YO its that time of year where I need dat money for christmas gifts and taking care of myself! So I’m opening fullbody commissions for really cheap! These will be fully colored and shaded with no backgrounds. Ponies of any kind accepted (hybrids,bats,dragons,ect..). I’m not gonna do slots just message me here or email me at! Paypal only!

QUICK REMINDER: as a studyblr you don’t have to be taking the hardest classes ever. I’m taking college algebra and am allowed to struggle as much as I want!! This community is about personal success, and that means different things for different people :) so keep on going friends 🌻 we’ve got this!!

  • Fallout community: why is everything so shitty still? the bombs fell 200 years ago, and i still can't build a decent house or repair the broken ones! All I can build is shitty junk walls and ugly broken down furniture.
  • Preston Garvey: Hey wanna help me rebuild society and get people working together?
  • Fallout community: FUCK OFF