Are you in such a desperate situation? 

More like you seem like losing all hope because of how hard the situation is already.

Well, I know if I tell you don’t despair wouldn’t really be enough to make you feel better or encouraged as much, so I’m just going to share to you a story that will amaze you on the power of du’a.

I know the name Al-‘Ala Ibn Al Hadrami wouldn’t be as popular as the rest of the known Sahabah Radiyallahu Anhum, but Ibn Al Hadrami was not only a great commander but a dedicated scholar and worshipper who paid complete trust and faith upon Allah Azza Wa Jall.

One of the clearest example of this characteristic of Ibn Hadrami was of the expedition to Bahrain, where he led the Muslim army. [and this happened during the reign of Abu Bakr As Sideeq as the Caliph]

On their way to the enemy’s territory, the army’s camels inexplicably went wild and raced off with the food, drinks, tents, supplies and weapons of the Muslim army.

Imagine, the Muslim army has lost everything and was stranded in the middle of the desert with nothing more than the clothing they were using.

Yes, they tried to retrieve the camels but not a single one of them were able to do so, and the situation seemed so hopeless and the some were becoming helpless.

The situation was so hard because they were far from any town or city and they were certain that they would die because there was no even water to sip from, so one by one the soldiers become to make out their wills. 

At this, Ibn Hadrami gathered them and told them: "O people, are you not Muslims? Are you not out here striving in the way of Allah? Are you not Allah’s helpers?

The said: "Yes." and so Ibn Hadrami said: "So rejoice, for Allah does not abandon those who are in your situation." 

Then the call for Fajr prayer was made, they prayed and after he had led his men in prayer, Ibn  Hadrami raised his hands to supplicate and his men did the same. 

They remained in that state [continuously makind du’a] until sunrise.

Suddenly, at the time where Ibn Harami was still, with all his heart, invoking Allah for help, Allah created a large stream of pure water right beside them. Subhan’Allah and they all drank and bathed in the water.

Later that morning all their camels returned from all directions, yes, everytime they turn their heads they see camels approaching and with all their supplies intact. 

When they finally had held of their camels, they took them and made then drink from the stream that Allah had given Ibn Hadrami and his men. They all rejoiced and were thankful to Allah and then later on continued onward to complete their mission.

Subhan’Allah! Allahu’akbar! Look at how Allah helps Those Who Put Their Trust on Him? Allahu’akbar!

We shouldn’t doubt such thing because this also happened during the time of the Prophet Sallallahu Alaihi Wassalaam and you can read it from here.

Such stories like this just makes us realize how blessed we are that we are Muslims, Alhamdulillah.

And if you are curious if they won the battle, they did. Alhamdulillah.

You might be in same situation, not literally, but same context of situation, where everything may seem so hopeless, but look how things turned around in this story because of the fact that they didn’t lose the trust in Allah Azza Wa Jall and of course continuous du’a.

Indeed, I cannot just say keep making du’a and not share this story because I do not want to hear those reasons that du’a cannot do anything this and that, O Muslim remember your greatest weapon is but your du’a. 

So make a sincere du’a, indeed again, such stories remind us of the ayah where Allah Azza Wa Jall says 

"Call upon me; I will respond to you." Qur’an 40:60

And we pray that we become sincere people who will always find time on calling upon Allah whenever we are placed in such situations at the very beginning and not make Him the last resort, and that also we find time to call upon Him everyday not to ask for anything but for simply thanking Him for everything. Amin.


Story was taken from

• Ibn Sa’d: 4/363
• Al Bidayyah Wan Nihayah: 6/333