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Summary: All Jessica wanted was some pizza rolls, but first she had to peel a drug-addled teen idol off the floor. (or: everything good Trish ever learned, she learned from Jessica.)

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Jessica trudged through the door, boots dragging and bookbag crashing against the marble floor of the foyer. Dorothy would’ve scolded her about making scuff marks, but sadly, what she didn’t see wouldn’t hurt her. It was Friday and time to toss off the week’s bullshit, so she made a beeline for the kitchen with a hankering for some inexplicably delicious cardboard flavored junk food. At least that was the plan. But of course, bullshit was inescapable in the Walker home, and as she passed by the sitting room, she saw something that forced to stop in her tracks.

She sighed dramatically. Maybe next time, Totino’s. As much as pizza rolls of questionable nutritional value called to her, she figured she should probably do something about the busted up, glassy eyed child star slumped by the couch.


It wasn’t an uncommon occurrence lately, and it pissed Jessica off each and every time. Not so much at Trish. They had reached something of a truce, a friendship even. They weren’t some twee secret sharing bosom buddies kind of shit or whatever, but what they had was still… nice. It was good to have a friend. Jessica had always hung out with a small group of other social outcasts, but they were never tight, and they got all weird when she came back to school after the accident. She and Trish hadn’t known each other before that and had only gone to the same school in the barest sense of the word. Trish was usually away filming or doing publicity, and they ran in entirely different social circles when she was actually there. Jessica had assumed she was some stuck up, empty-headed, spoiled rich kid with an oversized ego and probably a cocaine habit to match.

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So I guess I got carried away and turned made these paintings into a mini series ha! Though I don’t feel 100% about all of these, it was real fun painting them c: 

Shoutout to @shinsyl for some awesome art tips that really helped make these what they are! Check out Syl’s art while your at it,  it is gorgeous!

Thanks for checking out my art!

all these people in my inbox telling me that kim jong un is a terrible person and describing all the horrible things he’s done as if i don’t know he’s a sociopath and a dictator. i’m not denying any of this i just don’t support the “total destruction” and murder of some 25 million people just because of one fucked up family. we know what happens when america starts dropping bombs in the guise of “bringing peace and democracy”. so are you prepared to take in all the north korean refugees? will you take care of all the children left without parents? will you pay to rebuild their country after “the threat” is eliminated?

never again. find a different solution.

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Platonic Klavier and Simon with 2 (*coughs*Definitelynotapromptforangstyklavandsupportivebestfriendsimon( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))

2. “Have you lost your damn mind!?”


“Don’t you think you should take it easy for one night, Klavier?” 

Simon asked this question after Klavier beckoned him to go out with him to a new bar that evening after work.  They were both off the next day, so normally this sort of suggestion would not have been one that Simon would worry over.  While he wasn’t a huge bar or party person himself, going out and just getting wasted would not have been such a terrible idea. 

Unfortunately though, this was not the first (nor second, nor third) time this week that Klavier insisted Simon go out drinking with him at night. 

More than a few times, Klavier had come into work wearing sunglasses with a large cup of coffee in his hand.  His hair didn’t have its usual sheen and he would not really be able to function all too much until around noon.  Luckily, Edgeworth hadn’t caught on…mostly because Simon was covering Klavier’s ass pretty well. 

And this hadn’t started just this week. 

Since Apollo’s departure and Ema’s reassignment to Khura’in, Klavier had been having a rough time.  Originally, he was spending more time with Simon and Athena, but now he was apparently going to bars and clubs every single night.  Self-medicating his depression with alcohol and sex, most likely.

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Just a relatively quick doodle of a bit older Sebastian. I seem to keep drawing him older and scarred for some reason. Maybe he’s standing by his war table, planning some way to take full power over Kirkwall by crushing Aveline’s defenses. Well, I always pictured him a tyrant for some mysterious reason. A hot tyrant. with a cute accent. Yep. Don’t look at me.

I started getting terrible photoshop withdrawals in the middle of grocery shopping, but luckily I had my iPad with me and started sketching this. I would finish it but painting on a small screen with my finger only gets me so far.

Dark Paladin
“Dark Magician” + “Buster Blader”
Must be Fusion Summoned. When a Spell Card is activated (Quick Effect): You can discard 1 card; negate the activation, and if you do, destroy it. This card must be face-up on the field to activate and to resolve this effect. Gains 500 ATK for each Dragon monster on the field and in the GY.

Can Be Found In: Dark Revelation Volume 1 (DR1-EN160), Duelist Pack: Yugi (DPYG-EN016), Legendary Collection 3: Yugi’s World Mega Pack, Yugi’s Legendary Decks (YGLD-ENC41), Millenium Pack (MIL1-EN041), Structure Deck: Yugi Muto (SDMY-EN043), Legendary Dragon Decks (LEDD-ENA34), Magician’s Force (MFC-105), Duel Master’s Guide (DMG-001), Duel Terminal 3 (DT03-EN034)

Even if a monster belongs to a specific theme or archetype, nothing really stops us for trying mixing them up with all sorts of Decks. A monster’s stats or effects might be fully functional on the build was designed for by default, but by experimenting with other options it can bring interesting or even more efficient results arround them. Since the card game has many liberties compared to others, either support monsters or leading cards can offers lots of possibilities if we try to think outside the box.

“Dark Paladin” is a quite famous Fusion Monster due being the combination of two well known classic monsters, “Buster Blader” and “Dark Magician”. Restricted to only being brought by Fusion Summon, “Dark Paladin” tries to combine two abilities based arround his materials to becoming a pressuring threat. During any turn, “Dark Paladin” allows us to discard a card to negate and destroy the activation of a Spell Card. Taking the effect of “Buster Blader” and improving it, “Dark Paladin” ATK will increase by 500 for each Dragon in the entire field as well every Graveyard. While these abilities have the potential to reach their peak under proper management, the true potential arround “Dark Paladin” comes by the fact that its two materials are some of the most supported monsters in the game and therefore providing us all sorts of shortcuts and mechanics to achieve incredible results arround this monster.

With “Dark Magician” as one of the most supported Normal Monsters and “Buster Blader” having his very own archetype, the arrival of “Dark Paladin” is much easier compared to its debut many years ago. With cards like “Emblem of Dragon Destroyer” and “Magician’s Navigation” looking for their respective targets and more open options like “Fusion Conscription”, soon enough we will have both monsters ready at hand to be combined by a simple “Polymerization” or alternatively “Destruction Swordsman Fusion” which can be retrieved from the Graveyard. Obviously we can take some shortcuts when gathering these monsters, like “King of the Swamp” being a replacement or “Elemental HERO Prisma” taking their name. The latter can also make the summon more cheaper if we focus our build arround “Dark Magician”, as thanks to “The Eye of Timaeus” we only need “Prisma” or the original monster on the field to bring out “Dark Paladin”. “Buster Blader” on the other hand can rely on “Destruction Sword Memories” during late game, a Trap Card that let us use materials from the Graveyard to summon “Dark Paladin” when needed.

The efficiency of “Dark Paladin” will completely vary depending of how we focus our whole Deck and both materials. “Dark Magician” gets the cheaper summons thanks to “The Eye of Timaeus” and therefore allow us to keep a solid hand to negate Spell Cards with, and combined with cards like “Royal Decree” further shutting down the opponent’s options and “Ojamagic” refueling our hand we can create powerful lockdowns. On the other hand “Buster Blader” has the support of Destruction Swords, small Dragons that while assisting the archetype will also fuel “Dark Paladin” stats in the process. Both monsters also provide a key tool to finish off the opponent with, with either “Diffusion Wave-Motion” targetting a Spellcaster to allow him to attack all enemies or “Destruction Sword Flash” letting us banish all opponent monsters. Don’t forget that “Dark Paladin” will gain ATK when confronting a Deck involving Dragons, but if we play arround them and on the least discard them to negate Spell Cards soon enough we will assure a powerful creature able to finish the opponent on his own.

Although rarely reached a competitive status on all these years, “Dark Paladin” is a fan favorite with all sorts of resources arround him to become a threat to confront against. With two of the most supported monsters in the game as materials, “Dark Paladin” obtains a variety of options ranging from his Fusion Summon to the full efficiency of his two effects. Negating Spell Cards might require proper hand management and the ATK boost will need a Deck with Dragons without depending on the opponent’s, but with the cheap summons of “Dark Magician” and/or the sinergy arround the cards of “Buster Blader” is quite simple to manage his full potential under many circumstances. Overall “Dark Paladin” requires a Deck of his own, but with the flexibility his two materials will offer is quite easy to not only summon him but also cover any of his weaknesses while improving his strengths.

Personal Rating: A

+ Allows us to discard a card to negate the activation of a Spell Card and destroy it
+ Gains ATK for each Dragon on the field and every Graveyard
+ Greatly supported due his two materials and the options arround both effects

- Can only be brought by Fusion Summon
- Requires proper hand management to use his negation effect
- Needs a Deck of his own for a peak performance

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Their s/o is having a bad day and all of a sudden just hugs the kirisaki boys and won't let go. I'm having the worst week of my life.

sweetheart, if there’s anything i can do to make your week any better or support you in anyway- please feel free to tell me <3

Hara Kazuya

At first, he feels like teasing you about your “clinginess” but then he feels how unusually tight you’re holding him and spies weariness in your eyes. He returns the hug then, kissing your forehead, and asks quietly “what’s happened?”

Seto Kentaro

‘Words will disturb you,’ he thinks to himself, and he decides, instead, to let the hug last for as long as you wish. He’s been ignorant, he scolds himself, to not have noticed your pain but, now, he intends to support you however he can.

Furuhashi Kojiro

Silent, he returns your hug (despite his usual animosity to doing so). You’re suffering and it is his duty as your boyfriend to eradicate that mental anguish- however much it takes.

Yamazaki Hiroshi

“Hey, hey, you alright?” he asks with worry and, when you shake your head and bury your face evermore into his chest, he panics. Why are you feeling like this? What happened- what did he do? Anxiety fuels him but he forces it down- he should not be the weak one when he has you to support.

Hanamiya Makoto

He hates everything: whoever made you feel like this, whatever has been happening and, most of all, himself for having not stopped it. This is a situation in which, however, Hanamiya is hopeless; he knows naught about support, only destruction. Yet, now, he must learn.

Matsumoto Itsuki

“I’m here for you,” he murmurs into your hair, “you can talk to me whenever you would like.” But, he doesn’t press the matter- visualising you to be as fragile as vintage lace in this moment- and, instead, focuses on slowing your racing heartbeat and slowing the pain.  

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Could you post a generic script for the fax please?

Sure thing! ResistBot automatically posts proper headers and a salutation, so don’t worry about that.

Here’s a script that tries to balance being direct with the usual script tactics:

“Please do not support the FCC’s proposal to repeal net neutrality. As your constituent and a (student/parent/worker), I depend on an open and unrestricted Internet to (work/help my child with homework/do homework/pay my bills/etc.) and carry out my everyday life. Net neutrality protects consumers like me who have very options in the market. While supporters of Chairman Pai’s proposal believe that the Internet does not suffer from market failures and does not function like a utility, in reality consumers have little power in an industry monopolized by a handful of companies. Chairman Pai’s proposal would undo the open and collaborative Internet as we know it, leaving it to the standards and rates decided by a few ISPs and unfairly harming consumers. Please do not support the FCC’s destructive proposal. Thank you for your time.”

Why General Hux is my favorite Star Wars character

So this month I will be posting my Yule drabbles on the week of Yule, but for those who aren’t into my, well, drabbles, I will be posting some thoughts on Hux’s character/ Star Wars on every Thursday this month. So to kick off this festive month, here are some reasons why General Hux is my favorite Star Wars character - a love that no other sw character’s fans have had to justify to the extent that Hux’s small number of harmless admirers have had to for some reason … (and is he really that undefined of a character if his fans have been met with such hostility? Hmm? But that is a thought of another day  …)

Please also check out my previous post on why General Hux is the coolest star wars villain ever. It’s probably more logically organized than this post which is just my reflections on why I like Hux. Forgive me if I get too ramblely. 

Originally posted by kyluxinhell

Domhnall Gleeson
I obviously can’t deny that I initially paid attention to Hux in tfa, because he is played by one of my favorite actors. Domhnall is an amazing actor and a lovely human being, and I cannot praise him enough. However, even putting my love for his actor aside, I found Hux to be a fascinating character. I have always been drawn to the villains in media. Even at Renaissance Faires, I have often cheered for the “bad knight” that the audience has been coaxed into booing. I think part of this was that I have a naturally rebellious spirit and have always questioned authority (Which is literally the opposite of what Hux stands for, but opposites attract right? Why must we only like characters who are like ourselves? For me there is an appeal to exploring those who think differently than myself.) so I am prone to distrust a story’s narrator. Being a villain is a matter of perspective. 

Non-force sensitive villain 

As interesting as the force sensitive characters are in star wars, and I do certainly love them (Luke Skywalker and Kylo Ren for sure), to me the non-force users that can hold their own with force users are even more compelling. Kylo Ren could destroy Hux at any moment. Hux has certainly witnessed the havoc that Kylo’s temper has inflicted on his ship and crew. Yet, Hux is not at all frightened of Ren and keeps a stiff upper lift when Snoke shouts at him. His power as a villain comes from his planning abilities and his ability to manipulate people. This type of mortal and not fantastical power is motivating to me as someone who has sometimes felt powerless at certain times in her life. Sometimes I feel like it’s hard to speak up and stand up for myself. All of Hux’s actions in tfa involved just speaking and standing his ground. He did not throw one punch, yet his actions were even more destructive than the physically and magically strong Kylo Ren. 

His youth
This is also probably why Hux’s youth is appealing. I have discussed before with other fans on here that Hux being a General in the star wars world is just as rare as someone being a general under the age of 40 is in our world.  The drive an motivation to achieve something like this is terrifying to think of.
-Complicated, mysterious character
His backstory has given us a glimpse of what a complex, tragic character he is. He was taken away from his mother at an early age. His father was either completely cold or just expected a lot out of him (I am still skeptical about assessing their entire relationship from what Brendol said to a rival.) Hux is tragic villain whose likely downfall (?) will make up an interesting part of the rest of the events of the trilogy.
The negative reaction to some of his fans really intrigues me
I could make a post just by itself about this, but I would rather not waste too much energy on negative people. It has been interesting to see the knee-jerk reactions on this website though. They are either reacting against people who create Kylux works of art and fiction (and perhaps Reyux and other Hux ships as well to a lesser extent) or have a serious problem separating media from real life and think Hux’s fans would support mass destruction, and that because we like Hux that we for some reason don’t like the lead characters (not true!) Just ignore them and carry on, is my advice! 

He has inspired me to write more
TFA has really inspired me to write more, Hux included! Writing about the characters in different aus and situations has allowed me to explore them more as well as to have a necessary creative outlet.

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Which party do you hate more: The Republican Party or the Democratic Party?


They TALK a good game about fiscal responsibility and conservatism, but jerk themselves off to the military industrial complex and, almost entirely, without fail, they always support destructive, unneeded wars and constantly gut any social program while being some of the worst offenders in excess spending

Not to mention the recent relevant historical horrifying record on LGBT rights or even how Reagan just didn’t even do the bare minimum during the AIDS crisis until people that weren’t drug addicts or gay men were dying of it

They’re crooked hypocrites by and large that are anathema to me and countless others in the united states, but they have better optics and marketing as well as at least having a base level competence in playing the political game in the united states

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how do you know what bird is best for you? like the species and temperament?


getting out to stores and shelters, if you’ve got friends that have birds, interacting with as many species as possible is really the best way to establish the birds that work best with your lifestyle. Taking note of the more obvious things where larger birds are more prone to certain issues regarding their demanding stimulus needs, need a lifestyle with a larger income to support the destructiveness of the birds and cost of their larger living quarters, etc. than smaller birds may be.

Otherwise the best you can do is research as many different birds as much as possible.  You’ll learn things like lovebirds and parrotlets being small but very prone to aggression, budgies being more lenient and forgiving but constantly chatty, conures being loud and destructive but snuggly, and so forth.   You can use the little things like that to eventually establish what may or may not be best for you.

Overall I would opt for hands on experience to be the best determining factor though. Reading about them and working with them can be two very different things sometimes.

In His Eyes (Nightangel)

Guys, I’m writing a fanfiction.

It’s been years, but the cruel mistress of fanfiction has pulled me back again.
So if any of you guys are into Nightcrawler and Angel and you want to support this destructive habit, I’d love to get some feedback! I’ll put a link here, and I’ll post the first chapter for you too, as a little taste test!
The plan is for it to be pretty slow-burning, starting as a friendship and growing pretty organically over about 10 chapters.

Genre: Slow build/eventual romance
Word count: 1416
Pairing: Nightcrawler/Angel
Rating: T+

Click here to read the first two chapters!

After three months of living at Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, most students had managed to get accustomed to living amongst mutants and amongst friends. But if there was one thing Warren Worthington III could say about himself, it was he was not most students. At this point, he still hardly even considered himself a student in the first place. He hadn’t wanted to move to the school, but then, he’d been giving in to things he didn’t want since the day he was supposed to have died. 

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Trying to understand the hatred towards Kylo Ren aka Ben Solo

As December is nearing I’m yet again trying to understand what aspect of Kylo Ren’s character makes his seem so evil and irredeemable to the antis

Sorry for the long rant

The first scene with Kylo Ren from Jakku

Antis: Oh God he killed an old unarmed man so brutally! And he ordered the massacre of an entire village! He should just die, he doesn’t deserve any redemption.

Me: (trying to be rational) yeah that was indeed horrible. This cannot be justified at all but it doesn’t mean that he shouldn’t be redeemed. Like didn’t anakin murder an entire village of tusken raiders? And what about those younglings? And those poor rebels in rogue one. And we don’t have any idea about so many other people he killed between episode 3 and 4. He still got his redemption. Also, I’m pretty sure he sensed Finn’s conflict and that he hadn’t killed any of the villagers but still let him go.

Poe’s interrogation scene

Antis: He treated Poe so horribly. He tortured him sooooooooo much. He is just pathetic.

Me: yeah of course he treated Poe so badly. No denying that. But what if the resistance captured an important first order member? What if they get hold of hux? Would they be nice to him or use any means possible to get information out of him? The latter of course because they are at WAR. Also didn’t darth vader himself torture his own daughter (although he didn’t know it then) to get information about the stolen death star plans? Also in rogue one Saw Gerrera kind of tortured Bodhi Rook using that horrible creature to make sure he was telling the truth and it even lead to a temporary loss of his sanity. So I guess it happens on both sides.

when Hux says they were trying to identify who helped Poe and Kylo Ren immediately says the one from the village

Antis: OMG he knows it was Finn. He identified him, God he is so evil.

Me: like I said before, he saw Finn’s inner conflict yet let him go, bc I guess he was going through the same conflict?

When Kylo finds out Finn and BB-8 escaped with the help of a girl

Antis: Did you see that? Look at what an angry and destructive person he is. And look how he treats the first order employees.

Me: Well I guess that’s better than force choking his co-workers like darth vader used to. Also (about that ‘the droid stole a freighter’ comment) did he just make a joke?

The scene with Snoke and Hux

Antis: These people are so inhuman they are destroying an entire planetary system. Pathetic.

Me: Maybe it’s just me but did you see that smug look on Hux’s face when he looked at Ren? It felt as if Ren was not fully supportive of the destruction of the Hosnian system. We can’t see his face obviously and I think it was necessary that he had his mask on in that scene or it could have given away a lot.

The scene with Darth Vader’s destroyed mask

Antis: What is wrong with him? Doesn’t he know Darth Vader redeemed himself? He is actually worse than Vader.

Me: are we just going to ignore the fact that he felt 'the pull to the light’ which shows he can still be redeemed? And I guess he is feeling that way right now because:

• He ordered the murder of an entire village

• An entire planetary system is about to be destroyed

• Perhaps Finn’s abandoning the FO intensified his inner conflict?

So about the first two points, these two horrible acts must have made him feel guilty and that guilt was the pull to the light. Also remember that time Palpatine told Anakin to show no mercy because only then he will be able to fully use the dark side? Ren is doing the same here, killing innocents to feel the dark side fully. I’m not saying his actions can be justified, but I’m saying that this doesn’t make him irredeemable.

Kylo Ren and Rey’s confrontation on Takodana

Antis: Look how he is torturing her! She is in so much pain. And he just kidnapped her what the hell! He should just die.

Me: (the reylo inside me awakens) What an evil person right? He didn’t even let her fall on the ground and carried her to the ship in the nicest way possible. He could have carried her using the force, asked the stormtroopers to take her like he did eith poe, or at least he could have thrown her on his shoulder bc that way he would have one hand free to defend himself in case someone attacks him which had a very high chance since they were in a battle zone and resistamce fighters were pouring in. Also about torture, let me point it out again, they are at WAR and he is extracting info just the way the resistance would have done. Doesn’t make his crimes any less but it doesn’t mean he is downright evil.

The most important scene- Rey’s interrogation


Me: woah woah wait. How long had she been unconscious? He actually waited for her to wake up while sitting in that uncomfortable posture? WHYYYY??? That is sooooo not evil. And why does it bother him that she still wants to kill him? I mean who doesn’t? Lol. I am willing to bet that at least half the FO would like to see him dead. And he removed his mask because she said he was 'a creature in a mask’? I mean even Poe said that it was difficult to understand him with the apparatus but he didn’t remove his mask then. And is there a good reason they made the villain so damn attractive? (Now that scene when Ren asks her about BB8 and she gives that smart answer) Is he-Is he amused? And why isn’t this EVIL guy annoyed by her answer? (You know I can take whatever I want) uhhhhh…why do i sense some sexual tension here? Also why does he have to lean sooooo close to her while probing her mind? He didn’t do that with Poe right? And do I see a slight smile on his face? And of course he can relate with Rey’s feelings of loneliness here. He is connecting with her here. Also MIND RAPE? She does that to him too right? And she reveals his deepest fear? And he doesn’t even lash out on her and just leaves right? And I don’t want to go over it again but c'mon they are at war and he wants information. (Plus he says in the novel that he’d have preferred not to go ahead with the mind probe bc it gave him no joy and that he would go as easy on her as possible)

Meeting no 2 with snoke and hux

Antis: He is so bad, if he gets hold of rey he is gonna torture her so much. And these monsters are about to destroy the resistance!!

Me: I’m not entirely convinced that Ren is happy about the destruction of the resistance base (which would eventually result in the death of his mum) and that’s why he tries to interrupt snoke and says that he can get the map from her. (Also snoke says that he sensed that Ren has compassion for Rey in the novel and what did Anakin say about compassion in attack of the clones? Compassion, which I would define as unconditional love, is central to a jedi’s life)

Kills Han

Antis: This is it. There’s no going back now. HE CANNOT AND SHOULD NOT BE REDEEMED!!!!!! HOW COULD HE KILL HIS FATHER??? HAN SOLO? REY SHOULD KILL HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: Are you annoyed by the fact that he killed his father or because he killed Han Solo? Obviously patricide is a terrible act and yeah what he did was absolutely wrong but I guess what is bothering you more is the fact that he murdered fan favourite Han Solo. Because Anakin killed his only father figure and best friend Obi-Wan too right? And on one hand Ren and Han had a very strained relationship as father and son but on the other hand Anakin and Obi-Wan were sooooo close to each other. And he almost killed his pregnant wife and unborn child right? And he actually was the cause of his wife’s ultimate death. And he was redeemed. So why not Kylo Ren? Also you are just going to ignore the look of shock and guilt on Ren’s face right? Also, according to the novel, the act weakened him instead of making him stronger. He was horrified by what he had done.

Antis: You reylos are JUST pathetic. Trying to justify that monster’s actions. Rey should never forgive him. And how can she when he killed the only father figure she ever had?

Me: woah woah who justified his actions? We are just saying that he can still be redeemed there is nothing wrong with that. And he killed Rey’s father figure? Seriously? Are we the same fandom who has made fun of the fact that Luke felt so sad by the death of Obi-wan Kenobi even after knowing him for a few days? Isn’t this the same situation? Also more than the fact that it was Han that he killed, I guess what hurt shocked Rey the most was that he killed his own father. She couldn’t understand how could someone do that to their own family because she had always longed for one.

The Final Fight: Finn and Rey vs Kylo Ren

Antis: He threw Rey on that tree. He hurt her again.

Me: She was going to shoot him. What did you want him to do? Does it bother you because he thre a 'girl’ at the tree? Because it seems like it does. Also, I guess it was better than force choking her? He is perfectly capable of that. And did you even see the way he pounded on his injury because remember 'pain leads to the dark side’? He is trying to draw power from his pain because he doesn’t have enough darkness in him.

Antis: Oh God look how he hurt Finn. What do you have to say about thay huh? He almost killed him.

Me: Yeah ikr Finn was being so nice to him. He didn’t deliver a single killer blow at him. He would have never killed him if he had the chance because he doesn’t consider him his enemy am i right? Bullshit.

Rey and Kylo fight

Antis: He could have hurt her so bad!!! He would have definitely killed her. You kill him Rey! He deserves it!

Me: Well first of all, he would have easily killed her when they were standing on the edge of the cliff. I don’t even know how many times reylos have stated this but no one wants to listen right. Secondly, guess what? Rey is a wonderful person but she is not fully on the light side after all. He wanted to kill him, would have definitely killed him had the ground not cracked and separated them, and well almost did kill him because she left a wounded man alone to die on a planet that was about to explode bc she had no way to know that someone was coming to save him. But of course that is justified for her because she is on the good side and they are at war right? What gets me everytime is the fact that we forget that the resistance has killed many innocents too in the name of greater good. I’ve always felt that not all stormtroopers are evil (even before watching tfa) and tfa and finn intensified my belief. Most of them are just following orders because if they don’t they will be killed right? And not everyone can be as brave as Finn was. How many of them were on the 2 death stars and star killer base when they were destroyed? Not everything is as black and white as it seems.

But of course, if someone is adamant about something we cannot change their pov no matter how many logical explanations we give. You don’t ship reylo? Cool, you don’t have to. But it’s not an abusive ship. Tbh Ren suffered more at the hands of Rey than she did (lol) and they are are EQUALS. No one is saying that he is her superior, rather she is the stonger and braver one and he is the one with more experience. And yes of course, a woman can both be both romantic and badass (because I am too lol and so was leia, and padme though she isn’t given much credit).