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Blackout S2 E13
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Blackout S2 E13

“I want to say that that shot where the only two lions that you see kind of outside of the lions are the Black and the Red, and I just, I love those two shots where you’re looking outside through the Red and you see Keith and then you see the Black Lion in the background, and you’re looking at Shiro and you see the Red.”

      – Bex Taylor-Klaus (~19:48)


“Lauren storyboarded that scene.”

dent-de-leon’s meta: 

Even on the verge of death, they’re still together.

League of Legends Asks

(Made a league ask, feel free to use it at your leisure!)

Send me a number in my inbox, anon or otherwise!

1- First champ played?
2- First main?
3- Season when you started?
4- What got you into league in the first place?
5- Current rank?
6- Highest rank?
7- Current main?
8- Odd pick fave?
9- If you could date a champ irl who would it be?
10- Best odd combo?
11- Worst league experience?
12- Best league experience?
13- Ever got stuck in a rank?
14- Met anyone you met on league irl?
15- Last league game score?
16- Last champ played?
17- Most champ played?
18- How many mastery 7s?
19- Ever cosplayed a league champ?
20- Ever had a penta kill?
21- Favorite champ?
22- Favorite skin?
23- If you could perma delete a champ, who would it be?
24- Current instant ban?
25- Least favorite champion?
26- Aram, twisted tree line, or Summoners Rift?
27- Favorite special game mode?
28- Ever gotten so tilted you broke something?
29- Ever been reported?
30- Ever been banned?
31- How many summoner names have you had?
32- Ignite or heal (adc)?
33- Most expensive skin owned?
34- Longest game?
35- Longest amount of time playing consecutively?
36- Too many chests or too many keys?
37- Favorite midlaner?
38- Favorite adc?
39- Favorite support?
40- Favorite top?
41- Favorite jungle?
42- You’re worst champ?
43- Favorite lore champion?
44- If you have a champions abilities irl who would it be?
45- If you could be a league champ what would your kit/role be?
46- Your favorite male champ?
47- Your favorite female champ?
48- What’s your favorite league ship?
49- What’s your favorite LCS team?
50- Ever used RP to buy a champ?

okay can I just quickly say, the austrian commentator saw the replay of Kamils landing and when Kamil touched the snow he immediately said “no, no, i did not see that, he didn’t touch the snow” like he has so much respect for Kamil and is so happy for him that he’s legit rooting for Kamil to get the hill record, even tho he technically touched the snow

and that just makes me SO HAPPY
like if Kamils jump didn’t count, Krafti would have the hill record, but that doesn’t even matter to our commentator because he just has SUCH A HUGE RESPECT for Kamil and his jump

basically, I LOVE THE ORF COMMENTATORS, SO MUCH, they’re always so supportive to each and every athlete ❤

Sheith headcanon: when they go to bed at night the tend to switch up who is the little and big spoon. But more often then not Keith tends to be the big spoon because it makes shiro feel safe and warm inside. On bad days tho, where someone almost dies or they couldn’t save everyone, shiro tends to big spoon because he has a horrible sense and need to protect. He needs to feel like he isn’t completely useless, like he can still save someone. Keith understands and tends to rub up and down the arms around him till it lulls shiro to sleep.

I released a new EP today with some songs that may or may not end up on my upcoming album, hopefully to be released in late May.

‘Enigma’ is my take on a break-up song I guess, reflectively kicking said ex in the face as I go along (he deserves it, no worrries). 

“And I don’t want to be your friend
Don’t want to know where you are now
While I am mending the amends you made
While I was still around
In secret codes I spell the words
That I don’t dare to say out loud
It hurts so much to realise
That they will never be found
The truth will stay buried in sound.”

Can we talk about how fish husband goes to his sister’s memorial every night and cries?  And if you talk to him he apologizes for it?  Like he’s embarrassed of his feels? but he misses her so much?! 

Can we talk about how he was just a bab when she died and he had to listen to everyone talk about how wonderful she was and how he must have horrible survivor’s guilt, especially because he doesn’t have any magic powers?  Like maybe he lifts because the only power he can harness is his own rippling muscles?  And he can’t get emotional in public because everyone is counting on him to be brave and strong so he just has to smile and act like everything is fine?

This game is destroying me.  All the npcs have complex lives and routines that they do every day and it just feels so real, like they don’t just stand there at all hours waiting for you, they walk around and do things and have emotions and now I HAVE EMOTIONS


Oh my gosh, guys, you are so gooblegabbly sweet i just want to hug you all! *w* 

Thank you so much for reading this comic, it was such a fun thing to do. I’m happy i decided to draw it, it was an exercise, provin that i can do long stories and actually finish them <tho that is a bullshite ending right there>

I am not done with the subject tho! This fanfic was so amazing, and many things didn’t get resolved, so i may do few one-shots focused on missed thingies ^^

(and answering an Anon there - Papyrus said “well, of course!” in response to his brother. He’s going to share his greatness with the world ^^)