Let’s help MONSTA X reach 3 MILLION VIEWS on their music video for ‘ALLIGATOR’ IN 24 HOURS! Remember that MONSTA X have revealed a list of goals and rewards as well:

  • ✔️ When ‘ALLIGATOR’ reaches 7 million views, ALLIGATOR Dance Practice (fix ver.) will be released;
  • ✔️ When it reaches 10 million views, ALLIGATOR Dance Practice (eye-contact ver.) will be released;
  • ✔️ When it reaches 15 million views, ALLIGATOR M/V Dance Performance ver. will be released.

Here are some guidelines to help you stream the music video on YouTube:

Open the ‘ALLIGATOR’ M/V on YouTube using a regular window.

Go ahead and watch the whole clip. You need to watch the entire video for your view not to be considered a clickbait view. We suggest watching it in full quality (the volume doesn’t really matter). Enjoy!

Once you’ve finished watching the M/V once, we suggest watching a few other videos for a while (5-10 minutes) before manually searching for the music video again and rewatching it. Repeat this process for a while*. You should also use other devices to stream the M/V so you can get views from numerous IP addresses.

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Lastly, share the ‘ALLIGATOR’ M/V link to your social media accounts, such as Facebook or Twitter. Do not post small clips from the M/V, as those views will not be counted.

*DISCLAIMER: It’s unknown how the Youtube algorithm actually works. This guide is merely an approximation that will help you stream the music video in a cleaner way, making it more likely for your views to be counted. Remember the following: any way you find to watch the M/V in your computer will always come from the same IP address, so Youtube will unavoidably stop counting your views eventually, on that day.

puddlesontherocks  asked:

Hiya! I know you've probably heard this a bazillion times but I am so sorry about what happened to your blog and how inefficient staff is being about it. Your blog was so incredibly helpful when I was learning what path made the most sense to me, and with advice on ways to honor deities I've rarely seen other posts about.

Ahh, this is so sweet. Thank you so much, friend.

🌷 I’m really happy my blog could benefit people before it was deleted! Have a wonderful day.💕

Embrace who you are

When it comes to embracing other people we attend to struggle with things no matter what it is rather it is sexuality, hight or weight and so on. But when it comes to an individual person, some of us try to silence others out because we know who we are and what we are but that shouldn’t stop us from speaking out and expressing ourselves rather it is through fashion, dance , photography etc. Something that most people struggle are with them selves I know that sounds weird but it’s true. One can maybe be gay and be okay with it, in the silence of the night where no one can see him or hear him the way that he is. Embracing who you are means the same thing as owning who you are these two meanings are synonyms and so no matter what you can gay, fat, skinny, small, tall, indian, african american but you have to own it that means you show other people what it means to be different and that is okay to be the black sheep in the family and in the world because you are not alone. Somewhere in the world maybe there is one person that is too scared to embrace who he or she is and if a person sees someone owning who they are that can changed them to the person who they really want to be. So go out there own who you are and don’t be afraid of anything because THERE IS ONLY ONE LIFE.


Mushy post

This is going to be a very mushy post about my fiance Areic of @theproxysystem. Trigger warning: death of a family member.

Today was my Great Aunt’s funeral. We currently live about 4 hours away from most of my family, so I don’t see them often. Most of them had been introduced to Areic as my “roommate” by my mom previously, but on my last visit I had told my great aunt and uncle that she was actually my partner and had recently proposed. Despite being strongly Christian, my aunt was happy for me and told me they would attend the wedding, health permitting.

Today at the funeral one of my cousins (who had met Areic as my “roommate” hugged me and told me my aunt had told her how happy she was that I’d found my partner. I was already crying but that just made me cry harder. She then hugged Areic and thanked her for coming.

Throughout the weekend Areic has been right by my side, always checking on me and supporting me. When it was time for the final procession and I froze, she got me up and in line, never letting go of my hand. She knows I have crying in front of people so the moment we were far enough away to not be rude she proceeded to blow in my face, ostensibly to dry my tears, but really just to make me laugh so I could stop crying. Every time she saw the tears start to well she would crack a joke and get me smiling again.

On the drive home I thanked Areic again (for about the millionth time) and she looked at me and said “you don’t ever have to thank me for supporting you.” That statement has been replaying in my head for hours.

I do have to thank her. This is my third funeral with a long term partner, but the first where I truly felt supported. In the past my partner’s support was always conditional, a chore they had to perform, and usually poorly.

Having Areic at my side today made everything so much easier. Knowing my great aunt not only supported us but told my other family members how happy she was for us meant the world to me.

I always knew Areic was supportive, she shows it every day in the small simple things. She never fails to ask how my day was when I get home, and listens to me vent about whatever may have upset me. She makes sure I have clean laundry and a hot meal, even when we are both battling depressive episodes and can barely get out of bed.

She is truly the most amazing partner I’ve ever had and I’m incredibly lucky to have found her. ~ April

Don’t rely on validation from others. Compliment yourself. Acknowledge when you’ve done a good job. Celebrate your own accomplishments.