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I’m so here for “vain” girls. Girls who dab at their waterline because crying could mess up their make up. Girls who spend a lot of time looking in the mirror. Girls who worry about breaking their nails. Girls who worry if they don’t have exfoliating wash or lotion for a day. Girls who contour and girls who do face masks and girls who worry about missing a spot shaving and girls who get their eyebrows done. You’re capable of caring a lot about your appearance and other things, and caring a lot about your appearance does not make you bad, or shallow, or less deserving of respect.

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I went to a coffee shop my ex gf and I always used to go to only reason why we broke up is her parents broke us apart I saw her with her current bf my heart broke she pulled me to the side to talk privately n told me she never stopped loving me & a whole speech that made me fall for her even harder & kissed me she said her bf is just a coverup so her parents can be happy she’s with a boy she said we can be secret I’m afraid if we try to be together again and we’re caught it’ll be over for good

Oh my god… That is so wrong of her parents. I’m so sorry for you. It’s beautiful she pulled you to the side and did all that. The love is obviously very much present between you two.
Personally I think you should just keep in touch. And as soon as either or you both reach the right age and got the money, just move out. Nobody can have anything to say about you anymore and nobody can break you apart.

I wish you two all the love and luck in the world, I support you fully and want you to be the happiest possible 😘😘

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Would you be willing to change the settings of your Facebook group so anyone can see the group but can’t see who’s in it? I’d like to join but I don’t want the people in my life to know about it or see it. I have some homophobic friends, coworkers, and people who don’t know I’m bi on it.

It’s a private group. Nobody can see the group, only if you get personally invited or click the link and join. So nobody outside the group can even see it, let alone its members. It’s all been taken care of. Don’t worry, it’s a safe space, we keep all our ladies safe! ☺️💕

Your sexuality isn’t a fucking threat to minors, okay? Since staff is deciding to be a total asshole to the LGBTQIA+ community during pride month I’m gonna spit some facts to set things straight

- “gay” and “lesbian” are sexual identities, do not reduce their meaning to a fucking porn tag. It’s dehumanizing and fetishizing

- being anything other than straight does not automatically make things nsfw

- your existence is not “sensitive content” and is not inherently dangerous

- there is absolutely no reason Tumblr needs to worry about “protecting” minors from gays especially when a lot of the content they are censoring are helpful, supportive posts for LBGTQIA+ youth

I’m so sorry that staff is literally censoring our entire community out of existence. Your sexuality is real and valid and you deserve better than to be treated like this