supplies tab

I was in CDBL, and we had a T3 camp.  I grabbed supply, and tabbed out for a bit.  When I tabbed back in, the camp was under attack by SBI.

It’s a T3 camp on my home BL, so I can’t just stand back and let them have it, right?

So I look and see a bunch of minions, and try to find a player.  I click on the first one I see and it’s a Necro.  I’m not sure if there are other players with him, but I wasn’t going to just let the camp go and not do anything.

I jumped in, and it turns out it was just the necro and a ton of minions.  He melted.  Granted he had the camp NPCs on him too, but of all the necros I have fought against, I have never seen one die that quick even with NPCs on them.  So Idk maybe he was also an uplevel?

He goes down, I stomp him, and he waypoints.  I think that’s the end of it until I get this whisper:

I tried to whisper him back to say something like, “Okay!  Good luck!  :D”  But he blocked me.  :<

TL;DR Killed enemy necro trying to take my T3 camp, he says he’s going to take all my keeps.

When I get inspired?

When I’m at home bored? No

When I have free time? No

When I am at the middle of a party and I’m without my computer, my art supplies and my tab is without battery? Yes