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Still haven’t spoiled myself about this game too much, but I came up with this from Leo and Elise’s supports. Having siblings sure is painful, isn’t it?

I wonder what the other siblings looked like…

Spoiler-Free Thoughts on Echoes Chapter 1
  • Its Gaiden.  Its shinier, faster, and easier to play, but at its core its still the Gaiden experience.  If you dont know Gaiden, I basically mean it feels very RPGish and not very strategy heavy with simple maps.  I can confirm what I’ve suspected for a while: people who hate Awakening and Birthright are probably not going to like this one.
  • I cant say too much about the skill system yet since ive only scratched the surface.  It seems neat though.
  • Music and visuals are all amazing.  Theres tons of personality in the animations and in little details all over the game. 
  • Support convos are on the shorter side but theres a LOT of dialogue outside of supports.  Not just from Alm, all the characters have had a ton to say.  I cant tell you how good the characterization is because I dont speak japanese but theres a lot of it at least.
  • Most everyone is slightly better than they were in Gaiden, but so far Clair is the only one who is significantly better.
  • Fatigue is utterly insignificant.  I only had one unit suffer fatigue one time and it was easily fixed by using one of the massive numbers of foodstuffs the game throws at you.  Supposedly it never becomes relevant on normal mode (what im playing on) but it does eventually matter in later dungeons on hard mode, but thats it.  
  • Whatever else she may be, Faye is pretty cute.

Thats about all I can say other than I cant wait to play this in English.  I already loved Gaiden, and this is just Gaiden but with all the polish and refinement and smooth, stylish game feel of 3DSFE, so I love this game doubly.  Its on track to be a my new favorite.

anonymous asked:

If you could remake PoR/RD, what changes would you do?

I… honestly wouldn’t change too much on the writing/characters side of things, so most of the changes I’d like to see are mechanical/gameplay related. 


- Remove support limit, add an “active supports” mechanic to balance this. You’d select up to five support levels to give a bonus at any one time, and the active A support on the last level would determine altered endgame dialogue and transfer bonuses. 

- Add a few more supports for characters that don’t get very many, like Elincia, Nephenee and Stefan. 

- Use RD’s re-assignable skill system. 

- Nerf the earth affinity. Add a level cap for bexp based on the chapter number that can’t be exceeded, encouraging its use to raise weaker units rather than overpower strong ones.

- Nix the localisation added Ike/Elincia subtext.

- Give weapon ranks to laguz units, maybe give unique effects to each character’s claw/beak to differentiate them more? Let them retaliate unshifted like in RD. 

- Make Chapter 27 a multi-part chapter like Chapter 17, so that the player can save before the Black Knight fight. 


- Smooth out the erratic difficulty curve, buff dawn brigade, reduce Ike, Titania, Shinon, Haar’s starting levels etc. 

- Rebalance unit caps, especially for mages. Make magic more powerful in general. 

- Keep the flexible buddy system (the constantly switching chop and change armies kind of necessitates it) but add fe12 style supports through the base convo menu for certain pairs. Give paired endings to a few more characters, particularly the RD exclusive ones. 

- Rebalance laguz units using the PoR system where transforming gives an additive bonus, rather than doubling stats. 

- Balance mastery skills to be more in line with how they were in PoR. Reduce their capacity cost to compensate. 

- Add equippable items like in PoR.

- Reveal the Black Knight’s true identity in a less anti-climactic way.

- Give the black knight Nullify. Seriously how did they overlook that.

- Localise all the scenes and lines of dialogue cut from the Japanese hard mode script. Give me Soren riding on Ranulf’s back damn it. 

- Have Micaiah find out about the blood pact before she even enters the war. Have her object to Pelleas dragging Daein into a war on behalf of their oppressors, let her press him into revealing the truth. That way, the Daein side enters the war with a clear purpose and narrative direction. 

- Let the player see Ike’s memory scene on a first playthrough. That’s way too important a detail to leave for new game+ content. 

- Reveal that Micaiah is the True Apostle earlier. Use that as a springboard to grant her greater agency in the endgame. 

- Allow Micaiah to land the finishing blow on Ashera too, with an altered ending movie to match.

- Make ikesoren and ikeranulf canon, instead of ambiguously canon.

And while graphical updates go without saying, I wouldn’t want to see any redesigns. Everyone looks great just the way they are. 

Nohrian Festival: Xander and Kamui Married Conversation (Parts 1 & 2)

Whoaaah, I think this is the longest one that I (Marie) have done thus far. As usual, I altered the text here and there so it would make more sense and sound less stilted in English, but the spirit and meaning of the Japanese text is there. I think. It’s still kinda stilted, though.

Usually I use Kamui’s English name, but decided to stick to her Japanese name this time. She and Xander make such a cute couple! Actually…Just about ALL of Xander’s S-support conversations are really cute! He’s totally devoted to his wife, so I don’t think he’ll be the light-hearted womanizer his father was. (Hard to imagine Garon being like that…ugh. maybe he used to look more like Xander?)

Xander and Kamui’s S-support convo is mentioned here, especially in the second part, so you might want to read that first.

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