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This is the E-mail I sent To BMP Party Support Today


I have no technical issues to speak of. I just wish to make a general comment/request/complaint.

I have been playing Voltage Inc. games for at least 3 years now. I love BMP and I especially loved BMP GREE. I’m very happy that the GREE storyline was revived in the Party format and that we can enjoy the main storylines of the princes once again. I hope that, unlike GREE, we will see the sequel and wedding sequel routes as well.

As much as I love BMP Party, however, I do have a problem with the requirements of these past few events. I also have a problem with the requirements for Keith’s birthday letter and his gacha. I think the requirements for the gems is completely unreasonable. It’s bad enough that gems are the requirement for the gacha, it’s even worse when you have to spend gems that could be used to buy sweet routes [in the main routes] or restore stamina. Five gems for one spin? That’s way too much. Fifteen spins to get the next part of the story? You’re asking someone to spend $60, at least, to get a story, that, realistically, they should only have to spend $6-$10 on. That’s way too much money to ask for and I will not spend that much money on it. With the requirements as they are now, I will only be able to get the first gacha story (since it’s free) and I’m not willing to spend 10 gems (on a birthday letter) when I could use them to restore my stamina in an event. In GREE, letters didn’t cost this much! These gacha stories didn’t exist in GREE so I can’t comment on the history of those. So many users would love to read these stories from the gacha, but they don’t have the money. This includes myself. I think it unfair and discouraging to users when a special story like this is offered with such high requirements. Only a select few are allowed to appreciate the story and endear themselves to their favorite prince with the special side story. I believe those stories should be more accessible. I understand that you can’t make them completely free, but could you consider lowering the requirements to make them more reasonable?

As for the requirements of the events, 7000LF for a Secret Happy Ending is a lot more reasonable than 9000LF. With only a week and a half to complete such short events, not as many people will be able to complete the goals they might want to achieve.

I humbly ask that you reconsider and reexamine your requirements for the birthday gachas, birthday letters, and event LF ending missions. They’re getting to be as bad a MFW Party, and I’m beginning to consider quitting that app. I love the BMP universe fiercely and I don’t want to have to give it up because it’s too expensive. So many people love playing these games, but these prices are just too much for most of the fanbase.

Thank you for your time.



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