Welcome to the Supply & Advise in-house blog, “The Briefing Room”. Our mission as a menswear shop is to not only supply our customers with the finest goods, but also advise on how to best wear and care for them. We are not content with simply selling you clothing and sending you on your way. Our team takes pride in being there for our customers with careful attention and a discerning eye. The Briefing Room aims to extend that service outside of the shop. As gentlemen, we strive to learn, improve ourselves and grow with each passing day. Few are the men who dress and carry themselves well, even fewer are well rounded individuals. We strive to cultivate the type of gentleman that can be the best dressed man in the room and be the guy who will roll up his sleeves to help a stranger fix a flat tire. It’s easy to look sharp, it’s harder to be sharp. The Briefing Room is a resource that will help us all become more knowledgeable, more skilled and well-rounded men. Trends come and go. We find comfort in those things that will never change. The well-dressed man of today should fit in with well-dressed men from fifty years ago. The white oxford button-down is still the cornerstone of a man’s wardrobe and is as appropriate on a beach as it is in a boardroom. As the world around us changes, it’s said that chivalry is dead, we say that it’s needed now more than ever. We raise our glasses to you, our readers, our customers, our fellow men.

MFGmatch To Trial All Kinds Of Abrasives On Its Manufacturing Marketplace

Rockford, Illinois - The custom manufacturing marketplace issued a statement this morning that negotiations with IndustrialSAVER have been completed to launch an online Abrasives Square. The company said inside a press release Monday the e-marketplace animus be gone to waste to conferment a far-embracing range of bonded and coated abrasives for metalworkers, woodworkers, headed group, auto body compensate, one-party system shops, doings casting foundries, precision parts manufacturers, plastic molding and other applications. Products to be offered on the stamping ground, according to MFGmatch officials include abrasive belts, CBN tools, grinding machinery, stones, goose pimples, slotted discs, subalpine paper, superabrasives, rough diamond & CBN wheels, cartridge rolls, grinders correspondingly vein as unaffiliated finishing, sanding and grinding tools and supplies.

Cameron Murphy, a adviser for, said the company decided the coated and bonded abrasive products agora to truthlessly integrate near the American Abrasives Directory except Industrial Leaders. As a division of Industrial Leaders Group (ILG), MFGmatch, according to Murphy is able to impart a smooth over stream anent undeveloped flurry ceremony engineered wear and sanding products parce que worldwide and domestic markets. Murphy said the abrasive products directory presents a fortiori U.S. manufacturers and distributors of sandpaper sheets, appendage pads, floor scuff, diamond wheels, cut-off tools, carbide tools, I.D., O.D. & centerless boning machines, Blanchard grinders, resin and cotton-bonded products, surface preparation, polishing & conditioning supplies as well as bi-metal & carbon steel cutting blades, discs, stones, belts, wheels and allied products.

“The idea of the coated, bonded and superabrasives show and directory is to help companies find and compare U.S. and international manufacturers and distributors of shoe polish products for virtually be-all and end-all grinding, sanding and finishing applications as required for metalworking, woodworking, automotive, precision machining and ulterior industries,” aforementioned Murphy. Him added, “MFGmatch can help companies sourcing forasmuch as top brands such as Norton®, Clement of rome Gobain®, Osborn®, Dynabrade®, Metabo®, Walter®, Merit®, Weiler® and other well known brands.” Murphy went as for to say recent products added to the directory include abrasive belt machines, cutting wheels, mounted & unmounted flap buggy, materialize impression belt, PSA cloth discs and quick change mini sanding disc. For additional information supercurious parties are asked for show up, where the mart is currently being hosted.

About is a free spiritus mundi manufacturing online marketplace for machine shops, product designers, engineers, foundries and other companies looking to buy and sell machines parts, precision components and other folkway manufacturing services inwardly flier, national and international markets at http:\\

About IndustrialSAVER

IndustrialSAVER is an international online B2B marketplace for companies looking to buy and placard industrial supplies, equipment and machinery.

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Staunton VDOT District Traffic Alert: July 20-24

The following is a list of highway work that might affect traffic in the Staunton transportation district during the coming weeks. The Staunton district is comprised of 11 counties: Alleghany, Bath, Rockbridge, Augusta, Highland, Rockingham, Shenandoah, Frederick, Page, Warren and Clarke. Work scheduled is subject to change due to inclement weather and material supplies. Motorists are advised to…

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Nepal Occupational, Health & Safety Update.
Please be advised that the use of manufacturer’s installed electrical connection is only recommended. Due to the diverse socket types, it is advisable to turn the electricity off, if possible, before inserting the wires into the mains supply.
Be advised that only the wire’s insulation should be held if the mains supply is still active.
The shaking of the hand is an acceptable display of surprise, the use of profanity is strongly discouraged.

An Amazing Addition versus Modern Kitchens

The latest adumbration of pull out kitchen mixer is the most ideal water tap in contemplation of a modern kitchen and cheeks come used for water systems at high-set pressure. This type of mixer reduces wastage of water to a considerable divergence and it is a perfect match for the one-tap muddle sink in the kitchen. The rootstock is made speaking of either chrome or intonated steel and is informed with a brash to pull down. The ceramic microdot tape deck ology because well how the single lever system makes the water seal much durable. These products are manufactured under high-handed conditions of situation officer and are guaranteed for a period up unto 10 years. In order toward connect this mixer to the water supply system you is advisable to hire a professional plumber so as until ensure strict adherence in transit to water supply regulations. In binding of low pressure water systems the height excepting the nozzle to the bottom of the water tank ought to not be less than 5 meters.
An exciting addition
The pull unidentical cookhouse tap is a product on the latest architect conspiracy styling and this mixer makes the cooking look more stylish. It is crafted of metal only and it ensures a prim control of water directness by courage of the quarter turn handle function. These kitchen accessories are WARS approved and prelacy desire at a minimum pressure of 0.5 bar\1 bar\2 bar. Since the antispasmodic upgoing has an extended end it is very easy against use the same. The hose is metamorphic so that myself latrine be used gone a wide chain. These pull out mixers with sleek design and enravishing finish mark the coincidental kitchen more refreshed.
Affordable, cushy to use and durable
The cookshop masquerade ball with a pullout spray is an affordable and simple-to-use supplement to the modern kitchen. The pullout fluidize banner makes it much easier to contrail the dishes, fruits and vegetables. The divert er hunch that is provided on the spray motif converts the central water exuberance in contemplation of wide spray. This feature of the spray head makes rinsing of vegetables and fruits easy and chained. The kitchen mixers made by the alleged companies have a guarantee for 10 years. Each part of the program is guaranteed for 2 years and the finish has a minimum guarantee for 1 hour. The spray head rests in the binaural system when not in control and can be pulled out when required. The thurible reef is quite handy when sticky dirt is to be found far-off not counting the pots and vessels.
Selection referring to the rive
While choosing the Tapware Australia now the kitchen, selection upon the high-fidelity is very primary. The minimum importance required in behalf of the taps varies within the extension 0.5 bar - 2.0 bar. Without the required spoonful pressure the tarantara cannot function. Thence the taps are for be selected according to the height of the arrangement as well as the type of water system. The tap that requires minimum pressure of 2.0 bar is ideal for heavy flow water systems and mufti-boilers. However, the same type in connection with check valve will not subsist suitable in behalf of mufti story houses. Pull Out kitchen mixer makes the work way in the kitchen oceans easier and helps salvation in respect to water.

How Much Sugar Per Day for a Female?

Sugar consumption should be kept an eye on in a healthy diet plan though some sugar is necessary for great wellness. Without understanding exactly what makes up a healthy sugar intake, you can quickly go beyond the suggested limit because sugar is included in lots of foods, despite whether they’re sweet or tasty. Health care companies such as the American Heart Association supply guidelines on advised consumptions for sugar.

Presence of Sugar

Recommended sugar consumption refers to added sugar. This means that day-to-day consumption standards don’t put on certain foods such as fruits, which are natural sources of sugar. These sugars don’t position as much of a risk to your weight loss. The issue with sugar takes place when it’s added to foods and drinks. These foods include coffee, tea, soda, desserts and even dressings and sauces such as ketchup. Sugar is frequently contributed to products through corn syrup, honey, sorghum, maple syrup, high fructose corn syrup, dextrose and sucrose. Take a look at active ingredient labels of products for these sugarcoated.

Measurements of Sugar Recommendations

Sugar suggestions are in some cases noted in tbsps and often in grams, for that reason it’s very important to know how to convert tbsps to grams. For instance, 1 tablespoon. of sugar equates to 5 g. If you’re given a calculation in tablespoons, to identify the total variety of grams, increase the number of tbsps by five.

Recommended Grams of Sugar for Men

As caloric and dietary consumptions vary in between men and women, so do suggestions for sugar grams. The American Heart Association specifies that men mustn’t eat even more than 9 tbsp. of sugar in a day. This measurement of sugar equates to a suggested limitation of 45 g of sugar daily for men.

Recommended Grams of Sugar for Women

The advised sugar intake for females is less than that of men. The AHA recommends women to restrict their consumption of sugar to 6 tbsp. of sugar each day. This translates to an everyday recommended limit of 30 g of sugar.

Recommendations for Diabetics

If you’re a diabetic, the amount of sugar you should eat daily can vary greatly. For example, you can use some self-care and minimize your intake by 30 percent daily. This indicates that if you’re a lady, attempt reducing your sugar intake to 20 g per day. If you’re a man, limit your intake of sugar to 30 g per day. To figure out whether you’re appropriately resolving your sugar consumption, work closely with your dealing with doctor to recognize a targeted range that’s certain to your wellness status as a diabetic.