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Minerva/Cherche C-S Support

Written by pansexualkiba


Cherche: Very good today, Minerva! We’re in excellent form! 

[Minerva screeches in reply]

Minerva: You there. What is your name?

Cherche: Oh? My name is Cherche, miss. Pardon, but why do you ask?

Minerva: I am Minerva, of Macedon. I ask simply because I am confused as to why you refer to your wyvern when you state my name.

Cherche: Oh? My wyvern’s name is Minerva. Hold on – you’re Minerva of Macedon?

Minerva: Yes.

Cherche: My goodness! My Minerva was named after you! I can understand why, then, you would be confused. My honest apologies.

Minerva: Apology accepted. In the future, can you make an attempt to differentiate between the wyvern and I, lest we fight together again?

Cherche: Of course, your highness! How about I refer to my Minerva as Minervykins? It’s always struck me as a nice nickname for such a cute wyvern. What do you think, Minervykins? 

[Minerva screeches]

Minerva: …Minervykins?

[Minerva and Cherche have reached support rank C.]


Cherche: And that’s that. Do you think y/n will find the repairs I made to his/her cloak satisfactory, Minerva?

Minerva: Cherche.

Cherche: Ah, your highness! Did Minervykins and I get in your way in the last battle?

Minerva: No, everything’s fine on that end. Though, could you please simply call me Minerva?

Cherche: Oh? But then how will I differentiate between you and Minervykins among other company?

Minerva: I was thinking, and in the last fight, I watched your wyvern fly and I had a realization… That your Minerva flies as free as I would like to be one day. So, therefore, I would like for you to refer to me simply as Minerva. You may continue calling your Minerva “M-Minervykins”.

Cherche: Pardon me, but… What do you mean by “free”, your hi- Miss Minerva?

Minerva: Yes. As you know, I am princess of Macedon. However, I truly do not wish to ascend to the throne. My people deserve a strong ruler, and I could not keep my own sister safe. I want to live a simpler life than what is expected of me.

Cherche: …I see. Very well then. In that event, would you like to help me, Miss Minerva?

Minerva: Oh? In what way?

Cherche: I was simply experimenting with some embroidery for [y/n], as his/her clothes are rather unique compared to either you or I. If you wish, you may join me.

Minerva: Heh. I am not skilled at all in this craft, though I suppose if I were to abdicate, I would need something to occupy myself with… Very well. Teach me, Cherche.

Cherche: Of course. Now, first you…

[Minerva and Cherche have reached support rank B.]


Cherche: Heh, enjoying yourself, Minerva? [Minerva screeches]

Minerva: It would seem that she is.

Cherche: Why, Miss Minerva! Fancy seeing you here!

Minerva: Of course. My mount always requires a good brushing at this time. Sometimes, she sheds old scales, and they can be made into armor.

Cherche: Oh, yes, my Minervykins does as well! I always keep one, to remind myself of how she’s grown, and then I send the rest off to a tailor to fashion into fine suits for Virion. Though he never seems to wear them…

Minerva: Perhaps he would prefer one made by your hand, instead.

Cherche: Oh, goodness me! I’m nowhere near that skilled with embroidery.

Minerva: I see. …Listen, Cherche.

Cherche: Hm?

Minerva: Do I make you uncomfortable?

Cherche: Bed pardon?

Minerva: You’re always incredibly formal when you address me, but when you talk about anyone else, you always use such informal language and manners of address, even to your own lord.

Cherche: Well, I suppose that, since I grew up on stories of you, it would not be unusual for me to treat you with incredible respect. Why, I even named my Minervykins after you.

Minerva: I see. Even so, could you call me Minerva? None of this miss stuff, please.

Cherche: Oh, very well, Minerva. Though I suppose I will have to find some way to differentiate between you and Minervykins when it’s just me and her.

Minerva: Of course. …Hm? It seems our wyverns have calmed down.

Cherche: Oh, yes! I almost forgot, what have you named your wyvern?

Minerva: … I… Have not named her…

Cherche: …Oh.

Minerva: I initially wanted to name her Maria, after my sister, but Maria complained at the time, said it would get confusing as to who I was talking about. So, I ended up not naming her…

Cherche: Ah, well, that’s quite all right. Minervykins knows who she is, at least. Right, Minerva? 

[Minerva screeches]

Minerva: …Heh, sounds like a yes…

[Minerva and Cherche have reached support rank A.]


Minerva: Cherche.

Cherche: Ah, Minerva! Wonderful work, taking down those mages in the last battle.

Minerva: I was able to do so thanks to your quick work of the archers. I owe you my life.

Cherche: Nonsense! The commander here says that we won’t particularly die in battle so long as we’re here. You don’t owe me anything.

Minerva: Hm. Well, regardless, I felt I should give you this as a thank you.

Cherche: Why, Minerva! This is a beautiful shawl!

Minerva: I made it from Cherche’s shed scales. I do hope you enjoy it.

Cherche: Enjoy it? I love i- Wait. Cherche?

Minerva: Yes. I felt as though I should follow your example after I realized that I had never named my wyvern. Since you respected me enough to name your wyvern after me, I figured that it would not be undue to do the same for a woman that I respect in turn.

Cherche: You… Respect me?

Minerva: Of course. You balance such ladylike poise with your brutal fighting. It’s almost difficult not to respect you on some level.

Cherche: Oh my… Hearing this from you, and getting this lovely shawl, all in one conversation… It’s almost breathtaking…

Minerva: Heh. I suppose it is.

Cherche: It almost makes my gift feel a bit dull, really…

Minerva: Wait, your gift?

Cherche: Well, I was going to save it for much later, but Minervykins told me it would be much more prudent to do this now, so, here you are.

Minerva: A-A ring? Cherche, do you realize what you are proposing?

Cherche: Yes. Minerva, I wish for you to be my wife.

Minerva: I… Cherche, this is…

Cherche: Oh, was it too sudden? Well, I suppose that i- Mmph?!

Minerva: …

Cherche: …

Minerva: … Cherche, I accept wholeheartedly! Even if I have to leave behind the throne to do it, I will marry you!

Cherche: You will? Oh, what a joyful day it is!

Minerva: Come! Let us tell everyone the good news!

Cherche: Oh, yes! We must especially tell Minerva and Cherche!

Minerva: … Oh. You mean our wyverns.

Cherche: Of course. Hm, we may need to come up with a nickname for yours now, though…

[Minerva and Cherche have reached support rank S.]

So I had a dream about  (I really hope the attempt at the link works) and, while I don’t remember everything that happened in the dream it was adorable and got me thinking. So, I attempted to come up with support conversations for the two of them.

Then I gave up and came up with summaries of those support conversations.

C Support: Their first meeting. Which involves the two of them tripping over each other. Arthur’s bad luck causes them to clap their foreheads together painfully. Mikan’s quirk causes them to be in a very… interesting looking position. Apoligies are offered on both sides and Mikan attempts to do something about the lump on Arthur’s head.

B Support:  Arthur gets hurt. Again. Mikan rushes over to help him (with medicine and bandages. She’s more comfortable with those over heal staffs) As she’s bandaging him up she let’s slip that she’s been keeping an eye on him in case she can help him.

A Support: Three guesses who got hurt. Mikan is helping him again and this time Arthur admits that he’s also been keeping an eye on her to try and protect her from harm. Mikan is flustered but happy and she realizes that she’s starting to like him. This scares her (considering her past and what she did last time she thought she loved someone) and she runs off.

S Support: Mikan approaches Arthur and apoligizes for running off and for avoiding him. She then tearfully and panickingly confesses everything. About her past (both as the Ultimate Despair and on the island) and apoligizes that he can hate her and- Arthur interupts. He already knew about that. Mostly because Hiyoko (and maybe some of the others but definetly Hiyoko) found out that Mikan was upset and confronted him. (some variation of the phrase “I’m the only one who can upset Mikan!” was used) And that when they did they kinda told the whole story. Mikan laughs a bit and admits that Elise had noticed Arthur was upset and had come around to ask her what had happened. Then insert speech about how Mikan is changing or isn’t that kinda of person anymore. And then the two of them trip over each other again…


travelling with jimin 💝🌷

3/9 happy miku day

Fates Supports In A Nutshell: Royals Edition

If these go over well I may do some more. These were fun to make. [Long post ahead]

EDIT: Version 2 is here! (opposite couples)

Takumi + Elise

-C support-

  • Elise: Play with m–
  • Takumi: NO.

-B- support-

  • Elise: Are you sure you don’t wanna look at–
  • Takumi: NO. NO. NO.

-A support-

  • Takumi: Last time, I was kind of a jerk, so sorry or whatever.

-S support-

  • Elise: Takumiiiii let’s hang out!

Ryoma + Camilla

-C support-

  • Camilla: This is awkward.
  • Ryoma: Indeed.

-B support-

  • Ryoma: You’re smothering Corrin.
  • Camilla: I’m going to ask Corrin to decide whether or not that’s true.

-A support-

  • Ryoma: You know what, let’s forget everything that happened before.
  • Camilla: Couldn’t agree more!

-S support-

  • Camilla: Sex now, talk later.

Leo + Sakura

-C support-

  • Sakura: I hate fighting.
  • Leo: Stay off the battlefield then.

-B support-

  • Sakura: Let me in your club.
  • Leo: No.

-A support-

  • Leo: You’re a nervous little hamster but you’ve earned my praise.
  • Sakura: T-Thank you…

-S support-

  • Sakura: Oh Prince Leo, I love you too!
  • Leo: Great let’s go for a walk.

Xander + Hinoka

-C support-

  • Hinoka: Help there’s a thing.
  • Xander: You don’t know nothing, you didn’t see nothing.

-B support-

  • Hinoka: I freaked out for no reason! Nothing happened!
  • Xander: I will gladly sit here and listen to you !@#$%^&* about it.

-A support-

  • Hinoka: You’re an awesome dude. Wanna ride my pegasus?
  • Xander: /GLORY TO NOHR intensifies/

-S support-

  • Xander: You, me, food, marriage.
  • Hinoka: Let’s do this!

IDK why current Marvel is so insistent on making sure Tony has no friends ever? Historically he’s done best as a character when he’s been:

A) Having a great time with his long-time well-established friends
B) Getting support from those friends
C) Saving or being saved by those friends

Like yeah, sure, ok give me so delicious “life is pain but I must overcome” Tony Stark TM self-sacrificing behaviour, but please let him have FRIENDS while it happens? Stop vagueing about it, Marvel! Just let people say they like Tony! 

Preferably to his face.

Pedophilia Ships

I’ve noticed that most antis don’t understand that the majority of the ships that they claim to be pedophiliac are in fact not pedophilia at all. I would also like to say that if anyone headcanons these ships as being simply romantic, and not sexual, then it would not be pedophilia regardless of their ages.

Ships that are 100% not pedophilia:

1) RickMorty/C-137cest: Morty is fourteen/fifteen years old which is past the age range for pedophilia. 

2) Ereri: Eren is fifteen, which is also out of the age range

3) Any Steven ship: Steven is turning fourteen in the next episodes, so he will then be out of the age range 

4) Any ship with Frisk: Frisk’s age is undetermined, so as long as Frisk is portrayed as fourteen or older then the ship is not pedophilia

Ships that may or may not be pedophiliac depending on portrayal:

1) Billdip/Mabill: Bill does not have an actual age, so as long as he is portrayed as being around the twins’ age then it isn’t pedophilia

2) Sebaciel: Same thing applies here. Sebastian most likely does not age, so as long as Ciel is depicted as being older then there isn’t a problem.

(I’m pretty sure that these are all the “pedophilia” ships being attacked. If I missed any please let me know and I will add them.)

Does everyone understand now? Please use the term pedophilia correctly because not doing so could make it harder for real pedophilia victims to get the help that they need and they might feel invalidated. Thank you :)

Saizo and Lon’qu: C Support:


Saizo: …





Lon’qu:…Ok, I’ll bite. Why are you staring at me so?

Saizo: Your style is crisp. Sharp. Deadly. 

Lon’qu: I know.

Saizo: Heh. You’ve clearly got some warrior pride as well.

Lon’qu: As do you, it seems.

Saizo: I would like a gauge of your skills.

Lon’qu: Is that why you’ve been leering at me?

Saizo: You should be honored that the great Saizo the Fifth as an interest in you.

Lon’qu: Spare me your titles and your arrogance. I’ve heard not of you.

Saizo: Mark it then. You’ll not soon forget my name I should think.

Lon’qu: Hmph. If you’d that desperate for a fight, I’ll oblige. Just don’t complain if you lose a limb, I won’t be holding back. 

Saizo: That’s fine. Ninja always play for keeps.

Lon’qu: Ninja? What’s a-

Saizo: Have at you!

Lon’qu: Ergh! Quick, aren’t you? Fine. We’ll chat later. 

Saizo: Talk is cheap. Actions mean everything.

Lon’qu: Fine. Then I’ll let my sword arm speak.