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Mogeko has stated that you can make as much fanart as you want as long as you aren’t making money off of it! I’ve seen an increase in people selling wadanohara-related things especially so please stop ;w;

You can still make stickers and keychains, just give them to people for free instead!

We are kicking off our 2013 Keep TN Free fundraising campaign with an ambitious goal—please help us raise $11,000 by our September 3rd show!

You can donate at:

As we celebrate our 15th season, Tuesday Night Cafe continues to be of the longest running free public arts series in downtown Los Angeles. Cultivating a supportive space featuring new original work by Asian American artists, Tuesday Night Cafe builds—and is built by—each individual that touches it in the spirit of art + community. Thank you for being a part of Tuesday Night Cafe. Your support has gotten us to where we are today and drives us to continue forward.

*** Why? ***

We are extremely grateful for the community support that has driven us forward for the past fifteen years, and in a world that is increasingly digital and global we are happy to provide a physical space that serves our local community. When you support Tuesday Night Project, you are supporting the artists and organizers who preserve and share our community’s stories for ourselves and for the future.

Although Tuesday Night Cafe is free to the public and run by a devoted volunteer staff, your valuable contributions will go directly towards our hard operational costs, including (but not limited to):

- necessary sound engineering at every show
- a brand-new website to re-invigorate our online presence
- crucial maintenance of our equipment and supplies (some of our gear is getting on the older side)
- food to fuel our staff, artists, and volunteers at our shows and meetings
- starting the process of digitizing our staggering 15 year of shows (that’s well over 450 hours of footage!)
- the many other costs that it takes to fund our shows, our workshops, our planning, and our tour!

*** How ***

Every donation —from $5 to $500— gets us closer to our goal of $11,000!

Donate online now:

Prefer to give in person? At our shows staff members will be equipped with Square, so that you can donate using your credit card at Tuesday Night Cafe!

Have you already given? Looking for other ways to contribute? 

You can contribute a story or testimonial and share with our families, friends, and community!

Tell us why you love Tuesday Night Project and why folks should support the space! Post photos, thoughts, memories, and hopes on your favorite social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Vine, etc.) with the hashtag #KeepTNfree and a link to

Once again, from the Tuesday Night Project Family:

Thank you.

I’ve yet to attend a Tuesday Night Cafe (which is sad considering I live 20 minutes away from Little Tokyo…) but I’m really grateful for the platform they provide for local artists of color, and for the community they’ve built over the past 15 years. I’ve donated to show my support, so please do the same and/or share this post with your family, friends, and fellow artists!

(photo by @kylemizono)


DIY Musician Gathers Sounds From the Past to Create Soundscapes for the Future 

Kanye West; Jay Electronica; David Banner; A$AP Mob; Tyler, the Creator and OFWGKTA; and Jay Z have experimented with and manipulated the concept of God and other unknowns in their lyrics, all to the backdrop of beats and melodies that are often considered dark and heavy, with an undercurrent that may very well be AfroFuturist at heart. Although this may not be the first time this theme has appeared in hip-hop, it seems to be gaining resonance with this generation.

Zoom and focus in on Camae Defstar, also known as Moor Mother Goddess ( mmgzmmgz for short), a multidimensional musician based in Philly. DefStar sings, spits, writes and creates “dark ish… low fi, chill step, Black girl blues, witch rap, whatever you want to call it.” Having “emotionally sensitive receptors,” DefStar connects with energies, leans toward the unseen and pays homage to those who remain nameless. She shares the collective songs of women, children and elders.

Although DefStar isn’t into labels, she can see how she fits under the AfroFuturist umbrella. She figures that the baseline of AfroFuturism is “gathering the past and assembling a future. It should be D-I-Y [Do It Yourself], where the focus is not on having, but creating.” This is why DefStar’s production for Moor Mother Goddess is unplanned, sometimes spontaneous, and all done by (her) hand. She believes that she is able to tap into energies, and draw from the wisdom of Black elders as Moor Mother Goddess, allowing her to acknowledge and remember those of the past in order to imagine a future, all by way of melody. She believes elders are essential in defining Blackness, which is why ageism doesn’t sit well with her. It is no secret that emcees tend to age-out of mainstream hip-hop, usually seen as irrelevant to younger generations. 

See more at Atlanta BlackStar

Photos by Nema Etabar


The Pride #5

Written by Joe Glass
Art by Kendall Goode, Gavin Mitchell, JD Faith, Jack Davies, Christian Wildgoose and Marc Ellerby
Colours by Ben Wilsonham & more
Letters by Mike Stock

Cover Art by Cory Smith and Ben Wilsonham


Join us for our artist packed jam issue!

The Pride faces the loss of one of their own, and a new addition. As members break down and find each other, the Reverend finally lays his nefarious masterplan bare…and The Pride may be all that stands between him and world domination!

Bring your hankies and prepare for the feels in the penultimate issue of The Pride!

Now with preview of the issue! Check out the glorious first few pages of issue 5 by the incredible Kendall Goode, and the comic also features art by Gavin Mitchell, Jack Davies, Christian Wildgoose, benwilsonham marcellerby and jdmakescomics.

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Song of the day- “Smoke” By Sorority Noise

This song is off their first LP titled, “Forgettable.”

Check out the full album for free download here!

A Hero at the End of the World

People of the internet, citizens of all fandoms, read this book!

A Hero at the End of the World is a story that will have you laughing, cheering and smiling by its end.  Claiborne’s novel is a cheeky and refreshing take on the Chosen One trope.  With diverse characters, an original style, and a clever plot it was a pleasure to read. 

Billed as a Harry Potter-esque story, the protagonist, Ewan Mao, fails to “slay” the villain that he has been prophesized to kill ever since he was a small child.  Instead his best friend, Oliver Abrams, does the deed and Ewan is left to pick up the pieces of his life and move on.  When Archibald Gardener Hobbes steps into a café and finds Ewan working there he fanboys out.  This sets them on a path leading to the end of the world. 

Keep reading

The latest from Alternative Games (@SupportAltGames). Sharing alternative games and forms of criticism. Make sure to hashtag #AltGames! made by @sokareemie, inspired by @TRONMAXIMUM. Everywhere

I created a bot that will act as a resource for alternative game design and criticism. We’ve seen a lot of vile harassment in the games community over the past month, and I’d like to start signal boosting games and writers who are making a difference. Let’s shift the focus to the worlds we’re creating for each other, and move away from the shitlords who are afraid of our sandbox.

Awww yeah Kickstarter Rewards Shoutout Time!  I’ve been excited about getting the Altar Girl - Book 1items for a while!  Now I can enjoy the printed and improved first 3 chapters of altar-girl by robotkiss whenever I want!  I love Kata Kane’s work and it keeps getting better and better.  She’s also one of the sweetest people working in comics today.  For my sketch request, I asked her to draw Sera, one of the Gemini twin angels, reading one of her favorite books.  Being a twin, I kind of have a soft spot for her.  LOVE how she came out!  Thank you for the awesome stuff, Kata!  Check out Altar Girl for yourself!