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On one hand- Asexual Sidney? On the other hand - Sidney and Javier become buds who like supporting/teasing their gay bros

Ahh Sidney can be asexual and still be buds with Javier!!! I love them!

I have a friend who’s a tiny girl and I like to lean against her shoulder bc y’know depression and last week I made a joke about how if she was really my friend she’d turn into Jason Momoa every time I did that so I could feel real small and safe, and this week every time I’ve leaned on her she’s straightened her back and puffed out her shoulders. true friends attempt to break out of their physical form to support their sad gay friends

George Michael didn’t deserve to be treated by the American society that way. People just have to know how generous and pure his heart was. He was always quiet when it came to speaking about himself and his works of mercy.

There’s nothing to be ashamed of if you’re LGBT, just look at this man. I am proud that he was a gay man. I AM PROUD.

I’m here for the girls who started out as overly invested straight allies. I’m here for the girls who kissed other girls as a joke/when they were drunk/to piss people off. I’m here for the girls who didn’t realize they liked girls and kept dating boys. I’m here for the girls who like girls and still date boys. I’m here for the girls who don’t have a romantic or traumatic coming out story. I’m here for the girls who realized “oh fuck, maybe I’m just actually gay” and life went on as usual. I’m here for the girls who think they aren’t valid because hey don’t have enough gay experiences. You are real and you are beautiful and I love you.


please, it’s pride month.

having a gay otp doesn’t make you a lgbtq+ supporter

reading a lot of gay fan fiction doesn’t make you a lgbtq+ supporter

i once knew a girl who spent most of her free time reading gay smut, but she was extremely uncomfortable any time she had to interact with a lesbian because she was afraid they’d hit on her.

that’s not being a supporter. that’s fetishizing homosexuality. 

nobody cares if you ship destiel or johnlock or whatever, if you’re not okay with real life gay people, you’re still homophobic. it’s the same with guys who watch lesbian porn but don’t think that gay marriage should be legal. you can’t fetishize someone’s sexuality like that. that’s not okay and you are the worst kind of homophobe if you do. 


Honestly, I’m so used to being in the closet that I sometimes catch myself implying that I’m straight around people I’m already out to. So I just wanna give a s/o to any other LGBT+ person who catches themselves doing the same thing. Don’t beat yourself up if you accidentally use the wrong pronouns for yourself or if you have to pretend that you’re straight – it’s not your fault that you were forced to be closeted for so long. You’re doing fine.