support for zac

I have to explain myself

I changed my picture for this one because I’m rewatching Chuck and I was thinking: WOAH this two are my inspiration!

1- I think that Zachary Levi is one of the most underestimate actor in the industrie. He is a wondeful actor and an amazing man.

2- He create the nerd HQ to  gather all the nerds! BUT! THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THE WEBSITE IS : You can donnate to ‘‘Operation smile’‘. They raised money to help children. All money they raised are for ‘‘Operation smile’‘. For every $ 250 raised, a doctor is paid to do the operation that heals the hare’s bill. It is a malformation that makes feeding children very difficult. Moreover, this malformation prevents children from speaking correctly.
With this organization, hundreds of childrens have been blessed with the operation that gives them a smile. 

3- in another vein I choose this one because I’m in love with his relationship with Yvonne! They are so close and they know each other for so long!!! They sometimes act like a real couple without realising it.

They are goofy and I think they found each other. They are kind of soulmate without romance!

Ok so look at these dorks!

You can’t say they don’t look cute together!

And she supportes Zac with Operation smile!


And they do watch baseball

And she’s proud of him like he’s proud of her

4- Yvonne Strahovski is the most gorgeous Giant Blond She-Male of Thailand (Chuck reference) She’s a badass who are so shy when she participates in the conventions, like Convensertaion for a cause (the Nerd HQ panel in SDCC) but that is a real pearl when she no longer thinks of cameras.

If you want to see her the most natural possible just watche this moment! and honestly, all moments you can watch her during this panel is pure gold!

Yes… she’s beautiful even like this

Oh and she’s a model too…

So yeah she looks perfect

And YES! She was at the Tangle premiere!

So! If you don’t know her just go read about her and WATCH her work!!! She’s not just beautiful she’s talented!

So! euh… yeah… this is why I changed my profil picture!

Videos of Paramore Live that killed me

-Hallelujah Leonard Cohen cover + Hallelujah (Parahoy 2016)

-Miracle Outro (Philadelphia 2009)

-Decode (Pomona 2009)

-Turn it Off (Paris 2017)

-Future (Baltimore 2015)

-Let The Flames Begin/Part II (Reading 2014)

-The Only Exception (Reading 2014)

-In the Mourning/Landslide (Orlando 2013)

-Careful (Parahoy 2016)

-Renegade (Parahoy 2016)

-Where the Lines Overlap (Parahoy 2016)

-(One of Those) crazy girls (Alantic City 2015)

-(New) Intro+Ignorance (Jacksonville 2017)

-Misery Business (Pamona 2009)

-That’s What You Get (Palladium Köln 2017)

-Everywhere Fleetwood Mac Cover (2017)


Zac responds to the outpouring of love and support over yesterday’s announcement regarding Nerd HQ.

As fans of Zac, we know how hard that decision must have been and we appreciate all that he has given to us fans over the last several years through this annual event.  We encourage everyone to go on Twitter today to show your support to Zac and Dave using the hashtag WeAreNerdHQ.

Thank You Jeremy Davis

 If you have not heard, on December 14th, 2015 Jeremy Davis has officially ended his time with Paramore. Before i go on to say anything further i want to thank Jeremy for being with the band, for being an idol and a hero to me and always being an inspiration. With the spotlight almost always being on Hayley, Jeremy was one of the most important members of the band. He was a founding father of the band. If you think about it, there would be no paramore without him, considering he was a supporting base from the breakup with the Farros. 

It’s important to remember that we’re not the only ones who love Jerm, and some need him more than we do, his daughter Bliss and wife Kathryn. While my heart is hurting that he decided to leave we have to take into consideration that the self titled era was about finding yourself and acceptance, I can’t even be mad about this because life happens and we have to go with it. He has a family now and he has to dedicate his life to that. 

To those who are saying that the three bars logo is no longer relevant they are. it’s about togetherness and support, regardless that there’s three. we shouldn’t just forget J either.  remember that Jeremy will always have the bars tattoo too. i’m sure he still loves Hayley and Taylor. just remember that. This band will always be a significant part of his life. He has the tattoo and he has his own room in his house of paramore memorabilia. 

I know pmore made the statement optimistic but I’m so fucking scared for their future I don’t know where I would be without Paramore, they have been my bridge over troubled water. They have been my life, they have been my support.

Despite all of this, I’m so happy that Paramore is still a band but I will miss Jeremy so much.   Paramore are not breaking up. paramore will stay a band. paramore is still a band. If it can be broken it can be healed. this wasn’t exactly the way i imagined paramore fans to reunite but its so important that we unite and support together.  IT’S SO IMPORTANT THAT WE STAND BY PARAMORE RIGHT NOW AND FOREVER AS LONG AS PARAMORE IS STILL A BAND WERE STILL A PARAFAMILY. 

 yet again, taylor and hayley decide to carry on. they really make it against the odds and i’m so thankful for that. Paramore are a huge part of who i am today they shaped me into being

Jeremy Davis will always be one of my role models on the bright side, at least Paramore is still a band and will release a new album soon Paramore is and always will be my favorite band I don’t care what happens. This isn’t changing anything but it’s gonna take a lot to get used to. No more Jeremy taking us to church. No more pressure flip. Its going to take a lot of coping.  @ Taylor, @ Hayley; please never give up on paramore. I’m glad Paramore are still wanting to continue as a band but god damn it’s gonna be weird without jerm. I admire hayley and taylor’s passion for paramore so much. I’m just remembering the fact that when the Farros left, Hayley thought Taylor would too and that they wouldn’t be a band anymore, & then Taylor decided to stay and the band got through so much shit, and now it’s happening again and both of them still believe in Paramore.  Look at it like this, when the Farros left Paramore came back stronger than ever. My only question is can they just take the Jeremy cardboard cutout everywhere they go?

Wishing Jeremy the very best with his future endeavors as he leaves paramore. Thanks for all the good times.  

Wow, 9 years since I fell in love with this cutie! Getting to watch this “goofy musical dork” turn into a respected movie actor with a growing fanbase on the daily, which he deserves after putting in so much hard work and passion, right in front of our eyes was insane and he makes me so proud to be here watching him! HSM was his big break and I couldn´t be prouder at how Zac took that chance and established himself in the business, yet always managed to stay this dorky goof at heart! 9 years of support and love and still counting! 💙