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I’m seeing women defending this man… and I’m disgusted.. especially black women, this man has said out his mouth he’s the type to not let his exes be happy and will stalk and threaten them, y'all got former neighbors confirming he used to assault this girl, even had to call the cops on him. He has stalked her to her home 3 am in the morning before, takes every chance he has to to verbally assault her on social media, and has a past of abusing women… and it’s so far-fetched for y'all to think he threatened to kill this girl… furthermore think of all the shit he’s done to this girl and she didn’t report him, he must have did some wild shit to make her say enough is enough, & y'all really making it seem like as if this girl shouldn’t have reported him even if she felt like her life was at risk because “he’s already got a bad rep & why we gotta do this to our black men”, the role of a black woman isnt to pacify black men and ignore their damaging behavior, y'all need to go tell Chris to seek the medical attention he clearly needs, and leave this girl alone. If you support Chris you’re trash girl and he’d probably beat your ass too…. but anyways


Chris Brown - Party (Official Video) ft. Gucci Mane, Usher

36 million views



We want to wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this sweet, kind, loving, talented and beautiful person —> CHRIS BROWN! We hope that your day is filled with love and cheer, that all your dreams come true! You always put smile on our face, you bring joy to our life with your music, we’re so thankful to have you, we’re so proud to be your fans! We wish love, joy, happiness & peace for you!  ALWAYS SHINE BRIGHT AND ALWAYS BE HAPPY!!!! WE LOVE YOU BREEZY!


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This blog hates Chris Brown AND his fans

People hate on the beyhive but honestly Chris Brown fans, to me, are wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy worse. This nigga openly made a video about how crazy he is and how he’s a stalker. “If I can’t have you, nobody can.” He actually said that and these dumbass girls think this shit is cute. Like they’re romanticizing tf out of abusive relationships. These same girls get mad at Rihanna and karreuche for saying how abusive this nigga is and they still support this nigga. This same nigga that don’t even like black women and talks soooo much shit about us and women in general has so many black women caping for him and it’s disgusting. At least the beyhive is supporting a good person. Chris Brown fans are such trash.

I find it funny how people dislike a celebrity because of there personal life..  Chris Brown still has fans because those fans who are with him have been with him since day one and has seen his growth sorry we don’t feed into the bs when it comes to tabloids whose jobs is to bring certain celebrities down.. I still am a fan because I see his talent. He write half the songs for yall favorite artist that yall be jammin to not to mention can sing performing, pain, draw and dance his ass off not because he is light skin.. How he ugly when many celebrities do interviews saying how humble he is and he just get portrayed in a bad light.. don’t judge someone based off what the media is saying.

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If you support or agree with Chris Brown, I can’t fuck with you. He proves day in and day out that he ain’t shit. If you’re delusional and dumb enough to think he’s going to magically change then you’re just as dumb as him. And with that being said, then I really can’t fuck with you because I don’t fuck with dumb bitches.


Chris Brown - Fine By Me

C’mon guys is that all, 7 mil for this amazing video & song? Are we Team Breezy or what? We need more views, this video deserves more, let’s all share this video on our fb, twitter, tumblr & instagram. One share means more views for Chris, he deserves that..He’s giving so much effort, giving us free music all the time, directing his videos, making a movie for us…His talent & hard work deserve more positive feedback..Tell ur friends, be like “did you watch that new CB video, it’s amazing”…move ur ass lol! We’re gonna check views count, this is where u show if you’re true fan or not :) let’s do this TEAM BREEZY!!!!!!!!!  

update: right now it’s  7.170.468


Chris Brown - Little More (Royalty)

Little More (Royalty) is finally on VEVO!


So we gonna do the same thing with this video like we did for Fine By Me video, we will set goals to reach more views and you guys need to share video everywhere, our ultimate goal is to make this video VEVO certified. Make sure to post this video on your FB, twitter, IG & other social networks.

1. current views 1,407,154, next goal 3 million views

i can’t believe the ppl who support chris brown use the excuse “everyone makes mistakes” they’re out there actually doing that like his life is a hannah Montana song and he just had a bad day when he beat the shit out of rihanna