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further reductions and more items added to the sale! go check it out. xmas gift ideas? a little embroidered treat for yourself? snap them up quick, they’re all one of a kind, handmade pieces and i won’t be re-making them so once they’re gone, they’re gone.


We have 16 Days to go and need your help! We’re a day away from being halfway through our campaign and are only 41% Funded! Please spread the word and keep sharing our link.

Curating this book, it was important to me to have something for everyone, so while we do feature a few heterosexual couples, they do not dominate our book. We really aim to have stories everyone can relate to and I think we’ve really made something beautiful here.

That being said,

We need to support women, poc women, lgbt+women, all women writing and creating things, and we need to support stories and art featuring POC and LGBT characters as real people… or fantastic beings who have more on their mind than just coming out. Crows on Heartstrings has the multi-faceted characters we need and deserve.

Supporting us means telling mainstream publishing that POC and LGBT characters DO SELL.

With this book, you can do all of these things!

If you’re thinking about getting a copy of this book, please click here to pledge to one of the options and get your copy!

There are four editions available on Kickstarter, b/w e-pub, color e-pub, b/w paperback, and Deluxe Edition- a full color and hardcover edition with two bonus stories and four bonus illustrations!

So please, Consider helping the 23 women (and three men!) who came together to make this book possible!

Reblog if you can’t pledge, but please, consider pledging! We need all the help we can get! (And the rewards are awesome!

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Hey you guys! So I’ve started making prints of some of my work. I’m really excited and would love your support. I’m using this guy as my test run, if you would like one, I have some 8 x 10 prints available for $15. Let me know if you would like one, I could even add color if it’s something that anyone would be into. :) thanks beautiful people. I hope you all have a beautiful day.
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I created a bot that will act as a resource for alternative game design and criticism. We’ve seen a lot of vile harassment in the games community over the past month, and I’d like to start signal boosting games and writers who are making a difference. Let’s shift the focus to the worlds we’re creating for each other, and move away from the shitlords who are afraid of our sandbox.

independent creators are super rad and important, support ppl whose games/art/music/craft/etc you like! There are lots of ways to support creators~

  • money- probably the best way to support independent creators since a lot of them have low-paying jobs or no job at all. Donate a dollar, support them on Patreon if they have it, buy some of their work and/or commission them.
  • spread the word- if you’re also broke you can still support your favorite creators by reblogging/retweeting their work (esp stuff with links to their other work/store/portfolio) and generally telling others all about your favorite artists/musicians/etc~ Send some traffic and possible financial support their way~
  • write to them- send yr favorite independent creators a tweet/message/email and tell them what their work means to you. Getting kind, supportive messages from people who enjoy your work is really great and can help creators stay positive and motivated to continue making work~
The Pride Vol. 1 Hardcover Collection - LGBTQ Superheroes by Joe Glass —Kickstarter

The Pride Vol. 1 Hardcover Collection - LGBTQ Superheroes

It’s the LAST 20 hours of the Kickstarter campaign! We’ve smashed our goals! You can use this to preorder your copy now for a book filled with tons of awesome LGBTQ superhero action and art from the likes of @kristaferanka @kevinwada @csmithart @kendalldgoode @denismedri @melovecomics @snibbits and so many more!

Please reblog like crazy, spread the word for one last time, and please, please, please support now!