here’s some of the stuff I bought yesterday! the witchier things anyway. (I had a whole thing typed on what I bought and then tumblr deleted my post while it was uploading so I’m not gonna rewrite it if you have any questions you can always ask!)

Everything pictured was purchased at my local walmart! (which I hate but it’s literally all we have lol)



My first post since my hiatus, which was longer than I expected… I bought most of these cuties today and the rest within the past week. My favorite is the metallic washi tap, I can’t wait to decorate my bujo with it after my exams in sociology and psychology this week (๑و•̀ㅂ•́)و✧


It seems the question I’m most frequently asked is what pens I use! Here are the ones I use the most. Also if anyone’s interested, I’ve made a youtube channel and might do a more in depth video on all the supplies I use soon!  🖊 

 From left to right: 

  •  0.5 mm Totoro pen I got from my friend 
  •  0.5 mm STUDIO Gel pen from Dollarama 
  •  0.25 mm Muji pen from Muji 
  •  Various sizes of Pigma Micron pens from Michaels 
  •  0.4 mm Pilot G-Tec-C4 pen I got from another friend 
  •  ITOYA Doubleheader Calligraphy marker from Curry’s Art Store 
  •  0.5 mm Muji Gel pen from Muji 
  •  0.8 mm Gold Pentel Slicci pen from Curry’s Art Store

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