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If you’re ever feeling inadequate, just listen to Bikini Kill and Sleater-Kinney and Bratmobile and the Julie Ruin and feel the power and support from wonderful women who dedicated their music to building up every girl who listens to them and every girl who doesn’t

Blind Date

Harry Styles - 1558 words


“Come on, it will be fun! I know him and I assure you he isn’t a creep!” Jenna slaps her hands against her bare legs, the weather had been scorching the last couple of days, making me and my roommate drag around the house in just our bikini’s. Or she’d spend the day by her boyfriend’s pool.

“You can say that now, but what are you going to tell when you have to give a speech at my funeral? I’m sorry I made her go out on a blind date seeing as how she is now raped and murdered about to go into the ground forever..” I state in a wimpy, sorrow filled voice before I dryly chuckle and push all of the hairs out of my face with flattened hands. I did trust Jenna with all my heart, and she would never endanger me in any way. If she said this guy was to be trusted, then I would go on that date.. in fifteen minutes.

“What is he like?” I dare to ask, standing up from my position on the bed to walk over to my closet in search for a loose summer dress. “He is a very friendly guy, from the times that I’ve met him. Rich guy too.” I let a little laugh escape my lips, shaking my head as I hold two dresses out in front of me for her to pick. “The green one.”

I pull the dress over my supporting bikini, sighing as I feel the material already stick to the skin on my back, fingers threading through my hair to get the curls to loosen and fall in waves over my back. Jenna has spent way too many hours styling my hair, although it would frizz up immediately when the air would be just a bit too humid.

“You’re looking great dear. I’ll order a taxi for you.” Jenna claps my shoulder enthusiastically before disappearing down the hallway to retrieve her phone. I let a deep, ragged sigh leave my lips as I fall down onto the seat in front of my small mirror, searching through my make-up for that lipstick I bought last week which would go great with this dress.

Apparently I take a little too long because before I know it, Jenna is calling me down since the taxi arrived. I’m sent on my way with my purse pressed into my hands and a slap against my ass. Nerves are coursing through my body as my  eyes wander over the illuminated city, taking me to where I’d agreed to meet this mystery man. The only thing Jenna wanted to share with me before I was sent off was that his name was Harold Styles and I rolled my eyes at the old sounding name.

“Owh shit.” I groan as the taxi driver stops in front of what appears to be a rather fancy restaurant. I push the money into his hands and step out into the warm summer air. I wasn’t very wealthy, neither was my family and seeing the place this Harold picked out he was loaded. I tried to recollect myself, taking a few shallow breaths before me and my undressed ass pulled themselves inside to be met with a nice, elder waiter, holding a book.

“Do you have a reservation, miss?” I smile as I nervously rub my elbow, eyes skimming around the room for one guy on his own. “Uhm, I think so. Styles?”
The man skims through his book, tapping his pen against the side. “Ah, yes. Reservation for two. Your date has already arrived, miss.” The man smiles at me and I grin stupidly in return, motioning me to go around the corner. My heels click against the dark wood as I feel my heart hammer in my chest.

Harold Styles is sitting there, playing with the rim of his empty wine glass, looking equally as nervous as I was mere seconds ago. “Uhm, Harold?” I whisper, making the boy shoot his eyes towards mine, a smile toying on his lips, dimples immediately visible making me swoon on the spot.
“You must be Y/n. I’m Harry. Please, take a seat.”

Harry was one attractive human being to say the least. His hair was streaked back, clearly by his fingers that had coursed through the chocolate brown locks over and over again. He had a mesmerizing smile, drawing you in completely, accompanied by those dimples. And last but not least, the second our eyes met I felt like I could drown and stare at them forever. This boy was downright handsome.

“You seem familiar.” I state as I sit down, eyebrows still furrowed as I stare at him. Within a few seconds I realize what I am doing and accompany my half glare with a tiny smile, ordering a glass of red wine myself as the waiter comes around. “I thought the same thing when I first saw you walk in here, to be honest. What are you exactly of Daniel?”

“Daniel is my roommate’s boyfriend’s brother. Wow, way to be complicated.” I chuckle, bringing the glass to my lips as I let my eyes roam over Harry’s broad chest. Although the button up was covering most of the tan skin, I just knew whatever underneath there would be exquisite. “And what is Daniel from you?” I decide to ask, fingers trailing over the fancy looking menu, eyes trailing from the man in front of me to the delicious treats this restaurant had to offer.

“Daniel is my best friend. I remember you, you’re that Gale had a crush on.” Harry grins and I feel the blush creep onto my cheeks almost immediately. Gale was another mate of Daniel and one of the most handsome guys I had ever met. Too bad his shitty character was accompanied by that smile.

“Oh yeah, Gale. Something different..” I cough, closing the menu in front of me as I grant Harry with a tight, small smile. I do remember Harry, and I cannot believe I am sitting right in front of him right now. He was always the heartbreaker, the cool guy at the parties which hung around near the keg which the girls swooned over. “Are you still going to those parties?” I question Harry after we’ve placed our order. I am kind of glad that he is technically someone I know, even if that meant I was drooling over him from afar.

“Well yeah, Daniel is never going to stop throwing those, and as a best mate..” Harry chuckles as he leans back, the tips of his swallow tattoos visible from where his shirt was unbuttoned. “I’m glad it was you here tonight. I would catch your weeping ponytail from a mile away, along with that lovely chuckle.” Harry compliments me and I feel my teeth sink into my bottom lip as my cheeks color as red as they can get. “Well Harry, you’re hard to forget, even if I wished.”

“But can I ask, why this expensive restaurant? I would’ve been fine with McDonalds too..” I trail off, my eyes widening at my own words as I scratch my elbow again under the table. Way to go, socially awkward duck. “Oh, Jenna said you would absolutely adore this. Her words, not mine.” Harry holds his hands up in a defensive manner and I giggle freely, letting my hand fall on his as soon as it’s resting on the table again. “Well, I would absolutely adore it if you took me to McDonalds on our second date.”

“You’d go on a second date with me?”
“Well you haven’t done anything remotely psychotic yet and I’m still alive, so I’m guessing this could be considered a great first date, don’t you think?” I wink as I drop my fork and knife onto my empty plate, gently resting a flattened out hand against my stomach to rub soothingly.
“Your expectations of a great date are extremely pessimistic. But if that means I get a second date with you, I don’t mind one bit.” Harry grins and I roll my eyes at his statement before patting his hand. “Want to go for a walk? I actually don’t want to go home yet.” A nod from him is all it takes for both of us to stand to our feet simultaneously and for me to slip my hand over his forearm to let him lead me.

Loud giggles escape my lips as we round the corner up to my flat door. “You’re hilarious.”
“Well I’m glad you think so.” Harry chuckles and I press myself closer to him, letting go to dig my key out of my coat pocket, momentarily stopping when I let them dangle in front of me, cutting through the silent air.

“I’m really glad I’ve done this, thank you Harry.” I smile, fumbling with the keys. Harry merely smiles before his hands comes up and he cups my jaw, my eyelids already fluttering at his soft touch. Our lips press together as softly as a kiss can be, and I sigh against Harry’s lips, melting into his body momentarily before our kiss breaks.
“You and me and Ronald, next Tuesday?” Harry grins against my lips and I chuckle and nod my head at the same time before pressing my lips to his again.

Lots of love,
L. xox

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Karasuno+ Kuroo and Akaashi seeing their s/o in cute swimsuits for the first time?

can the boys also be wearing cute swimsuits. Suga in a bikini anyone?

Daichi stumbles over his words to try and get across that they look nice and can’t help but stare at them when they’re hanging out on the beach

Suga is ready with about 800000 compliments because they honestly look amazing

Asahi definitely tries to bury his head in the sand because he can’t handle how attractive they are boner y u do dis

Nishinoya is all smiles and compliments because he picked out that swimsuit for them. Which is why it’s showing off a little too much booty.

Tanaka blushes and shifts his weight back and forth looking down at his feet. He mumbles out a compliment telling them that they look incredible my shy bb he just thinks they’re so gorgeous

Ennoshita can’t help but smile at the way his s/o is blushing. He kisses their forehead and assures them that they look great.

Kinoshita looks them up and down, gives them a thumbs up, and says “nice.”

Narita gets excited because they’re both wearing the same color swimsuit and is happy that they look so cute together.

Hinata let’s them know that they won’t be staying by the pool for too long because he really wants to take that swimsuit off of them with his teeth

Kageyama sputters out a “n…naf…..nice” and blushes as he takes their hand before walking out towards the boardwalk.

Yamaguchi is speechless because he really loves the way they look. So he scratches the back of his neck awkwardly before smiling and telling them that they’re incredible.

Tsukishima smirks and says “I told you that one looked the best” making his s/o roll their eyes but still smile at his “sweet” words.

Kuroo pulls his s/o close to him by their waist and kisses their lips sweetly. “You really look great today babe.” He then peppers their face with kisses before walking them down to the beach with his arm around their shoulders.

Akaashi smiles softly, noticing that his s/o is a little bit embarrassed of their new swim attire. “Hey, you really look good,” he kissed their forehead and caresses the side of their face. “I’ll be right beside you all day so I will let you know that every time you need me to.” His s/o gave him a big smile knowing that he meant it.

Preference: You have small boobs and he makes you feel better about then

Ashton: Today you and Ashton were going to the beach alone on a date. As you arrived at the white sand path, you and Ashton walked over and rented a great umbrella to chill under. You peered around only to see a few others girls your age supporting the most revealing bikinis money could buy. The coverup you had place over your body slid off while Ashton rubbed sunscreen all over your shoulders. You had always been insecure about you very small boobs. Ashton never seemed to mind, but it drove you crazy. Every girl here had two cantaloupes placed upon their chests while you only supported kiwi sized boobs. Ashton’s hands roamed you body covering it in the sunscreen. “Ashton I’m just gonna stay under here. I’m exhausted.” “Babe, what’s wrong?” You put the oversized t-shirt back on and avoided any glance from the public. “(Y/N) why are you just sitting here alone. We are at this beautiful beach for Pete’s sake.” “Well Ashton every girl here looks fantastic and I’m so flat chested.” “Love, let’s go home and I’ll show you how much I love your body because there is no reason why you should be insecure of something so beautiful.” Let’s just say Ashton showed how much he adored your body that night.

Luke: “(Y/N) are you ready to show me the dress?” Today was the day you were showing him your dress you bought for you friend Ivy’s birthday party. The dress was a deep maroon colour with a light black lace pattern across the skirt. The colours complimented your skin perfectly and made the beautiful eyes you had just stand out. It had removable straps that you decided to use as the only way to hold up the bodice. The straps were a life saver to you. Your boobs weren’t big enough to keep a lovely dress like this up. You adjusted the belt on your waist one more time before stepping out for Luke to see. “You look marvellous in that dress. It compliments your body shape perfectly.” “Luke but dont you think the top looks weird. I can’t even fill in the cups.” You frowned looking down at the dress. “Baby I think you fill it quite nicely. It’s stunning. I love you so much.” You chortled as silently as you could at Luke. “I love you too Lukey.”

Calum: “Now if we meet out on the street I won’t be running scared. I’ll walk right up to you and put one finger in the air…” You screamed the lyrics in the empty bedroom. Calum was making breakfast for you two downstairs. Just out of the shower, you walked over to the wardrobe near the closet opposite of the door. Your skin was still damp from the soaked towel. You stood in front of the full body mirror. You scanned up and down the skin reflected across from you. Your eyes paused at you chest and thought, “My boobs are the same size as they were in 6th grade.” Your focus stayed on your imperfections. “Why are you looking at your body like that (Y/N)?” Cal’s hands snaked their way around your hips. Never bothering to cover up or keep any secrets you muttered, “I have the smallest boobs I hate them so much. Don’t you hate them too Calum?” “Personally I love them. They fit perfectly in my hands when I’m teasing you. They are the perfect size when we are cuddling and I rest my head upon them. They are perfect in very way.” Calum responded. He littered small kisses along the sidled of your neck and continued them down till he reached the valley between your breasts. “I (kiss) love (kiss) your (kiss) boobs (kiss) so (kiss) much (kiss) darling.” He continued pecking your torso all day showing you just how much he loved them.

Michael: The shower water splashed around you. The heat infused into your skin and hydrated it slowly. You were home alone again and decided to clean your body and mind of anything negative. You started washing your arms with the Sun shower gel from Bath&Body Works. The golden magnolia scent was Michael’s weakness. You moved the soap down to your chest and washed in small circles. “I wish I had bigger boobs. Maybe if I did Michael would like me more.” You spoke into the silence. You continued to clean your body slowly taking all the time you had. You concentrated on you boobs wishing there was more to see. The shower curtain opened and closed in the beat of a heart. “I heard what you said earlier. It doesn’t matter how big your boobs are. If they were the size of Africa I’d love them as much as I love them now.” Michael kissed your sweet spot under your ear lightly. “Thank you.” You smirked into Michael’s neck turning to face him. “Anything for you babe. A lovely girl like you (Y/N) deserves to feel as pretty as you are.” His hand went to your boobs and rubbed them slowly, kissing them both. “I only wish you would love your body as much as I love it.”