra.” Angel voice intervenes, thank the stars. “But you can keep us company if you’d like.”

“Alright”, the newly named ‘Ezra’ says, and sits down in a chair at the edge of the room.

When he finishes the second water bottle he is feeling a lot better. Now… time to find out who these people are, specially the pretty one. Ok, only the pretty one. He doesn’t really care about the kid.

“Feeling better?” She says

“Yeah, and a lot, thanks to you”, he answers her, with the biggest flirtatious tone he could muster and looks at her with half-closed eyes and light pout of his lips.

Angel voice, looks at him as if she is trying to contain a laugh and says “You’re welcome, dear”

“So… What’s your name, angel?”

She pulls back in confusion and the kid stares at him the same way. After a few awkward moments of silence, the kid breaks it and says, “Uhhhh… Kanan this is Hera…”

“What a beautiful name for such a beautiful woman”, Kanan takes her gloved hand and places a kiss on it.

“…your wife?” the kid finishes.

Kanan freezes and drops “Hera”’s hand.

“What are you talking about?”

“Ummm… He’s talking about how you and I are married?” she finally says.

“No, we’re not. I didn’t even know your name ‘til a few seconds ago”

One heartbeat. 


“Kanan, we’ve been together for 8 years now.”


“We live in my ship, the Ghost?”


“We have a family?”


“This is Ezra… he’s been part family for 2 years now?”


He sees dismay in her face, worry. He may not know her, but he knows he doesn’t want to see her like this. Kanan doesn’t know what to say so he just slowly shakes his head.

“Ezra, go get the doctor” The kid immediately obeys and runs out of the room.

When he’s gone, she places both hands in his face and forces him to look at her. Her eyes right now seem bigger, they’re pleading him to remember but nothing comes to mind.

“Kanan, what is the last thing you remember?”

He frowns and starts thinking. He places his hand on top of Hera’s and the gesture feels so natural he doesn’t even notice it until after he’s done it.

“I was in Gorse. Working for Moonglow, living in a bar called…uh… called…” He struggles.

“The Asteroid Belt”, she completes.

“Yes…”, he pauses “are we on Gorse right now?”

She doesn’t know how to respond, what does she tell him? That that was 8 years ago? That he is done hiding his Jedi heritage? That they are part of a rebellion now? That they saved a moon? That Okadiah died?

Before she can decide, Ezra walks in with the medical droid and a holodisk in his hand. 

“Bridger tells me he is suffering from some kind of amnesia. This is normal, the anesthetic used during his surgery usually has that effect on people. How far back can you remember?”

“About 8 years ago” Hera responds, then looks back at Kanan, “Right before we met”

“Ok” The medical droid says, in the usual cold, straight to the point tone they all use, “That is normal. His memory will be back in a few hours. In the meantime, I suggest you stay out of any particularly shocking subjects and focus on the positive in his life through out those 8 years”

“That’s going to be hard, his life has changed A LOT this past 8 years” Hera says, incredulously. 

“Well, why don’t you start with how you two met? I understand you are his spouse?”

“I am”

“Wait! So I did marry you?” Kanan says

“Yes,you did dear.”



“But… but… how?”

“What do you mean?”She raises an eyebrow at him.

“You’re…just…so…so beautiful and I’m…I’m… I’m me.”

Hera’s eyes go soft at that and she places her hands on top of his.

“Well, dear.” She says, “You changed and that you, the real you, was more than enough for me”

She leans in until their lips touch (oh, yeah.This is definitely feels familiar) and he eagerly returns the kiss.

Over the next hours Hera and Ezra show Kanan pictures of the time since Kanan has been in the ship. They laugh and Kanan’s still in amazement that he actually married Hera. HE, a half Jedi who was doing nothing with his life, married HERA.

By the end of the day, he remembers the whole thing. The good, the bad. Marriage, Zeb, Sabine, Ezra. The Inquisitor, the Empire, Okadiah.

But Hera’s there through the whole thing, she loves him and she makes sure he remembers that. She supports him and assures him that everything worked out. That they got through the tough times, that they enjoyed the good ones. 

Ezra is there too. The most recent addition to the family, a reminder that there is still hope for the galaxy. A reminder of what they fight for.

He is given the all clear and returns to the Ghost that night, more grateful than ever for the amazing family he and his wife (Stars, it feels good to say that.) have built.

The End.