Aerial view of potato leek soup, lamb meatballs, mashed squash, bread cheese and long awaited @lindygrundy duck rilletes. You haven’t lived till you’ve tasted weeks of curing and preserving dosed in a 4oz. pot. #suppingood #lightnhearty #oldworlddining (at Suppin’ Station)

Peasant Pie. last weeks veggies: peacock kale, broccoli, turnip greens, carrots, Fresno peppers, almond meal (reserved from making almond milk) all lovingly spiced and caramelized topped with a layer of frozen leftover pistachio mole (from scratch duh), barley and yellow split pea cooked in beef stock tossed with fresh herbs and sprankled (yes, #sprankled) with cheddar parm. #suppingood) (Taken with instagram)

The UnReuben @lindygrundy pastrami with some random cheese I found in my fridge melted on top; #brassicaandbrine sauerkraut, a sort of Russian dressing made with creme fraiche, fish sauce, Harissa, shallot, horseradish and Creole seasoning on Ezekiel sprouted sesame. Authentic is dope but resourceful is #suppingood (at Suppin’ Station)