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Start Respecting BTS Members

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No, I’m not talking about ANTIS or HATERS. But Fans.

I understand that a lot of fans are young, in middle school or their teens. However, that does not excuse some of the behavior that I see. BTS is made up of SEVEN members and that it would not be BTS without ALL OF THEM. Yet despite that there seems to be some kind of rivalry amongst ARMY.

This is something I’ve been thinking about for a while and something that bothers me a lot. There seems to be mutiny within ARMY. Which is something that can do nothing but HARM both BTS and ARMY.

It is understandable that you have your favourite. Your bias. But at no point, for NO REASON should you disrespect the other members.  Namjoon, Hoseok, Yoongi, Jungkook, Jimin, Taehyung, Seokjin - they are PEOPLE with feelings and emotions just like us.

If you are ARMY there should be NO REASON why you want to hurt any of them with your thoughtless words or actions. Not realizing is NOT an excuse. Rule of thumb is if you would NOT want someone else doing that to you, then you should NOT do it to them.

1) and Fanmeets -  I have seen many instances where people have thoughtlessly gone on and on about other members while someone else is on vlive. This isn’t giving them the respect that they deserve. Even if they are not YOUR bias they should be allowed to have time on without others continuing to ask for other BTS members. It is EXTREMELY RUDE.

Would you like it if your bias or friend kept asking to talk to other people? I doubt it. Equally there are people who disrespect or treat members badly at fan-meets because they aren’t their bias.

2) Invading privacy - Don’t take photos without permission in bathrooms or airports. Don’t purposefully get the same flights so that you can take photos or bother them. They have such little privacy already. If possible don’t crowd in the airports I’ve seen the disaster that can become. People getting knocked over or injured in the mass of people.

3) Inappropriate comments - I’m sure I’m not the only one who heard that they stopped reading comments on their bangtan bomb videos and other videos due to content. Filled with inappropriate comments and ships. What you do behind closed doors is up to you but don’t throw it in their faces.

Yes they are affectionate and IF they ever came out gay i’d support it but until then people need to cool down shipping them romantically and sexually where they can see. Would YOU want to be shipped with someone you saw as your best friend almost to the point of BROTHER??

4) Judging or criticizing other BTS members over opportunities - Complaining or whining, or generally making things unpleasant that they have more opportunities than your bias. Complaining about the amount of screen time one member has, or how many lines they have.  I’ve HEARD people doing towards members such as Jungkook in the most recent performances.

Please take that negativity elsewhere. NONE of the members get to control what Bighit Entertainment decides that they are or are not going to do. They may get some input but they don’t get to decide these things on their own.

Others have been making comments and complaints about what other members are doing. About why YOUR bias doesn’t get to do that too. About why only Namjoon and Yoongi have mixtapes. Why only Taehyung gets to be acting when Jin has acting qualifications. Why did Jungkook get to go solo in Rainism. Why is Jimin the only one who’s shown off his solo song from the album. These are just examples, but it is all such UNNECESSARY negativity.

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DON’T attack them for any reason. You don’t need to put down other members in order to hype up your favourite members. All you’re doing is damaging BTS.

BTS loves ARMY unconditionally, no matter who your bias is. You should at least show them respect, support them unconditionally in all that they accomplish. 


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Random thought about the new comic and Sombra and McCree

How come no one has thought that maybe Sombra and McCree are dating?

I know, I know, McHanzo and all that but still. Seeing as this fandom literately ships characters that have little to no interactions in game or in the lore-I’m just curious why no one thought the two might be together.

Sombra doesn’t mention McCree in her web of info in her backstory and it seems weird that she’d be hanging with him on Christmas. And if she was just stalking him then /why/ during Christmas?

They’re the same age, possible share the same Hispanic background, have a mutual acquaintance(Reaper) and it wouldn’t be impossible to imagine that Sombra met Jesse while they were wandering around. I dunno, just a thought.

I’m not saying I ship it (sounds kinda cute though) and I’m still a heavy McHanzo shipper but like…this fandom has shipped teacher/student, brother/brother, tank/support, Aussie/guy who probably wants to kill said Aussie, human/monkey, human/Omnic and MCCHANZO….I’m surprised no one (or no one I’ve seen so far) actually declare this a ship.

Tell me what you guys think because I’m curious as hell. Also if it’s because it’s a ‘straight ship’ just don’t.

(Also if this becomes a thing then may I offer the ship be called Sombrero? (Sombra and Vaquero?) or maybe somcree? McBra?

Quand Mr. Sexy m'appelle à 14h30 pour me dire que notre soirée de ce soir est annulé car son ex femme l'a appelé entre temps pour qu'il y aille manger parce que “le petit te réclame, il s'inquiète de ne jamais nous voir ensemble, il n'est pas bien et me pose des questions”. (Bizarre comme le petit se pose des questions et n'a pas l'air bien seulement quand il est avec elle.) ▪ ne dit rien parce qu'il est normal que son enfant passe avant tous et que je me suis jurée de ne jamais intervenir ni donner mon avis sur l'éducation de son enfant ou sur son ex femme mais le “PUTAIN TU VOIS PAS QU'ELLE UTILISE LE GOSSE POUR TE FAIRE CULPABILISER !!!!” m'a très légèrement brûlé les lèvres. Je ne l'aie pourtant pas dit. J'ai serré les dents, encore. Suis-je un monstre de regretter le fait qu'il ai un enfant parfois et de souhaiter que ce soit juste lui et moi…? ▪

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On a crowded railway platform, two soldiers hoist a woman on their shoulders so she can kiss her sweetheart goodbye. Or perhaps she was the man’s sister, saying a last goodbye as he was shipped off to the Second World War. August 14, 1940.
Source: The Argus Newspaper Collection

Why the fuck are people so pissed at Hey Violet?! What the hell did they do!? Honestly what is wrong with this fandom nowadays? Everyone is hating on literally anything relating to 5SOS. Luke’s got a girlfriend? Fuck her she’s a bitch and is using Luke for his money. Show me the receipts, the proof. 5SOS signs a new band to their record label in attempt to help them live they’re dream just like they do? Well fuck them I don’t have a good reason other than one of the band members may or may not be dating Calum. Oh look Ashton decides to acknowledge some guys fans, WHICH LITERALLY NEVER HAPPENS, and is called sexist for it? This fandom full of teenagers, TEENAGERS, are acting like complete children. ( I realize there are younger fans too but a majority of the 5SOSFAM does consist of teens. ) GROW UP. Idk where I was even going with this but it’s all ridiculous. Why can’t we just support these Aussies instead of hating on them for literally EVERYTHING THEY DO!??? Literally they do one thing and people find a way to manipulate the situation and make it into something MUCH bigger than it really is. Just stop. Support the band. If you don’t have any nice shit to say then don’t say it at all. Message me if there is any misunderstanding or if you think something I said is wrong. Don’t be all like “first of all bitch” Let’s just spread some love ok? This didn’t make any sense at all but I’m just so tired of everyone hating on dumb shit and just sending hate in general.

The logic of a gay marriage plebiscite is pretty gross. Gays (a minority) can only have equal rights on the condition that Straights (the majority) signal they’re OK with it.

I mean, luckily 70% of Aussies do support marriage equality. But minorities deserve equal rights because they’re citizens, not because the majority finally deem them worthy.