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Your sexuality isn’t a fucking threat to minors, okay? Since staff is deciding to be a total asshole to the LGBTQIA+ community during pride month I’m gonna spit some facts to set things straight

- “gay” and “lesbian” are sexual identities, do not reduce their meaning to a fucking porn tag. It’s dehumanizing and fetishizing

- being anything other than straight does not automatically make things nsfw

- your existence is not “sensitive content” and is not inherently dangerous

- there is absolutely no reason Tumblr needs to worry about “protecting” minors from gays especially when a lot of the content they are censoring are helpful, supportive posts for LBGTQIA+ youth

I’m so sorry that staff is literally censoring our entire community out of existence. Your sexuality is real and valid and you deserve better than to be treated like this

so um changkyun spilled some good stuff today at melon radio. He said when he went outside to get some air at the post concert party mx and starship were having he saw wonho and kihyun hugging while crying.

when kihyun told wonho ‘good work’ both started tearing up and was hugging by THEMSELVES  and changkyun saw them IM CRYING 

here’s the second of the two commissions i asked the amazing awesome talented superstar inspiration man @earthprincewu to do for me!!! it’s my very first D&D oc, Gaktial!!! 

she’s a half-orc barbarian with a love for gold and for doing things her way, blunt but loyal to a fault. she looks so adorable and amazing and beautiful and everything i wanted in his style!!! i love her expressions too because she’d def do those!!!! and i love how everything is honestly!!!!! thank you thank you thank you toby so so much for the two lovely pieces!!!!!!!!!


I don’t think a clip has ever been this subtly pleasing. The yousana and Chriseva clips were like HOLY SHIT FINALLY but this William clip/day is so calm. We get to see our boy choose himself. He doesn’t need to discuss moving with Noora because he’s already decided. She needs her friends and he needs her. He’s giving up his “family” and his money because it’s not important to him. Noora is important to him. William and Chris haven’t see eachother in forever and when William heard that Chris thinks he’s in love with Eva he’s hesitant to support him because of Chris’ past. But when Chris stays insistent he supports him. William is NOT AS BAD AS EVERYONE SAYS! My boy was so affected by the Noora and Nikolai situation that he signed up for law school! He wants to become someone that people can count on! He didn’t trust the law system but HES CHANGING! Right before our eyes!

I’m not disappointed with today but I’m pleasantly surprised!

We are so sad and sorry to hear that Robin Twist, beloved husband of Anne and stepfather of Gemma and Harry, has passed away after a long battle with cancer. Our hearts are with Robin’s family and dear ones at this difficult time. Our fandom will always remember his supportive, caring personality.

If you would like to consider donating or getting involved in the fight against cancer, please check out this list of charities that Anne has supported over the years. 

With love,
the TMHFN/RD team

“drama” over a gif

ok, guys. i decided that this is need to be said and spread, bc this is an unapologetic attitude. im here for justice.

so, this “drama over a gif”. i asked politely - the answer was rude and disrespectful. you can see it all by yourself, im not hiding anything.

many people supported me and im extremly grateful to all of them. one of them @raidstombs, who’s a roleplayer too (as the person who stole my gif), and some time ago they asked to use some of my work, graphics and gifs) and i gave my permission, bc they first asked and did it politely. btw i wanted to be mentioned that the same person bullied @raidstombs last year. while i wasn’t witness those events, i can see NOW how this person responds, with incredible rudeness, and i can only imagine what such kind of person could send anonymously…  (if there’s other people who was bullied/harassed/abused in any way by this person tell us, we need to know).

more then that, one of the supporters of this awful person continue claiming that i didn’t put an effort in that damn gifs (and as a result i shouldn’t be even upset. why of course me and my work is nothing but a pile of shit (and i should be flattered that someone steal it), but THEIR’S work is clrearly an art.

this particular gif maybe not my best work, but it’s still MINE. and i proved it with original post (and btw i already reported it to staff). if i would draw an ugly pic it still would be MINE, not yours, not an excuse for you to STEAL it.

well i know there’s a lot of gifmakers here (in my followers including), so let them judge. sample for people who’s not familiar with my works and for those who think that making gifs is not a work of art and it’s easy. well, try it!

my original post

before my coloring (not to mention sharpening and timing)

after my coloring (sharpening and timing)

one last word, if you would just remove that gif and apologized before all of it) nothing of this would happen. but you CHOSE to act like a complete assohole. you got what you deserved.

p.s. funny thing, this thief still reblogging MY gifs. for example this one

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the mystery of yeah yeah beebiss 1 was solved about a year ago on the lost media wiki! it is almost certainly the game 来来! ベビーキョンシーのあみだ大冒険 (Rai Rai! Baby Kyonshi no Amida Daibouken). "Rai Rai" can roughly translate to Yeah Yeah, and it's very likely that "Baby" was accidentally mistranslated as "Beebiss," given that the romanization of baby is "bebii." the "1" likely came from the choonpu, which signifies a long sound after "baby" and looks very similar to the kanji for the number one.

this must be how the people of point pleasant felt when it was pointed out that the mothman was most likely a great horned owl

on the upside, the fact that it was never a real game means that there’s a prime opening for someone to make Yeah Yeah Beebiss 1 a reality

Okay so I only really use Facebook for messenger but today I went through my newsfeed for the first time in Months and liked about 30 posts/photos, and just now I’ve been locked out of my account for ~suspicious activity~ and

I’m actually banned from fb because I don’t use and check my account enough and I feel like this is something that would happen to Otabek

Tell me. Did you eat enough today??

your body needs fuel for everything. it WILL stop working if you dont feed it enough, just like a car without a gas or your phone without a charged battery. 
So…. go and eat something. 

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Hello hello! Could you explain the Smash chapter where Aizawa was a baby (since there's not translations of it sadly)

There was a villain with an age regression quirk who turned all of class 1-A into kids. Aizawa was trying to hold off the villain to wait for back-up with his quirk, but the poor man’s eyes were watering. Eventually he got turned into a bowl-cut kid with an eye patch. Please be nice to him.