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lol my mom is so adorable.. i guess she seen that leo-sims converted my conversions and wrote in the comments of their post:

lmao thanks mom for being so proud that i know how to convert things <333

Bernie Sanders isn’t saying anything about feminist politics. He’s not integrating any kind of feminist politics into his vision. I think the important thing is that we see this as the continuum of patriarchal power reasserting itself, and not as though Trump invented it or makes it possible—because it has been there. It’s been there, in Hillary Clinton’s husband and all of these men—except that Hillary Clinton’s husband and Barack Obama became the benevolent patriarchs. They’re the patriarchal men we can love.
Early on, when Barack Obama became president, people were asking him, “Well, is Michelle Obama going to influence you, is she going to come to meetings?” I kept waiting for him to say, “She’s as much a citizen as anybody else and she has a right to her opinions and thoughts.” Instead, he went along with the idea that no, she will be doing her wifely, motherly duties. And not, yes, this is an amazingly smart and analytical woman who will of course have a voice that’s heard.
Even though so many people were deeply moved by Michelle’s speech supporting Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, even that speech still contained this heteronormative mom-ism idea. As though sexism outrages us because it offends our sense of decency, and not that it offends our sense of justice, of what women and girls deserve. We saw that happening again and again, this focus on a patriarchal mom-ism.
—  bell hooks

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can i request a scenario of reiji in child au, how he feels about his new mom who is very supportive of him and buys him treats and stuff when he does a good job on something? ^ u ^

Admin Mawile: (´へωへ`*) Awwww~

-”I don’t need to be treated like a child.” Once again, you were trying to indulge him, as if a 98 on a test would ever be enough. 

For some reason, you felt the need to act like whatever he did was enough for you, like every shortcoming and failure pleased you. It was so far beyond what he knew to be true, Reiji wondered why you even bothered. 

He wasn’t good enough, and that was just the truth. 

There were three new books sitting on his desk, all ones he’d wanted, next to a steaming cup of tea. 

He’d stormed upstairs in desperation after you offered to take him out for dinner tonight as congratulations for a “good” test score, and you’d still deemed him worthy of gifts. 

It just didn’t make sense. 


Okay so I’m gonna cry while typing this I just know it. Feel free to skip this post and move on with your lives.
So, for the past 13 or 14 months I’ve worked in a Residential Treatment Facility for children who have experienced extreme trauma (like, this is the kind of shit that they can’t even put on SVU because it’s so fucked up) and extreme behaviors. In these photos there are 2 hands. The bigger hand is mine and the smaller one belongs to Mo (not going to use her real name due to HIPPA). Mo is 9 years old but she was 8 when she came to us. She’s been through a lot in her short life - years of homelessness and abuse. Every adult in her life who was supposed to love and care for her put her through hell. I won’t tell you the details because it’s a horror story and that’s not what this post is about. She arrived at the facility right after I started working there and we hit it off. She is so sweet and goofy - it’s impossible not to have fun with her. She also had extreme behaviors, labeled a biter and fire-starter as well as extremely stubborn in all of her paperwork, we expected to see horrible negative things from her. Mo surprised us - she was sweet and scared and when she came to us she had just found out that she would not be allowed to have contact with her younger brothers until they turned 18. Her last relatives had finally been ripped away from her and the state of Alaska had shipped her to us so that we could “fix” her. She didn’t need to be fixed, she needed to be loved and listened to, even when her words were rushed and silly, no one had ever cared about anything she’d ever said. 8 years of no one caring.
We have a thing at Jasper Mountain called 1x1. It’s a relationship between a staff and child that’s basically a mentorship. I’d known her for about 3 months and had only worked at this crazy place for a couple weeks longer than that. She started telling everyone I’d be her 1x1 mentor. I had no idea because she’d never asked me. But you know what? People cared. Julie, my boss, are about what she said and asked if I’d be her 1x1. She confessed she was skeptical as I wasn’t very experienced yet but if I was up for the task, she felt it would be an excellent fit. So I said yes! It’s been a roller coaster, this kid has some major trauma and struggles with genuine connection and relationships. I went on so many adventures with this kid, just the 2 of us and sometimes my dog. And she’s such a bright spot of light in the universe, guys, I can’t even tell you.
Mo’s been in this program for 14 months and it’s time for her to graduate and move on. She’s been in and out of the foster system since she was 15 months old. She’s moving on from this program and she confessed to me that she was scared, again. She didn’t want to be sent to another temporary home, she wanted a forever home. I’m happy to say that her most recent foster parent, someone she really connected with, HAS ADOPTED HER. MO HAS HER FOREVER HOME.
Today, we had our last 1x1 day. It was the last time I’ll ever take her hiking or swimming or for a play in the park, or for breakfast at a shitty cafe. We did it all today and I’m exhausted and sad because I know that I’m not going to see her again. I hugged her, I said “I love you.” And that was it. I am happy she has her forever home and her new mom is amazing and so supportive and loving and Mo will be able to get a dog and be in her home state of Alaska. She’s finally getting the life she deserves. But damn I am going to miss her like crazy.

reminder because mother’s day is sunday: if you don’t have a good relationship with your mom, if it’s toxic and she doesn’t support you, this is your official adoption, i’m your new mom now. i’m here for you, i know you’re doing what you can, and i’m proud of you. everything you’ve done has been worth it, i promise. i love you.

Successfully left the house with Piglet by myself! And made it to the new mom’s support group - where I am 10 mins early and no one is here lol.

Figures! I was so worried about finding the place (it did take me 20min) but I still ended up being early.