School supplies 2016/2017 !

Other pictures of my supplies for this year! I use these to organise my classwork, and I’ll soon write a post (in French) on how I stay organised!

Stay focused and keep studying! 💕

anonymous asked:

hey! so im going to the dollar store and i thought might as well look for some supples. could you rec some stuff i could get thank you

im guessing you just mean general things, and i have no idea what would be at your dollar store but here’s some ideas!

  • notebooks! they’re a must, i think. or if you prefer binders and loose leaf paper, you can get that instead!
  • folders, especially if you’re going with the notebook way
  • pencils (mechanical and/or traditional!)
  • pens
  • sticky notes + page flags
  • highlighters
  • ruler
  • glue (stick or bottle?)
  • erasers
  • tape
  • don’t know if a dollar store would carry a planner/agenda book at all?
  • paper clips / binder clips
  • markers / colored pencils / art supplies if you know you’ll need them
  • scissors
  • a mini stapler?

some of them might be out of reach, but those are off the top of my head! you might not need everything on the list or you might already have these. additionally, if you need specifics or other stationery recs, i have a masterpost for it!

Daiso Ghostbusters Cosplay Haul

My roommate and I are going as Ghostbusters for Halloween this year and naturally want to make the costumes as cheaply as possible.  We went to Daiso (the Japanese $1.50 store on the US West Coast) to see what we could find.

1.) a Barbeque Grill Gate (for the base of the proton pack, something to attach straps to without worrying foam or cardboard might rip or give way.  Also will hopefully help it keep it’s shape)

2.) Wire basket/colander (for the faraday cage)

3.) Water tank cleaning pump (for the neutrino wand hose)

4.) Super Strong Magnets, pack of four (we intend to use these to stick the neutrino wand to the pack when we’re not holding it.  They’re REALLY strong magnets)

5.) Carabiners (I’m not sure yet but we figured they’d be a good idea) 

6.) Zip ties! 

All this for one pack would cost $9+tax

For the two packs we spent $15+ tax

We still need foam for the body of the beast and probably various pipes and doodads but we are pleased with what we have so far.  I will post construction pics when we get there.

school starts in about a month for me and i thought it’d be helpful to compile everything i’ve collected in the span of a year into one giant masterpost ! :]

back to school tips!!

get organized!!

notetaking methods

gr8 study methods !

essay writing

optimize your productivity

manage your time! 

web resources

put yourself first !


i hope this helps ! & check out my studygram for studyspo pics + my bts blog for me fangirling tbh :] good luck! x

i get lots of questions about what kinds of pens i use, so i thought i’d make a post for convenience :’’) the x’s are links to posts where i’ve used the pen.

  • sakura pigma micron 01 (0.25mm) - i usually don’t like using pens with tips smaller than 0.5mm since i feel like i’m scratching the paper with them, but microns are felt tip so i can deal with it (heh). i like using this pen for when i have to cramp a lot of information in a small space. (x)
  • pilot precise v5 (0.5mm) - I LOVE THESE PENS!! A+ ink flow, crisp lines, and a v smooth writing experience. it takes a while for the ink to dry sometimes, so i use these mostly for when i’m rewriting notes instead of in-class notes. (x, x, x, x, x)
  • muji gel ink ballpoint (0.5mm) - i’m gonna be honest, i bought my first pack of muji pens about a month after i started my studyblr because everyone had them. but!! for all the hype they get, they are nice pens. v smooth & lots of color options!! my only qualms are that they run out of ink pretty fast and the ink tends to smear if you highlight over it. (x, x, x)
  • pentel rsvp fine (0.7mm) - my go-to pen for in-class notes! the ink doesn’t smear very much, which is excellent because i’m one of those people that writes everything down (oops). definitely not the best pen ever, but it does its job well. ALSO it has a grip which makes it v comfortable to write with!! (i started using it when i was making this review sheet, except it ran out of ink halfway through and i switched to using a bic cristal pen)
  • paper mate inkjoy 100 (1.0mm) - my other in-class notes pen! i use it less than the rsvp because it likes to transfer onto my hand more, but the ink is darker and it’s a wider pen. i’ll usually use it when i have to fill up more space and don’t want to write as much heh :^) (x, x)
  • uniball signo um-153 (1.0mm) - v nice if you’re looking for a pen that writes boldly and thickly!! i bought this pen not too long ago, so i haven’t written with it that much yet, but i’ll probably use it for headings or something like that (x)

FUN FACT these are all capped pens… i stay away from retractable pens because i’m one of those people that clicks them constantly if i have one in my hands (ㅠᴗㅠ)


28|7 today i 

  • went to work from 7.00-3.00
  • went to the bank 
  • then into university to sort out some finance issues 
  • popped into paperchase to waste some £££
  • made and applied a avocado mask onto my dry hair
  • sorted through one side of my desk drawer
  • tidied up my room 

and now i’m pooped, i hope your thursday has been a productive one, here’s to a less strenuous friday!!


back to school printables by lycheestudy

hey everyone! with school a month away, i decided to make my first printables! i hope someone makes use of these :) and good luck to everyone in the next school year!


  • daily planner - to do list, priorities, reminders, quote, water tracker, notes
  • schedule sheet - class, teacher, location, notes
  • supplies list - 15 items, quantity, class
  • 3 different floral patterns
  • png & pdf versions



cute + good notebooks can be really expensive so i just decided to buy a couple that were good quality but the cheap regular kind and design them myself! just used searched through magazines and cut out cute pics + printed a couple quotes + glued them + painted the spiral borders white so these are the results! [front + back] i’m quite proud tbh

also the quote from the bottom pic is from the all for the game series which i’m completely obsessed with… it’s so good someone talk to me abt it

18.02.16 // 3:28 pm